Đồng nghĩa của local

Alternative for local


Đồng nghĩa: limited, particular, regional, restricted,

Tính từ

Pertaining to a parish
parochial insular narrow narrow-minded petty provincial small-minded parish-pump illiberal inward-looking limited restricted localist blinkered close-minded conservative conventional hidebound intolerant introverted Lilliputian little myopic picayune sectarian short-sighted small small-town biased bigoted closed-minded hick jerkwater prejudiced regional sectional shallow unsophisticated factional fanatical partisan dogmatic clannish rigid cliquish doctrinaire schismatic denominational exclusive fanatic extremist extreme inflexible religious sceptical nonconformist dissident nonconforming splinter skeptical parti pris discriminatory diehard chauvinistic partial petty-minded xenophobic racialist racist dyed-in-the-wool entrenched opinionated one-sided chauvinist blimpish claustral set uncompromising reactionary sexist unfair jaundiced mean stuffy uncharitable zealous jingoistic selfish warped strait-laced anti-Semitic nationalistic moralistic prim puritanical prudish priggish starchy unjust grudging ungenerous prissy shockable obdurate disdainful contemptuous hateful rabid militant maniacal radical single-minded activist constricted lopsided one-eyed swivel-eyed unimaginative puritan closed borné inexorable circumscribed contracted secluded sequestered confined separated set in one's ways self-centred twisted suburban racially prejudiced racially discriminatory racially bigoted base nasty vulgar ignoble uninformed self-centered anti-gay homophobic obstinate heterosexist interested upcountry corn-fed ethnocentric flag-waving isolationist distorted slanted preferential coloured homespun rude unpolished outmoded pastoral bucolic simple homegrown unfashionable nationalist discriminating jingoist superpatriotic shabby spiteful unbalanced tendentious inequitable unsympathetic woman-hating anti-feminist excessively nationalistic excessively patriotic misogynist cheap unforgiving dictatorial devoted overzealous unreasoning blind prepossessed accessory sympathetic colored conspiratorial adhering male chauvinist mean-minded stingy irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse antipathetic indignant unindulgent individualistic snappy irate averse upset worked-up waspish unforbearing fractious tilted male supremacist contemptible malicious mean-spirited resentful vindictive ultra-conservative pigheaded unenlarged

