Đồng nghĩa của strait laced

Tính từ

Having or showing very strict moral attitudes
moralistic narrow-minded niminy-piminy old-maidish prim proper prudish puritanical Victorian conventional governessy mimsy narrow schoolmarmish schoolmistressy shockable conservative fuddy-duddy goody-goody old-fashioned overscrupulous priggish prissy square staid starchy strict stuffy Grundyish of the old school Pecksniffian prim and proper rigid severe stick-in-the-mud stiff uptight formal straight genteel nice fussy fastidious finicky puritan straitlaced straightlaced austere moral overnice nice-nelly bluenosed sententious particular conformist scrupulous tight-laced pompous demure traditional pernickety smug stilted punctilious orthodox upright squeamish fogeyish ceremonious correct sedate self-righteous decorous conforming sanctimonious bourgeois censorious bigoted old-maid holier-than-thou precise ascetic stern overmodest sober self-satisfied reserved polite pedantic honourable high-minded delicate honorable hair-shirt overparticular spartan buttoned-down abstemious abstinent po-faced choosy square-toed ceremonial meticulous nit-picking stodgy respectable solemn straight-laced virtuous refined exacting traditionalist button-down comme il faut unadventurous Pooterish precious goody-two-shoes unhip unrelaxed pious forbidding pietistic fanatical disapproving Pharisaic timid mannered starched hypocritical complacent vain overexact simpering mincing pretentious artificial offish affected rigorous illiberal pi timorous niggly god-fearing unctuous PC stiff-necked mainstream socially acceptable epicene namby-pamby uncool overcautious prude doctrinal Biedermeier dogmatic small-town suburban parochial bien pensant conscientious principled politically correct goody two-shoes upstanding old-womanish righteous ethical right-minded impersonal deadly musty humourless fusty old-fogeyish foetid self-important hot bloated warm fetid arrogant smoky supercilious humorless smelly magisterial important puffy discriminating as dry as dust seemly picky decent blue-nose cleanly good dapper stickling spic-and-span snobbish spruce wooden dignified dainty demanding becoming befitting out of date out of the ark boring out-of-date diehard dated behind the times discerning sensitive critical gentlemanly inflexible fine didactic ladylike hypercritical perceptive finical faddy fussbudgety pure faddish persnickety nitpicking overdelicate finicking hard to please difficult to please sharp choosey perfectionist keen over-particular impossible to please acute careful selective nit-picky fit right restrained moralizing moderate Spartan continent economical refraining temperate self-denying self-abnegating self-sacrificing frugal simple self-restrained non-indulgent celibate self-disciplined suitable modest mannerly fitting in line by the book meet comely de rigueur by the numbers done courteous well-mannered homiletic preachy sermonic homiletical serious moralising

