Đồng nghĩa của ward

Alternative for ward

wards, warded, warding

Trái nghĩa: guardian,


An administrative division of a city or borough represented by an electorate
division constituency district department parish quarter zone area canton community electorate precinct section diocese territory region neighbourhood neighborhood sector locality locale part turf tract borough vicinity domain neck of the woods belt ghetto electoral district block suburb stomping ground province county state place spot city seat patch vicinage barrio slum environs municipality zoo jungle township nabe commune colony enclave pocket land side range manor administrative division riding stretch sphere parcel realm field hood surroundings street inner city demesne proximity confines dominion voting area ambit village administrative subdivision circuit habitat surrounding area nation plot environment development subdivision corner sweep enclosure band principality square geographical area purlieus barangay expanse country parts matter tune backyard corridor world neck closeness adjacency propinquity contiguity nearness scene shire clearing bailiwick arena neck of woods scope walk settlement subregion local administrative unit location post station point position source quartier old town skid row ground site terrain locus space lot venue property setting strip whereabouts situation plat estate empire emplacement where geography kingdom allotment spread tract of land fief holding acreage piece topography area of land extent soil stamping ground bearings protectorate portion swath barony lands landform haunt landscape segment bed row reserve geomorphology chorography span island continent border countryside purlieu piece of land stage placement address dependency reservation preserve possie possession jurisdiction dominions mainland homeland rink main compass mandate local area orientation joint administrative unit surrounds pitch precincts flowerbed fix home stadium grounds commonwealth garden park hangout landmass piece of ground profile contour geographical location specific location going land shape destination haven set march tillage layer pack way reference swathe floor town partition hole exclave limits footprint layout administrative district administrative area facility amplitude stead beat yard erf stand homesite direction duchy palatinate boundaries bounds federal state latitude mise en scene monarchy satellite state longitude footing cross section cluster X political unit track borders centre aspect resort plottage frontage motherland fatherland open space open area empty area unoccupied area sovereign state milieu sovereignty sovranty republic surrounding district patch of ground building lot ballpark around chair home ground home turf rendezvous weather clime real estate center end share fiefdom firmament pretty near wing herbaceous border shrub border flower bed room small area nation state temperature hang-out this neck of the woods home park stomping grounds isolated area amphitheatre seating circus platform colosseum features contours structure ring subcontinent amphitheater elbow room periphery fringe climate sanctuary lay of the land land profile close rez playing field refuge sports field field of play protected area wildlife refuge game reserve wildlife santcuary game park


The protective care or guardianship of someone or something
guardianship custodianship care custody safekeeping keeping tutelage trust protection charge supervision aegis trusteeship auspices guidance patronage control surveillance support management safe keeping superintendence wardship backing responsibility sponsorship keep championship preservation protectorship advocacy handling guard superintendency oversight regulation administration stewardship direction government aid conservation governance intendance safeguard headship assistance favour favor presidency watch shelter possession umbrella maintenance safety ministration promotion hands security observation operation espousal salvation safeguarding defence defense wardenship caretaking tutorship tutelarity influence lap authority parenting countenance mothering fathering provision of care looking after moment store liability account help escrow cover protecting reassurance insurance assurance guarding refuge certainty good hands upholding conserving upkeep sustentation preserving perpetuation preserval saving evaporation shield care and feeding storage tanning refrigeration auspice wing agency guaranty running conduct inspection command leadership overseeing organization rule organisation managing orchestration coordination controlling manipulation execution governing power sway domination dominion arrangement organizing sovereignty organising directing regulating conducting supervising commanding administering orchestrating check mastery ruling structuring regimentation treatment reins planning law masterminding jurisdiction ascendancy polity bureaucracy politics generalship superiority development logistics supremacy primacy hegemony predominance political practice formation instruction approach empire ministry powers-that-be executive predominanc performance regiment directorship prosecution containment captaincy premiership governorship policy plan tactics regimen strategy comanagement codirection coadministration making carrying out red tape transaction wielding monitoring policing initiative establishment construction ordering dominance leading guiding statecraft steering conveyance conduction preeminence foresight capacity ascendency adaptation reorganisation reorganization reconciliation standardization moderation classification alteration systematisation settlement responsibility for standardisation codification systematization regency formulation assembly assembling methodology grasp ascendence hold grip reign ascendance groundwork pilotage skill clout the feds preparation preparations design clutch rulership subjection might coercion authorization authorisation tyranny despotism upper hand death grip strings forethought Uncle Sam designing devising outlining scheduling working out forecasting projection drafting setting up provision