Tính từ

On a small scale
small-time small bush-league inconsequential insignificant minor minor-league no-account penny-ante petty piddling small-scale two-bit unimportant dinky inconsiderable low picayune secondary second-string trivial of no account of no consequence negligible paltry small-fry lesser trifling slight light incidental casual inferior nugatory irrelevant frivolous subordinate minute little Mickey Mouse lower immaterial fiddling lightweight not worth mentioning smaller junior inappreciable foolish meaningless niggling second-rate pointless piffling nonessential shoestring of no great concern non-essential insubstantial measly nickel-and-dime worthless subsidiary inessential minuscule of little importance superficial low-ranking of little consequence of no importance footling obscure not worth speaking of of little account dependent under accessory peripheral nominal marginal tiny of no moment unsubstantial pimping piddly chicken peanut nothing useless unnecessary exiguous small-bore mean de minimis scanty purportless no great shakes cheap base tacky smalltime subaltern younger neither here nor there minus below the mark not worth bothering about minimal nondescript meager of minor importance lilliputian meagre ineffectual uncelebrated unessential senseless infinitesimal unknown silly no biggie inadequate of no significance all the same runt inappropriate small potatoes wimpy puny big zero insufficient two bit shrimp skimpy unconsidered entry level little-known less token ancillary subservient lower-level derisory little known pathetic poxy beggarly mingy pitiful tangential second-class pettifogging shabby scratch unconsiderable inconsequent shallow contemptible tributary collateral subject second substract less important reserve extraneous frothy zip twopenny-halfpenny zero zilch null indifferent tinpot beside the point scant sparse miserable poor limited deficient stingy modest slender scarce imperceptible minimum slim microscopic miserly short subtle weak valueless ungenerous sparing vague indiscernible flimsy impalpable indistinguishable unnoticeable momentary evanescent undetectable fine lean faint gradual insensible mere trite inaudible shadowy barren ephemeral unproductive ignorable indistinct feeble mediocre lacking imponderable spare wretched intangible pitiable scrimpy fractional reduced invisible everyday bare wanting unobservable inconspicuous lamentable middling thin skimp lousy restricted tenuous idle ordinary hand-to-mouth bitty subnormal outside rare empty commonplace remote laughable off nanoscopic diminutive occasional too little too late common frail fragile few frugal not enough too little sorry futile scattered fussy abject ineffective sporadic lowly dispensable time-wasting atomic stunted uncommon infrequent trashy unsatisfactory stinted average unfinished substandard absurd teeny-weeny unexceptional little bitty imperfect teensy-weensy unfruitful scrimp infertile unlikely hollow barely perceptible shoddy unperceivable unremarkable undistinguished normal basal unexciting expendable distant vanilla lame straggling uninspired insipid workaday disappointing improbable implausible dissatisfactory unfrequent dubious doubtful far-fetched in short supply few and far between no big deal hard to find next to none seldom seen run-of-the-mill bog-standard so-so thin on the ground low in numbers hard to come by nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road plain vanilla next to no at a premium insulting smallish potty ridiculous ludicrous outrageous risible preposterous diddly humble quibbling picky impractical peppercorn rinky-dink wanky hair-splitting neglectable skin-deep vanishing cavilling finicky nit-picking toytown gentle of no value hairsplitting niggly vain jejune vapid banal loitering inane idling bogus sterile waste drossy counterproductive unprofitable ignoble inutile unavailing despicable abandoned profitless unusable caviling hardly worth mentioning set sleazy narrow unconsequential unsound unapparent background auxiliary by-the-way by-the-by illogical woeful sad little or no hardly any unobtrusive isolated irrational extrinsic incomplete unclear unreasonable no big thing barely sufficient undistinguishable imperceivable indefinite of less importance dicey inconceivable diminished iffy questionable sketchy incommensurate invalid least smallest littlest slightest shy impossible to detect inapposite unreasoning of little import lowest parsimonious junk depleted related contributory supplementary contributing barely visible hard to make out minutest tiniest fewest merest fallacious dry failing nonrational teeny bad inefficient impertinent irrelative inapplicable faraway far outlying wee too few subpar faulty flawed defective impotent suboptimal illegitimate very little smallest amount of least possible medium not up to par of no matter inconsiderate foreign not pertinent not germane passable fair less than ideal depthless itsy-bitsy adequate matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference not to the point no never mind replaceable tolerable decent awful execrable appalling hopeless atrocious deplorable abysmal dire terrible diabolical dismal dreadful inept unacceptable found wanting not good enough undesirable not acceptable bereft not okay objectionable less-than-stellar displeasing unworthy itty-bitty midway median intermediate midsize midsized middle weensy teensy eensy-weensy bitsy weeny microscopical miniature microminiature rubbish low-grade rotten unneeded shoal surface neutral sufficient fairish OK moderate unusual extremely small titchy very small tiddly little-bitty not so hot half-pie fair to middling not up to much fair-to-middling under-strength below par disposable superfluous invisible to the naked eye below standard glancing flat in the minority seldom found widely spaced out of the ordinary typical plain humdrum mundane bland drab uninteresting usual unmemorable pedestrian not essential consumable sacrificable not required excess able to be sacrificed redundant usable uninspiring dull routine boring unnoteworthy unimpressive not deep cursory prosaic uneventful characterless whatever a dime a dozen dime-a-dozen common or garden garden-variety nothing special garden variety not much cop bog standard

Tính từ

Within easy reach
reachable accessible attainable obtainable possible handy convenient nearby at hand within reach to hand on hand easy to get to achievable realizable feasible acquirable practicable get-at-able available viable workable realisable doable gettable accomplishable at your fingertips realistic procurable ready within your grasp securable close on tap near near at hand winnable readily available reasonable graspable probable approachable close by come-at-able practical getable at the ready likely conceivable around door's always open usable getatable on deck up for grabs no problem duck soup no sweat derivable near-at-hand close-at-hand piece of cake within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility in easy reach pragmatic sensible responsive logical welcoming adjacent just round the corner on offer popular a hop, skip and a jump away in season in circulation time-saving labour-saving user friendly trouble-free user-friendly hassle-free user-oriented pushover on the market purchasable imminent impending to be had in stock there for the taking on a plate at your disposal offered fit unused exploitable functional useable operable prepared serviceable open to relevant untaken useful derivable from employable ready for use vacant in hand utilizable utilisable forthcoming existing expendable consumable spendable potential manageable imaginable easy cherry pie free applicable open at one's disposal spare idle unoccupied operative valid current running unengaged disengaged unemployed utile profitable instrumental valuable wieldy subservient good helpful advantageous exhaustible adaptable beneficial at one's fingertips at disposal in order not in use in reserve not occupied working unrestricted present public leisure inactive off easily reached operational disposable functioning wide-open own ultrapractical applicative applied actionable close at hand easy to use easy to access standing by ready to be drawn up and running available for use fit for use in working order operating in running order for use when needed in readiness on call set aside obtained given vouchsafed to someone in evidence made available at someone's disposal empty unreserved unfilled uninhabited untenanted for the taking tenantless

