Đồng nghĩa của tutelage

Alternative for tutelage


Đồng nghĩa: care, charge, guardianship, tuition, tutorship,


The act of guarding, protecting, or guiding
schooling education teaching instruction tuition tutoring training coaching apprenticeship guidance preparation drilling lesson care custody guardianship protection supervision wing expert hand pedagogy inculcation andragogy enlightenment edification discipline indoctrination information direction cultivation lessons study improvement erudition background science reading learning scholarship development literacy nurture pedagogics civilization civilisation book learning grounding proselytism catechism finish refinement learnedness brainwashing breeding rearing culture propagandism tutorials drill priming book-learning chalk talk e-learning tutorship tutorial research studying swotting expenditure fee price charge foundation formal education buildup groundwork practice academic work uplifting elevation classes exercise upbringing sharpening basics rules lectures readying seasoning tune-up betterment enhancement irradiation elucidation knowledge bettering illumination building up insight awareness understanding wisdom comprehension disciplining explanation clarification intelligence cognition discernment an aha moment grooming basis guiding briefing matriculation revelation schoolwork discovery perception programming persuasion proselytization propaganda inspiration fostering tending raising control apprehension regulation lore authority bringing up familiarity accomplishments letters attainments class strictness regimen sophistication order session intellect broad-mindedness open-mindedness expertise know-how philosophy academic achievement grasp ability academic study intellectual attainment skill orderliness seminar period lecture light knowingness conversance acquaintance cognizance routine subject advancement awakening liberalism sense judgment course bodhi satori epiphany rules of conduct domestication acquaintanceship judgement intimacy ken grip lear period of instruction information taught period of coaching period of teaching period of tutoring period of schooling peace that passeth understanding


(someone or something) The state of supervising, protecting, and maintaining the health and welfare of
care supervision custody charge protection keeping keep control management ministration guidance superintendence aegis responsibility guardianship wardship trusteeship custodianship safekeeping trust ward auspices parenting mothering fathering looking after provision of care safe keeping surveillance administration handling direction stewardship government regulation superintendency governance oversight intendance operation headship presidency preservation protectorship patronage possession running conduct watch guard shelter safeguard inspection hands maintenance refuge wardenship caretaking tutorship tutelarity command lap check managing overseeing taking care of caring escrow salvation conservation observation babysitting nursing minding fostering egis umbrella championship providence support safe haven caregiving insurance cover safety protecting assurance reassurance guarding security certainty good hands leadership organization rule organisation orchestration coordination controlling manipulation execution governing power sway domination dominion influence arrangement authority organizing sovereignty organising directing regulating conducting supervising commanding administering orchestrating mastery ruling structuring regimentation treatment reins planning law masterminding jurisdiction ascendancy polity bureaucracy politics generalship superiority development logistics supremacy primacy hegemony predominance political practice formation instruction approach empire ministry powers-that-be executive predominanc performance regiment directorship prosecution containment captaincy premiership governorship policy plan tactics regimen strategy comanagement codirection coadministration making carrying out red tape transaction wielding monitoring policing initiative establishment construction ordering dominance leading guiding statecraft steering conveyance conduction preeminence foresight capacity ascendency adaptation reorganisation reorganization reconciliation standardization moderation classification alteration systematisation settlement responsibility for standardisation codification systematization regency formulation assembly assembling methodology grasp ascendence hold grip reign ascendance groundwork pilotage skill clout the feds preparation preparations design clutch rulership subjection might coercion authorization authorisation tyranny despotism upper hand death grip strings forethought Uncle Sam designing devising outlining scheduling working out forecasting projection drafting setting up provision

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