Đồng nghĩa của lumpish

Alternative for lumpish

Đồng nghĩa: lumpen, unthinking,

Tính từ

Like a lump, cloddish, dull, slow-witted
awkward bungling clumsy heavy lumbering elephantine gawky lethargic obtuse stolid ungainly cumbersome doltish dull oafish puddingy stupid unco bovine dense witless slow thick mindless vacuous dumb dozy unintelligent dim dopey sluggish thickheaded boneheaded blockish lamebrained dim-witted chuckleheaded dunderheaded dull-witted birdbrained muttonheaded pig-ignorant dotish wooden-headed slow-witted slow on the uptake dead from the neck up ignorant brainless simple half-baked daft blockheaded half-witted fatuous unsmart crass dorky senseless dopy bonehead knuckleheaded airheaded opaque gormless pinheaded lunkheaded softheaded bubbleheaded simple-minded pea-brained dof brain-dead thick-witted weak-minded empty-headed not the full shilling insensitive imperceptive foolish torpid boorish imbecilic idiotic glaikit divvy moronic vapid hebete cretinous lamebrain soft dippy fat-headed as thick as two short planks thick-skulled dunce-like soft in the head feebleminded blundering lifeless inert wooden placid phlegmatic coarse gross asinine naive somnolent inanimate gullible braindead listless inactive unrefined slothful chowderhead unresponsive numskulled impassive fatheaded indelicate thick as two short planks ponderous hulking lubberly overgrown plodding leaden shambling lead-footed heavy-footed uncomprehending thick-skinned chowderheaded log-headed woodenheaded thick as mince slow on uptake deficient unthinking insensate blind simpleminded not with it thick-headed unperceptive unimaginative duncelike dimwitted limited idiot imbecile purblind stupefied unreasonable thoughtless inane hebetudinous very stupid addle-brained nitwitted dummy backward laughable shortsighted puerile out to lunch irrational not bright scatterbrained shallow daffy unintellectual feeble-minded

Tính từ

Unattractively fat or bloated
gross fat obese overweight corpulent big fleshy large massive portly blubbery bulky flabby hulking podgy pudgy roly-poly tubby colossal huge immense outsize outsized bloated chubby dense full great heavy lardy plump porky replete rotund round abdominous fubsy pursy adipose husky porcine stout thick unwieldy weighty lard-arsed hefty lumbering clumsy ungainly awkward ponderous overgrown burly brawny sturdy strapping beefy oafish voluminous mesomorphic heavily built solidly built well-built goodly biggish clodhopping boxcar clunky substantial sizable handsome oversize largish considerable sizeable hunky grand loutish cumbersome powerfully built oversized tidy thewy stark unco towering tremendous monumental elephantine solid enormous mammoth titanic gargantuan gigantic imposing extensive vast ample chunky paunchy well upholstered poddy well padded broad in the beam pot-bellied buxom well covered corn-fed of ample proportions beer-bellied zaftig Falstaffian rounded dumpy well rounded fattish heavyset plumpish broad jumbo whopping meaty thickset capacious cumbrous morbidly obese giant spacious major well-padded humongous prodigious mountainous monstrous monster wide ginormous stupendous astronomical thumping king-sized king-size king size thumping great whopping great whacking great stocky respectable good well-upholstered comprehensive significant very large excessive healthy substantive blimp mighty potbellied unhandy burdensome mega inordinate Brobdingnagian unmanageable roomy whacking giant-sized man-size of considerable size man-sized generous dirty great high decent-sized decent sensible abundant fatty copious l of ample build laden loaded enceinte gravid expectant built heavyweight Herculean well fed lead-footed overfed bulging overstuffed overnourished overheavy nuggety butterball avoirdupois whalelike clinically obese squabby pyknic stubby cosmic tall lofty grandiose hulky thick-bodied Bunyanesque pharaonic cyclopean leviathan extreme astronomic walloping mastodonic galactic humungous staggering brobdingnagian commodious cosmical curvy full-figured epic unmanoeuvrable giant-size long unlimited not inconsiderable bumper well-covered good-sized squat very big bearish heavy-laden extra-large sarcous curved stumpy out of shape lusty overblown embonpoint OS filled super full-fleshed pleasingly plump comfortable short and fat strong formidable stellar muscular vasty muscly powerful cavernous monolithic sonsy baby elephant bulbous lard bovine bull inflated jelly-belly distended swollen liberal appreciable upholstered greater larger cranky bunglesome difficult having a bay window having a spare tire inconvenient on the plump side big and strong muscle-bound broad-shouldered barn door swelled massy thundering fair-size good-size great big socking great exorbitant a whale of a expansive mondo economy-size immeasurable super colossal deep life-size magnific fair-sized economy-sized super-duper megalithic full-size family-sized supersized extravagant boundless family-size whopper almighty supersize fairly large serious bonny onerous uncontrollable encumbering reasonable not to be sneezed at incommodious girthy

