Đồng nghĩa của impolitic

Alternative for impolitic

impolitic /im'pɔlitik/ (unpolitic) /'ʌn'pɔlitik/
  • tính từ
    • không chính trị, không khôn ngoan, vụng; thất sách

Tính từ

Failing to possess or display prudence
unwise misguided imprudent indiscreet injudicious untimely incautious inexpedient irresponsible maladroit careless foolhardy foolish rash reckless tactless undiplomatic brash inadvisable inappropriate inconsiderate indelicate unpolitic stupid ill-advised ill-judged ill-considered short-sighted graceless thoughtless hasty unthinking improvident undesirable wrong-headed silly unwary unsuitable impractical gauche wrong awkward inept unsubtle improper overhasty clumsy crude impulsive unpolished myopic imperceptive insensitive heedless unseemly unsound infelicitous ill-conceived boorish blind unsagacious astigmatic headlong unwarranted crass senseless unintelligent unadvisable inane inapt gruff ill-timed near-sighted hare-brained unguarded naive ill-thought-out immature unacceptable uncouth detrimental inapposite childish misconceived unbecoming unfortunate inopportune precipitate asinine harsh unfitting indecorous short-term bungling ungraceful rough-hewn uncomfortable inelegant uneasy risky rough unhappy misplaced incongruous unfit negligent incorrect malapropos rustic rustical blundering vulgar untactful unapt untoward perverse amiss confused hotheaded madcap ill-suited playing with fire out of keeping beyond the pale nearsighted lacking in propriety out of order shortsighted spur-of-the-moment disadvantageous hot-headed uncultured uncultivated garrulous nosy dumb temerarious unsensible pointless inconvenient harebrained unadvised unrecommended tasteless unprofessional damaging prejudicial harmful bashful futile unconsidered spur of the moment unconventional short-range restricted limited not recommended uncreative unimaginative funny off-balance unfitted disproportionate lacking foresight not done leaving self wide open off the deep end stiff stilted wooden uncivil sharp blunt crazy crackpot unperceptive witless badly planned daft crackbrained half-baked cock-eyed inattentive unsafe unobservant mindless unwatchful off-guard erroneous unalert impetuous unmindful uncautious wary bold unvigilant neglectful regardless off the top of one's head fallacious unfounded caught napping asleep at the wheel fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful leading with one's chin devil-may-care any old way off guard asleep on the job foot-in-mouth pay no mind mistaken deluded misled erring disinformed stray errant deceived stonewalled unreasonable straying bum-steer bearded faked-out led up the garden path uncalled for off course labouring under a delusion unheeding irrational nonsensical audacious harum-scarum unreasoning daredevil wild inadvertent illogical precipitous venturesome daring venturous kamikaze adventurous death-or-glory over-adventurous over-venturesome hell-for-leather tearaway idiotic brainless scatterbrained imbecilic clueless moronic damfool remiss absent-minded undiscerning headstrong overconfident overbold slapdash unthought-out unconcerned lamebrained unreflective unreasoned meaningless idiotical simpleminded nonrational lamebrain fruitless birdbrained indifferent dim-witted half-witted adventuresome cavalier breakneck flighty not thought through badly thought out off-the-wall out-of-place misdirected misjudged giddy featherbrained uncaring unsympathetic offhand ignorant uninformed unaware irreflective slipshod feather-brained unwarned unknowing unsuspecting fiery precipitant frenzied premature determined furious insuppressible passionate ditsy overventuresome uncontrolled uncareful carefree unsmart happy-go-lucky casual nonchalant deaf apathetic listless easy-going out of control helter-skelter fast and loose bull-in-a-china-shop airy flippant insouciant in the dark mechanical unworried swaggering untroubled breezy instinctive unconscious jumping to conclusions lackadaisical unintended automatic not in the loop free and easy spontaneous involuntary reflex unpremeditated unintentional unwitting intuitive oblivious desperate feckless brutish outrageous napping vacant unmeant mad wide open off deep end out on limb

