Đồng nghĩa của upper crust

Tính từ

Owning a lot of resources, such as money or property
rich affluent wealthy moneyed opulent well-to-do flush loaded prosperous propertied silk-stocking well-off well-heeled monied minted substantial well off fat gilded independent landed upscale uptown bloated cash rich deep-pocketed fat-cat filthy rich oofy stinking rich well-endowed well heeled in clover in the money made of money nouveau riche old money on easy street quids in rolling in it rolling in money upper class well-fixed with deep pockets worth a bundle worth a packet multi-crore well provided for worth a million comfortable successful flourishing profitable of means lucrative in the chips of substance moneymaking remunerative powerful gainful in easy street money-spinning thriving productive privileged snug paying booming lush upper-class on velvet economic juicy plutocratic doing well property-owning fortunate favoured favored fruitful pecunious large set for life leisure-class fructuous rewarding advantageous beneficial useful worthwhile in the black lucky blessed financially rewarding well paid socially advantaged doing it easy in luck landowning not short leisured lavish happy happier buoyant overflowing easy prodigal fertile eminent bountiful famous on the up and up solvent influential financial better-off profit-making lousy rich with money to burn born with a silver spoon in your mouth advantaged elite enviable luxuriant fecund prolific cornucopian cushy jammy valuable having it made of independent means on Easy Street in the gravy sitting pretty paid living high off the hog in the lap of luxury expedient going win-win well-paying sweet good constructive generous satisfying recompensing going concern paid off very productive financially worthwhile more fortunate

Tính từ

Having an air of class or luxury, especially due to being costly
exclusive select chic choice premier elegant elite ritzy classy limited posh swish upmarket aristocratic private upscale special cliquish expensive swank trendy up-market cliquey snobbish clannish voguish high class high-class high-end top-drawer upper-crust high-toned A-grade plummy U upper-class Sloaney Home Counties swanky luxurious fancy deluxe plush lavish opulent exclusionary restricted fashionable superior plushy privileged grand smart rich insular sumptuous stylish glamorous splendid noble luxury lush luxuriant prestigious unfriendly closed elect extravagant restrictive palatial unsociable aloof exclusory close-knit ornate snazzy Lucullan luxe first-class silken Lucullian Babylonian five-star high rarefied prestige magnificent selected discriminative ostentatious gorgeous fancy-pants palace selective a la mode affluent modish palatian splendiferous tony stately majestic close dicty fine luscious sophisticated par excellence prominent notable high-quality esteemed important cabalistic au courant secret secretive snobby famous distinguished members' high-status reputable eminent renowned cosmopolitan elaborate spacious grandiose regal imposing exalted elevated sublime lofty haute costly quality executive large-scale illustrious impressive oligarchic independent VIP monumental lavishly appointed upholstered favored loaded pricey refined courtly graceful tasteful handsome impenetrable dashing mod in cool sharp uptown members-only dainty rare exquisite well appointed delicate recherche super favoured entitled honoured honored intimate de luxe advantaged fortunate lucky indulged self-sustained self-sufficing self-sustaining self-sufficient self-supporting self-supported self-centered self-contained on fleek in vogue discriminating small chosen exclusive access preferential narrow handpicked noninclusive segregated uninclusive self-centred red-carpet nonpublic sectarian parochial reserved provincial related akin alike unreceptive unwelcoming restricting associative like clanny showy flash swell chichi sprauncy larney schmick swagger la-di-da chi-chi

