Đồng nghĩa của fine and dandy


Giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment
pleasant nice delightful fine lovely beautiful charming enjoyable amazing blissful entertaining cheery copacetic heavenly splendid delightsome likeable likable magnificent satisfying fascinating great joyous pleasing captivating enchanting exquisite marvelous balmy convivial good marvellous agreeable cordial happy refreshing divine jolly jovial pleasurable wonderful exhilarating fun gratifying rewarding superb brilliant congenial delectable glorious acceptable favorable favourable welcome peachy felicitous dreamy blessed blest genial inviting dandy perfect amusing thrilling heartwarming attractive amiable to one's liking hunky-dory pleasureful sweet commendable alluring fetching engaging palatable grateful pretty rapturous choice comforting lekker couthy cheerful delicious dulcet groovy irie comfortable mooi intoxicating bonny recreative relishable darling euphoric luscious tasty savory savoury appealing winning fair enticing adorable cute beguiling diverting winsome irresistible bewitching taking desirable ravishing smashing lovable seductive tempting magnetic entrancing interesting comely gorgeous terrific fantastic fabulous glamorous enthralling intriguing striking humorous witty charismatic cheering lovesome neat excellent tantalizing endearing super eye-catching funny exciting adorbs swell sublime prepossessing glamourous dainty grand tantalising elegant sensational luring chucklesome handsome good-looking stunning magical satisfactory disarming beauteous arresting fab knockout comical droll absorbing aesthetic fit cool esthetic out of this world bonnie well-favored tasteful precious sightly magic dear seemly relaxing whimsical graceful facetious mesmeric delicate jocular hilarious capital provocative merry picturesque lush goodly appreciated topping first-rate first-class heartening suitable appetizing exceptional compelling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on fleek encouraging drop-dead scrumptious playful as pretty as a picture loveable sterling comic likely cutesy pulchritudinous titillating lighthearted mouth-watering waggish awesome wizard corking cracking scenic nice-looking teasing brill spiffing jokey ripping laughable light-hearted clever appetising mesmerizing tip-top spellbinding chocolate-box easy on the eye joshing top-hole hypnotizing beneficial superior prime fulfilling boss hunky riveting yummy superlative engrossing hot opportune mouthwatering nubile stellar sunny sultry fanciable personable timely stupendous gladdening spectacular worthwhile hypnotising mesmerising outstanding elfin fun-filled ambrosial beckoning paradisal lively priceless bonzer boffo side-splitting ludicrous beaut champion jocose quaint gay beezer welcoming top-notch smart to one's taste twee hospitable wacky camp campy tongue-in-cheek par excellence wholesome soothing honorable honourable snug reputable mild appropriate passable advantageous dazzling worthy sapid sensual slick affable valuable vivid sexy benignant beneficent benefic presentable farcical photogenic positive bodacious angelic ace cunning bootylicious propitious succulent noble babelicious dishy foxy delish friendly sirenic stimulating restorative toothsome flattering piquant keen unspoilt supreme joking jesting siren ingratiating insinuating frivolous admirable not bad mirthful arousing spunky enamoring profitable ducky kindly helpful come-hither constructive convenient adequate civilized rare paradisaic paradisiacal paradisaical paradisiac much needed toothy flavorsome flavorful flavoursome magnetizing magnetising electrifying ideal distracting frabjous solid impressive idyllic salutary unserious roguish festive restful stirring rib-tickling moreish yum-yum scrummy finger-licking outrageous colossal greatest rich topflight prizewinning high-class brave classic four-star gilt-edge banner dynamite jim-dandy bully blue-chip bang-up top-shelf quality frontline first-string A-OK blue-ribbon five-star top-of-the-line gilt-edged nifty supernal inspiring yummo pictorial colourful heaven-sent well favoured sportive very pleasant artistic colorful sidesplitting very agreeable civilised to your liking gladly received photographic pictographic splendiferous frolicsome mischievous symbolic wry for grins too funny for words silly tongue in cheek solid gold very good suited adapted extremely attractive well suited wanted well-favoured warm silvery easy to take golden soft hypnotic fantasy escapist extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant promising sensuous consoling attracting drawing orphic phenomenal auspicious seducing joyful Orphean picture-postcard matchless peerless tremendous solacing renewing rejuvenating juicy dreamboat eyeful bijou trim sexual desired contenting long-awaited longed-for persuasive open infatuating spiffy peach ready pussycat cherubic innocent very nice graphic nectarous cultivated sophisticated picture-perfect drop-dead gorgeous ineffable restoring wicked cuddly gripping cultured polite suave debonair fantastical productive stylish respectable above average bosting slap-up premium of a high standard superfine classical to your taste very pleasurable notable something else noteworthy clubbable astonishing very attractive greatly to one's liking worldly cherubical childlike perky dinky fragile gentle lightweight uplifting as nice as pie sustaining nourishing satiating happiness-inducing sufficient substantial enhancing chic decent proper riotous uproarious visual delineated graphical heartfelt loving touching flavourful kawaii well bred worldly-wise hysterical humoristic comedic drawing attention out of sight way-out fashionable enviable flashy clear sound fantabulous killing risible zany compulsive larger than life memorable hysteric absurd antic hitting the spot replayable pretty-pretty becoming well-chosen honest creditable apple-pie nectareous nummy ambrosian resplendent A1 rad dollish glossy snazzy flamboyant showstopping OK splashy showy in order radiant relief glad statuesque zingy spanking prettyish ridiculous ribald gone top famous radical prize crackerjack immense hype unsurpassed gangbuster dope mean phat out-of-sight gangbusters brag down primo bumper righteous novel rollicking unputdownable arch puckish impish nectarean very palatable very enjoyable flavorous ludic jocund telegenic elating deluxe copasetic recherche super-eminent shipshape select super-excellent calming splendorous gnarly ecstatic gut-busting screaming trivial trifling breathtaking gleeful blithesome laughing blithe bad eloquent well-written easy ingenious readable smooth bantering idealized halcyon pulling one's leg putting one on in jest sprightly satirical in fun not serious high-spirited wisecracking capering animated recreational dry peaceful pastoral rustic worth reading easy to read well written flip crazy flaky joculous flippant gagged up good-humoured flakey good-humored daffy number one peachy keen numero uno bearable tolerable habitable cut up light flighty chipper unsoiled majestic decorative handy useful seasonable fortunate prosperous reassuring healthful lucky well-timed providential benign toward inhabitable supportable sufferable endurable rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic utopian arcadian Elysian cozy tenantable homey sustainable accommodating functional lodgeable sylvan Arcadian calm serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil simpatico livable cosy full of promise sympathique sympatisch doll face worth living fit for human habitation moving poignant riot affecting scream gas rousing be a ball