Tính từ

Pertaining to or resembling an idiot
idiotic daft dumb foolish senseless witless brainless fatuous foolhardy imprudent inane incautious indiscreet injudicious irresponsible mindless stupid thoughtless unintelligent unwise absurd pointless rash reckless unreasonable asinine derisible dim imbecilic loopy nonsensical nutty ridiculous risible crackbrained gormless halfwitted laughable silly wacky barmy batty birdbrained chowderheaded crackpot crazy cuckoo daffy dippy dopey dotish dotty dull glaikit harebrained idiotish imbecile insane lunatic mad moronic screwy squirrelly thickheaded damfool smoothbrained half-witted very stupid ill-advised ill-considered dim-witted hare-brained pea-brained thick-witted half-baked wooden-headed smooth-brained preposterous simpleminded irrational bizarre impractical potty flighty zany inept kooky loony screwball jerky looney tomfool fool lunkheaded featherheaded whacky weak-minded kookie cockeyed bubbleheaded sappy balmy obtuse ill-judged short-sighted thick dense vacuous ignorant slow vapid knuckleheaded lamebrain unsmart doltish lamebrained dorky unreasoning unthinking dopy dull-witted brain-dead simple-minded simple empty-headed dunderheaded slow-witted ludicrous chuckleheaded boneheaded cretinous pinheaded softheaded oafish airheaded opaque bonehead soft dozy illogical naive muttonheaded unsound goofy fat-headed scatterbrained dof scatty wild puerile dunce-like slow on the uptake blockheaded not the full shilling giddy soft in the head bovine demented cockamamie deranged gullible fantastic farcical mental divvy feebleminded pig-ignorant cracked wacko unhinged feather-brained crazed unbalanced psychotic maniacal cockamamy psycho whacko crackers certifiable bonkers feeble-minded nuts loco cranky haywire meshugge brainsick bughouse gaga fruity bedlam moonstruck wud meshuga slang meaningless braindead outrageous derisory thick as two short planks nonrational maniac out to lunch futile weak bats fantastical fanciful flaky incongruous flakey clueless ill-conceived odd dead from the neck up cock-eyed off the wall comical looney tunes loony tunes non compos mentis as thick as two short planks derisive unreasoned pathetic childish impracticable immature unstable eccentric implausible unreal touched careless stolid grotesque gonzo deficient featherbrained unconsidered dizzy around the bend wrong infantile disordered off-the-wall idiotical unworkable not all there weird dappy unrealistic frivolous doolally peculiar inconsistent blockish queer psychopathic thick-skulled unthinkable schizophrenic distraught wooden sluggish paranoid raving invalid fallacious frenzied thick-headed heedless strange negligent off one's gourd off one's head unjustifiable nutty as a fruitcake mad as a hatter out of one's mind crazy as a loon off one's rocker stark raving mad sick in the head untenable delirious crass incredible unscientific unbelievable outlandish improvident vacant ditzy groundless monstrous astonishing shocking nitwitted backward insensate distracted addle-brained misguided nutsy pie-faced inappropriate vain unschooled rabid raving mad derailed unsettled out there raging off hasty as daft as a brush off beam way out madcap mentally ill of unsound mind clownish impulsive erratic fruitless sick specious disturbed whimsical sectionable berserk incoherent retarded sociopathic incorrect faulty insipid spaced-out unaware illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential unfounded surreal buggy lumpish freaky bushed funny sophistic unglued flawed dimwitted ditsy frothy yeasty cloddish confused ill-thought-out lightheaded uneducated light-minded hebetudinous aberrant boorish nerdy unearthly skittish contradictory moonstricken Boeotian not right upstairs not quite right in the head flipped out not in one's right mind not right in the head oddball lethargic torpid numskulled shallow off the air dazed dreamy gelastic barking light-headed up the pole in the ozone know-nothing out of one's gourd one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic without foundation without basis barking mad not intelligent away with the fairies round the bend mentally deficient foaming at the mouth full of holes mentally handicapped stark staring mad mad as a March hare round the twist in another world not making sense off one's nut in a daze off one's trolley purposeless childlike untutored crude unstudied unworldly uncomplicated rattlebrained extravagant empty ill-mannered unpractical nerdish bone-headed callow complacent trifling worthless stupefied harum-scarum insensitive credulous green addle-pated woodenheaded inadvisable tearaway incomprehensible donkeyish obstinate dummy anencephalic anencephalous idiot comic illiterate inexperienced ignoramus surd notional boobish buffoonish unsafe shortsighted loggerheaded clottish forgetful neglectful contemptible numbskulled untaught fatheaded impassive mentally slow wishy-washy flat innocuous burlesque droll foolheaded mooning daydreaming inattentive unmindful out moony not bright unintellectual spurious heavy slumberish comatose sheepheaded poor manic hilarious baseless arbitrary devoid of intelligence slow on uptake mercurial hysterical neurotic schizoid schitzy unjustified erroneous bathetic feather-headed worthy of scorn out of it uncontrolled mentally incompetent bugged out paranoiac paranoic wackadoodle bewildering nonconformist crazy-ass mystifying extraordinary abnormal unique unusual freakish baffling wackadoo phenomenal puzzling inconclusive reasonless disconnected disjointed frantic psychopathological violent extremely foolish bad risky muddle-headed wet behind the ears inconceivable outré dreamlike offbeat rum remarkable funky quixotic quirky weirdo stupidly irresponsible nutso bemused bananas pea-brain impossible sophistical off your head off your trolley demoniac yarra casuistic unproved porangi lacking knowledge superficial unzipped dingy flipped schizo useless ineffectual perverse false irrelevant unconnected irreconcilable self-contradictory unsubstantial beyond belief hollow off-kilter as mad as a March hare having bats in the belfry deprived of one's wits manic-depressive stark mad over the edge non compos severely mentally ill one sandwich short of a picnic not together out of one's tree not of sound mind mentally deranged having a screw loose with a screw loose off the deep end as mad as a hatter having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out freaked out off the chain beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason not well thought out light-hearted facetious bedlamite not quite right fried not following joshing incompetent camp embarrassing in vain campy diverting flippant merry beyond the bounds of possibility flip juvenile idle non-serious to no avail for grins lacking seriousness nonserious perky unprofound not serious lighthearted lacking in sense tongue-in-cheek gay volatile light playful

