Đồng nghĩa của safeguarding

Alternative for safeguarding

safeguards, safeguarded, safeguarding

Đồng nghĩa: bulwark, precaution, screen, shield,


The act of saving or protecting something, or a means to do so
protection preservation defence conservation defense upkeep maintenance continuance continuation security shield cover guarding safeguard safekeeping screen safety guard ward shielding armor salvation fortification aegis conserving preserving sustentation care immunity protecting guardianship shelter armour support sanctuary safe keeping refuge upholding keeping saving preserval safeness retainment stronghold weapon resistance deterrent deterrence ammunition buckler egis sustainment perpetuation keep barrier buffer invulnerability asylum fastness fence management conservancy storage shock absorber assurance care and feeding self-defense keeping up keeping going keeping alive shade cushion bulwark bumper welfare prolongation continuity evaporation tanning refrigeration a roof sustaining sustention insurance strength indemnity surety impregnability well-being inviolability carrying-on carrying on armament reassurance stability wall public safety weaponry warfare munitions citadel arms haven custody husbandry charge supervision stewardship supervising cherishing managing governing control looking after careful management retreat harbour safe haven harbor provision hiding place guarantee indemnification hideout precaution port in a storm safe house safety net coverage warranty hideaway freedom safe harbor harborage safety measure safety device precautions unassailability escape backing protector concealment solace rampart warrant surveillance peace redemption comfort relief sanctum pad secret place fail-safe oasis den bolt-hole foxhole port safety measures hole preventive measure ivory tower shadow hidey-hole resilience lee insurance policy trust mail absorber compensation payment endorsement hermitage cloister apron mask exception untouchability impenetrability imperviousness reimbursement custodianship preventive fender backstop privacy secrecy seclusion palladium caution prophylactic hiding housing allowance tutelage certainty freedom from danger protective device convoy escort zoar covert querencia life assurance life insurance financial protection defenses defences resort church convent safety guard fallback midst buildup disarmament ordnance preparation hardware deployment rearmament mobilization arming preserve hole-up heart safeguards good hands something to fall back on material gun heat centre circle core safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve place of safety guards measures pledge embrace center bosom mobilisation collateral pawn bond underwriting gage hostage earnest guaranty bail covenant gauge contract


The protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization
aegis backing sponsorship patronage protection shelter support auspices care charge guardianship guidance keeping umbrella agency auspice championship defence defense favor favour protectorship supervision trusteeship wing advocacy aid assistance guaranty ward tutelage custody control promotion egis help management superintendence wardship financing surveillance responsibility safe keeping trust safekeeping oversight funding custodianship administration grant handling keep subsidy recommendation direction stewardship government regulation superintendency espousal governance intendance operation headship presidency mediation intervention finance authority intercession cover encouragement investment patronization ministration refuge benefaction running preservation conduct hands inspection influence countenance funds money providence lap contribution philanthropy possession furtherance services intermediation escrow safe haven conservation observation watch salvation command overseeing guard check managing maintenance benefactor angel sponsor patron office involvement arbitration safety protecting reassurance safeguard insurance assurance guarding security certainty instrumentality interposing good hands parenting mothering good offices fathering provision of care looking after leadership organization rule orchestration organisation controlling governing manipulation coordination supervising execution directing regulating conducting ruling commanding administering orchestrating treatment masterminding instruction approach wardenship caretaking tutorship tutelarity performance regiment mastery moment store liability account sway containment reins prosecution comanagement generalship codirection coadministration plan policy tactics regimen strategy carrying out transaction wielding red tape monitoring policing saving ordering arrangement upkeep preserving adaptation classification alteration reorganisation systematisation settlement regimentation reorganization reconciliation responsibility for standardisation organizing codification standardization organising systematization moderation conservancy husbandry preserval conserving sustentation sustainment cherishing storage keeping going care and feeding careful management keeping alive keeping up


The state of being insulated
insulation isolation segregation sequestration protection defence defense screen separation shelter aloneness cushion privacy secludedness seclusion separateness shield shielding solitariness solitude closeting detachment exclusion quarantine safe keeping setting apart retirement withdrawal reclusion privateness loneliness reclusiveness retreat concealment remoteness desolation peace and quiet peace lonesomeness hiding aloofness confinement seclusiveness loneness secrecy self-sufficiency peacefulness quietness purdah silence partitioning quiet disconnection beleaguerment insularity freedom from interference keeping apart lack of disturbance lack of interruption inaccessibility exile friendlessness monkhood confidentiality waste alienation emptiness wilderness wasteland desert singleness clandestineness space discretion penetralia time alone one's space apartheid division discrimination partition dissociation ghettoization disunion sorting out splitting up blockade an ivory tower furtiveness covertness mystery secretiveness reticence bareness hush darkness dark confidence secretness huggermuggery clandestinity huggermugger bleakness stealth surreptitiousness suppression restriction desertedness sanctuary cordon sanitaire detention solitary confinement obscurity exlusion lazaretto publicity-shyness separatism closeness lack of friends lack of companions lack of company divorce distancing barrenness severance break starkness wildness aridity distinction split disengagement uncoupling st academe drabness harshness dreariness sundering disseverment disjunction sterility desolateness austerity cheerlessness out-of-body experience academic world ivory tower


Present participle for protect from harm or damage with an appropriate measure
protecting defending guarding screening securing shielding preserving saving bulwarking conserving covering fencing fending forfending keeping sheltering warding assuring ensuring insuring maintaining upholding affording protection to keeping safe looking after riding shotgun watching over taking care of keeping from harm harboring harbouring fortifying watching caring for cushioning minding supporting inoculating hedging fostering chaperoning escorting insulating policing overseeing preventing averting warding off giving sanctuary garrisoning standing guard over tending attending to housing hiding immunizing standing up for shading sustaining supervising immunising covering up giving refuge presiding over retaining salvaging salvageing barricading keeping an eye on rescuing stonewalling patrolling keeping intact sticking up for wrapping shepherding overlooking making safe relieving staving off making invulnerable superintending attending concealing havening stewarding fending off giving sanctuary to covering all bases guarding against nursing taking under one's wing conducting providing protection for cherishing nannying giving shelter to providing refuge going to bat for protecting from ministering to safeguarding from providing a refuge for shielding from giving asylum to justifying keeping from keeping in good condition strengthening keeping in repair halting isolating cloistering manning occupying stopping retrieving reclaiming arresting taking out insurance picketing chambering roofing shotgunning championing mothering enclosing surrounding cocooning thwarting intercepting foiling taking out insurance cover guiding ruling tending to giving cover giving shelter making immune guarding in transit covering for providing safety keeping guard on being responsible for having charge of fighting for looking out for keeping watch over waiting on making impregnable making sound guaranteeing keeping a lookout over sentineling sentinelling persevering with indemnifying repelling standing guard on covering up for mounting guard on repulsing blocking prolonging perpetuating accompanying underwriting warranting managing checking standing guard locking administrating handling running cinching icing guarantying saving from harm holding off operating controlling governing resisting opposing safeguarding against holding back protecting against shielding against taking someone under your wing regulating directing withstanding holding defending oneself against fighting off keeping up locking up keeping at bay tilling feeding keeping at arm's length registering financing seeing to keeping tabs on companying seeing companioning squiring subsidizing nurturing boarding funding providing for beating off nourishing taking in repelling danger providing sanctuary ushering flanking piloting holding at bay keeping alive subsidising convoying bringing bearing consorting providing food for providing board for providing sustenance for


(archaic) Present participle for to grant some particular exemption to

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