In good health
whole healthy fine fit well better strong wholesome fresh normal vigorous hale healthier right good recovered refreshed ok rehabilitated sound active healed lively cured mended restored bouncing hearty invigorated robust fitter hardy sturdy able-bodied all right fighting fit hunky-dory in shape physically fit well-conditioned alive and kicking as fit as a fiddle fit as a fiddle fit as a flea full of life hale and hearty in excellent shape in fine feather in fine fettle in good condition in good form in good health in good kilter in good physical condition in good physical shape in good shape in good trim in tip-top condition solid as a rock sound in body and limb strong as an ox OK in the pink blooming right as rain trim stout bursting with health lusty flourishing tough firm unimpaired athletic stalwart muscular energetic virile healthful able strapping thriving husky up to snuff in rude health as fit as a flea glowing buff in trim in top form as strong as an ox potent brawny burly aerobicized unblemished sane powerful shredded rugged rosy-cheeked chipper up to par bushy-tailed bright-eyed abled as right as rain full of vim rested young strengthened staunch untroubled perky sprightly capable beefy jacked okay proper in peak condition relieved Herculean mighty together luxuriantly sinewy soothed red-blooded energised vitalized energized toned up slim muscled toned ripped A1 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed not disabled full of beans nondisabled stable comfortable up to scratch spirited solid substantial intact safe and sound very well the picture of health fast bombproof undamaged durable flawless vibrant wide-ranging perfect rigorous safe vital unhurt undecayed well built well constructed hard well-constructed hanging together holding together fair radiant flushed reddish pink bright rosy blushing pinkish ruddy youthful clear youthful-looking healthy-looking dewy florid dynamic forceful peppy animated zippy vivacious zestful brisk forcible sparky driving animate spry mettlesome jaunty snappy gingery spanking fiery bold flush frisky tireless springy pert pizazzy pizzazzy airy strenuous jazzy gay kinetic racy intense bouncy spunky indefatigable determined high-powered masculine ball of fire macho high-spirited sparkling effective manly gutsy hefty feisty emphatic aggressive enterprising iron vehement hunky go-go effervescent flamboyant untiring full of get-up-and-go intensive full of vim and vigour storming buoyant brave valiant daring fearless courageous zesty male gallant passionate heroic ballsy all-male dashing all-out valorous chivalrous swashbuckling muscly intrepid lionhearted stout-hearted bubbly full-blooded high-octane resolute breezy unflagging exuberant well made quick butch powerfully built solidly built go-getting well-built vivid playful effectual pushing bustling busy exciting moving assertive go-ahead impassioned zealous mobile enthusiastic punchy stimulating resounding have-a-go full of energy pushy dynamical industrious full of the joys of spring hard-hitting bright and breezy full of pep balanced very healthy striking plucky manful bursting with good health adventurous dauntless in perfect health bounding doughty Ramboesque tiptop barnstorming zingy earnest concentrated fluid peart manlike expressive blithe breathless demoniac motive kinematic locomotive motile rude powerhouse thewy stark thickset electrifying roaring rough alive dazzling happening stirring colorful humming colourful buzzing rousing salutiferous concerted hopping coruscating astir abuzz entertaining dramatic in-your-face pulling no punches sensitive vibrating responsive man-size mannish studly fecund man-sized fertile laddish abubble aboil sexy full of spirit as strong as a horse as strong as a ox reproductive sexually potent procreative generative nimble exhilarating heady magnetic electric agile distinctive piquant rich poignant tart sharp peppery clever sportive tasty tangy pungent witty keen alert sporty positive occupied enlivened hyper eventful dexterous dextrous eager deedful jumping strong as an lion strong as an horse on the go upbeat charismatic influential compelling energizing hyped-up activating go-getter productive vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising on the move wick persuasive take-over steamroller take-charge efficient hard-driving full of zip raring to go play for keeps play hard ball coming on strong

Trái nghĩa của fine and dandy

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