Tính từ

Shy and fond of being on one's own
demure modest bashful coy retiring shy diffident reserved unassuming reticent decorous meek prim mild prissy proper prudish quiet timid decent ladylike respectable sedate seemly shrinking sober staid timorous chaste innocent maidenly priggish pure virginal virtuous backward coquettish down-to-earth goody-goody humble introverted kittenish lowly old-maidish puritanical recessive self-effacing sheepish starchy straight unpretentious withdrawn affected niminy-piminy retired square uptight blushing close earnest nice serious silent skittish solemn unassertive unassured prim and proper restrained unobtrusive gentle cool vestal undefiled peaceful reclusive immaculate subdued self-restrained unsullied virgin uncommunicative secretive moral placid serene conventional inhibited undemonstrative solitary standoffish mousy uncorrupted unostentatious soft-spoken clean simple unsociable fearful unpresuming taciturn formal distant aloof cold self-contained cautious collected sinless close-mouthed self-conscious insecure offish wholesome media-shy nervous unconfident apprehensive unblemished plain hesitant discreet constrained unforthcoming composed soft polite G-rated unapproachable private eremitic aw-shucks docile embarrassed introvert celibate unaffected deferential refined uncompanionable abstinent lamblike incorrupt controlled intact unambitious withdrawing pure as the driven snow shamefaced detached maiden unboastful frigid unresponsive rabbity unwed peaceable misanthropic icy ceremonious noncommittal spotless stand-offish self-denying unmarried temperate reverent uncontaminated mim good elegant angelic faint-hearted inconspicuous submissive unpretending ordinary reluctant overmodest resigned becoming befitting low-key calm genteel inward-looking yielding fit dignified compliant fitting remote tentative wary suitable abashed unfriendly acquiescent forbearing closemouthed gentlemanly guarded laconic cowed self-controlled mannerly chary hermitic untainted tender pleasant upright right snobbish affable thoughtful tame manageable compassionate nongregarious guiltless pacific respectful moderate caring tight-lipped obliging stainless conforming done comely courteous lenient benevolent benign continent meet de rigueur well-mannered sympathetic austere in good taste softhearted untarnished mellow neat intemerate monogamous inexperienced impotent warmhearted gracious harmless free of sin squeaky clean unoffensive good-natured comme il faut tender-hearted mild-mannered non-confrontational arch flirtatious simpering genuine natural evasive artless ingenuous severe girlish delicate doubtful unsure introspective unaggressive apologetic low-profile unnoticeable independent honourable honorable orthodox unstained platonic antisocial isolated prudent self-doubting uncertain indrawn weak-kneed trembling quaking cowering unsocial ungregarious insular ashamed socially inhibited hermit-like hermitical contemplative self-absorbed self-interested pensive obsequious servile dubious suspicious flinching distrustful blenching unpoised subtle understated toned-down repressed low-keyed muted unflashy unrevealing eremetic easily frightened lacking courage casual unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious retreated recluse uncurious uninterested indifferent egoless obedient unprotesting spineless unresisting spiritless ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed self-centred in line keeping a low profile reverential subservient by the numbers by the book free from vanity hiding one's light under a bushel self-deprecating ill at ease patient self-centered wimpish mousey yellow scary fearsome gutless yellow-bellied tremulous chicken sissy trepidatious fainthearted biddable resistless supplicatory seclusive secret non-communicative self-sufficient anchoritic eremitical all alone tractable sycophantic long-suffering nunlike unaffable unexpansive faint recreant cowardly poor-spirited afraid frightened scared shuddering conservative impeccable unimposing flawless not forward doubting inelaborate unextravagant righteous verecund recoiling blushful kind poor homely faithful pristine impeccant easily embarrassed faultless blameless small unadorned holy irreproachable white perfect uncorrupt unexcessive unembroidered economical unornamented token honest cleanhanded inculpable genial considerate amiable clean-living free from sin exemplary agreeable pleasing sackless unoffending chilly dumb unemotional tranquil pabulum Milquetoast tolerant nothing orderly wishy-washy zero longanimous passive lily-white understanding easygoing merciful congenial kindly likeable humane sociable bland goodhearted motherly fatherly loving sweet-tempered laid back good-humored sisterly dovelike tenderhearted lovable maternal brotherly cheerful likable large-hearted good-humoured kind-hearted friendly amicable dove-like forgiving kindhearted paternal Olympian free of not guilty whiter than white squeaky-clean as pure as the driven snow unruffled easy imperturbable unflappable sensitive steady complaisant serious-minded grave correct unshaken unperturbed together recollected untroubled self-composed level possessed coolheaded undisturbed stiff limpid equal unworried self-possessed stuffy smooth stick-in-the-mud boring soft-hearted appropriate sombre deliberate dispassionate stately somber cold sober tasteful tactful cool as cucumber courtly civilized polished couth well behaved well-behaved well mannered well bred seasonable ceremonial civilised au fait frosty impersonal cold-eyed unbending asocial mum mom dry unclubbable unsympathetic standoff cold-blooded haughty unwelcoming mute passionless unfeeling buttoned-up apathetic speechless clammed up emotionless glacial chill impassive wooden phlegmatic tongue-tied forbidding uncordial close-lipped stolid inhospitable gelid unexpressive hostile untalkative buttoned up disdainful clammy antiseptic brittle hard-eyed stony careful supercilious affectless uncongenial unenthusiastic tightlipped sententious incommunicable incommunicative wintry poker-faced wintery lukewarm coldish stoical frozen arctic stilted sparing