Đồng nghĩa của unsparing

Alternative for unsparing

Trái nghĩa: sparing,

Tính từ

Given freely and generously
liberal unstinting bountiful generous free munificent lavish ungrudging abundant open-handed profuse unselfish beneficent benevolent big-hearted bounteous free-handed kind-hearted ready bighearted charitable freehanded freehearted fulsome kind magnanimous open openhanded plenteous prodigal willingly given cruel excessive extravagant giving inexorable procrustean unkind unrelenting philanthropic altruistic hospitable kindly considerate thoughtful big handsome kindhearted helpful greathearted noble princely self-sacrificing eleemosynary good tolerant soft-touch loose humanitarian humane willing high-minded lofty indulgent honourable unstinted benignant fair honest moderate excellent easy reasonable just honorable selfless sympathetic obliging compassionate philanthropical ample plentiful full openhearted equitable profligate wasteful thriftless great-hearted rich immoderate unrestrained exuberant unstinging acceptable wild large-hearted over the top warm-hearted understanding soft-hearted almsgiving substantial unreasonable effusive unprejudiced disinterested eager public-spirited self-denying devoted self-forgetting caring good-hearted friendly overgenerous loving chivalrous incorruptible self-effacing extroverted decent denying overabundant open-hearted improvident intemperate immaculate merciful casual free-and-easy social-minded pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody benign moralistic spotless respected angelical esteemed unerring creditable do-good approving holy copious generous to a fault gentle unmarred well-disposed pristine gracious graceful pietistical pietistic chaste goodhearted unflawed untouched prayerful redeeming virginal unblamable redeemable teeming luxuriant superabundant opulent riotous sumptuous lush luxurious moneyed abundant in abounding in accommodating good-natured neighbourly tender amiable neighborly pleasant warm polite genial agreeable affable supportive cordial tender-hearted warmhearted gallant cooperative solicitous lenient civil complaisant nice tenderhearted mild affectionate soft amicable attentive self-forgetful courteous upright all heart tactful patient sensitive good-humored good-humoured softhearted feeling comforting sociable congenial easygoing clement cheerful mindful forbearing righteous forgiving well disposed sweet respectful eager to please concerned diplomatic worthy eager to help regardful empathetic companionable human lordly elevated great virtuous ethical respectable empathic commiserative motherly fatherly maternal high approachable moral principled upstanding pitying mellow responsive knightly amenable good-tempered bleeding-heart well meaning accommodative heedful compliant social socially concerned civilized natural heroic consoling brotherly sympathizing condoling commiserating bleeding heart lovable civilised fatherlike likeable sympathising delightful engaging even-tempered open-minded sweet-tempered stand-up likable well-mannered hearty community-minded convivial harmonious patriotic contributing donating prosocial useful beneficient valuable good scout Robin Hood idealistic favourable observant circumspect discreet accessible very kind nonmalignant well-meaning conscientious valiant goodish broad-minded sentimental thoughty public- spirited favorable nonthreatening helpful to others personable like a sport well-bred easy to get along with easy to get on with acquiescent breezy happy lovely large non-malignant angelic soft touch propitious unoffensive dutiful well intentioned deferential wholesome benefic calm heart in right place pleasing reputable softie marshmallow sublime uncorrupted cultivated redoubtable illustrious encouraging unpresumptuous charming prepossessing winsome unassuming doting piteous ruthful outstanding brave courtly refined adaptable pliable easy-going sparing having heart in right place mushy as nice as pie appealing taking mild-mannered captivating simpatico sweet-natured barley-sugar winning enchanting harmless perceptive extraordinary remarkable meritorious willing to please favourably disposed noble-minded anti-corruption Santa Claus loving and giving old softie well-intentioned receptive handy accepting long-suffering trustworthy incorrupt dependable careful intuitive aware comradely has heart in right place user friendly on tap on deck conscious discerning cognizant mannerly peaceable soft-centred right straight true sensitized reactive impressionable welcoming willing to help paternalistic maternalistic sisterly paternal perceiving impressible turned on to finely tuned touchy feely supersensitive sensitised tuned in insightful knowing emotionable clean-living well mannered all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded

Tính từ

Harsh or severe
ruthless relentless unmerciful hard merciless pitiless remorseless severe uncompromising unforgiving harsh implacable rigorous stern stringent cold-blooded unpitying affectless callous case-hardened compassionless demanding desensitised desensitized exacting hard-boiled hard-hearted heartless indurate inflexible inhuman inhumane insensate insensitive ironhearted obdurate pachydermatous slash-and-burn soulless stoney stony stonyhearted strict take-no-prisoners thick-skinned tough uncharitable unfeeling unsympathetic draconian inexorable solid cruel uncaring brutal cold-hearted stony-hearted savage unkind hardhearted cold barbarous unbending unrelenting uncompassionate hardened fierce unmoved with a heart of stone sadistic lacking compassion mean unemotional grim barbaric indifferent hard-nosed vicious unyielding rigid ferocious inconsiderate austere firm steely intolerant unconcerned marble-hearted coldhearted bloodthirsty cut-throat unremitting evil oppressive dog-eat-dog tyrannical cutthroat inclement unfriendly monstrous hard-line unresponsive hard as nails vindictive bestial truculent apathetic flinty wanton authoritarian brutish sanguinary stiff fiendish diabolical violent heavy-handed wicked unappeasable heinous murderous atrocious illiberal thoughtless fell hard-bitten wolfish bloodless mean-spirited unsusceptible beastly dastardly butcherly brute imperious unflinching rough obstinate as hard as nails adamant malevolent frigid feral impassive aggressive surly insensible maleficent spiteful tyrannous adamantine indurated ironfisted selfish dictatorial malicious punishing icy spiritless malignant despotic critical hostile unloving hurtful dispassionate stone-hearted inured cynical impervious onerous brassbound depraved stubborn imperturbable unkindly dour ramrod toughened obtuse unaffected cast-iron hateful intractable censorious flagitious egregious inattentive matter-of-fact iron-fisted feelingless without sentiment hardheaded no-nonsense browbeating hard to please cold fish killer rancorous mortal revengeful without pity satanic hatchetjob coldblooded competitive ungenerous constant vengeful punitive dead heedless killer instinct hellish intense uncommiserating unpleasant self-centred lifeless stolid unsentimental appalling premeditated tormenting torturous untouched spartan stingy unfair ungracious armour-plated invulnerable mechanical malign cannibalistic hard-headed world-weary unimpressionable torpid insentient impenitent careless gruff bullying ironhanded intransigent unchristian crass abusive repellent lukewarm disinterested halfhearted aversive repugnant forbidding bloody sour avaricious unregenerate greedy unrepenting indefatigable uncontrite faceless utilitarian inexpressive gray subhuman grey bleak unpermissive benumbed hard-as-nails seasoned tactless imperceptive suppressive self-centered unsympathizing crotchety cantankerous unempathetic anesthetized unamiable churlish sensationless emotionless anaesthetized deadened uncordial lacking sentiment hard-edged hard-shelled headstrong incurious unsensitive aloof oblivious with a hide like an elephant toughened by experience uncalled-for cool blind to deaf to mean machine having a killer instinct inured to hardhanded blank as tough as old boots expressionless deadpan hard-shell frosty chilly unwelcoming fixed homicidal Rhadamanthine devilish abominable poker-faced vile hideous single-minded disciplinarian resolved dogged hard-core steadfast drastic dire resolute ascetical immovable domineering by the book absolute dyed-in-the-wool mulish extreme ossified formidable stiff-necked ascetic determined pressing astringent autocratic disciplinary grave bullheaded ghastly nasty nefarious pernicious immoral wrathful slaughterous roughshod virulent trying perfectionist importunate clamorous tiresome judgmental disapproving fussy overbearing overexacting unmanageable troublesome difficult unamenable unaccommodating querulous insistent cavilling nagging exigent fractious quibbling disparaging needy possessive hairsplitting unreasonable caviling hypercritical sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous censuring cavillous demeaning serious carping over-rigorous over-strict over-exacting fault-finding hard to satisfy over-censorious high-maintenance over-particular phlegmatic detached passionless stoical stoic despicable base horrible undemonstrative uninterested numb unruffled calm listless contemptible impassible distant reserved laid-back uninvolved bad foul flat coarse rugged dangerous low sharp unimpressed dishonourable low-down wild horrid serene catty nonchalant rotten snide degenerate terrible unstirred dirty frightful collected unmindful detestable unflappable execrable dishonorable threatening pococurante heedless of disdainful frightening obnoxious impenetrable exploitative blah disagreeable inhospitable wooden shabby insouciant rowdy untroubled loathsome deplorable unperturbed haughty supercilious indelicate composed awful dreadful odious blasé abrasive negligent scummy crude degraded unruly intimidating glacial unaroused unexcitable impersonal unworried ill-natured objective remote uncommunicative ungentle rude curt wounding corrupt lawless louring inert indiscreet uncivil perverted infernal neutral ignominious low-minded fiery stark boorish dry criminal perverse villainous passive oblivious to sinful abhorrent untamed petty lowering fearful shameful antipathetic uncongenial reticent grisly gruesome equable hardy strong vigorous sturdy stout currish brash unprincipled debased reprobate unrestrained fearsome not nice infamous hasty ignoble nonplussed scornful casual profligate lethargic licentious blind lackadaisical uncontrollable despiteful languid impious supine crazed venomous wimpy moony draggy cool, calm and collected could care less contemptuous couldn't care less don't give a damn what the hell unhappy intemperate casehardened stonehearted unnatural loveless bearish upsetting stone-faced ice-cold unjust excessive forceful heavy dry-eyed undismayed horny ravening controlled ill stony-eyed clinical restrained self-controlled hard-hitting demoniac gloating disorderly immune cat-and-mouse accustomed habituated glazed uninfluenced destructive level-headed businesslike cool-headed not caring rational unagitated sober ruffianly lawbreaking bored non-committal half-hearted sluggish immune to impervious to unambitious unmotivated menacing furious cutting tranquil abject disgraceful dull desperate refractory immutable pugnacious proof against unmindful of experienced biting red in tooth and claw Laodicean two-fisted indifferent to quiet chill marble caustic droopy dispirited lazy numbed hollow asleep shocking horrific rabid wretched meanspirited self-contained acclimatized coarsened used impetuous raging delirious convulsive baleful insensible to insensible of insensitive of insensitive to disregardful of grating unfazed inscrutable raving enraged incessive undomesticated cold-faced insipid vacant glassy senseless grubby sordid vitriolic bitter frantic infuriated rapacious angry mad along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches steady easy-going nonaffected unexcited inaccessible acclimatised steeled irreverent resistant unashamed unsubmissive prepared brusque annoying irritating acerbic horrendous horrifying harrowing tigerish biffo animalistic primitive aggers shrewd practical realistic toneless paralysed paralyzed still worthless galling unimpressible insusceptible cheap lame lousy narrow-minded down-to-earth carefree acerb comfortless blithe hair-raising macabre nightmarish unrevealing sedate placid taciturn inexcitable contaminated faulty lewd putrid insubordinate impure libidinous indecent reprehensible demoralised miscreant abandoned demoralized spiky argumentative relaxed compacted packed hard-handed compact rocky set iron concentrated consolidated compressed scurvy scabby scungy ratty terrifying unspeakable repulsive alarming unscrupulous debauched graceless withdrawn amoral sinister shameless rubbing the wrong way hard to take devil-may-care happy-go-lucky terrific grewsome spine-chilling revolting lurid nightmare unanxious easy deceitful unlawful wrong unethical iniquitous dishonest devious nauseating terrorizing sickening lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair formal unsophisticated unsavoury delinquent crooked shady slippery scandalous unconscionable two-faced defiled scheming improper disreputable unrighteous sly felonious underhanded shifty unconscientious gross unclubbable antisocial standoffish buttoned-up unsociable asocial standoff from hell lou bloodcurdling terrorising eerie unthinking unenthusiastic inept clumsy gauche unsubtle maladroit self-indulgent vitiated errant libertine demonic evil-minded self-seeking conscienceless morally wrong objectionable dodgy decadent questionable corrupted dissolute scoundrelly crafty scrofulous black-hearted bent squalid incorrigible ungodly unsavory dark clammy cold-eyed antiseptic hard-eyed brittle stand-offish tasteless uncouth unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless deaf at ease undisturbed undaunted offish impolite discourteous gelid bungling unpolished blundering awkward unthoughtful disrespectful without a care in the world not giving a toss precipitate vulgar untactful rash straightforward unhandsome unmannered impertinent undiplomatic unmannerly impartial incautious short reckless ignorant unceremonious unconcerned about equitable unbiased uninvolved with apathetic towards apathetic about nonchalant about unprejudiced offhand about casual about nonpartisan regardless uncaring about uninvolved in uninterested in like a bull in a china shop bored by dismissive of mindless of equal careless of square frivolous about evenhanded candid just reckless about unimpressed by regardless of fair cavalier about ill-mannered ill-bred weary of unenthusiastic about unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned unsocial highbrow diffident silent superior not giving a monkey's

