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caves, caved, caving

Đồng nghĩa: cavern, den, lair, shelter,


A place of abode
habitat home abode territory habitation locality haunt range commorancy crib den digs domicile dwelling haven hearth hole homestead house housing lodging nest nook pad place quarters roost seat settlement site turf residence residency accommodations home ground stamping ground stomping ground diggings condo condominium crash pad dump accommodation rooms lodgings address roof tenement flat hearthstone fireside living quarters place of residence co-op shanty coop joint castle home plate dwelling place mansion hole in the wall apartment building burrow lair edifice lodge whare pied-à-terre lean-to cubbyhole lodging place flophouse shack kennel bullpen box pigpen rack layout setup pigsty suite chambers studio studio apartment bedsitting room cooperative set of rooms bedsit cold-water suite of rooms rental bed-sitter studio flat walk-up unit property household location hut parking place farm where the hat is resort rooming house dormitory cabin trailer extended family manor palace hideout boarding house hangout orphanage hospital villa neighborhood neighbourhood locale domain realm niche neck of the woods section environment natural home sanctuary space region purlieu terrain post station billet native environment element cradle headquarters natural environment area land patch rendezvous whereabouts surroundings zone retreat block spot local district hang-out environs street place of habitation tract favourite spot province nabe nature refuge biosphere milieu barracks shelter establishment natural surroundings natural element stomping grounds home turf dorm cantonment cottage natural habitat fount source fountainhead ranch sorority room fraternity tent meeting place hidey-hole backyard private residence private house natural territory place of abode medium dwelling house familiar territory customary territory favorite gathering place place of origin estate base casa flop position gardens parkland campus fields acreage park beat walk locus premises lot terrace situation point setting sphere holding gathering place scene where venue emplacement grounds real estate homeland country hometown family birthplace vicinity fix mise en scene wherever X marks the spot lay ground slot roots motherland fatherland mother country community precinct quarter slum vicinage parish hood part suburb Godzone ward ghetto proximity confines belt jungle zoo native soil soil background hills surrounding area old country native land place of birth home town family circle land of your fathers camping ground family unit home environment country of origin


To submit to pressure or demands
bow submit yield succumb surrender capitulate adhere assent accept acquiesce comply concede conform kowtow relent budge blink defer heed knuckle observe quit truckle give in cave in comply with knuckle under acquiesce in cooperate with act in accordance with be servile concur with buckle agree fall give way fold go down accede honor respect honour adapt knuckleunder adjust admit accommodate cringe agree with obey fawn bow to be deferential give in to collapse tumble crumble topple crumple bend cede relinquish break down fall apart give out come down come apart topple over disintegrate wave the white flag throw in the towel surrender to throw in the sponge pack it in go under be submissive show the white flag eat crow accept defeat back down hoist the white flag bend the knee lay down arms say uncle raise the white flag resign yourself concede defeat cry uncle roll over toss it in put up white flag give up admit defeat humble oneself buckle under give yourself up give ground climb down hand over resign lay down turn in fall victim be beaten be overcome give up the struggle give fall victim to be overcome by be conquered by be overwhelmed by hand in turn over be overwhelmed provide concur make concessions abdicate lose approve backpedal render weaken deliver be beaten by cough up remit suffer defeat come to terms pull out chicken out be conquered throw in your hand yield to bow out be defeated pay homage vail die of retreat subjugate genuflect subdue eat humble pie go along with chuck it in throw up one's hands show white flag throw up the sponge stop withdraw break fall in line drop desist defer to roll over and play dead submit to give away the store back out call it a day offer return fail have no fight left back off wimp out give oneself over call it quits fold up cry quits let go extend forbear forgo volunteer forsake bail out cut out keel proffer allow release recognize be trounced be the loser come off second-best be vanquished be bested by come up short lose out offer back give back gift be overthrown free renounce lay aside be overthrown by be defeated by be taken by eat dirt be destroyed by be vanquished by lie down be a casualty to be smitten by pass into the hands of come across with supply pass on furnish relegate assign find feed convey confer resign oneself to recognise succumb to give way to acknowledge fall to pieces pass into enemy hands lose one's position to


To give way or fall to pieces
go collapse buckle crumble crumple tumble disintegrate founder give break yield implode fall down give way cave in fall in fall to pieces go out break down fail crash fall give out go down die stall go wrong succumb topple fall apart come apart sink conk out cut out bite the dust give in capitulate bend flatten level tumble down shrink fold keel over be overcome go to pieces fold up subside settle slump sag shatter drop wilt flag fall apart at the seams come down topple over break apart pack in snap malfunction stop working be damaged cease to work be unusable cease to function develop a fault be on the blink have had it go haywire seize up go phut go kaput pack up give up the ghost go on the blink miscarry abort misfire fall through backfire fall flat not succeed flop flatline be unsuccessful lack success be frustrated come to grief suffer defeat be defeated wreck meet with disaster be in vain fizzle out plunge go astray submerse wallow come to nothing go awry run aground miss the mark come to naught go under come a cropper be lost not come up to scratch go down like a lead balloon go to bottom bomb flunk tank crater fizzle flame out be ruined miss flounder strike out wash out go belly-up come unstuck go bump go to the wall go belly up stop halt bust close slip underperform pauper impoverish pauperize fluff blunder underachieve fall short screw up not pass muster nose-dive run down stop functioning fade out lose power fade away peter out be found wanting not pass go downhill fall by the wayside be demoted be found deficient miss the boat hit the skids fall flat on your face turn out badly go pear-shaped be rejected hit rock bottom go up in smoke go by the board not make the grade be found lacking not come up to the mark lay an egg blow up in someone's face go bust


To explore caves


To die or cease living
go die expire perish croak pass away pass on part depart decease demise drop exit fall succumb end flatline check out conk out be no more bite the dust cark it depart this life fold up kick in kick it kick off peg it peg out pop off snuff it step out buy it cross the great divide give up the ghost go belly up kick the bucket go the way of all flesh go the way of the flesh go to the great beyond run through pop your clogs shuffle off this mortal coil draw one's last breath go to one's last resting place meet one's death meet one's Maker meet your end turn up one's toes buy the farm pass be lost go bung hop the twig hop the stick breathe one's last cash in one's chips bite the big one collapse cross the Styx go to glory lose life go the way of the dinosaurs meet your maker faint swoon be killed cease go belly-up flake out push up the daisies go under drop dead go to meet one's maker pass over be six feet under keel over drop off fall unconscious cease living cease to exist pass out hand in one's dinner pail lose consciousness go out black out kick in [slang] exterminate wane desist ruin abolish slip away invalidate be slain be a casualty be a fatality shove off go to the wall go west decline strike out up and die conk vanish disappear run out call off all bets cool off buy a one-way ticket deep six suffocate drown relinquish life suck the kumara rest in peace go way of all flesh be taken lay down one's life waste be destroyed OD wilt meet waterloo go down give way give up pack it in take your last breath sack out go to sleep nod off zone out doze off go out like a light fall asleep sink down fall down become extinct die out die off fizzle out cease to be peter out cash in go to one's reward fade away push up daisies die a death breathe one's last breath die unexpectedly fall dead die suddenly dwindle become rarer become less common pass into oblivion become obsolete come to an end disappear from the face of the earth


(archaic, US thieves' slang) Be quick! Look out! Beware!

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