uncommunicable laid-back unneighbourly stoic impassible numb cagey uninvolved hushed wordless circumspect unmoved curt brooding uppity dark callous inarticulate unspeaking unneighborly tight-mouthed cool, calm and collected judicious unexcitable stern rigid heartless on the QT matter-of-fact reasonable zipped uneasy voiceless dour clamlike measured at a loss for words unamicable clinical pompous offhand contained sensible politic dried-up uncivil offended impertinent procacious annoyed impudent insolent level-headed antagonistic nonchalant alert heedful hush-hush unpassioned abstract rational gingerly safe hard-hearted deadpan watchful vigilant mumchance attentive calculating flat cold-hearted balanced dummied up disciplined abstracted in check unimpassioned preoccupied mannered not talkative cold as ice businesslike strained lost for words awkward cloistered unloving unsentimental diplomatic enigmatic snooty cynical proud unwilling deep under control still uncomfortable off disagreeable secluded unkind unpleasant ungracious ascetic rude thick-skinned hard-boiled stuck up insensible dried up fogeyish putting on airs leery arrogant jaundiced lone inimical stuck-up old-fashioned equable removed insouciant negative neutral inapproachable discourteous spacey dumbstruck of few words dumbfounded inaccessible expressionless toneless hollow dead blank vacant uncharitable hateful narrow-minded insensitive objective bottled up hardened grouchy strict starched spaced-out playing one's cards close to one's chest pococurante impartial keeping people at arm's length out of it discriminating observant precautious nowhere immovable nonemotional fuddy-duddy with reservations even warm nonvocal struck dumb on the lookout with eyes peeled of the old school levelheaded soundless saying nothing not saying boo unable to get a word out stony-eyed bereft of speech not given to excesses stiff-necked unextreme avoidant unaffectionate unamiable unnatural forced costive sullen frustrated tamed restricted limited brusque superior contrived laboured artificial ungenial mopey mopish camera-shy insociable scowling punctilious sequestered half-hearted tepid hung up steely flinty unhappy depressing mean-looking stodgy ungainly alienated put on airs unconversational unsmiling low-pitched low muffled hushful short outside repellent lifeless hard fierce discouraging off-putting hermitlike unenthused labored monastic exact precise cool-headed hard-headed not forthcoming complacent perfunctory cold-shoulder contemptuous withering unagitated inflexible uninquiring zipped one's lips have tight chops unimpressionable unfazed inscrutable secluse hermetic hardhearted official bureaucratic inhuman stony-hearted disinclined loath hesitating wavering indisposed unprejudiced uncommitted unbiased cryptic wise strategic obdurate inexpressive listless coldhearted marble uncompassionate blah unwilling to mix with other people sceptical wouldn't say boo to a goose pokerfaced featureless colorless soulless gray colourless grey uncolored depersonalised faceless candid depersonalized nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic undercover backstairs covert sly furtive feline mysterious intelligent judgmatical judgmatic discerning stable regular silentious unheard unimpressible insusceptible buttoning up clamming up hidden mum's the word tight chops zipping one's lips buttoning one's lip malevolent shut away straight arrow shocked sagacious softly-softly kid-glove straight-faced indurated inexcitable averse astounded under wraps inobtrusive nonaggressive corked up in charge chilled on a leash in control of yourself closed up in private in chambers in privacy pessimistic inhumane aghast dazed thunderstruck amazed awake civil worldly-wise considered not excessive compromising lonely alone strictly business cold turkey dependable settled reliable in the background in the dark sober-minded even-tempered sobersided gobsmacked flabbergasted selfish sarcastic hating egoistic sardonic egotistical misanthropical companionless shell-shocked along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches on lookout having foresight not rash dumbstricken obmutescent playing your cards close to your chest mature anxious troubled friendless skeptical unaccompanied knocked for six astonished aphonic hit for six like a clam poised responsible sound carefree secure restless tense discomposed edgy unsettled blithe surly sour lonesome full of common sense well balanced calculable unswerving having both feet on the ground medium comfortable checked regulated constant curbed relaxed perturbed unrelaxed bothered nervy jittery antsy mindful provident aware special one-off sole unique singular one only deadly musty conformist aggressive ill-natured suspecting scrupulous shrewd forethoughtful unquiet discomforted disquieted discomfited devil-may-care happy-go-lucky humourless fusty by itself quarrelsome unanxious old-fogeyish nasty keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on your guard belt-and-braces watching one's step watching out walking on eggs on your toes taking it slow playing safe hedging one's bets on the qui vive on guard on the watch with one's eyes peeled narrow magisterial fetid straitlaced important self-important hot bloated humorless puffy foetid Victorian smug smoky smelly careless lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome oblivious debonair antipathetic menacing adversary obnoxious mortal impolite adversarial unmannerly unattended forsaken sui generis out-of-the-way particular deserted lacking social skills by oneself on edge stag separate lorn on its own lofty nonplussed cross ill-disposed against conflicting opposite estranged malicious disaffected malignant spiteful competitive unpromising contrary warlike vengeful acrimonious opposed censorious combative grudging gruff unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless inattentive lackadaisical blind supine deaf without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss heedless negligent undaunted non-committal on ice as dry as dust cold fish lone wolf vague not on speaking terms overcareful canny overcautious

