Đồng nghĩa của groundless

Alternative for groundless

Đồng nghĩa: baseless, idle, unfounded, unwarranted, wild,

Tính từ

Without any grounds to support it
baseless unfounded unsubstantiated unsupported unwarranted false unjustified empty unproven unprovoked uncorroborated foundationless ill-founded unauthorised unauthorized uncalled-for unjustifiable unreasonable vain without basis chimerical idle illogical illusory imaginary invalid irrational nonvalid questionable unreliable unsound without foundation bottomless causeless erroneous fallacious flimsy gratuitous misguided not backed up specious spurious uncalled for without cause without justification without reason without explanation weak untenable unconfirmed flawed implausible indefensible ungrounded wrong faulty senseless absurd unverified untrue preposterous unreasoning shaky tenuous inexcusable conjectural speculative unpardonable reasonless fabricated nonrational unwarrantable unforgivable unconvincing unsustainable unreasoned defective misinformed unnecessary nonsensical full of holes incorrect trumped-up untested unattested ludicrous unscientific illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential sophistic not backed up by evidence nutty insupportable wacky mad superfluous dubious off beam needless inadequate excessive unacceptable feeble bogus inaccurate trumped up fishy inconsistent silly foolish injudicious unbelievable crazy incredible idiotic inconceivable unpersuasive contradictory stupid unsubstantial insane ridiculous inane unjust way out off the wall inessential undue suspect nebulous doubtful dispensable misleading poor deceptive redundant assumed nonessential superstitious non-essential unsatisfactory inappropriate immoderate inordinate disproportionate iffy untruthful inexpiable delusory inconclusive avoidable dodgy unessential unfair unsupportable unthinking unwise phoney impossible arbitrary inexact unreal phony frivolous incongruous hollow irreconcilable supererogatory lame pathetic controvertible wild fatuous mindless brainless incoherent laughable off sophistical de trop superficial demented daft barmy self-contradictory kooky loony wishful contemptible assailable weakly off-the-wall not making sense nonsupported outrageous mendacious off-base without substantiation without merit iniquitous insulting vague improbable bad unlikely far-fetched farfetched trivial unauthenticated obscure sketchy puzzling fantastic manufactured ill-conceived expendable pointless useless undesired unwanted ill-thought-out not well thought out airy thin slight reachy unimpressive problematic transparent insufficient trifling out factitious invented faked contrived made-up fake unarguable undefendable refutable off target wrongly inferred won't hold water won't wash shallow paltry ill-advised unbecoming improper unsuitable unseemly non-sequiturial unneeded purposeless inadmissible illegal mistaken falsified delusive inept puerile wide of the mark too much unrequired fictitious meaningless logically fallacious not working flakey raving aberrant unstable freaky cockamamie disconnected distraught delirious disjointed unconscionable undeserved imprecise not genuine flaky mythical distorted to no purpose dicey beguiling deceitful deluding deceiving unprovable made up unestablished casuistic imbecilic unproved unbacked cooked up fraudulent beyond belief perverse cockeyed irrelevant unconnected screwy untrustworthy presumed not validated traditional disputable debatable undependable way off beam way off wanton unmerited not following uncertain suppositive suspicious dubitable indefinite open to question controversial arguable suppositious freety apprehensive fearful beyond the bounds of possibility brutish indiscriminate careless lacking substance hard to believe open to doubt not necessary sham fanciful in error apparent ostensible counterfactual illusive seeming fictional concocted pseudo hallucinatory visionary chimeric ideal fictive imagined counterfeit insincere mock phantasmal dreamlike off-beam off-target whimsical apocryphal amiss fabulous semblant awry imperfect phantasmagoric blue-sky not accurate not exact off base dishonest abroad fantastical forged truthless notional misrepresentative phantasmic pretend askew economical with the truth make-believe illusionary ambiguous feigned artificial simulated fancied colored lying ersatz meretricious mythic coloured phantasmagorical phantom impaired cooked-up fantasied imaginal fallible confused unfit mythological adrift astray sick erring not true wide all wet off the mark way off-beam deluded surreal nightmarish psychedelic dissembling misconceived phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic Kafkaesque phantasmagorian bizarre insubstantial quixotic fakey impostrous unfitting terminologically inexact wrong-headed unfactual nonfactual wanting contrary to fact glib not trustworthy not the case delusional plausible erratic non-existent confusing cheating cunning devious faithless pretending phantasm ostentatious pretentious likely captious colorable presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive nugatory evasive fluffed unfaithful pretended misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated seemingly correct Barmecidal supposititious Barmecide disingenuous tricky discrepant garbled wrong number all off casuistical not precise at fault way-out way-off not right wrongly identified off track labouring under a misapprehension in the wrong wide of mark barking up wrong tree barking up the wrong tree plausible but wrong apparently right unstraightforward out of commission out of line imitation on the wrong track chancy risky rocky disreputable blue sky pipe dream doesn't wash equivocal unauthentic bewildering distracting perplexing mistakable demagogic catchy confounding plastic put-on snide mechanical queer affected strained unnatural forced inauthentic untoward cod adulterine framed ungenuine dummy bent bum pirate substitute rotten inapposite unhappy unapt indecorous infelicitous malapropos graceless inapt crooked foul unlawful haywire glitched up out of order debased rank unretentive adulterated lemon frail malformed injured tainted blamable broken-down warped marred botched blemished incomplete cracked leaky deficient maimed below par