Tính từ

Marked by, or displaying, a boldness of character
wise brash brazen cheeky audacious bold brassy cocky impertinent impudent insolent sassy cocksure nervy saucy arrogant forward rude pushy self-assertive self-confident assertive bumptious presumptuous aggressive flip hubristic forceful hotheaded impetuous impulsive inconsiderate rash self-asserting uppity bold-faced brazen-faced thrusting brassbound arch fresh overconfident effervescent thoughtless brazenfaced trashy heedless full of oneself precipitate bright headlong untactful pushing maladroit incautious presuming hasty vivacious full of yourself as bold as brass shameless pert immodest unabashed blatant barefaced malapert smart unblushing overweening smart-alecky contumelious haughty pompous supercilious disrespectful loud lordly high-handed disdainful overbearing lofty overbold uppish smug conceited assuming boastful arrant patronizing cavalier self-important blustering flagrant confident proud imperious egotistical vainglorious vain pretentious assumptive brass-necked hifalutin highfalutin patronising huffy sniffy toplofty toploftical opinionated high-and-mighty swaggering domineering unashamed lippy bold as brass unembarrassed discourteous superior chesty huffish irreverent egotistic condescending high-hat familiar snooty mouthy self-assured stiff-necked high and mighty defiant flippant procacious swollen-headed peremptory offensive prideful important self-opinionated outrageous snobbish snobby cool obtrusive stuck-up contemptuous bossy loudmouthed boldfaced pontifical egoistic egoistical narcissistic egocentric obnoxious undisguised officious masterful showy self-affected selfish self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-centered self-contented self-adulatory swellheaded self-glorifying self-conceited unmannerly insubordinate bigheaded self-satisfied ill-mannered scornful crude ostentatious self-centred noisy snippy elitist flashy out of line unconcealed hoity-toity puffed up insulting toffee-nosed intrusive protrusive affected impolite meddlesome mannerless bad-mannered bald-faced smart-arsed unrepentant bragging bloated self-serving self-righteous biggity orgulous magisterial smart-assed voluble big-headed biggety off-base gaudy interfering shocking stuck up open prying meddling nosy overt strident holier-than-thou assured blusterous overfamiliar daring in-your-face hardened abandoned depraved profligate improper pushful sheer vociferous dissolute incorrigible unprincipled reprobate smarty unchaste lewd immoral snotty know-it-all unreserved pontificating uninhibited dictatorial ambitious wise guy without shame abusive sure crass aloof striking obvious tactless indecent uncivil busy intruding loud-mouthed transparent nosey snoopy unconcerned undiplomatic fearless hotshot smarty-pants cute smart-aleck facetious mocking gritty insistent unshrinking free mischievous bare-faced scoffing sneering over-assertive ungracious fancy-pants forthright cold-shoulder autocratic meretricious bantam wanton unsubtle naked snippety bald garish ill-bred breezy coming on strong jumped up on an ego trip too big for your boots dismissive too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots braggart self-complacent self-flattering authoritarian self-applauding dominating extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy self-pleased complacent self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted boldface heavy coarse brave plucky flamboyant eye-catching startling amoral vaunting strutting sententious grandiose vituperatory scurrile scurrilous scurril invective vitriolic vituperative truculent opprobrious undismayed undaunted feisty go-ahead throwing one's weight around stiff adventurous unspeakable dazzling naughty ballsy presumptive impish temeritous spirited frank temerarious lacking civility bad mannered smart-mouthed overassertive direct importunate bullish combative volatile weisenheiming unawed unflinching out-of-line imperative tawdry spunky gutsy blaring harsh overfriendly daredevil swashbuckling derisive humiliating highhanded projecting prognathous bulging jutting grating jarring poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed unrestrained offensively self-assertive put down piercing raucous remote swanky tony persnickety chirpy dapper dashing keen pleased with yourself not backwards in coming forwards corrupt cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill driven ear-splitting vulgar discordant patent glaring high-flown jazzy tinny impenitent remorseless high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant throwing one's weight about putting on airs hard high-pitched metallic flirtatious manifest evident personal unhandsome unmannered uncalled-for palpable bellowing full-throated boisterous big-voiced bigmouthed sharp-elbowed unmistakable pronounced conspicuous clear inquisitive incongruous unsuitable disgracious straightforward outright noticeable undeniable flaunting off base smart alecky rank indisputable cut-and-dried unmitigated egregious gross snazzy deliberate glitzy prominent screaming crying positive certain jaunty in plain sight smart aleck smart guy smarty pants

