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Alternative for sophistic

sophistic /sə'fistik/ (sophistical) /sə'fistikəl/
  • tính từ
    • nguỵ biện

Tính từ

Pertaining to sophists
unreasonable illogical unsound false spurious unfounded incorrect irrational erroneous untrue misleading deceptive specious delusive delusory invalid sophistical mistaken ungrounded beguiling deceiving deluding mad unreasoned fictitious illusory off phoney phony reasonless fishy fraudulent unreal way off wrong fallacious faulty untenable weak absurd preposterous groundless baseless unreasoning nonrational illegitimate inconsequential inconsequent nonsensical senseless flawed implausible inaccurate casuistic hollow unsubstantiated bogus unscientific unsupported ill-founded off beam full of holes foolish stupid silly ludicrous idiotic crazy deceitful unjustifiable contradictory ridiculous insane wacky nutty daft unjustified inexact inconsistent foundationless iffy incongruous dodgy without foundation without basis barmy unsubstantial counterintuitive way out capricious erratic unconvincing imprecise misinformed defective shaky tenuous unreliable inadequate unwarranted misguided flimsy questionable unwise brainless fabricated distorted unproven suspect dubious untruthful out nonvalid mindless dicey uncorroborated fallible injudicious made up trumped up loony off target wrongly inferred unbacked kooky unthinking wild unsustainable wide of the mark illegal not working laughable plausible way off beam cockamamie credible presumptive likely captious colorable vain nugatory probable apparent sophisticated sham insincere ostensible empty presumable seeming flattering ostentatious pretentious meretricious idle arbitrary incoherent seemingly correct demented freaky aberrant flakey raving disconnected distraught unstable flaky delirious disjointed off-the-wall apparently right plausible but wrong inane meaningless inconclusive impossible perverse fatuous irreconcilable imbecilic unproved irrelevant unconnected screwy cockeyed off the wall beyond belief self-contradictory not following not making sense beyond the bounds of possibility witless harebrained asinine imprudent thoughtless half-witted half-baked dippy simpleminded ill-advised daffy ill-considered lunatic zany dotty lunkheaded bubbleheaded inept rash unintelligent crackpot jerky reckless cuckoo tomfool weak-minded looney whacky kookie featherheaded moronic screwball balmy foolhardy sappy hare-brained incautious pointless fool impulsive indiscreet hasty heedless irresponsible impractical unconsidered risible farcical cockamamy fantastic short-sighted outrageous improvident madcap doltish careless uncalled-for excessive bizarre dumb exorbitant extreme dim-witted too much dopey unthinkable crackbrained birdbrained fanciful scatterbrained impracticable damfool far-fetched overhasty pathetic undue immoderate unwarrantable premature hotheaded thickheaded immature lamebrained unconscionable futile inordinate simple steep ill-conceived overmuch stiff impetuous unworkable incredible precipitate unbelievable unrealistic softheaded feebleminded uncalled for goofy empty-headed derisory extravagant inconceivable puerile comical unwary derisive vacuous naive unnecessary harum-scarum obtuse dunderheaded potty wanton gormless unfair improbable extortionate unacceptable lamebrain intemperate far-out unjust flighty indefensible slow-witted unfeasible clueless giddy fantastical unguarded headstrong scatty halfwitted headlong temerarious needless devil-may-care featherbrained disproportionate slapdash negligent monstrous loopy shocking non-viable idiotical fiery frenzied jumping to conclusions insuppressible passionate determined furious chowderheaded dotish cock-eyed unsystematic chuckleheaded dim boneheaded intolerable thick pinheaded glaikit posh absonant overkill pricey unrightful too-too unlawful wrongful improper peremptory precipitant ill-judged out to lunch OTT too great costing an arm and a leg out of bounds up to here hot-headed feather-brained poor over the top insupportable brain-dead thick-witted vague idealistic random unlikely romantic daring bold trifling inappropriate insignificant motiveless reachy slang haphazard cretinous frivolous audacious adventurous venturous brash venturesome strange unprovoked unattainable dense unimaginable grotesque weird divvy impolitic inexcusable astonishing batty bad useless fruitless unusual dull hit-or-miss blind dof imbecile inattentive outlandish dappy oafish slow gratuitous overextravagant overdue overweening plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy unmerciful devilish bonehead opaque unsmart ditsy unthought-out dear absent-minded dorky knuckleheaded airheaded dopy reactive nerdy unearthly contrary to reason soft hardly possible out of all proportion out of the question ad hoc wooden-headed knee-jerk pea-brained uninformed ignorant inadvisable incomprehensible unsafe risky unarguable undefendable refutable unforgivable shot-in-the-dark childish inadmissible unpardonable muttonheaded ill-thought-out misjudged unpersuasive derisible inexpiable braindead hilarious blockheaded funny worthy of scorn intuitive instinctive unempirical unsatisfactory nebulous doubtful farfetched lame feeble wrongly deduced tearaway soft in the head extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible infantile not well thought out precipitous badly thought out not thought through insensate stolid donkeyish obstinate unsupportable sketchy obscure puzzling taking the cake shortsighted inconsiderate starry-eyed quixotic unmotivated fat-headed loose vacant bad-tempered stroppy quirky helter-skelter over-adventurous unauthorized airy problematic thin slight unimpressive dead from the neck up wrong-headed eccentric overbold peculiar odd queer doolally gonzo utopian visionary unworldly theoretical perfectionist ill-tempered hurried pell-mell cursory spur-of-the-moment gadarene flying drive-by rushed mythical wacko won't hold water won't wash chimerical imaginary unrestrained seat-of-the-pants regardless unmindful all wet off your head off your trolley sudden bottomless not backed up causeless uncivilised appalling sneaky conscienceless beyond the pale unprovable knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous uncivilized ungodly over-the-top horrifying unholy criminal gone nonrealistic ivory-tower floating off the air up the pole without justification without reason without cause unauthorised remiss tactless neglectful full of hot air forgetful dizzy unachievable irreflective without explanation traditional not applicable not sensible blue sky slipshod inadvertent undiscerning unreflective unobservant unheeding dreamy disorganized overabundant unrestricted superfluous unobtainable on cloud nine unconcerned indifferent frothy light-headed wool-gathering light-minded ditzy feather-headed lightheaded slaphappy yeasty hopeless unviable unlimited overindulgent untempered dizzying surplus uncurbed supererogatory unmeasurable wasteful superstitious freety apprehensive fearful casual minor petty minute unimportant negligible trivial light small shoestring inconsiderable paltry deaf apathetic undiplomatic listless forlorn undoable insurmountable aimless woolly-headed bird-brained unrealizable insuperable irresoluble insolvable unsolvable paradoxical irresolvable disorganised a bit much impervious insoluble inaccessible inexecutable impassable infeasible irrealizable goalless not with it not thinking clearly with a mind like a sieve not to be thought of not on not possible no-way not a prayer not worth considering beyond one no-go like herding cats beyond you hundred-to-one purportless valueless indiscriminate vapid designless otiose desultory unprofitable feckless inutile unhelpful worthless floundering drifting wanky undirected unpurposed profitless barren purposeless wishy-washy good-for-nothing without rhyme or reason imbalanced