Tính từ

Ineffective or useless
idle useless empty pointless futile worthless ineffective vain ineffectual aimless hopeless inconsequential insignificant meaningless abortive fruitless hollow insubstantial trifling trivial unproductive unsuccessful valueless baseless impotent bootless casual otiose profitless purposeless senseless unavailing irrelevant nugatory rambling unfounded unhelpful lacking foundation in vain of no avail without foundation without grounds not serious of no use unprofitable inefficacious barren to no effect to no avail unrewarding to no purpose failed sterile non-successful unfruitful inutile inept inadequate null unfructuous paltry inefficient inoperative weak unimportant wasted no dice void feckless unremunerative inane needless counterproductive thwarted feeble impractical lazy unavailable lame superfluous good-for-nothing unable indecisive not worth the candle without rhyme or reason on a treadmill thankless expendable unpurposed nonsensical absurd no use unusable footling unprolific incompetent purportless unsatisfactory stupid disadvantageous unmeaning powerless impracticable Sisyphean chaffy exhausted fatuous unreal junky forceless withered defeasible inferior neutralised spineless innocuous neutralized limited anticlimactic frivolous without success delusive no-good unsubstantial petty no good gainless bungled insufficient for nought of no value null and void insincere indolent slothful surplus inactive laggard failing invalid scant uneconomic miscarried emasculate slack-spined motiveless miserable bungling cheap vapid banal forlorn pyrrhic a dead loss dead unimpressive not effective no go no way save one's breath insipid unsalable for naught specious insane frustaneous unlucrative dry bad Pyrrhic nonbinding nonvalid doomed spinning one's wheels wild goose chase of no earthly use redundant nongermane unnecessary lost uncreative slow unyieldly nonproductive blocked wasteful baulked misfired resultless unneeded unreasonable mindless time-wasting frustrated foiled unsound no-win puny misleading slight unnotable shuck delusory balked not pertinent no good to gundy incoherent going nowhere in vicious circle not a prayer illogical hamstrung inexpedient incomprehensible unintelligible invertebrate nonfunctional unfunctional silly vacuous foolish dysfunctional scrap waste unworkable ridiculous poor nothing negligible pathetic trashy wretched bogus mediocre abandoned unessential ignoble flat vacant no-account defeated measly piddling pants wanky despicable contemptible base abject drossy ne'er-do-well impuissant botched unconvincing disastrous stymied unsuitable unreturned hindered stonewalled obstructed thin tame unserviceable cramped dull stillborn nonpractical nominal niggling piddly picayune pimping piffling inconsiderable chicken peanut minute implausible flimsy not worth it boring broken unuseful inoperable throwaway helpless impossible stale uninspiring shallow not useful uninteresting tedious arid commonplace ill-fated bleak fouled up de minimis Mickey Mouse deficient defective poxy rubbishy nickel-and-dime lacklustre dreary monotonous drab unstimulating prosaic lifeless humdrum unachievable of no benefit unfilled clear rubbish not worth a hill of beans a dime a dozen two a penny not much cop despaired of beyond remedy lackluster goalless designless thoughtless witless irrational wanton indiscriminate desultory brainless random wishy-washy uncalled for undirected floundering haphazard drifting uncalled-for hit-or-miss