Tính từ

Unaware or intentionally inconsiderate of someone else's feelings
tactless rude inconsiderate insensitive disrespectful uncivil discourteous impertinent impolite unfeeling blunt frank hurtful outspoken thoughtless uncaring undiplomatic unkind unsympathetic abrupt bluff cruel sharp uncharitable uncivilised uncivilized unconsiderate ungentlemanly unladylike plain-spoken uncalled for speaking as one finds calling a spade a spade brash ungracious offensive unmannerly short indelicate curt audacious brazen presumptuous brusque cheeky gruff boorish unceremonious unmannered cocky arrogant unhandsome insulting ill-mannered ill-bred offhand uncalled-for insolent impudent crass bold churlish unmindful unrefined fresh surly unthoughtful crude snappy flip indiscreet coarse terse bad-mannered ignorant snappish snippy rough contumelious mannerless lippy malapert disgracious intrusive harsh tart smart alecky peremptory crisp caustic disregardful antisocial apathetic asocial unthinking loud-mouthed careless dusty clipped intolerant exclusive unaware prejudiced inappropriate unconcerned heedless self-assertive self-confident loud vivacious untactful crusty callous heartless incautious hasty reckless unfair forward sassy saucy un-PC downright pert monosyllabic brisk abrasive nervy shameless bold-faced cocksure brass-necked personal unsubtle arch wise brazen-faced brassbound brassy short-spoken not afraid to call a spade a spade politically incorrect incongruous meddling meddlesome procacious smart prying unsuitable inquisitive interfering nosy out of line off base disagreeable abusive graceless unpleasant derogatory disparaging unchivalrous uncouth uncomplimentary smart-alecky ungenteel ungallant sullen indecorous mouthy oafish loutish underbred overbearing inaffable out-of-line insubordinate disdainful crabbed yokelish bounderish pushy bumptious irreverent overconfident presuming flippant immodest familiar barefaced uppity pompous contemptuous vulgar smug unabashed overbold haughty overweening conceited supercilious assuming overfamiliar bold as brass unblushing confident cavalier lordly lofty blatant pretentious uppish assumptive derisive self-asserting self-assured scornful arrant defiant self-important hubristic egotistical facetious forceful boldfaced high-hat assertive cool boastful patronizing mischievous free smart-arsed imperious blasphemous hifalutin highfalutin scurrilous huffy chesty sniffy huffish cute toplofty toploftical masterful smart-aleck smart-assed smarty-pants aggressive high-handed high-and-mighty proud vain degrading slighting vainglorious patronising gross important improper obtrusive off-base outrageous sacrilegious profane impious snobbish objectionable snooty aweless self-satisfied snobby domineering vituperative high and mighty egotistic humiliating stuck-up impetuous ungodly unholy rash breezy shocking opinionated thrusting affronting wounding unpolished blustering uncultured magisterial swaggering superior selfish self-centered obnoxious full of yourself iconoclastic uninhibited bossy unreserved bigheaded as bold as brass playful condescending stiff-necked misbehaved witty irreverential unhallowed jocular glib jokey sarcastic whimsical tongue-in-cheek badly behaved frivolous hotheaded impulsive funny humorous in-your-face over-free unashamed belittling displeasing dismissive flagrant uncultivated unfriendly impish protrusive snippety denigratory deprecatory bright dictatorial provocative exceptionable self-centred common bearish