Tính từ

Stubbornly, and perhaps unreasonably, holding to an opinion, decision or purpose
uncompromising inflexible unyielding unbending obstinate obdurate firm stubborn dogged intransigent adamant rigid implacable unrelenting hard determined immovable pertinacious resolute steadfast wilful headstrong perverse mulish unwavering willful relentless tough tenacious strict opinionated hardened intractable inexorable pigheaded adamantine bullheaded hardheaded unshakeable ossified inconvincible pat indurate stiff unmalleable diehard strong unpersuadable hardline decided rugged categorical stiff-necked hard-nosed single-minded self-willed hard-line self-opinionated iron-willed bull-headed hard-core bloody-minded die-hard hard and fast brick-wall not giving an inch harsh rigorous severe stern stringent draconian grim exacting cruel merciless set pitiless unappeasable unswerving ruthless iron-fisted remorseless unforgiving unmovable bound bound and determined dead set on oppressive dour authoritarian forbidding disciplinary illiberal picky uptight fixed invariable puritanical solid unpermissive undeviating stuffy unadaptable dead set cast-iron no-nonsense heavy-handed inescapable unmollifiable iron-handed unpacifiable unplacatable sedulous unflagging assiduous unstoppable tireless ineluctable unflinching unchangeable necessary immobile ironclad compulsory steely unabated insistent hard-headed indefatigable mortal pounding locked in mean business no going back hell bent on set in stone hanging tough like death and taxes refractory persistent unshakable brassbound incompliant recalcitrant balky persevering uncooperative cantankerous contumacious staunch cussed strong-willed iron indomitable set in one's ways stalwart extreme unbendable unreasonable unmanageable strong-minded ornery rebellious uncompliant insubordinate untoward meticulous rock-ribbed contrary awkward unaccommodating immoderate restive definite demanding mule invincible tight fussy scrupulous froward fastidious unconquerable choosy unswayable careful finicky unfaltering discriminating exact painstaking particular forceful unsurpassable invulnerable hard-boiled punctilious choosey lionhearted rough persnickety unsentimental sticklerish doughty undefeatable spirited tough nut to crack nit-picky tough-minded nit-picking stout-hearted inveterate unbudgeable bolshie narrow-minded militant ungiving fanatical radical cross-grained stiffened renitent energetic difficult systematic immalleable durable stand pat stubborn as a mule stony noncompliant pig-headed unimpressible crisp dogmatic unflexible doctrinaire wayward unruly unrepentant hardhearted bullhead uncompassionate unemotional impertinent mean non-compliant patient feisty wild purposeful cold fish proof against persuasion dug in standing pat disobedient ungovernable incurable uncontrollable fractious undismayed dauntless immutable austere irreversible concrete unalterable do or die hold the line hard as nails hold one's ground hold the fort standing one's ground undisciplined resilient realistic gutsy obstreperous sure diligent untiring unchanging static ramrod unvarying defiant rebel recusant unmoving changeless sticking to one's guns importunate cohesive coherent possessive persisting sturdy spunky true stout unforgetful insoluble thorny unpliable locked knotty problematic indocile binding hard-and-fast tough and shrewd hard-bitten drawing dyed-in-the-wool compelling poignant convincing valid powerful acrimonious confining meaning business writ in stone strait-laced cut-and-dried decided upon unbeatable hang tough tough nut critical finical pernickety selective impregnable by the book by the numbers dainty nice fearless insuperable valiant untameable brave plucky intrepid bulletproof heroic insurmountable unassailable faddish delicate finicking choicy overnice gritty mettlesome courageous impassable old-maidish over-fastidious fussbudget faddy fussbudgety hard to please over-particular methodical conscientious prim mathematical priggish precise prissy scientific