Tính từ

Luxurious in quality or nature
high-class grand luxurious lavish fancy opulent sumptuous lush posh princely swanky upmarket upscale classy indulgent luxury plush elegant luxuriant ostentatious palatial plushy regal ritzy swish deluxe glitzy grandiose immoderate luscious luxe majestic ornate pompous pretentious swank beautiful classic elaborate extravagant lux palatian rich stylish lavishly appointed fit for a king fit for a queen up-market upper-class upper-crust well appointed well-appointed de luxe chic exclusive smart fashionable expensive select glamorous exquisite trendy fancy-pants tony aristocratic genteel snazzy tasteful fine modish sophisticated refined flashy high-toned a la mode splashy handsome superior splendid costly noble gorgeous magnificent dicty elite swankish sharp showy prestigious graceful high-end chichi Lucullan choice ornamented stately gentle patrician highborn snappy great wellborn highbred silk-stocking au courant well-bred top-drawer blue-blooded nice high-quality flamboyant with-it quality cultivated special prestige delicate dignified snobby swell dainty rare in cool recherche overdone resplendent yuppie formal embellished courtly dashing flash spiffy county of gentle birth landed well born noble-born titled schmick high-born landowning uptown of noble birth agreeable par excellence high pleasant five-star peacocky respectable glittering leafy happening voguish fresh supercool hip elitist snotty high-hat persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish potty superb comfortable royal lordly cosmopolitan on fleek in vogue mod prominent notable esteemed important abundant valuable exuberant precious beyond price stuffy salubrious la-di-da sprauncy plummy larney swagger chi-chi haute artistic discerning polished well-off gracious reputable eminent renowned swishy urbane distinguished cultured lovely aesthetic charming loaded palace Lucullian silken pricey Babylonian suave decorous huntin', shootin', fishin' top-people's comely affected debonair first-class splendiferous super august well-designed well-dressed esthetic stylized intricate decorative decorated ornamental baroque adorned rococo gaudy fussy busy towering extreme devilish prime froufrou florid frilly fancible fanciful unusual jazzy cushy custom beautifying OTT over the top highfalutin privileged pedigreed well-born purebred bluestocking impressive imposing affluent glorious proud monumental spectacular imperial prodigal magnific awe-inspiring hedonistic over-elaborate sybaritic epic epicurean kingly voluptuous gratifying dazzling massive gallant baronial heroic heroical self-indulgent sensuous striking splendacious exalted magnolious flowery Homeric upholstered brilliant pleasurable wedding-cake gilded sensual easy pampered pleasure-seeking breathtaking champagne intemperate pleasing pleasure-loving profuse deep profligate elevated marvelous detailed excessive outstanding sublime profusive exaggerated illustrious aesthetically pleasing aureate overwrought marvellous convoluted in the lap of luxury gingerbread overdecorated lofty overelaborate bedecked garnished sonorous priceless spacious inestimable invaluable large-scale overindulgent hedonic brave splendorous splendrous dear ultra comfy magnifico solid gold velvet riotous sovereign wild wealthy unreasonable wasteful unrestrained plentiful arabesque prolific prosperous full fat bountiful ample thriftless copious improvident out of this world effusive unstinging over-the-top openhanded well-heeled well-fixed well-situated high-society trendsetting fruity dynamite excellent smashing large ambitious unreal haughty first-rate something else admirable fab very good terrific skilful skillful well-to-do bizarre sensory with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles grotesque inordinate exorbitant curlicued unconscionable overextravagant overmuch undue overdue insane overweening stiff intolerable plethoric steep unmerciful fleshly carnal jet-setting resonant complex complicated sensorial bacchanalian affective grandiloquent high-flown gilt very elaborate discriminating bedizened gingerbready gingerbreaded Sloaney Kelvinside Morningside harmonious fastidious rhetorical high-sounding high-wrought fleshy exciting sensualistic intense passionate physical primrose restrained magniloquent jewelled metaphorical glossy wordy meretricious superficial fancily decorated sparkling verbose coloured tawdry jeweled flaunting embroidered variegated highly wrought bright colored fit sensitive becoming attractive fitting overblown euphuistic purple mellow Home Counties pretty orotund laboured oratorical bombastic strained stunning turgid hifalutin inflated tumid overripe pleonastic rhetoric quiet unobtrusive pure in good taste chaste unaffected classical precise subdued awesome hyperventilated Ossianic figurative fustian divine transcendent radiant commanding arresting labored