presumptive unembarrassed bantam barbaric hotshot daring defamatory provoking pejorative unsophisticated strident swollen-headed rustic savage philistine precipitate showy unacceptable reprehensible vexing flashy indecent barbarian roughneck primitive officious censurable barbarous raunchy raw pushing gritty upsetting elitist full of oneself persnickety Neanderthal know-it-all yobbish pushful over-assertive slobbish loudmouthed rugged snotty coming on strong beyond the pale toffee-nosed low-bred vituperatory scurrile scurril invective vitriolic truculent opprobrious fearless brave plucky bad naughty ballsy lacking civility bad mannered braggart self-affected pontificating self-complacent pontifical self-promoting egoistic self-flattering self-engrossed authoritarian self-congratulatory bragging self-applauding dominating egoistical self-opinionated extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy narcissistic self-contented self-pleased self-adulatory swellheaded self-glorifying prideful holier-than-thou complacent self-conceited self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery egocentric extroverted assured blusterous imperative combative volatile weisenheiming gauche temeritous indulgent overindulgent relaxed ill-behaved unfilial profanatory put down smart-mouthed chirpy dapper dashing keen hostile ill irritable moody uncourteous off feisty ambitious throwing one's weight around inurbane unshrinking offish overhasty previous premature foolhardy tolerant free-and-easy spirited inhospitable unfortunate affected bullish undisguised tacky cheap forthright overassertive direct nosey busy intruding snoopy effervescent trashy headlong brazenfaced maladroit wild overfriendly casual clever inane meretricious tawdry spunky gutsy bald-faced remote swanky ostentatious tony aloof overfree too big for your boots not backwards in coming forwards uneducated brutish distasteful noisy blaring ridiculous sardonic silly wisecracking mortifying high-flown throwing one's weight about hoity-toity putting on airs go-ahead insistent unduly familiar critical bare-faced grating jarring disgusting deplorable unwelcome abhorrent undesirable contemptible insufferable repugnant benighted depreciating wry roguish joking waggish jocose lighthearted droll precious cutesy jesting satirical piercing raucous heathen heathenish Neandertal thuggish natural demeaning derogative depreciative vilifying calumniatory deprecating negative damaging derisory depreciatory spiteful denigrative annoying irritating insupportable intolerable chatting up making passes at making advances towards brusk cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill illiterate amusing slanderous discrediting libellous libelous mincingly clever blithe gaudy ear-splitting discordant in a state of nature unconscionable wicked uncontrolled nasty catty repulsive ridiculing biting out of order jazzy tinny garish exasperating superficial low shallow irresponsible carefree plebeian hard high-pitched metallic flirtatious galling embarrassing insouciant hooligan provincial out of sorts brief tetchy sharp-tongued potty scandalous comical clownish clumsy awkward ungainly unseemly aristocratic ritzy puckish detestable classless tasteless gawky hick incult hillbilly insensible backwoods lowbrow cloddish lowbred raffish illiberal light-hearted clodhopping highfalutin' inelegant puffed up la-de-da rough-hewn foul-mouthed heavy-handed smarty sure positive certain jaunty wise guy smart aleck smart guy smarty pants