Tính từ

Not offering, involving, or eager for new or stimulating things
unadventurous wary cagey circumspect prudent tentative careful cautious chary hesitant timid unenterprising conventional timorous traditional unexciting unimaginative boring conservative limited narrow-minded restrained safe square stay-at-home straight stuffy uncreative shy stick-in-the-mud uptight attentive tedious dead tiring ho-hum routine stale flat wearisome repetitious tiresome insipid mind-numbing unvaried old uninteresting monotonous humdrum dull gingerly considerate calculating heedful leery guarded alert vigilant watchful discreet observant canny mindful politic suspicious on guard on the lookout aware thoughtful reluctant on the qui vive judicious reserved scrupulous apprehensive moderate measured discriminating on the alert on your toes on the watch sly shrewd fastidious delicate diplomatic tactful reticent intelligent unhurried temperate frugal deliberate thrifty sagacious sparing perceptive wise controlled provident noncommittal awake precautious softly-softly with reservations keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs playing safe watching one's step watching out all ears with eyes peeled thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves squeamish dainty protective wide-awake non-committal sage doubting unwasteful saving vague unrevealing wide awake sensible punctilious overcareful overcautious playing one's cards close to one's chest strategic close-lipped judgmatic discerning close-mouthed judgmatical kid-glove having foresight like a clam civil reasonable on lookout worldly-wise not rash cunning designing manipulative devious crafty scheming Machiavellian uneasy prepared ready keeping one's eyes peeled psyched up on the job on one's toes open-eyed wired tentie keeping a weather eye open fast on the draw switched on keeping one's eyes open hip tenty Argus-eyed conscientious regardful loath distrustful sceptical dubious mistrustful doubtful paying attention taking notice afraid nervous averse disinclined mean disingenuous artful conniving slippery slick guileful sharp unscrupulous foxy contriving wily parsimonious stingy iffy inhibited miserly constrained skeptical economical particular subtle premeditating slim suspecting forethoughtful on your guard belt-and-braces hedging one's bets walking on egg shells with one's eyes peeled taking it slow