Tính từ

Harshly sarcastic or satirical in nature
keen scathing cutting incisive searing pointed stinging trenchant acid sardonic satirical contemptuous ferocious nasty sharp unblunted virulent caustic corrosive heartless merciless piercing savage biting brutal fierce malicious penetrating satiric callous critical mocking sarcastic scornful tart venomous acerbic bitter harsh pungent salty snarky violent acidic cruel devastating edged hurtful mordacious unrelenting acute derisive pitiless truculent vicious vitriolic acrid acrimonious grim sadistic scorching withering astringent belittling mordant ruthless scalding wanton cold-blooded extremely critical blistering severe strong burning aggressive stringent hostile overpowering overwhelming vigorous forceful slashing emphatic disparaging highly effective telling forthright driving clear sound rigorous acidulous crisp explicit powerful distinct effective blunt barbed cynical potent unequivocal edgy acerb smart crushing peppery coruscating wounding snarling rapier-like razor-edged sulphurous jeering sulfurous razor-sharp excruciating intense agonizing grievous awful dreadful harrowing oppressive torturous intolerable terrible insufferable repressive tormenting unbearable punishing extreme grueling grave consuming wrenching galling painful gruelling racking agonising afflicting pounding very bad smart-mouthed smart-alecky smart-aleck spiteful catty mean unkind sarky sneering waspish poisonous scoffing offensive rancorous taunting ironical hateful brusque rude disrespectful vindictive disdainful snide abrasive arrogant ironic derisory dry irascible contumelious unfriendly polemic antagonistic malign carping abusive insulting ridiculing pernicious ill-natured malignant maleficent scurrilous hard poignant wry backhanded splenetic austere derogatory chaffing slighting denigratory evil ornery curt malevolent jibing uncomplimentary dismissive malefic angry contentious bilious envenomed stern saucy needling detracting evil-intentioned twitting captious disillusioned squint-eyed cussed weisenheiming churlish polemical degrading pejorative double-edged teasing pillorying ungracious vitriolous bad-tempered short rough vituperative ill-tempered lampooning pugnacious insolent pithy wise discourteous snappy witty ridiculous argumentative defiant surly destructive irreverent crabbed belligerent snidey testy cross choleric disputatious unpleasant hate-filled terse laconic drilling clear-cut vehement controversial corroding resentful impertinent piquant distressing strict exacting vengeful baleful harmful rigid despiteful snappish snippy acetose disapproving demeaning derogative depreciative detractive decrying depreciatory deprecatory denigrative sour bad sharp-worded thoughtless inconsiderate provocative salt exciting stimulating racy stabbing injurious damaging acetic tonic wrathful ireful obloquious foul humiliating cantankerous censorious tongue-in-cheek berating reproachful obnoxious reviling defamatory unmannerly supercilious superior mortifying blasting dripping with malice cranky indignant irate crabby peevish uncivil vituperatory calumniating vulgar impolite snubbing blighting abrupt gruff full of contempt contradictory backbiting alert burlesque atypical spicy clever implausible exaggerated twisted curious quick-witted bad-mannered ill-mannered absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical farcical preposterous offhand combative accurate venomed out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky crusty gally sassy nervy bellicose pertinent meaty meaningful right-on insinuating short-and-sweet legit pregnant insightful pessimistic quarrelsome confrontational scrappy sceptical sullen obstreperous laid on the line right to it in a nutshell on the nose boiled down calling a spade a spade on the button feisty for the birds cold unbelieving distrustful uncooperative brawly assaultive warlike chippy gladiatorial stroppy agonistic discordant militant itching arsey aggers bolshie suspicious doubtful disbelieving spoiling for a fight ready for a fight deadly vituperous terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising frightening browbeating terrorizing bullying fractious misanthropic doubting negative incredulous disenchanted hardened jaundiced world-weary hard-bitten hard-boiled black misanthropical bleak mistrustful skeptical nonbelieving