Tính từ

Wrong or unjust
wrongful illegal illicit unlawful illegitimate improper unfair criminal inappropriate unjust immoral unethical unjustified unwarranted felonious indefensible lawless undeserved undue unnecessary unreasonable blameworthy dishonest dishonourable dishonorable evil reprehensible wicked uncalled for wrong gratuitous unmerited unjustifiable unofficial prohibited forbidden banned crooked unauthorized outlawed unauthorised unlicensed proscribed against the law shady under-the-table lawbreaking actionable unsanctioned interdicted contraband verboten black-market bootleg violating unconstitutional bent under the counter barred under the table culpable under-the-counter wildcat taboo malfeasant heavy dirty fraudulent not permitted not allowed prosecutable indictable delinquent villainous not legal corrupt miscreant racket dodgy off limits out of line biased prejudiced inequitable partisan discriminatory impermissible partial transgressing nefarious hot smuggled unwarrantable irregular extralegal one-sided iniquitous unprincipled bigoted underhand weighted preferential clandestine furtive slanted guilty adulterous flagitious non licet unrighteous excessive undemocratic bad vile vicious not approved sub rosa against the rules low-down outside the law off base contrary to law in violation of law below the belt secret on the side tabu unapproved uncertified unaccredited disallowed unscrupulous unsportsmanlike foul no-no pirated unsporting off the record nasty over the line out of bounds not sanctioned unequal discriminating prejudicial distorted intolerant warped coloured loaded unbalanced discreditable uneven devious cheating arbitrary unrightful deceitful non-objective inexcusable cruel injurious shameful false base uncalled-for low petty grievous colored shameless disorderly unsavory anarchic terrorist black unruly punishable dark seditious disruptive unacceptable mutinying insurgent insurrectionary insubordinate anarchical mutinous rebellious noncompliant peccant revolting nonconformist sly sinful savage anarchistic barbarous ungoverned uncivilised disobedient rotten unsavoury turbulent violent unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic disordered racketeering recusant uncultivated warlike infringing contumacious piratical criminogenic traitorous tapu haram influenced smoking gun without law and order ruled out not acceptable shabby fixed unforgivable bogus

Tính từ

Having a tendency to inflict suffering and pain on others
wanton cruel vicious malicious wilful arbitrary deliberate evil malevolent needless senseless unjustified spiteful unprovoked wicked gratuitous motiveless bad unjustifiable unmotivated willed aimless atrocious barbaric barbarous brutal brute butcherly fiendish heartless inhuman inhumane sadistic savage truculent contrary double-crossing inconsiderate insolent maleficent mean merciless ornery perverse undisciplined unfair unjust unruly wayward purposeless mindless unwarranted ruthless diabolical monstrous brutish murderous villainous beastly infernal ferocious heinous nefarious bestial nasty vile hellish base pitiless fierce remorseless violent black-hearted horrible bloodthirsty ghastly unspeakable black low dark low-down terrible callous infamous abhorrent cold-blooded odious dreadful flagitious bloody shocking scandalous harsh devilish crude abominable offensive appalling coarse horrifying flagrant hideous homicidal vulgar horrid loathsome fell grim awful foul horrendous nauseating sickening intolerable despicable contemptible outrageous demoniac sanguinary corrupt egregious gross ungodly execrable degenerate sinful godawful red in tooth and claw uncouth ravening satanic crazed ignorant malignant unrelenting destructive unrefined uncultured unlettered demonic wolfish unfeeling implacable accursed Mephistophelian dastardly wretched perverted disgraceful dangerous aggressive gloating iniquitous unreasonable meaningless uncalled-for shameful steep unbearable unendurable immoderate exorbitant insupportable insufferable excessive exasperating impossible OTT extravagant distressing maddening preposterous hellacious O.T.T. extortionate depraved uncivilised depraving debasing extreme uncivilized debauching contumelious notorious scurrilous too great shaming criminal over the top disgracing opprobrious ignoble very bad degraded immoral worthless debased profligate unprincipled licentious lewd miscreant untamed contaminated reprobate putrid impious faulty abandoned insubordinate impure indecent demoralized reprehensible demoralised libidinous wild nightmarish grisly gruesome disgusting hateful harrowing repellent revolting repugnant unforgivable grewsome horrific disgustful lurid macabre sick-making sick loathly terrific scurvy nightmare frightful cacodemonic facinorous grievous desperate hairy grody beyond the pale fearful