Tính từ

Reserved, formal, or strict in one's behaviour or attitudes
unbending aloof cool distant remote formal reserved stiff antisocial asocial buttoned-up cold cold-eyed conventional detached dry forbidding frosty offish standoff standoffish stand-offish stuffy unclubbable unemotional unfeeling unsociable austere unfriendly uptight prim precise staid exact correct proper unsympathetic inflexible starchy stilted starched affected haughty unapproachable withdrawn official reticent serious unsocial taciturn undemonstrative uncommunicative unforthcoming unresponsive restrained seemly polite straight arrow keeping people at arm's length stiff-necked by the numbers frigid icy chilly dispassionate indifferent ceremonious decorous passionless composed cold-blooded placid collected sedate wooden unwelcoming impersonal emotionless glacial calm sober rigid solitary gelid uncompanionable stony solemn self-contained secretive somber impassive close sombre quiet demure serene uncordial chill tranquil grave hostile unruffled dignified clammy peaceful inhibited phlegmatic antiseptic brittle imperturbable self-controlled hard-eyed unflappable steady punctilious nice together possessed guarded coolheaded unperturbed lukewarm untroubled unloving recollected undisturbed unworried retiring stately shy unenthusiastic close-mouthed self-possessed self-composed inhospitable cautious diffident modest unconcerned supercilious disdainful apathetic cool as cucumber wintery bashful gentle mild soft-spoken misanthropic noncommittal reclusive backward eremitic self-restrained wintry coldish affectless frozen arctic cold-hearted unshaken hard-boiled flinty steely unsmiling stern severe stolid mannered uninterested stoical impassible stoic numb incurious earnest businesslike passive clinical uncongenial controlled uncharitable repellent neutral uppity cold-shoulder equal proud mean-looking cold as ice impartial uninvolved laid back thick-skinned unmoved unaffectionate contained genteel off unexcitable unamicable ungenial insolent annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious offhand unaffable hesitant spiritless unexcited unneighbourly unkind hardhearted callous stony-hearted insociable arrogant uncaring unhappy unneighborly hateful depressing stuck-up down-to-earth grounded pacific put on airs insensitive ardorless impervious impotent unromantic loveless forced strict harsh unnatural laboured hard unsentimental silent strained artificial priggish grim matter-of-fact rigorous unrelaxed lifeless inhuman bureaucratic labored dour private unrelenting stringent featureless depersonalized uncolored gray colourless straight depersonalised faceless candid grey measured nondiscriminatory unpassioned colorless abstract anonymous poker-faced careful soulless monolithic constrained exacting media-shy gruff fierce tough unforgiving authoritarian unyielding louring illiberal serious-minded solid rough lowering ramrod intimidating rugged closemouthed shrinking timid tight-lipped introverted laconic self-effacing dumb limpid level smooth obdurate ungentle astringent inexorable retired snobbish Olympian strictly business cold turkey boring stick-in-the-mud hard-nosed no-nonsense heavy-handed deliberate cold sober snooty lofty hard-hearted on ice stuck up cold fish lone wolf putting on airs

Tính từ

Having a harsh or menacing demeanor or nature
severe dour grim stern forbidding grave disapproving flinty serious sober austere cold steely unsmiling gruff intimidating somber sombre unfriendly aloof earnest fierce frowning glowering menacing stiff stony louring lowering rough rugged stark ungentle frigid frosty icy overbearing unfeeling unpleasant wicked grim-faced tight-lipped harsh hard strict solemn rigorous rigid tough stringent unrelenting unsympathetic inexorable mean-looking astringent obdurate no-nonsense hard-nosed sour sullen morose surly uncompromising authoritarian distant oppressive cruel relentless glum crabbed exacting pitiless savage bleak formidable sulky inflexible uncharitable unforgiving unyielding unbending solid resolute heavy-handed gloomy dismal dreary uncommunicative poker-faced dejected melancholic ugly saturnine hard-faced ferocious formal uninviting inhuman brutal unapproachable implacable threatening churlish burdensome humourless trying repressive onerous humorless nasty excruciating searing staid grievous bitter sobersided sedate firm draconian reserved murderous grumpy fell sinister cross chilly stuffy unemotional weighty uncomic scowling drastic ill-tempered bad-tempered gray splenetic boot-faced grouchy cantankerous vicious grey truculent crusty illiberal po-faced hardheaded unsparing single-minded merciless determined imperious unflinching intractable by the book disciplinarian pressing dire resolved hard-line obstinate absolute dyed-in-the-wool dogged hardhearted browbeating mulish callous hardened extreme ossified ascetical autocratic disciplinary hard-core stiff-necked immovable hard-hearted domineering iron-fisted ascetic bullheaded demanding tyrannical steadfast remote ramrod hard-boiled