Tính từ

Superseding others in importance or status
grand great leading master lead prime august chief dignified distinguished elevated exalted illustrious key major noble predominant preeminent primary aristocratic eminent esteemed greatest highest honored honoured main patrician premier premium refined respectable supreme venerable apex celebrated central dominant famous foremost notable principal prominent regal renowned respected revered top transcendent arch big capital cardinal elite first focal genteel head paramount biggest big-time core largest posh primal sovereign gentle grave highborn highbred huge large lofty overbearing overmastering overriding sovran upmarket wellborn number-one pre-eminent highly regarded number one numero uno well-known blue-blooded top-drawer upper-class of distinction upper-crust well born well thought of widely praised high-born major league silk-stocking important superior prior outstanding high commanding ruling influential essential vital high-ranking fundamental presiding supereminent ultimate prestigious noteworthy pivotal crucial noted uppermost prevailing powerful controlling significant senior famed high-level best topmost basic glorious acclaimed titled honourable prevalent honorable top-ranking imposing governing top-tier unsurpassed lordly incomparable critical salient utmost top-notch star peerless matchless unequaled unequalled consummate heavy mighty high-powered intrinsic preponderant high-profile superlative champion consequential top-level authoritative integral ascendant predominate regnant major-league seminal unparalleled reputable arch- weighty notorious potent puissant big-league highest-ranking magnificent astral admired of gentle birth indispensable stellar unrivaled unrivalled royal directing kingly signal first-class overruling ranking of note serious dominating well known all-important well-born big league top drawer high-class worthy underlying necessary elemental decisive rudimentary VIP absolute lionized alpha legendary maximum higher staple imperial majestic urgent surpassing luminous unsurpassable recognized towering select big-name gentlemanly top-priority high-up first-rate redoubtable determining material must-have reigning iconic exemplary upper formidable inimitable queenly lionised resonant storied radical recognised heavy-duty of greatest importance huntin', shootin', fishin' No. 1 stately high profile noble-born second to none heavyweight far-reaching silver-spoon well-bred of noble birth of great consequence of the first rank inflated intellectual finest immodest exaggerated excessive landowning landed remarkable four-star county successful bright extraordinary high-minded crack unprecedented conspicuous winning total superstar celeb fabled unconditional quintessential meaningful pressing sublime world-class prized valued trusted of high standing big-gun compelling eventful substantial deciding perfect well-connected industry leading headmost especial high-grade momentous effective unbeatable nonpareil distinctive historical of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost telling almighty popular acute of influence high-priority unexcelled a cut above the rest topflight best possible top-class burning historic instrumental feted life-and-death accomplished expert finished excellent unmatchable number ideal unlimited characteristic inherent favoured favored chosen brilliant front-page special splendid particular strongest simple beginning opening crowning axial infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded root strong constitutional prodigious operative keynote strategic elementary resplendent final skookum full utter oustanding public basal constitutive second-to-none purebred eloquent rich memorable oratorical marvelous cogent magnific phenomenal maximal optimal peak super intervening superseding of greatest significance of mark in the public eye energetic dynamic richest monarchical monarchal venerated of repute pedigreed privileged bluestocking thoroughbred immortal trendsetting big-wheel big-shot hot-dog record loftiest chad fine ace better world class crown self-important pompous overblown uplifting superb proud good marvellous top-rank apical zenithal tiptop complete unassailable optimum reverenced hallowed front guiding monarchial elegant omnipotent official imperious supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious arbitrary utopian domineering unexampled initial larger greater bigger elder magnanimous undefeated unbeaten inaugural A-number-1 A-1 exclusive pertinent considerable classy worshipped furthermost grandiloquent primo hotshot hotdog holding the reins heroic triumphal idealistic learned profound sweeping ponderous appreciable imperative cultured upper-level snobby top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range without equal par excellence beyond compare record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 sans pareil uptown requisite severe large-scale sizable dire intense pronounced exceptional exigent at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff cultivated courteous determinative climactic sacred decent reverend sage high up definitive prerequisite mandatory needed required impactful immediate striking worthwhile pointed monumental polished in charge higher-ranking of higher rank first-string higher-level superordinate loftier unmatched higher up wise much needed earth-shattering vitally important very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence gifted first rate highly rated untouchable overshadowing life-changing dangerous grievous of consequence of concern life and death civil gentlemanlike blue ladylike Brahmin ennobled polite aristocratical princely born with a silver spoon in one's mouth knightly sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical admirable worshipful estimable worshiped top-people's highest ranking mother of all leonine lionlike celebrious page-oner name redoubted innate foundational natural ingrained substantive needful necessitous native deep-seated inborn inbred rudimental bottom-line structural deep-rooted relevant meat-and-potatoes connate compulsory introductory called for immanent obligatory engrained indigenous hardwired built-in all important congenital organic germane primitive original appropriate hereditary ingrain intimate indwelling deep-down hard-wired valuable applicable nitty-gritty in one's blood bread-and-butter apposite apropos true marked real instinctive abecedarian majority inseparable genuine indelible permanent ineradicable ineffaceable useful expedient connatural inner fabulous choice instinctual inbuilt internal extensive moving inmost impressive extravagant upscale deluxe fab quality precious invaluable costly sterling dear pricey cracking frontline priceless luxurious expensive responsible spendy fantabulous ultraexpensive slick sensational selected pricy supernal in demand earnest in-built blue-chip big-ticket highest quality high-end top-quality out-of-sight everyday five-star high-quality top-end emphatic high-ticket defining mainstream comprehensive noticeable arresting executive foundation mainline initiative nucleus standard all-embracing all-encompassing most general causal tough obvious widespread demanded underlined lion's share bulkiest embedded entrenched fitting high priority constituent vulgar overall received current common actual business-critical mission-critical gut rooted incumbent name-of-the-game world-shaking decision-making component connected big time primordial intrusive projecting protruding obtrusive arrestive jutting intuitive apt involuntary nonelective peremptory forced coal-and-ice relative base compulsatory at the heart of indicative appurtenant applicative wanted desired recommended preferred proper binding specified transcendental categorical overarching natural-born bred in the bone dyed-in-the-wool inherited rife rampant immense tremendous de rigueur inexpungible implicit pointful associated sustaining axiomatic supporting substratal underived groundlaying deep axiological substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom subjective genetic fixed latent integrated unalienable inward resident individual empyrean empyreal incumbent on enormous sizeable name of game testing climacteric searching settling trying exceeding ultra titanic astronomic ample earthshaking vast astronomical ad rem to the point to the purpose psychological in your blood part and parcel goodly biggish epoch-making desperate clamorous showdown climatic touchy insistent helpful touch and go on thin ice hanging by thread now or never persuasive inspiring inspirational convincing motivating effectual constructive favorable advantageous beneficial practical favourable stirring touching rousing competent provocative contributory motivational robust stimulating animating fateful swayful formative masterful efficient forcible affecting vigorous swaying capable enticing forceful encouraging able inducing impelling purposeful hard-hitting alluring seductive profitable handy propitious conducive gainful productive timely rewarding serviceable behooveful commodious auspicious beneficent appreciated fruitful meritorious opportune of help of use of service loved worth its weight in gold of benefit held dear hot worthful hot property of value of assistance worth it scarce most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most obvious most noticeable most skilled most excellent most outstanding most significant