Tính từ

In the nature of a conjecture, or based on a conjecture
conjectural academic hypothetical speculative suppositional theoretical tentative abstract inferred notional postulated academical assumed presumed presupposed putative supposed suppositious suppositive surmised suspected theoretic unfounded unproven unsubstantiated untested doubtful figured guessing guesstimated ideational postulational reputed surmising suspect uncertain unresolved based on guesswork on a hunch on a long shot analytical dangerous experimental formularized projected unproved idealised idealized ideal ideological conceptive intellectual logical hairy philosophical in theory alleged apparent supposititious purported presumptive hypothetic conjectured likely asserted conceptual impractical inferential imaginary metaphysical general contingent seeming ostensible vague transcendental ostensive evident rumoured rumored formalistic imaginative codified instanced prima facie as a premise in the abstract accepted unreal transcendent held thought unconfirmed imagined unrealistic quixotic pedantic problematical unearthly pure reported believed on paper indefinite said claimed understood intelle divinatory fanciful fancied illusory paradigmatic visionary imagal recognized acknowledged considered regarded non-practical professed recondite deemed estimated unpractical nonconcrete imputed reputative non-technical blue-sky intangible immaterial unpragmatic specious irrelevant accounted fundamental basic higher commonly believed commonly regarded soi-disant recognised declared useless reckoned judged invented made-up fictional fabled gossiped suppository ivory-tower indeterminate casual contestable disputable equivocal assumptive stochastic concocted questionable conditional conjecturable debatable refutable provisory proposed guessed pretending problematic ivory-towered ivory-towerish made up expected postulatory hypothesized granted anticipated implicit given connoted tacit hypothesised nominal counted on taken as known taken for granted

Tính từ

Based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system
arbitrary random erratic chance capricious inconsistent discretionary haphazard hit-or-miss unreasonable whimsical subjective casual irrational motiveless optional personal unmotivated unpredictable wild aimless catch-as-catch-can desultory helter-skelter illogical scattered slapdash stray unjustifiable unjustified unreasoned unsupported wanton discretional fanciful indiscriminate uninformed wilful approximate frivolous injudicious irresponsible offhand supercilious superficial unaccountable unscientific wayward baseless unwarranted unfounded shot-in-the-dark unsystematic irregular unmethodical disorganized chaotic careless incidental disorganised accidental fluky undirected unthinking uncertain unexpected unplanned variable thoughtless orderless disorderly all over the place unselective unsettled slipshod messy fortuitous inconstant designless unstable unfocused unpremeditated fitful heedless contingent blind hit or miss sloppy without purpose coincidental inadvertent temperamental jumbled serendipitous volatile perfunctory impulsive disconnected changeable incalculable unforeseeable hit and miss lackadaisical mercurial willy-nilly chancy lucky unforeseen cursory fickle remiss vacillating flighty confused directionless all over the map fluctuating changeful fluid unsteady mutable loose unconsidered skittish slap-happy unguided hit-and-miss flakey reckless flickery occasional purposeless odd higgledy-piggledy fluke flaky bipolar unreliable scattershot all over the shop trial and error lost up and down blowing hot and cold up in the air without goal without direction willful judgemental judgmental uncritical undiscriminating rambling indeterminate hitty-missy without a goal undiscerning undifferentiating hasty scrambled uncontrolled non-linear nonuniform frenzied disordered promiscuous entropic mixed up fractal stochastic muddled aleatory freak sketchy hurried negligent quicksilver spasmodic intermittent sporadic recklessly carelessly hurry-scurry hastily untidy last-minute lone single isolated unintended unanticipated unintentional irrepressible excitable wavering clumsy protean unlooked-for flukey unwitting kaleidoscopic moody slovenly thrown-together lax giddy active movable elastic labile off and on in disorder slack neglectful shambolic mobile undependable ad hoc lucky-dog thrown together ever-changing yo-yo luck out luck in unsure up-and-down shoddy nonchalant improvident iffy adventitious out of the blue dubious dicey unknowable doubtful spot undivinable undisciplined uneven unconcerned spontaneous unorganised sudden uncoordinated unorganized devil-may-care unconscious touchy in the balance touch and go any which way any old way freakish quirky ungovernable faddish vagarious crotchety