(archaic) To defend, guard or protect


To admit (a patient) to a hospital ward


To anticipate and prevent or bypass (something which would otherwise have been necessary or required)
obviate avert preclude prevent avoid counter eliminate forestall help remove anticipate block counteract deter foreclose forfend hinder interfere interpose intervene restrain get round head off make unnecessary rule out stave off do away with fend off get rid of take away ward off stop check put a stop to prohibit debar bar impede interdict inhibit halt forbid intercept arrest foil thwart interrupt baulk turn aside keep at bay hold back hold off balk keep off exclude disqualify estop discontinue cease quit make it impracticable for make impossible make it impossible for make impracticable repulse curb oppose repel resist deflect guard dodge bulwark divert defend fence discourage escape screen evade parry stand up for cover protect against defend oneself against shield against keep at arm's length skirt round fight off duck fend pre-empt keep guard against safeguard against secure against hamper keep lid on defend against shut out baffle put an end to stave restrict nip in the bud retard cool chill cork dam limit frustrate repress obstruct circumvent save preempt second-guess get ahead of get in before steal a march on provide against desist beat someone to it beat someone to the punch beat someone to the draw forefend commandeer stonewall free spare reprieve shunt turn veer absolve be early dispense exempt pick off beat somebody to it act in advance of be one step ahead of prepare for cut off head off at pass look away shove aside turn from discharge keep from happening stay damp let disadvise scare dampen turn off put a damper on talk out of throw cold water on pour cold water on act like a wet blanket preoccupy forecast delay expect monopolize project foresee envision predict refrain from monopolise withhold from desist from restrain from stay away keep from counterbalance interfere with skip break the habit of stay away from withstand refuse steer clear of eschew sidestep forbear shirk skip out on leave off give up do without kick negate make up for shake neutralise get around forbear from skirt get out of shy from shun steer clear deny yourself forgo nullify shrink from abstain from abstain renounce bypass neutralize shake off