Tính từ

Direct and without attempting to disguise unpleasantness
brutal blunt frank barefaced blatant candid direct forthright open unembellished unstinting unvarnished bald brazen clear explicit flagrant guileless honest naked outright outspoken plain stark straight straightforward transparent unadorned uninhibited unreserved upfront upright complete downright forthcoming heartless natural palpable patent plainspoken real severe total unambiguous unconcealed unequivocal unfeigned unguarded plain-spoken flat-out matter-of-fact bare-faced free-spoken out-and-out up-front no-nonsense simple basic bare harsh grim sincere truthful round artless free unrestricted openhearted foursquare freehearted out-front bluff ingenuous scrupulous to the point easy apparent heart-to-heart unfiltered aboveboard familiar naive on the level warts and all not afraid to call a spade a spade call a spade a spade lay it on the line straight from the shoulder saying what one thinks on the up and up from the hip straight-talking straight-shooting like it is up front genuine undisguised unqualified true abrupt unpretentious unaffected innocent point-blank tactless realistic unpretending undiplomatic square trustworthy curt categorical brusque unceremonious rude unrestrained true to life short bold man-to-man unexaggerated speaking as one finds gruff righteous dinkum sharp terse without airs snippy fair plain-speaking kosher talking turkey unstudied reliable overt not beating about the bush vocal unevasive straight-out unsophisticated calling a spade a spade literal unreticent undissembling down-to-earth just impolite undissembled rough discourteous unveiled legit straight-from-the-shoulder snappy raw caustic point blank straight to the point legitimate crisp lawful above board veracious legal tart pulling no punches laying it on the line cavalier calling spade a spade spontaneous undesigning positive hearty unpretended specific distinct childlike indelicate unbiased unprejudiced unconstrained express insensitive decisive naïve unmistakable short-spoken crusty brusk uncivil unmannered proper impolitic honourable homely brief pukka offhand snappish good clear-cut meaning what one says honorable frontal uncompromising principled honest-to-goodness virtuous not beating around the bush folksy down homey dusty straight-arrow not mincing one's words speaking one's mind down home gritty personal intimate forward indiscreet authentic pure brutally honest visible demonstrative vociferous fundamental unartful unartificial free-speaking exact accountable off-the-record communicative obvious manifest evident sheer strident opinionated avowed heartfelt earnest valid known actual unquestionable unimpeachable well-established unmodified unhypocritical open-hearted ungracious hard vigorous brisk woman-to-woman parrhesiastic intolerant flat certain businesslike cold open-and-shut abrasive at close range unashamed not pulling any punches right up front no beating around the bush speaking straight from the shoulder austere no lie well defined crystal clear clipped no fooling telling it like it is licit level pretenseless definite for real open and shut no holds barred absolute unornamented plain vanilla undecorated good-natured genial approachable two-fisted patchy threadbare worn right on correct straight from shoulder regular faithful right-on plain-dealing on the square friendly relaxed by the book fair and square unselfconscious square-shooting laid on the line snippety blustering breviloquent laconic cheery bearish loud true-blue believable veritable truth-telling precise trusting inexperienced ignorant callow green unworldly modest ethical credulous unsuspicious unwary trustful gullible impartial unassuming trusty dependable objective equitable reputable upstanding even-handed unrefined robust unforced dispassionate moral decent uncontrived silly inconsiderate open-minded fair-minded equal unstilted humble disrespectful hardheaded pragmatic practical pragmatical trenchant hard-hitting jejune easily taken in clean unpolished unfeeling impertinent neutral anti-discrimination reasonable nondiscriminatory non-partisan non-discriminatory unimposing unobtrusive unspoiled unostentatious evenhanded detached nonpartisan indifferent uncaring unkind hurtful thoughtless unsympathetic inelaborate easy-going unpresumptuous uncomplex unbeautified discreet prosaic unambitious free-spirited laid-back self-effacing uncharitable cruel unconsiderate unladylike uncivilized ungentlemanly easygoing mundane earthy hard-boiled dull lusty funky lowbred gross outdoorsy unidealistic wet behind the ears uncorrupted uncolored civil rational blameless on up-and-up according to the rules uncivilised home folk uncalled for aggressive confrontational confronting face-to-face head-on