Tính từ

Coarse, vulgar or abusive in nature
scurrilous abusive vitriolic vituperative contumelious denigratory deprecatory derogatory disparaging insulting invective offensive opprobrious pejorative scandalous venomous coarse foul gross indecent infamous low obscene ribald salacious scabrous scurril scurrile truculent vituperatory vulgar dirty filthy lewd nasty offending outrageous raunchy shameless smutty vituperous Rabelaisian foul-mouthed defamatory rude contemptuous slanderous disrespectful libellous belittling derisive libelous insolent degrading uncomplimentary disdainful scornful slighting critical calumniatory maligning vilifying humiliating reproachful censorious reviling depreciative impertinent calumnious hurtful sarcastic injurious derogative traducing malicious detractive scathing damaging obloquious demeaning depreciatory calumniating affronting unmannerly discourteous spiteful obnoxious uncivil derisory denigrative deprecating personal catty scolding violent berating cheeky impudent castigating blasphemous negative harsh upbraiding malign denunciatory wounding discrediting impolite aspersive dishonouring defaming detracting disapproving denigrating sharp-tongued decrying dishonoring despiteful malevolent mud-slinging virulent withering satirical sardonic saucy pert pushy brazen forward malapert sassy brash acerbic mortifying supercilious ranting gossiping unflattering depreciating diminishing deflating unfavourable unfriendly bitter sharp untrue maledictory scandalmongering vicious muckraking backbiting abrupt curt brusque unkind gruff short surly blunt ungracious mean maledictive slurring biting repulsive ridiculing discreditable bad-mannered ill-mannered objectionable familiar intrusive irritating annoying offhand fault-finding aspersing minimizing unfavorable minimising displeasing exasperating exceptionable provocative embarrassing vexing provoking galling hateful censurable shocking unacceptable crude reprehensible detestable upsetting improper libeling debasing dismissive injuring excoriating despicable hurting abasing libelling vile shaming malignant reproaching disgracing damning reproving castigatory rough inconsiderate audacious tactless ill-bred fresh presumptuous inappropriate unmannered thoughtless uncalled-for unhandsome mannerless churlish boorish unpleasant ungentlemanly unladylike ungallant uncouth cocky flip lippy disagreeable arrogant insensitive bold crass unrefined indelicate ignorant brassy oafish underbred smart-alecky out of line undiplomatic disgracious cutting distressing cruel barbed distasteful snide disgusting abhorrent uncharitable prying contemptible deplorable insufferable unwelcome repugnant undesirable graceless loutish intolerable insupportable indecorous mordacious unwanted unchivalrous nosy insubordinate beyond the pale nervy sullen brazen-faced ungenteel overbearing out-of-line inaffable cavalier peremptory out of order arch wise bold-faced cocksure brassbound smart alecky procacious smart unsympathetic prejudicial dysphemistic epithetical detractory judgmental sneering mischievous unsatisfactory irritable moody disgustful loathly unbearable painful unceremonious uncourteous rustic inurbane crusty gauche sarky terse hostile snarky acidulous brass-necked unsubtle exclusive prejudiced unaware inhospitable unfortunate loud-mouthed meddling meddlesome inquisitive off base incongruous unsuitable interfering stinging self-assertive self-confident loud vivacious untactful snoopy snooping nosy-parker lacking civility bad mannered un-PC barefaced imperative off-base breezy magisterial dictatorial destructive harmful grievous savage caustic pernicious put down pointed maleficent acid trenchant politically incorrect mouthy crabbed yokelish bounderish