To impede the work or progress of
inhibit hinder impede obstruct check hamper prevent stop arrest curb discourage frustrate constrain cramp restrain bar bridle fetter hold back interfere with repress restrict shackle slow suppress retard balk baulk block clog deter dissuade embarrass encumber foil halt handcuff handicap hobble hog-tie manacle quash short-circuit slow down smother stifle stymie thwart trammel debar forbid prohibit rein in avert bit enjoin faze hold up interdict outlaw put a brake on reduce sandbag stall taboo tie up withhold hang up hold down hold in keep in put an end to nip in the bud put an stop to put on brakes stem the flow of throw a spanner in the works of limit hamstring control delay forestall contain keep back confine cumber interrupt hold cripple keep regulate baffle derail subdue curtail preclude stay detain bottle up silence put a stop to stand in the way of stonewall keep in check muffle set back gag crimp ban tie freeze shut out choke back diminish disrupt oppose disallow moderate get in the way of bork proscribe squash throw a monkey wrench in the works of bind choke counteract swallow kill strangle interfere circumvent govern squelch get in the way cut off keep under control straiten stem shut down discontinue exclude decrease scupper muzzle stave off ward off rule out defeat fight back slow up cork constrict tame brake ruin dampen spoil cramp one's style nullify suspend keep the lid on avoid put off obviate overcome stamp out crush hold off extinguish veto lessen bite back head off circumscribe forfend still counter conceal throw cold water on hem in delimit shut off pour cold water on deny scotch chain measure rule embargo temper cut back pull in quell cool intercept criminalize tie down sink deaden submerge put the kibosh on make illegal catch damp down bog down pocket overpower criminalise keep within bounds decelerate crack down on choke off cork up clamp down on impair button up keep lid on end dull hide neutralize rein cap throttle fix shush abstain cease entangle conquer fend off neutralise refrain stump forbear resist dam defend against talk out of spike put down put a damper on lock up keep a lid on shut in close off steer clear of stop oneself keep a tight rein on inconvenience bring to screeching halt quench damp warn sabotage pause crab intermit peg snooker dash jam censor desist destroy divert draw up disadvantage terminate forgo shelve postpone disadvise burden pull up weigh down beat eschew put paid to fetch up cut short leash refuse overturn evade be a hindrance to quiet chill abjure estop retardate cancel turn aside quit bottle make late turn off block out close up box in put the lid on rein back hold in check jam up take down do for snuff out cramp someone's style put the brakes on slap down give a hard time break off give up keep down sit on deflate place an embargo on mute depress frighten incommode retain quelch discommode stultify staunch bottleneck wreck remit sidetrack master obscure deprecate shorten stunt slacken checkmate entrammel defer scare scare off demarcate bring up circumnavigate keep waiting bound bring to a standstill deprive contravene forswear escape barricade upset quieten impose limits on set limits on set discomfit reject sidestep skirt blackball drop imprison mire abate close out disqualify occlude close stuff deflect nix shrink negate hold off on lay off keep hold of loiter put back put on hold block up clog up blockade put the stopper on banish boycott shun put a lid on cut down saddle with jail gaol put a limit on specify forsake put on back burner outwit declare illegal bring to an end put on ice congest stop up bung up annul demark foul up contract cool down cool off screw up define delimitate qualify keep secret drag one's feet clip someone's wings put out tether plug up put at a disadvantage back off pin down put away give the run around keep under wraps fight shy of resist the temptation to dummy up keep inside give a wide berth to swear off put half nelson on place at a disadvantage keep within limits throw a spanner in the works pass up leave off jack in tie someone down tie-up straitjacket get out of dissuade from inc mar overload bypass cause to wait cause to stay fight charge oppress bother debilitate protract clot waive disappoint blunt scrub brace can bilk offset buck prorogue rattle bottle something up net enmesh ensnare capture cover up prevent from making progress constipate disconcert prolong save let pre-empt help sideline calm lower harsh make difficult incarcerate intern juke ditch take wind out of crash unsettle puzzle snag garrote garrotte put a crimp in tie one's hands forefend condemn discipline get bogged down hold over gain control over gain mastery over entrap gum up knock off confound mystify repulse rebuff keep control of keep at bay stave keep off anticipate not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of pick off affect disturb bite one's lip confront keep a rein on keep on a string nonplus put out of commission give disadvantage take out influence tamper black forbid to lock in coop up fence in necessitate close in immure concuss shotgun plug louse up benumb blanket numb cauterize confuse mess up lag put the brakes on take out of play trouble conflict slacken pace flummox screen hush act like a wet blanket tongue-tie ice drag feet hold captive crool banjax place injunction on place an injunction on complicate seal caulk put a stopper in put chill on pass on put a lock on zing gridlock renounce stand fence tone down throw a spoke in the wheel of procrastinate reef embog mothball immobilize immobilise pigeonhole dead-end corner refuse to pay put on the shelf lick ration harness put straitjacket on fill up fill censure dry up shut up vanquish overthrow prescribe reserve throw monkey wrench in cauterise cloud allay come down on close down declare ineligible modify narrow cut down on pass by enclose encircle illegalize send up inclose put a ceiling on ice out curse surround prelimit officially forbid make it impossible for make impossible make