Tính từ

Never relaxing or slackening
unremitting continual continuous incessant perpetual unbroken unceasing ceaseless constant relentless sustained unabating assiduous continued continuing diligent endless indefatigable inexorable interminable nonstop non-stop persistent remorseless running steady unabated unending uninterrupted unrelenting unrelieved unwavering unyielding aeonian around-the-clock chronic connected consecutive dateless enduring eternal everlasting frequent hard harsh oft-repeated ongoing permanent persisting recurrent regular repeated repetitive round-the-clock sedulous staying stern timeless unalleviated unchanging unfailing unflagging unvarying unwaning unwearied without respite never-ending unfaltering dogged tireless untiring unswerving determined lasting steadfast persevering perennial abiding resolute staunch undying undeviating immortal habitual unflinching fixed unstoppable tenacious unshakeable firm unwearying inexhaustible even unfluctuating imperishable weariless prolonged dedicated recurring single-minded consistent solid uniform industrious stable always-on patient ageless deathless pertinacious energetic dynamic without end infinite zealous vigorous resolved implacable decided intense active amaranthine unvacillating sure unfading invariant set insistent perdurable round the clock enthusiastic day-and-night indomitable keen dead set on periodic immovable boundless unhesitating periodical indestructible immutable changeless unqualified unflappable never-failing sempiternal undivided grim steady-going devoted lingering spirited forceful Herculean purposeful undisturbed obstinate stout laborious strong stubborn painstaking successive monotonous fast untroubled secure interminate unappeasable nagging grind perky hyper jumping indelible neverending plugging ingrained strenuous hard-working never-tiring unshakable unshaken predictable rhythmic direct without interruption without stopping inflexible long-lasting pat dependable invariable never-changing reliable stabile forever brick-wall day and night on a treadmill unchangeable equable bound and determined set in stone ever-abiding stalwart driven limitless loyal unretiring ever-enduring maintained protracted lengthy undaunted 24-hour inevitable niggling inescapable irrevocable unavoidable unlimited unintermitted faithful long pushy without ceasing cursive gnawing regularized standardised regularised straight smooth extended closed unstinting eager never-ceasing world-without-end all day long unassailable standardized stationary unchanged extensive mulish pigheaded stiff-necked bound unquestioning wholehearted long-term drawn out drawn-out through straightforward in succession deep-rooted remaining lifelong long-lived durable long-standing surviving stretched out numerous many established same rigid static sound no end to with no let-up no end of irreversible on the go ball of fire countless absolute certain well-founded always urgent for ever and ever unruffled profound deep progressive without a break without surcease bent on meaning business uncontrollable total adamant iron deep-dyed irremovable inexpungible old indissoluble longstanding perseverant going all the way go-go unstinted undeterred fireball plodding clamorous iterative a great many very many committed cast-iron nonrandom till the cows come home in for the long haul unquenchable intrusive loud noisy vociferous obtrusive focused perseverative intent unconstrained inextinguishable eager beaver all-year-round focussed unmanageable unrestrainable uncontainable insuppressible unrestrained hanging tough irrepressible incorrigible intractable wild ever-pressing dead set stout-hearted illimitable conscientious busy indefinite tough nut out of control immemorial always hell-bent ironclad unsinkable never give up termless thorough attentive ultra-careful meticulous tied-up close hopping searching elaborate punctilious studious engaged employed scrupulous particular rigorous careful bustling working occupied minute nose to grindstone stop at nothing pedantic strict religious fussy unalterable unvaried uncompromising hard-and-fast unbending level settled stringent orderly definite standing determinate final hard and fast homogeneous incommutable inalterable unmodifiable systematic true on an even keel frozen flat inexpugnable prevailing binding hard-line calm unequivocal tranquil controlled hidebound disciplined incontestable incontrovertible unaltering homogenous metrical equal matching monolithic regimented undiversified exacting ordered nonnegotiable entrenched symmetrical balanced methodical ineradicable tight regulated systematized consonant unadaptable arranged returning concrete inveterate systematised obdurate closely controlled strictly controlled iron-fisted exact stiff unmoving locked in dyed-in-the-wool solid as a rock flowing fluent sine qua non clear-cut unaffected unaltered fluid frictionless plain living classic fresh unspoiled youthful alike not changing long-established expected long-running devout impenetrable unmovable moderate temperate true to type atemporal agelong agreed yearlong annual yearly seasonal never dying non-extreme fair hard-nosed unbreakable specified hardheaded hardened deep-seated irreparable not changeable organized infallible true-blue predetermined preset rooted repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent fossilized fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians perduring jelled solid as rock going on well-established sacrosanct neat tidy well grounded similar severe telling indisputable convinced satisfied confident valid indubitable positive undeniable real genuine doubtless free from doubt convincing unquestionable for a fact clear persuaded assured well-set unitary undifferentiated for keeps like the Rock of Gibralter equivalent identical dull strictly regulated composed intransigent fail-safe surefire can't-miss unerring set in concrete organised well-organized well-ordered restricted staying put patterned measured austere bottomless serene forever and a day fated fateful well-proportioned ossified normal compatible plumb well-balanced tough authoritarian brassbound fossilised ramrod unpermissive incompliant congruous mechanical harmonious accordant alternating punctual precise cyclic serial tried and true tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy rock solid tried and tested counted on bullheaded peaceful sedate recollected placid possessed coolheaded limpid unemotional collected cool on a tight rein writ in stone tough nut to crack cut-and-dried strait-laced decided upon heavy-handed undoubting of a piece unperturbed together unworried in order fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians confining in a straight line self-composed self-possessed even-tempered draconian rigidly enforced remove more … than one can shake a stick at

