Đồng nghĩa của involuntary

Alternative for involuntary


Done without conscious thought or control
reflex automatic instinctive spontaneous instinctual reflexive unintentional unconscious impulsive mechanical unthinking uncontrolled unintended mechanic robotic unconditioned unplanned blind inadvertent uncontrollable conditioned habitual unbewised uncalculated unchosen unmeditated unpremeditated unprompted unwitting knee-jerk intuitive accidental natural chance casual innate fortuitous unmeant gut subconscious inherent fluky unexpected random unforeseen inborn unlearned incidental intuitional coincidental visceral undesigned ingrained congenital unthought serendipitous flukey undevised inbred subliminal untaught basic emotional hard-wired primitive intrinsic adventitious aleatory native unlooked-for unwilled thoughtless haphazard erratic aimless extemporaneous purposeless primeval unanticipated primaeval occurring by chance occurring by accident unknowing careless rooted intimate inner primal subjective negligent unbidden heedless regular normal typical accustomed internal unmindful second-nature inherited hereditary by seat of one's pants unforeseeable viscerous reckless interior primordial innocent unheeding feckless in the blood innermost responsive physical animal unrealized uncalculating perfunctory routine mindless unforced autogenetic ingrown inbuilt undeliberate unpredicted circumstantial heartfelt naive sporadic default lucky simple fortunate off-the-cuff deep-seated odd offhand built-in spur-of-the-moment in-built unlooked for at random without warning unhoped-for from the hip naïve rash not bargained for out of the blue honest well-intentioned unconcerned uncaring irreflective misguided mistaken contingent psychological mental foolish ill-considered imprudent unwise ill-advised absent-minded injudicious occasional stupid neglectful silly precipitate senseless remiss happening unexpectedly not on purpose oblivious hidden spiritual witless cerebral psychologic intellectual vacant brutish unreasoning indelicate outrageous napping blunt untactful inward autogenous personal endogenous within not planned hasty inconsiderate incautious foolhardy unguarded unthought-out arbitrary insensitive sudden inattentive regardless improvident variable fluke slapdash indiscreet unconsidered deaf listless by chance hot-headed ill-thought-out unpurposeful ad hoc stray capricious unpredictable impromptu spot lucky-dog related accompanying well timed uncircumspect headlong disregarding uninterested luck out luck in by-the-way concomitant contributory attendant temerarious unfeeling derelict nonobservant providential heaven-sent concurrent by accident irregular expedient propitious timely opportune felicitous convenient auspicious delinquent hurried overhasty uncertain apt happy hotheaded brash abrupt unsought surprise surprising jammy chancy incalculable coarse disregardful impetuous careless of blithe unsafe sloppy rude slack crude lax asleep at the switch fast and loose out to lunch without regard tactless at the mercy of events astonishing undreamed of unthought-of startling undreamed-of uninvited unsolicited cavalier unobservant slipshod undiscerning unreflective unreasonable harebrained unsympathetic without notice ditsy indifferent apathetic madcap undiplomatic irrational flighty ill-conceived not thought through ill-judged hare-brained badly thought out


Done against someone's will
forced compulsory mandatory obligatory required coerced requisite coercive compelled exacted imperative unwilling binding constrained demanded imposed incumbent necessary nonelective ordained peremptory prescribed unconsenting grudging reluctant begrudging de rigueur will-less against one's wishes against your will unavoidable inescapable enforced essential stipulated compulsatory dictated needed indispensable statutory needful prerequisite integral necessitous compelling must-have called for vital necessitated contractual pivotal important recommended critical urgent crucial set slave conscripted forcible enforceable unintentional OB imperious unintended the law commanding irremissible fixed obliged impelled invoked charged executed advocated sanctioned established enjoined kept carried out forced upon called-for key consequential intrinsic central all-important core appropriate rudimentary innate inherent substantive high-priority quintessential expedient decisive prime momentous wanted fundamental specified pressing desired preferred exigent cardinal significant all important elementary bottom-line paramount basic proper principal chief vitally important incumbent on name of game life-and-death of the utmost importance of the essence of great consequence pre-eminent foremost conclusive king telling curricular preeminent number one right-hand leading capital main constitutive everything irrevocable unalterable indissoluble unbreakable permanent incontrovertible final bounden absolute counted upon irrefutable categorical irreversible definitive unconditional unchallengeable undeniable unappealable most important


Of, pertaining to, causing or accompanied by paroxysms
paroxysmal violent stormy fierce turbulent tempestuous furious tumultuous rough ferocious explosive rabid convulsive hot volcanic cyclonic uncontrollable spasmodic hammer and tongs knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts bang-bang intense wild passionate fiery raging frenzied heated lively boisterous cataclysmal cataclysmic volatile vehement feverish agitated forceful unrestrained impassioned impetuous frenetic blustery frantic savage flaming blustering angry excited chaotic animated uncontrolled squally extreme confused rampant emotional heavy hysterical roaring windy howling unbridled ungovernable disturbed mad delirious inflamed riotous vicious excessive storming unmanageable concentrated harsh aroused potent raucous exciting rugged hectic roller-coaster ardent aggressive gruff fervent spirited brutal foul gusting gusty in turmoil unpredictable fervid dirty nasty filthy bloodthirsty full of upheavals ebullient bursting full-blooded drag-out hotheaded knock-down maniacal headstrong rampageous intensified acrimonious full of ups and downs passional touchy irascible at the boiling point bad-tempered excitable ill-tempered temperamental distracted strong boiling foaming powerful choppy storm-tossed bumpy great roily unstable disordered seething unsettled resounding inordinate profound acute weltering rampaging excruciating intemperate consuming devastating uncurbed severe immoderate biting exquisite unchecked fearsome deep ghastly overwhelming dreadful blistering sharp terrible unfettered keen almighty emphatic fearful frightful moiling restless bitter swirling ruffled noisy destructive coarse stormful tremulous thunderous rebellious desperate vigorous agonizing hellacious hard painful enraged urgent energetic ruinous intensive forcible strenuous peppery agonising out of control heavy-duty dynamic outrageous full of force coercive gale force stirred up inclement thundery bleak torrid menacing threatening jarring rainy tough blowy hyperactive raw fevered manic fast and furious cacophonous stridulent buffeting breezy inharmonious roiled overwrought rowdy trying typhonic fraught storm-wracked crazy fanatical onerous confusing distraught grim burdensome swivel-eyed burning corybantic flustering bustling madhouse rough-and-tumble murky in a lather dangerous hoarse unmusical grating discordant rasping husky ugly dry hazardous risky wet crazed panic-struck panic-stricken panicky knockabout overexcited nuts berserk unpleasant disagreeable riproaring cold damp frigid raining cats and dogs coming down exacting tiring active eventful challenging arduous demanding unbalanced laborious exhausting oppressive obsessive insane phrenetic demented wired furibund unsparing testing hyper taxing unscrewed cruel dark full tireless grievous full on unruly wearing imperious action-packed busy weirded out lost it wigged out stiff murderous foreboding ominous searing inhuman hardhanded gloomy sombre sinister forbidding inauspicious malevolent baleful morbid somber punishing eager overactive unforgiving committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant zealous heartfelt warm flurrying enthusiastic rumbustious buzzing brisk messianic perfervid vibrant woolly wooly nutsy zoolike jungle hassle crowded keyed up superheated charged religious glowing blazing red-hot demonstrative hot-blooded warm-blooded incandescent like Piccadilly Circus rip-roaring very busy very active hell broke loose impulsive moving inspiring eloquent stirring poignant high-pressure hotblooded stimulated expressive precipitate thrilling affecting headlong quickened high-powered steamed up

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