Tính từ

Honest and straightforward in speech or behavior
unguarded frank candid open direct forthright honest outspoken straightforward forthcoming indiscreet openhearted plain plainspoken straight undiplomatic unreserved foursquare freehearted artless guileless insensitive free-spoken out-front up-front blunt plain-spoken upfront downright sincere uninhibited up front truthful unequivocal unambiguous straight from the shoulder bald explicit matter-of-fact free unvarnished ingenuous real round undisguised unconcealed transparent no-nonsense not afraid to call a spade a spade like it is natural genuine bluff outright lay it on the line straight-shooting bare-faced from the hip straight-talking call a spade a spade saying what one thinks bold clear undissembling unqualified abrupt unreticent blatant unsparing categorical brutal unrestricted undissembled point-blank brazen upright unfiltered aboveboard flat-out on the level talking turkey unrestrained unevasive vocal unembellished simple square unadorned barefaced naked unstinting complete stark tactless unfeigned plain-speaking straight to the point straight-out speaking as one finds laying it on the line not beating around the bush on the up and up point blank calling spade a spade authentic basic unstudied unaffected free-speaking communicative forward unprejudiced unbiased vociferous bare definite distinct specific unpretentious unpretending true brusque unceremonious absolute express innocent fair unpretended frontal parrhesiastic harsh grim demonstrative unconstrained opinionated strident above board man-to-man unartificial unartful open-and-shut flagrant right up front telling it like it is heartless palpable severe patent total no lie open-hearted pretenseless level out-and-out plain-dealing right-on dinkum on the square two-fisted laid on the line honest-to-goodness straight-arrow square-shooting easy apparent familiar naive scrupulous to the point heart-to-heart warts and all clear-cut unmistakable obvious lucid crystal clear perspicuous manifest understandable precise exact pellucid comprehensible curt intelligible short realistic gruff brusk sharp snippy brief evident rude crusty coherent definitive luculent well defined short-spoken rough terse certain snappy true to life uncivil impolite unexaggerated unambivalent clearly expressed nonambiguous discourteous uncomplicated decided bald-faced ringing luminous accurate broad literal univocal graspable limpid bright-line user friendly user-friendly cavalier overt tart unveiled straight-from-the-shoulder crude ungracious emphatic impetuous articulate self-explanatory raw fathomable accessible full unblurred transpicuous not beating about the bush positive offhand decisive snappish brisk caustic impatient churlish pure snippety undeniable crisp concrete surly detailed defined breviloquent crystalline laconic digestible graphic set particular hard vivid sheer lucent crystal apprehensible black-and-white cogent well-defined comprehendible readable cut-and-dried clearly defined unquestionable crystal-clear easily understood pulling no punches knowable on the nose calling a spade a spade open and shut no holds barred flat gritty fundamental unsubtle testy unmodified abrasive noticeable pointed actual glaring conspicuous cold pinpoint conclusive full-on committed all-out wholehearted full-scale concerted intolerant joined-up distinctive easily grasped off-the-record layman's not pulling any punches irascible prominent unhypocritical naïve speaking straight from the shoulder crystalling unfriendly hearty no beating around the bush meticulous petulant marked visible rudimental at close range dead on very verbatim meaning what one says correct thoughtless well-constructed unmannerly for real good-natured genial approachable graceless clipped no fooling friendly perceptible bad-tempered bad-mannered ill-mannered comprehensive minute exhaustive accountable succinct concise blustering cheery bearish loud sure stated short-tempered ill-tempered see-through bright liquid strict legible logical easy to understand spelled out in words of one syllable discernable monosyllabic pithy error-free translucent austere off in depth diaphanous thin filmy unimaginative easily understandable indelicate parsimonious unornamented plain vanilla undecorated over-literal lacking subtlety lacking nuance clear as day trenchant hard-hitting unpolished patchy threadbare worn full-frontal uncompromising of one syllable determined not mincing one's words speaking one's mind fixed recognizable established uninvolved finite determinate narrow circumscribed bounded restricted measured confirmed limited recognisable assigned convinced prescribed beyond doubt indubitable incontrovertible indisputable incontestable uncontestable undisputable no catch straight out black and white self-evident no ifs ands or buts no strings attached no fine print nailed-on

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