Tính từ

Not able to be changed or adapted
rigid rigorous stern severe firm stringent uncompromising harsh intransigent strict unrelenting unyielding adamant fixed set austere immutable steadfast authoritarian bound brassbound concrete exact exacting hard immovable inflexible irreversible obdurate resolute tough unalterable unbending unchangeable undeviating unshakeable unswerving unwavering determined incompliant invariable ramrod static unadaptable unchanging unpermissive unvarying bullheaded changeless definite inexorable unmoving cast-iron hard-and-fast hard-line heavy-handed locked in tough nut to crack dead set cut-and-dried hard and fast set in stone writ in stone decided upon single-minded stubborn obstinate dogged pigheaded relentless headstrong hardheaded pertinacious hard-nosed implacable adamantine stiff-necked mulish tenacious opinionated perverse willful intractable hardened self-willed wilful ossified stiff inconvincible pat self-opinionated persistent indurate draconian grim unshakable cruel refractory unpersuadable unflinching hardline stable flinty oppressive established unsparing persevering steady staunch steely solid extreme entrenched diehard iron-willed pitiless merciless recalcitrant constant ironclad settled bloody-minded resolved remorseless hard-core unbendable contumacious cussed unmovable unmalleable unreasonable bull-headed cantankerous balky iron-fisted incommutable die-hard ruthless dead set on inalterable rough dyed-in-the-wool demanding no-nonsense serious uniform uncompliant unforgiving strong-willed rooted deep-rooted radical illiberal uncooperative inveterate tight grave forceful strong-minded permanent set in one's ways unsympathetic binding dour enduring abiding dogmatic iron unmodifiable deep-seated unmanageable hidebound solemn ornery decided indomitable strong brutal rugged bolshie frozen stony savage drastic unsmiling final unfluctuating determinate callous dedicated picky winner-take-all zero-sum tyrannical hard-hearted narrow-minded hard-boiled disciplined stalwart committed consistent regular confirmed ingrained long-standing pig-headed perpetual devoted unfeeling unappeasable sedate staid even fast unfaltering brick-wall win-or-lose all-or-nothing onerous unswayable unvaried despotic humourless humorless sober contrary lasting unfailing invariant uncomic unbreakable rock-ribbed fierce earnest inexpugnable resistant sobersided froward flat unemotional not giving an inch certain difficult closed-minded sure intolerant same confining by the book weighty indefatigable astringent doctrinaire forbidding absolute cross-grained ordered equable hanging tough fossilized hardhanded po-faced stubborn as a mule deep-dyed rebellious insubordinate deaf to reason disciplinary incontrovertible deep uptight stuffy untoward faithful bred-in-the-bone intrenched mule devout fossilised restive cold explicit inhuman heartless predictable immoderate insistent defiant unaccommodating durable monolithic imperious overbearing desperate systematic excessive murderous insensitive unmerciful unrelieved trying dire unflagging sadistic monotonous hard to please true-blue stationary undiversified habitual ineradicable fanatical unchanged hard-hitting true reliable tireless autocratic truculent sustained intent ageless level unabated stroppy standing pat mean opinionative businesslike uncharitable domineering contrarious dictatorial well-set stony-hearted stabile stand pat critical unqualified wrong-headed never-failing bound and determined solid as a rock hardhearted dug in immobile high stakes pass-fail clear-cut incontestable high-stake regimented puritanical deaf shortsighted blind controlled petrified locked noncompliant spartan impenetrable stiffened indurated rigidified bony unbudgeable awkward non-compliant renitent ironhanded meticulous scrupulous painstaking immalleable reactionary traditionalist conservative energetic Draconian punishing punitive ungiving militant closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced assiduous sedulous unstoppable loyal heavy compelling poignant valid powerful acrimonious drawing convincing ultra-conservative unprogressive unmoved heady remove regimental convinced impassive punitory jelled unflappable eternal embedded pounding mortal hard-headed unimpressionable unshaken close-minded formal unimpressible set-on one-sided biased disciplinarian ascetical browbeating formidable ascetic pressing unitary undifferentiated unrepentant cold fish proof against persuasion uncompassionate impertinent tough nut stick to guns bullhead set in concrete quiescent crisp unflexible dependable not changeable fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians obscene pornographic X-rated unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable preconceived violent tormenting maleficent brutish wolfish torturous barbaric with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in independent reserved barbarous vicious virulent forcible by the numbers calm do or die hard as nails sticking to one's guns standing one's ground hold the line hold one's ground hold the fort complex rule-bound blimpish implanted unfriendly frigid chilly icy frosty unkind indelible irremovable well-established sacrosanct ineluctable continuous uninterrupted unwaivering well grounded good pious down-the-line trusty stanch tyrannous inhumane abusive agreed