Tính từ

Not existent
nonexistent absent chimerical fancied fictional hallucinatory hypothetical illusory imaginary imagined insubstantial lacking missing mythical unreal wanting airy baseless blank dead defunct departed dreamlike dreamy empty ethereal extinct extinguished flimsy gone gossamery immaterial imponderable inexistent legendary lost negative null perished shadowy tenuous ungrounded unsubstantial vacant vague vaporous void passed away passed on without foundation null and void few and far between fanciful fictitious invented mythic fabulous made-up visionary fantastic pretend fantastical chimeric fabricated fantasied imaginal make-believe phantom supposititious ideal phantasmal phantasmic whimsical fantasy notional false mythological fictive storybook untrue pretended traditional fabled fairy-tale created storied folkloric non-existent allegorical dreamed-up theoretical mythologic imaginative concocted delusive figmental trumped up epic virtual quixotic suppositious deceptive illusive apocryphal spectral apparitional fool's paradise all in one's head product of someone's imagination heroic larger-than-life academic all in the mind estimated devised made up symbolic symbolical parabolic mock phantasmagoric intangible fake seeming nebulous artificial sham insincere ostensible impalpable phoney reachy unnatural weird replica aerial faux misleading romantic phony imitation unbelievable incredible out of this world reproduction assumed abstract supposed imagal figment of someone's imagination spurious delusory bogus specious fallacious pseudo simulated counterfeit mistaken deceitful synthetic fraudulent erroneous ersatz factitious substitute feigned apparent unfounded phantasmagorical dummy forged manufactured transcendental speculative imitative man-made spiritual unsound mimic deceiving invalid incorporeal conceptual contrived semblant conjectural trumped-up plastic surreal metaphysical utopian incorrect otherworldly ghostly blue-sky bodiless wild unearthly absurd faked irrational supernatural illusionary discarnate theoretic deluding beguiling illogical ridiculous hyped up sophistical bizarre fishy wrong inaccurate unbodied extravagant inexact untruthful nightmarish psychedelic poetic faulty non-physical suppositional unsubstantiated misguided distorted flawed unreasonable putative nonphysical nonmaterial impractical ideational imprecise affected Kafkaesque conjectured far-fetched unrealistic unworldly blue sky fantasized dream transcendent off oneiric idealized ghostlike dim unclear indistinct disembodied capricious unembodied play-play vain untouchable unworkable intellectual idealised impracticable wonderful formless wraithlike philosophical fantasised subconscious mental unfeasible proverbial curious subjective unconscious idle queer pipe dream psychological high-flown counterfactual truthless improper disincarnate thought up crackpot offbeat foundationless unproven casuistic misrepresentative colored abstruse psychosomatic unsupported uncorroborated unconfirmed recondite imperceptible to the touch slender misinformed coloured ill-founded indefinite unlikely floating improbable cooked-up questionable so-called ivory-tower sophistic unpractical numinous mystical nonconcrete without basis indeterminate uncertain cod mad facsimile put-on mechanical strained forced on cloud nine unreasoned adulterine not genuine reasonless doubtful in the mind falsie way off implausible phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic phantasmagorian inane delusional unread mocking filled with dreams hollow prepared chimeral Barmecidal Barmecide wistful acted improvised created out of thin air non-material conceived dreamt up trancelike trance-like invisible dream-filled nonnatural suppositive misty hazy off the mark non-natural in your head dicey iffy contrary to fact unattainable stress-related stress-induced uncorporeal dodgy model toy faint dreamish hypnagogic manmade off beam full of holes way off beam preposterous ivory-towered Utopian unachievable famed unauthentic extraterrestrial apish hokey quasi make believe unheard of tall meretricious snide inauthentic ancient famous mercurial elusive outstanding impressive extraordinary remarkable enchanted magic important magical evanescent flakey far out fairy tale kinky flaky framed ungenuine bent bum pirate out-of-reach engineered preternatural other-worldly counterfeited rare evasive imperceptible unobservable insensible slight unquantifiable inappreciable eluding evading unapparent unsure dubious unverifiable related told customary unhistoric unhistorical handed-down non-viable starry-eyed silly impossible pinchbeck cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take foolish senseless idealistic half-baked in the clouds untested unverified unwarranted unjustified unattested indescribable indefinable nonmaterialistic paranormal celestial extramundane religious obscure perfectionist pie-in-the-sky pie in the sky castles in the air essential deep basic fundamental expressive crazy potty nonvalid unreliable profound universal esoteric creative supersensory daydreaming astral daydreamy not applicable naive nonrealistic not sensible nonsensical academical presumed ephemeral gratuitous bottomless mendacious uncalled-for off-base oversubtle fresh exotic original infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night supramundane superhuman jesuitic unfleshly supermundane difficult philosophic unphysical suprahuman ontological superior eternal supranatural inspired artistic inventive eccentric fancy quirky originative flighty perceptual presupposed provisory casual contestable disputable assumptive stochastic debatable postulated problematic contingent equivocal conditional conjecturable refutable guessed presumptive suspect proposed pretending artful brilliant unconventional freaky radical fertile freakish ingenious genius experimental innovative keen not backed up by evidence innovational unorthodox vivid revolutionary astute emotional subliminal too little too late far-out Promethean head in the clouds avant-garde out of touch with reality dishonest