it impracticable for render null and void dash one's hope upset the applecart keep tight rein on cow girdle impound direct hogtie guide choke up pack stanch play for time put a spoke in someone's wheel hang fire hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke except eliminate back-water hit the brakes lose speed lose steam let down flaps wind down anchor it devitalize sap weaken make impracticable triumph over monkey with ostracize bung block off stand still pull back box up crack down overwhelm dominate bury annihilate abolish clamp trample place a limit on finish dispense with kick do without come to a standstill stand off peter out not move override ostracise exile keep in line bring under control have on a tight leash let up draw the line on mark off stopper throw a monkey wrench into drive underground trample on leave alone wrong dumb settle put lid on put kibosh on beat down bring to naught discountenance keep yourself hold out on keep under one's hat stop yourself hold out refuse to give clam up deduct hold on to keep to oneself fail to disclose clam take the pledge go on the wagon avoid doing sit out pass be temperate not touch have nothing to do with not do take the cure freeze out disfavour shake disfavor indispose treat harshly count out enfetter enchain gyve pinion declare taboo shut out of do a disservice to tell against treat unfairly give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably inflict a handicap on bring to a stop say no intimidate daunt chain up clap secure cuff say nothing dock bring to a halt demoralize dishearten caution disincline forego give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to put in irons clap in irons cut unnerve expostulate dehort counsel exhort remonstrate prick decline put in chains tie someone's hands omit belay truncate retrench demoralise make anxious make nervous caution against advise against warn off urge against persuade against withhold from keep from sacrifice abstain from decline to restrain oneself refrain from restrain yourself go easy give over make worried throw off argue out of urge not to expostulate against advise not to chicken out persuade not to lean on pare down elide abbreviate lop trim syncopate chop abridge cry out against throw a wet blanket on minify tighten up crop clip slim down downsize slash boil down get to meat put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on steer clear internalize internalise black out damage injure hurt undermine compromise enfeeble harm subvert smash disable vitiate cross break nobble cordon off isolate put the mockers on threaten blight traverse withstand blemish queer bloody flaw endamage guard cross up defend cut out upset the apple cart eat away emasculate undo shatter deteriorate root wound deny access destabilize repel enervate tarnish commandeer disfigure deface challenge invalidate corrode debase adjourn prejudice parry torpedo preempt give the slip destabilise upset one's apple cart dodge second-guess table reschedule rough up be detrimental to skip continue respite put over shake off do harm to get ahead of get in before extend lay on the table put out of action take a rain check on set aside put on the back burner beat someone to the punch beat someone to it beat someone to the draw put in cold storage provide against steal a march on give rain check head off at pass hold in abeyance switch off strangle at birth erode consume use up wear away clobber finish something finish off act against nip something in the bud whittle blacklist scuttle wall off throw a curve make an end of bring to a close jeopardize put the damper on obturate blank counterplot bring an end to worsen elude stand in the way impoverish ravage dam up glut silt up slam on the brakes ease up beat somebody to it act in advance of prepare for be one step ahead of be early duck buffalo promote bollix gunge up afflict incapacitate taint trash dismantle corrupt temporise temporize dally give a rain check take a raincheck keep in abeyance take wind out of sails get the better of cause setback put end to gainsay duel contradict impugn combat negative disaffirm contest dispute hedge clutter up scorch wither batter shock blast shuffle off give the run-around run circles around run rings around detract from shake up jeopardise smash up muck up halt in its tracks throw a monkey wrench in the works devalue tweak unfit devaluate ding cheapen total be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to cause detriment to wreak havoc on be deleterious to disarrange disorder disorganize have a negative effect on have a bad effect on hedge out make useless lose strength drive a nail into the coffin of convulse go against shutdown derange turn upside-down cause confusion in throw into disarray cause turmoil in throw into disorder throw into confusion render powerless monopolize foresee predict forecast envision preoccupy project expect make a mess of devastate demolish monopolise carry over paralyse do in lengthen lay over bankrupt cruel make a hash of euchre dish seize put out of business bring to standstill bring someone to their knees wipe out pull the plug on load blow a hole in play havoc with take stay away from make up for deny yourself break the habit of skip out on get around shrink from shirk desist from stay away restrain from counterbalance shy from forbear from paralyze expropriate grab snatch saddle attack ambush botch strain shut disempower whittle away appropriate interlope shortstop accost interpose hijack tackle waylay buttonhole snafu skin laden weight lumber attenuate mine dig soften tunnel dent wear rain on someone's parade pounce on take on lade pile freight drag through the mud dig out hollow out clip one's wings chip away at knock the bottom out of queer the pitch of poke full of holes swoop down on cut in take away yoke lock out play off cook someone's goose make off with dump on snow under bear down on snow overburden make heavy spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch

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