Tính từ

Resembling a lout
loutish boorish oafish rough uncouth churlish coarse ill-bred bungling gross ill-mannered unmannerly clodhopping gawky stolid swinish thuggish bullying classless cloddish clownish common doltish impolite lumpen philistine rowdy rude uncivilised uncivilized vulgar wild yobbish bad-mannered barbaric bearish cantankerous clumsy crass dense gruff hoonish loud lubberly ornery rustic slobbish uncultured uneducated unpolished unrefined awkward ungainly rough-hewn graceless lumbering blundering inelegant crude heavy-handed brutish lowbrow bumbling unsophisticated ingenuous guileless naive lowbred roughneck insensible raffish tasteless low uncultivated illiberal rugged incult blunderous inept undexterous stumbling blockish dorky klutzy Neanderthal gawkish uncoordinated hick hillbilly ungraceful gauche maladroit dozy butterfingered stilted stiff stupid ignorant foolish backwoods dull ape-like badly behaved all thumbs thoughtless indelicate raw obtuse obnoxious tactless uncivil discourteous ungentlemanly blunt unladylike ungracious inconsiderate indecorous primitive brusque disrespectful impertinent curt unmannered barbarian savage barbarous insolent impudent audacious brash insensitive mannerless offensive ungallant provincial plebby harsh undiplomatic cheeky unpleasant unsubtle basic fresh brazen presumptuous cocky unseemly unchivalrous surly smart-alecky unsavoury sullen sharp plebeian ungenteel base mean injudicious inurbane uncalled-for unsavory impolitic untactful foul-mouthed disagreeable loud-mouthed untutored offhand bold cruel sassy insulting derogatory abrupt disparaging simple callous crabbed uncomplimentary hooligan arrogant contumelious short malapert parochial disgracious unhandsome flip uncomfortable uneasy underbred inaffable lewd indiscreet inartistic uncharitable unfinished unceremonious rustical ocker ill-judged improper dour rash artless out-of-line rough and ready illiterate hasty crusty ill-humored inexpert benighted ill-humoured Neandertal low-bred like a bull in a china shop non-U objectionable subhuman uncourteous bad ordinary agrestic cavalier bashful sketchy impure low-minded earthy troglodytic misbehaved poor shoddy bourgeois trailer-park vernacular low-born backward immature unlettered unfeeling sleazy common as muck wooden ill countrified unpoised unpolitic imprudent unwise inadvisable baseborn native general undiscriminating imperceptive unenlightened materialist unread commercial ill-tempered morose bad-tempered nescient sordid unthinking unperceptive self-assertive self-confident vivacious loudmouthed simplistic one-dimensional raunchy anti-intellectual clunky gangling unskilful careless unkind mean-spirited heathen heathenish natural uninformed ill-advised tough straightforward precipitate wise severe ribald hard foul indecent profane brutal bluff obscene in a state of nature unconscionable beyond the pale wicked uncontrolled outrageous ungodly unholy with two left feet forbidding fierce stern dirty austere bawdy roughcast grim vulgarian filthy irritable snippy grumpy ill-natured touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable grouchy truculent unneighborly ugly intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman saucy arch bold-faced cocksure brazen-faced brassbound brassy flinty onerous ungentle heavy bitter hardhanded oppressive murderous lowering rudimentary fearless brave plucky forward pert pushy smart simple-minded uncomplicated elementary nervy amateurish undeveloped unprocessed makeshift jerry-built jury-rigged roughly-made jerry-rigged rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready imperfect rudimental roughhewn roughly made approximate unprecise green inexact imprecise unfashioned abusive mouthy smart alecky lippy overbearing insubordinate disdainful intrusive peremptory yokelish bounderish