Tính từ

Not conclusive, not leading to a conclusion
inconclusive ambiguous indecisive unsettled vague indeterminate indefinite open uncertain undetermined debatable moot unconfirmed unconvincing undecided unproved unresolved deficient inadequate incomplete lacking proving nothing questionable resolving nothing uneventful unfateful unfinished unfounded unsatisfactory unsatisfying unsound leaving matters open left hanging not yet established up in the air still open to doubt still open to question unclear borderline equivocal unsure in doubt dubious unknown chancy dubitable iffy clouded open to debate disputable doubtful arguable pending doubtable open to question in limbo unfixed controversial problematical contentious inexact suspect unpredictable problematic unsolved dodgy unanswered ongoing confused open to doubt to be decided in a state of uncertainty up for grabs in a state of limbo betwixt and between in question anxious worried apprehensive concerned disquieted troubled queer shaky suspicious shady fishy disputed vexed pendent waffling open-ended not decided unspecified undefined ambivalent confusing conflicting contradictory speculative undependable settling nothing paradoxical double-edged hazy contingent in the balance in no man's land not definite touch-and-go irresolute unconcluded imprecise uncounted unstipulated two-edged yet to be decided borderless unstated uncategorized indeterminant unclassified general controvertible negotiable perplexing riddling subject to debate puzzling issuable unestablished contestable mootable on ice a moot point a controversial subject a live issue a matter of opinion in dispute bone of contention on the back burner between rock and hard place touch and go the jury's out up for discussion between sixes and sevens tentative enigmatic obscure hypothetical conjectural unascertained indistinct hesitant suppositional wavering unproven theoretical flimsy cryptic academic notional apocryphal vacillating unreliable open to discussion opaque ill-defined presumptive on thin ice contended abstruse inexplicit enigmatical arcane uncommitted uncompleted hanging of two minds insecure open to argument at risk unverified unprovable marginal spurious occult dicey untrustworthy unforeseeable hairy incalculable risky mysterious not obvious unfinalized under examination hanging by a thread precarious sketchy murky hidden nebulous under advisement shadowy undisclosed supposed assumed improbable unlikely indistinguishable concealed putative implausible unrealistic fanciful blear unthinkable incredible preposterous fantastic imagined ridiculous absurd unbelievable academical presumed conjectured theoretic unapt hesitating cagey unreal imaginary loath sceptical reticent indisposed far-fetched unconvinced disinclined concocted conditional conjecturable refutable presupposed provisory guessed made up casual assumptive stochastic suppositious proposed pretending postulated long shot fat chance distrustful reluctant loth leery cagy difficult to believe hard to swallow beyond the bounds of possibility scarcely credible unsavoury skeptical trustless diffident fly-by-night unsavory questioning unassured mistrustful untrusty in a quandary in a dilemma in two minds on the horns of a dilemma

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