Tính từ

So difficult or taxing as to make one exhausted
punishing grinding taxing gruelling uphill wearing arduous burdensome cruel demanding exhausting hard heavy onerous rigorous stiff strenuous stressful tiring trying debilitating difficult enervating fatiguing prostrating wearying backbreaking back-breaking crippling draining relentless sapping severe tough brutal grueling harsh inexorable killing laborious murderous punitive unremitting exacting crushing challenging toilsome hellish formidable torturous excruciating fierce testing wearisome harrowing troublesome bruising rough bothersome knackering herculean effortful daunting tortuous ponderous tedious agonizing ambitious oppressive forbidding thorny tiresome agonising killer toilful moiling sweaty operose Herculean energy-consuming painstaking intense mighty weighty colossal extreme grievous unforgiving grim galling exigent titanic rugged tall hellacious intimidating upstream cumbersome vigorous unyielding unbearable hairy gargantuan painful shattering depleting immoderate persnickety impossible stringent merciless nerve-racking imperious prohibitive immense backbreaker staggering gigantic laboured intolerable serious unpleasant distressing jarring really hard very hard solemn distressful slavish labored tough going difficile pressing tricky irksome insufferable thoroughgoing hefty time-consuming Augean pick-and-shovel major ominous worksome problematic dicey awful problem hazardous easier said than done high-impact sticky torturesome unendurable tormenting not easy hard-won drudgy no picnic vicious marathon like getting blood out of a stone uncomfortable troubling unnerving ferocious almighty savage scabrous uphill battle high-pressure discomforting unreasonable excessive exorbitant unfair steep awkward vexatious bitter worrying traumatic worrisome fraught disturbing enervative strained tense forced upsetting inhuman hostile dire bleak disagreeable dark hardhanded searing inconvenient frustrating pressured grave spartan critical austere terrible strict exasperating clumsy troubled tight contrived artificial leaden knotty monumental prickly delicate unrelenting unmanageable impressive weary dangerous mean superincumbent wicked vexing bad perilous precarious hectic tortured uneasy massive Sisyphean bold sensitive embittering unhandy grandiose dreadful daring aggressive problematical ticklish chancy concerning dodgy iffy extravagant murder ungainly lofty anxious boring nasty clunky unfriendly dubious suspect questionable energetic wretched cumbrous hurtful unwieldy cranky drudging bunglesome agitating full of problems incommodious beset by problems irritating large-scale disastrous afflicted afflictive a stinker of a anxiety-ridden physical huge powerful searching stretching prodigious withering overwhelming responsible a nuisance protracted lengthy hardworking mammoth racking unrelaxing chastening an imposition heartrending busy dour drastic carking eventful forceful heroic courageous overtaxing overpowering plodding headache sombre somber dogged affected overdone studied aggravating large order heavy sledding unjust heartbreaking heart-rending slow controversial uncharitable unkind unsettled overburdening careful hypercritical thorough precise nit-picking no piece of cake pestilent afflicting gut-wrenching exerting despotic domineering inept overwrought unnatural maladroit nagging lively straitened inhospitable stern very difficult shocking trouble ghastly foul horrible rotten horrid vile impractical by the book audacious lumbersome appalling atrocious frightful horrendous abominable sober calamitous biting comfortless embarrassed industrious embarrassing fiddly grand elaborate intrepid unrealistic a devil grotty pretentious visionary unrelaxed edgy considerable significant life-threatening acute improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible charged hard to use magnificent fanciful unreal complicated sobering big intensive threatening peracute menacing consequential ugly lousy beastly unlikely constrained stilted self-conscious tickly flustering disconcerting annoying discomfiting uncompromising from hell dolorous bumpy far-fetched bulky hard-line hard-nosed hard-hitting heavy-handed itchy confronting distressed scratchy difficult to achieve intractable objectionable ungovernable offensive recalcitrant causing discomfort ill-fitting a bummer of a insupportable perverse wayward unmanoeuvrable smarting burning aching hurting maddening infuriating improper tender irritated hulking unacceptable egregious raw stinging reddened inflamed chafed lumbering encumbering uncontrollable gross hurt throbbing red achy bruised in pain injured wounded beyond bearing not to be borne abscessed pained sharp sore ulcerated