Tính từ

Distinct or special to a specific individual, thing or circumstance
peculiar individual distinct characteristic special distinguishing unique distinctive specific idiosyncratic individualistic particular personal private different especial individualised individualized singular typical diagnostic diagnostical discriminating essential express identifiable identifying intrinsic natural patented personalised personalized precise privy proper representative separate set signature subjective symptomatic classic concrete conspicuous exclusive idiomatic notable remarkable unmistakable appropriate diacritic endemic inimitable restricted innate inborn inherent inbred native ingrained regular standard habitual predictable usual true archetypal archetypical symbolic original indicative emblematic average normal differentiating discriminative in character marked individualising exclusive to peculiar to particular to characteristic of individualizing found only in typical of respective own uncommon independent single extraordinary discrete disparate distinguished particularized odd particularised exact noteworthy demonstrative unconventional select off-centre eccentric categorical recognizable strange recognisable suggestive sole definite prototypical quintessential determining distinguishable customized very patent impressionistic unusual certain monogrammed tailor-made explicit internal resident fixed claimed absolute customised exceptional isolated very own reserved actual only abnormal weird aberrant quirky queer irregular anomalous lone solitary freakish bizarre outlandish warning signalling one-off alone indicatory denotive associated evidential designative significant indicating denotative signaling one sui generis one and only definitive pointing to all your own copybook paradigmatic illustrative model vintage textbook exemplary classical stock ideal stereotypical prime prototypic prototypal stereotyped archetypic stereotypic patterned typic perfect unorthodox nonconformist atypical liberated unconstrained bohemian egoistic untrammelled groundbreaking free-spirited pioneering freethinking unfettered self-loving self-indulgent selfish vainglorious pompous narcissistic egomaniacal self-serving egotistical megalomaniac conceited individualist egotistic self-absorbed self-interested egocentric maverick self-reliant stuck-up egoistical self-concerned self-centered untrammeled self-centred wrapped up in oneself most typical

Danh từ

A place one lives in or frequently visits
hang-out haunt den resort dive domain joint nest nook purlieu refuge retreat territory bar favourite spot hideout hidey-hole hole home honky-tonk manor patch rendezvous meeting place stamping ground social place stomping ground watering hole hangout habitat place dwelling locality headquarters abode living quarters gathering place neck of the woods turf backyard section neighbourhood beat block neighborhood street walk familiar territory native environment customary territory niche range cubbyhole lair site clubhouse favorite gathering place trysting place spot habitation location house hideaway shelter hearth area pad quarters residence haven domicile fireside lodging lodge digs hiding place venue locale environment home ground snuggery burrow covert terrain element province station hermitage lodgings diggings accommodation establishment position locus dump seat harbour harbor region sanctuary rooms hearthstone roof whereabouts cave homestead commorancy roost crib ground natural environment flat apartment point residency dwelling place place of residence place of habitation emplacement where snug sett periphery fringe billet castle hotbed pit muster district salon parlour parlor precinct kingdom cradle lodging place concealment hidy-hole base vicinity sector bailiwick zone private residence dwelling house private house favoured environment place of abode hole in the wall grounds track address belt sphere tract lie aerie gathering point meeting point love nest assembly point dugout tunnel hollow home turf condo casa flop co-op place of vice housing settlement place of crime natural habitat asylum resting place crash pad accommodations natural territory cottage dacha sanctum oasis situation cover cabin harborage adytum cloister security setting scene bolt-hole safe place safe house place of safety sanctum sanctorum place of security centre spa fix mise en scene post layout wherever X marks the spot lay slot honeypot hotel spring camp holiday destination center motel tourist trap holiday centre park inn tourist centre fat farm tourist center mineral spring watering place hot spring holiday spot

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