Danh từ

Cream of society
aristocracy blue blood jet set noblesse society upper class beau monde beautiful people country set crème de la crème elite flower gentility gentry glitterati haut monde high society main line nobility patriciate polite society quality smart set the quality top drawer who's who privileged class gentlefolk gentlefolks the privileged upper classes high life ruling class in-crowd cream of society cream cultured class café society A-list the Four Hundred four hundred Four Hundred peerage lords patricians nobles establishment landed gentry illuminati the better sorts rich and famous better sort second estate privileged ladies best wealthy government choice pick prime fashionable society elect pride toffs nobs peers of the realm royalty bhadralok fat privileged classes carriage trade pink priesthood wealthy people the well-to-do cream of the crop corps d'elite top brass good society best people right people societe fashionable social register bon ton note dignity swells salon county set upper middle class grandness highness dominance fashion in group upper echelon A list primacy plutocracy loftiness nobleness preferment precedence caste gentleness society people the in-crowd famous people glamorous people the upper class jet-set country club set optimacy celebrity chosen old money moneyed class leisured class idle rich country-club set haute monde best of the best pick of the litter the elite cream of the cream the finest Hall of Fame peers aristocrats noblemen noblewomen aristos titled people titled women titled men body of nobles peeresses social elite members of the aristocracy members of the peerage members of the nobility

Danh từ

The best condition or degree

Trái nghĩa của upper crust

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