Tính từ

Greater than average in size, amount, value or degree
handsome considerable large substantial generous sizeable ample lavish liberal significant abundant big bountiful great plentiful princely substantive tidy grand hefty plenteous sizable voluminous bounteous extensive healthy respectable bumper largish major thumping whopping biggish full ginormous good goodly hulking kingly whacking bonny bulky outsize outsized oversize oversized thumping great whacking great whopping great not to be sneezed at massive huge vast husky immense enormous monumental gigantic colossal prodigious jumbo boxcar tremendous copious profuse astronomical heavy mammoth gross monstrous giant elephantine decent humongous serious mega king-size titanic gargantuan mountainous appreciable monster king-sized immeasurable excessive king size epic Brobdingnagian comprehensive superabundant mighty astronomic weighty ponderous rich stupendous capacious exorbitant very large herculean prolific comfortable boundless solid inordinate reasonable galore extravagant spacious very big burly Himalayan cosmic humungous decent-sized towering infinite leviathan super walloping supersized supersize cosmical galactic pharaonic cyclopean overflowing super-duper cumbersome unwieldy unlimited aplenty overgrown oceanic gigantesque almighty heroic luxuriant vasty commodious heroical expansive planetary grandiose strapping marked a dime a dozen teeming large-scale high imposing plenty cornucopian Herculean noticeable no end sensible numerous fat fair opulent immoderate extraordinary roomy wide flush inexhaustible good-sized broad limitless sufficient extreme lank dirty great giant-sized notable unstinting wealthy affluent stinking with no end in sight much long meaningful awkward ungainly sturdy worthwhile measureless deep sweeping mesomorphic magnificent fairly large abounding far-reaching terrific cumbrous incalculable very great munificent extra-large endless multitudinous magnific lofty man-size of considerable size man-sized Gargantuan extremely large giant-size illimitable mondo tall full-size plenitudinous megalithic good-size super colossal a whale of a a gogo prosperous profitable lucrative advantageous adequate competitive entire rewarding whole material stout excellent complete paying robust legit goodish lumbering clumsy steady maxi remunerative gainful populous not inconsiderable OS important phenomenal eternal brawny flowing global wholesale extra large disproportionate billowing booming tolerable overabundant beefy oafish lumpish in abundance in plenty productive fertile pretty exhaustive countless baggy stellar meaty thick measurable pronounced hulky fruitful loutish powerfully built heavily built clodhopping solidly built clunky well-built hunky widespread majestic glorious thick on the ground impressive splendid stately awesome expanded overwhelming interminable formidable Bunyanesque swelled great big socking great fair-sized family-sized family-size brobdingnagian whopper massy thundering fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized mastodonic staggering over the top unco thewy stark statuesque behemothic behemoth heavyweight blimp wide-ranging wide-reaching unfettered striking noble superb far-flung spread-out mundo never-ending whale of a all-inclusive stretched-out detailed unbounded spacey loose-fitting cavernous mahoosive titan worth taking into account prodigal generously proportioned larger-than-life jumbo-sized extremely big barn door Cyclopean super-colossal exuberant legion sundry several convoluted many multifarious swelling simple covering various palatial eminent rip-roaring proliferous fine regal august heightened severe above average intemperate unreasonable escalated abnormal increased unusual jacked up intensified resplendent elevated imperial gorgeous lordly superior proud royal ambitious sublime gallant baronial dignified sky-high splendiferous exalted haughty illustrious unreal crawling with stink with no end of through the ceiling awe-inspiring something else Homeric unhandy unmanageable unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy fantastic outstanding filling remarkable leaden hearty resounding open emphatic passable palpable decisive roaring square conclusive stodgy noteworthy unmistakable conspicuous OK obvious thorough not bad satisfactory moneymaking dramatic lush economic money-spinning astounding innumerable burdensome juicy myriad stiff luxurious fairly good detectable perceptible cushy steep memorable unqualified visible starchy moderately good out-and-out dense acceptable useful satisfying valuable discernible distinguishable beneficial evident clear prominent amazing consequential signal apparent distinct exceptional fulsome wonderful okay manifest marvellous recognizable constructive plain fairish miraculous estimable well-fixed sensational well-off well-to-do serviceable astonishing stunning definite purposeful uncommon well-heeled fabulous unbelievable incredible spectacular expedient breathtaking weighing a ton all right rife recognisable fructuous rare awful bold mind-boggling mind-blowing kenspeckle wondrous cracking brilliant marvelous worth having out of the ordinary rolling rambling high-cost inflated extortionate airy thrashing hard ponderable uncrowded presentable deafening ear-splitting thunderous ear-piercing daunting dilatable extended distensible expandable indigestible crashing powerful well furnished Moby very loud startling careful lumpy moving intense renowned irresistible dynamic appalling dreadful boldface bold face unrestricted whaling over the odds desperate loud terrible frightful fearful wide open flabbergasting distinctive loose convenient fantabulous easy earnest enough and to spare successful featureless immovable impenetrable intractable faceless characterless mortal ominous mass comfort calorific elegant rank multiple gushing manifold riotous in-depth universal nationwide consistent permanent monolithic paid surprising unexpected flourishing thriving prolix replete wordy verbose leading packed bull chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded heavy-duty across-the-board international awash all-encompassing unique mucho convincing undoubted sweet going well-paying win-win singular decided gracious pleasant worthy of attention of consequence of importance fatty creamy noted financially rewarding well paid middling patent deep-pocketed silk-stocking fecund well-endowed monied fat-cat moneyed loaded suitable alive with thick with assiduous considered scrupulous diligent profound meticulous paid off very productive in the black going concern blatant salient unparalleled average so-so helpful worthy full-bodied bighearted openhanded charitable jammy unimaginable inconceivable a mess of moderate well off well-situated clear-cut apprehensible perceivable ascertainable discernable graceless glaring justifiable superlative unprecedented surpassing mediocre heavy-footed slow slow-moving strong exceeding extraordinaire especial atypical aberrated freak anomalous peculiar odd preternatural unwonted aberrant unheard of uncustomary coming out of ears unselfish freehearted free freehanded free from hardship flamboyant noisy splashy showy bodacious grabby commanding pointed identifiable eye-catching catchy arresting supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good cranky blundering uncoordinated bunglesome laborious maladroit tangible observable medium ordinary common too good to be true out of this world extra special lubberly usable usual like a bull in a china shop oppressive onerous troublesome mean intermediate positive good enough pretty good fair-to-middling of use of service effective efficacious effectual of value written all over one fair to middling up to standard run-of-the-mill O.K. of help money-making invaluable worth the effort exemplary advisable of assistance meritorious priceless worth it giving philanthropic magnanimous beneficent more than enough

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