Tính từ

Excessively concerned with minor details or rules
nitpicking exact finicky fussy over-exacting overscrupulous pedantic perfectionist precise precisionist punctilious scrupulous dogmatic fastidious finical formalist literalist literalistic meticulous purist captious carping casuistic casuistical fault-finding hair-splitting hypercritical pettifogging quibbling scholastic sophistical caviling cavilling overnice pernickety critical disapproving faultfinding unfavorable unfavourable hairsplitting picky particular trifling nit-picking nit-picky prevaricative evasive elusive persnickety nice demanding exacting overcritical delicate careful choosy pass-remarkable dainty niggling choosey finicking painstaking fussbudgety over-particular old-maidish censorious hard to please thorough fine detailed conscientious discriminating judgmental judgemental strict rigorous stickling faddy overparticular difficult to please difficult correct accurate diligent overprecise studious rejective faddish methodical nagging squeamish religious refined proper assiduous ultra-careful heedful conscionable punctual impossible to please criticizing attentive over-censorious mathematical sedulous disparaging close over-rigorous over-strict selective discerning tricky criticising negative severe cavillous exceptive sarcastic sharp laborious inflexible overdelicate trivial fiddly prissy subtle excessively orderly overrefined over-fastidious overexact anal exhaustive pinpoint microscopic hairline complex complicated on someone's back sensitive right cautious duteous rigid prim pure puritanical prudish keen stuffy white-glove dotting the i's crossing the t's unswerving overfastidious obsessive fretful picky-picky fuddy-duddy old maidish spot-on perceptive acute old womanish zealous Victorian strait-laced schoolmarmish overexacting over-subtle donnish erudite learned scholarly academic unfailing faithful undeviating scolding humbling diagnostic demeaning calumniatory belittling biting cynical censuring derogatory analytical lowering critic judgy harsh reproachful trenchant cutting penetrating contemptuous choleric condemning withering satirical stern unerring pedagogic loyal steadfast reliable deprecating irritable crabby nitpicky testy perverse thorny unfair contrary unjust touchy cantankerous peevish petty acrimonious petulant cross stiff stiff-necked ceremonious stilted formal decorous starchy very critical overconscientious polite civil seemly observant formalistic courteous conventional right on good eye queasy very careful easily disgusted

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