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Alternative for pink

pinks, pinked, pinking, pinker, pinkest

Đồng nghĩa: garden pink, knock, ping, pinkish, pinko, rap, tap,


The best or most desirable among a category, kind or class
elite best choice cream pick pride prime elect royalty aristocracy flower illuminati fat priesthood nobility gentry gentility A-list crème de la crème upper crust corps d'elite cream of the crop Hall of Fame beautiful people blue blood four hundred haut monde high society jet set upper class prize jewel finest top treasure gem pearl choicest jewel in the crown tops chosen select nonpareil paragon pick of the bunch first class favoured favored upper-crust favorite favourite ideal ultimate quality height core crown jewel leading light pride and joy trophy most select select few top drawer preference option selection discretion volition druthers alternative bet election liberty way choosing bag aces best choice top choice cup of tea pick of the litter masterpiece epitome perfection quintessence acme model classic embodiment prototype apotheosis standard archetype chef-d'oeuvre showpiece shining example exemplar catch glory wonder personification plum essence masterstroke darling outstanding example masterwork champion magnum opus ne plus ultra tour de force peak stroke of genius work of art piece de resistance pinnacle zenith paradigm utmost nonesuch taonga peach trump triumph coup privileged better sort second estate something else monument perfect example hit one in a million perfect example of its kind beauty knockout patriciate beau ideal master work dearest apple of one's eye best of the bunch the top of the heap pet lap dog the best find gold source of envy envy object of envy latest most fashionable essentiality spirit lifeblood heart soul substance ruling class newest apogee apex valuable object objet of virtu objet d'art stuff norm stereotype picture first criterion good example idea eidolon pattern angel cynosure representation type byword most up to date dernier cri crackerjack champ lovely love sublimation original noblesse most accomplished most skilful patron saint the last word in-crowd last word typical example boast acme of perfection finest example honour honor credit finest specimen beau idéal best example best specimen choicest specimen choicest example sensation cultured class the privileged the Four Hundred privileged class smart set society the quality high life beau monde the better sorts specialty charm genius phenomenon rarity speciality prodigy phoenix star marvellous feat great work head pièce de résistance gentlefolks gentlefolk lead humdinger godsend leader meridian success capstone climax culmination chief first place high point highest level highest rank crowning point utmost extent high-water mark


Gillyflower or carnation


A period of success, popularity, or power
heyday prime bloom blossom springtime zenith pinnacle peak florescence flower acme height floruit flush culmination flowering time day high point high noon salad days crowning point golden age best days best years glory days golden years halcyon days prime of life day in the sun peak of perfection prime time summit maturity perfection youth ascendancy vigor vigour full flowering best spring best part flourishing top vitality climax prime of one's life high spot development blossoming fruition blooming strength cream verdure freshness glow radiance rush youthfulness past adolescence tender years greatest point choicest part finest point finest hour tender age school days younger days springtime of life flower of life heyday of youth apex apogee meridian crown epitome highlight consummation crest capstone nonpareil head noon greatest crescendo noontime maximum superlative ne plus ultra highest level top form high-water mark maximum point sum tip-top extremity limit utmost highest point vertex apotheosis ultimate ceiling upper limit high water mark uttermost extreme optimum max tip quintessence crowning moment end record most nonesuch high termination highest degree finale eminence finest denouement tiptop cap success last word copestone payoff depth boundary tops edge dernier cri supremacy pitch margin nadir nth degree the last word utmost extent critical mass culminating point best bit greatest degree greatest extent bitter end latest most fashionable apoapsis apocenter apsis best example perfect example ultimate example pay-off newest floodmark watermark tidemark extreme case furthest point achievement intensification capsheaf steeple tower record level most up to date superiority spire roof sublimity pole crowning glory le dernier cri excess best condition cusp feature outside high level up there inordinancy completion finish conclusion memorable part triumph highest extent highest preeminence maxi close most memorable part most outstanding feature top part result capper crème de la crème beau idéal accomplishment best moment spike world record lead all-time upper extremity best of times breaking point top figure the end exemplar classic idolization exaltation ideal elevation glorification deification byword icing on the cake highest part leader blow off end point maximum value greatest possible extent pick prize pride elite immortalization idealization crowning touch choice chief very limit mother of all first place punch line idealisation beau ideal highest rank best thing since sliced bread cat's whiskers cat's pyjamas the bee's knees


To prick or pierce, especially with a sword
prick perforate pierce jab spear stab gore impale lance score skewer spike harpoon incise notch peck pick puncture spit stick transfix transpierce scallop run through penetrate bayonet punch pin bore cut riddle slit drill gouge gash slash slice make a hole in nick knife hole probe needle wound enter jag skiver thrust plough cleave plunge plow dig stick into slice open permeate horn fix disembowel poke hack cut open run-through injure punch holes in press stamp cut into slice into nail down pin down put holes in scratch tear saber brand ram carve chop drive hurt prong sabre sink shank rupture open up tap crack break intrude put a hole in drill through bore through crack open thrust through break in bore into break through lacerate rip sever split open rend graze ream damage rive shear mutilate scrape divide separate shred sunder mangle tear apart honeycomb split open pervade pit broach breach burst cut through make holes in clip maim bore a hole in snick go through make a hole mangulate ribbon bisect dissect cut to ribbons slot dissever pass through claw lay open make an incision in cut up tear asunder embed sting rent run someone through shiv kill interpenetrate transfuse pepper suffuse make a wound in abrade stick in jimmy chop down punch through segment intrude upon drive through tunnel burrow nip mark furrow percolate into impair spoil corrupt mar infest make a flesh wound in mine maul kick in bust in bite cut a hole in drill a hole in dig out excavate pop in sink into section destroy jigsaw sink in eat through insert into run into create make rake cut to pieces splinter chiv shave share strip subdivide uncork harm gouge out quarter halve part scrabble savage saw disunite start begin poke full of holes shoot full of holes put scoop out hollow out itch dig into scrap scrabble at divorce smite chop up slice up sliver scythe fell amputate behead chip flitch sickle skive guillotine scarify scissor raze drill hole incapacitate scar disable decant tatter wing hit zap blast irritate plug rip apart ding ouch bruise contuse total draw off wrest fracture come apart disturb pull tear in two disrupt rip to pieces rip in two tear to pieces shatter disintegrate rip asunder rough up

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