distant aloof unsentimental mean business no going back like death and taxes necessary hell bent on compulsory complicated long-lived staying put grounded firmly established ceaseless unabating incessant never-ending continuing interminable unceasing continual non-stop arranged preset focused suppressive louring gruff cool irrevocable unquestionable absolutist predetermined allotted specified prearranged driven purposeful imperishable unfading unremitting unpitying remote intimidating lowering based on deeply felt fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist defined decreed precise prescribed uncaring ferocious bureaucratic officious involved express planned sombre ungentle somber never-changing authoritative pugnacious monomaniacal hellbent obsessed tried-and-true allegiant trustworthy intense wholehearted ardent liege unquestioning unblinking hard-shell mean-looking decisive obsessive two-fisted hard-bitten tactless definitive stipulated still stated fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians do-or-die hell-bent on go-getting hell-bent hell-bent upon bent on bent upon full of determination out focussed in the bag not subject to change hard-shelled high-handed similar thoughtless inconsiderate non-relative non-variable equivalent identical matching unamenable fussy inept undiplomatic bungling homogeneous equal in black and white boorish argumentative fastidious finicky overstrict coercive OTT straight fated symmetrical unbroken orderly consonant incorrigible fateful well-proportioned of a piece normal compatible plumb methodical smooth well-balanced not changing troublesome oafish discontented dissatisfied bearish irascible fractious obstreperous excruciating burdensome nasty grievous bitter repressive searing grumbly disobliging importunate irritable finical tiresome vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured temperamental crotchety uppity touchy chippy feisty quarrelsome disputative sour hypercritical prickly rude querulous crabby thrawn huffy negative delicate hard to satisfy irritating overcritical impolite disputatious obstructive perfectionist particular over-particular ungracious over the top categorical unhesitating untiring stout undaunted spirited bold mettlesome gritty vigorous plucky courageous everlasting perseverant bulldog secure unvacillating disobedient brave deliberate strenuous indestructible persisting stout-hearted gutsy spunky tried and true tried and tested unassailable purposive perennial manful diligent dutiful wayward trusted long-lasting true-hearted ungovernable valiant patient unending patriotic perdurable indefinite impregnable standing four-square bent unswervable meaning business zealous well-founded invulnerable unruly emphatic prevailing ambitious timeless immortal motivated assertive pushy invincible undying enthusiastic genuine keen lifelong enterprising dateless sticky safe rebel compulsive endless recusant sound sturdy passionate positive unattackable inviolable attached cohesive true to life seasoned fortified well fortified well defended hang tough mullish firmly-based direct unshrinking inevitable blinkered never-tiring fearless immoveable repeated intrepid haughty unintimidated clinging coherent unhelpful unwilling unreceptive boneheaded redoubtable hard-working wild possessive unforgetful on one's side forever incurable uncontrollable proud locked-in unresponsive unsupportive telelogical calculated indissoluble irreparable undisciplined impervious deathless playing hard ball motionless statuelike be out for blood nose to the grindstone open-ended fervent imperturbable nerveless tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of on an even keel as stubborn as a mule set in your ways unsinkable perduring insoluble thorny indocile unpliable problematic knotty impassioned supportive existing forever and a day in for the long haul for keeps robust close in for long haul like bad penny perfervid fervid whole-hearted industrious dominant in earnest inspired avid hungry consumed compelled remaining going eager thirsty desirous striving active possessed not cooperative surviving obedient truthful galvanized impelled unbeatable unconquerable hardy reinforced well-built heavy-duty well-made negativistic averse loath reluctant indisposed hesitant living through-and-through induced fixated aspiring obsessional strengthened armoured rock-solid hard-wearing confiding correct tried loving circumspect honorable honest honourable believable sincere conscientious upright affectionate incorruptible ultraconservative button-down buttoned-down mossbacked old-line standpat orthodox paleoconservative traditionalistic traditional old-fashioned old-school archconservative pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised well-armed airtight toughened armored storm-resistant well protected flourishing bombproof inured stormproof knockabout well made well-protected impassible on the level behind one string along with self-starting hard-driving standardized nonstop regularised regularized standardised insurmountable bulletproof insuperable long-term long-established ongoing goal-oriented solid as rock urged on self-assertive self-driven sempiternal long-running like the Rock of Gibralter unreconstructed right philistine Tory extremist

Trái nghĩa của strait laced

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