Tính từ

Wanting to avoid activity or exertion
indolent lazy idle slothful inactive inert languid slow sluggish lackadaisical lethargic listless slack torpid good-for-nothing loafing shiftless lifeless workshy apathetic dull lax negligent plodding remiss slow-moving work-shy drony easygoing fainéant laid-back otiose resting slow-going bone idle unresponsive unenergetic sleepy phlegmatic weary passive dopey fatigued drowsy tired heavy-eyed enervated somnolent neurasthenic dozy yawny heavy asthenic quiescent sluggardly lacking in energy bovine half asleep logy lymphatic hebetudinous slumberous down leaden mooney draggy sleepyheaded blah drippy stiff languorous sullen off comatose sluggard laggard supine spiritless indifferent leisurely dilatory impassive tardy lagging limp stagnant careless procrastinating inattentive dreamy dormant uninterested aimless dawdling creeping incompetent do-nothing unenthusiastic crawling inefficient irresponsible unambitious snaillike easy delaying deliberate loitering faineant unhurried dallying ponderous languishing measured relaxed worthless weak inept unconcerned moderate pococurante unenterprising tortoiselike postponing useless feckless slow-paced feeble lukewarm snoozy insouciant half-hearted heedless neglectful effete energyless quiet slapdash moony offhand casual laid back behindhand regardless gradual insensible slow-footed abstracted passionless unindustrious unmotivated vigourless no-good no-account sedentary derelict uncaring spineless daydreaming Laodicean disregardful static motionless lousy bloodless sleeping slap-happy slipshod narcotic stupefied disinterested delinquent neglecting sloppy snail-like exhausted stupid stuporous nebbish sleepyhead tortoise-like stolid carefree cold pokey dragging snail-paced poking poky dillydallying procrastinative lollygagging unoccupied out of it late insensitive lacking energy without energy easy-going shirking ne'er-do-well flat depressed vigorless yielding pointless surplus irrelevant hollow sterile superfluous nodding dozing slumbrous debilitated acquiescent submissive docile servile pliant droopy blahs pining dead vacant soporous soporose vegetating gentle steady sedate mopish unrushed laboured comfortable undemanding peaceful bone-idle lacklustre lackluster stretchy unmoving wimpy leaden-footed absent neutral bored laggy disorganized disorderly unworksome unaspiring hibernating drugged labored imperceptible asleep at the wheel disorganised slovenly asleep on the job unprofessional permissive having spring fever inconscious out unfeeling unanimated parasitic vegged out dead to the world out to lunch out cold wishy-washy bland unemotional vapid ineffectual improvident unkind coldhearted anaesthetic anesthetic numb deceitful untrustworthy dubious dishonest suspicious devious directionless hopeless futile benumbed hamstrung inexpedient inefficacious counterproductive ineffective nonchalant drained paralyzed sodden latent paralysed unthinking shot spent cavalier meaningless incautious unpurposed fustian uncareful unreliable reckless wild artless detached unstudied blasé lingering backward unmindful thoughtless unheeding barratrous forgetful wearied sapped lumbering dead tired worn out weakened wooden beat shattered pooped tired out kaput effortless loose cursory flippant superficial complacent light cool disimpassioned breezy time-wasting unpunctual happy-go-lucky devil-may-care free and easy simple informal blameworthy culpable defaultant woolgathering inconsistent oscitant reprehensible putting off tarrying moratory problem unhasty flagging incurious sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted easy going at fault spring fever asleep at switch any which way any old way asleep on job

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