Đồng nghĩa của good hands


Paying close attention, usually for the purpose of anticipating approaching danger or opportunity
on the ball quick-witted acute agile Argus-eyed astute keen open-eyed responsive tentie tenty wide awake wide-awake all there whip-smart active alert alive all ears apprehensive attentive awake aware bright bright-eyed and bushy-tailed cagey careful clever clued-in clued up heads up intelligent lively observant on guard perceptive quick quick off the mark quick on the uptake ready sensible sharp spirited vigilant vital watchful wise with it on one's toes on the job on the lookout on the stick on top of on your toes with your wits about you heedful wakeful wary wired on the qui vive hip on tiptoe on the alert jazzed fast on the draw circumspect psyched up switched on smart prepared sharp-eyed eagle-eyed hawk-eyed beady-eyed not missing a trick on your guard sharp-witted keen-eyed regardful nimble mindful gimlet-eyed sharp-sighted brilliant shrewd brainy discerning perspicacious fast penetrating exceptional supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent concentrating chary clear-sighted cautious leery on the watch with eyes like a hawk guarded quick-thinking able nimble-witted gifted genius lynx-eyed keeping a weather eye on things paying attention with eyes peeled canny savvy knowing sensitive focused with weather eye open looking to agog keen-sighted with one's eyes open on alert keeping your eyes peeled prudent sharp as a tack looking for anxious focussed quick on the draw on toes with one's eyes skinned brisk waiting on interested sprightly keeping one's eyes skinned penetrative witty defensive expectant upon one's guard swift PDQ prompt having eyes in the back of your head with one's eyes opened suspicious hooked glued unsleeping rapier-like piercing finely honed X-ray eye not missing much percipient diligent rapt committed assiduous earnest deep studious reckful listening carefully scrupulous heeding rigorous listening noticing intent fully awake wide-eyed perky surveying understanding advertent discovering deducing correct eager detecting discriminating searching contemplating considering questioning comprehending intentive observative receptive apt delicate deft fine competent dexterous effectual capable slick adept effective skilful adroit curt skillful dextrous vigorous smart as a whip mercurial quick on the trigger whiz


Protection from harm, damage, loss, or theft
safekeeping care custody guardianship keeping trust ward charge custodianship protection supervision aegis assurance certainty cover guarding insurance preservation protecting reassurance refuge safeguard safety security shelter surveillance tutelage safe keeping conservation guard trusteeship wardship defence defense shielding salvation responsibility safeness keep control management guidance ministration superintendence safeguarding auspices sanctuary invulnerability immunity watch looking after possession shield parenting screen armor fortification observation impregnability armour armament self-defense wardenship caretaking tutorship tutelarity maintenance protectorship patronage hands unassailability moment store liability account escrow taking care of caring strength freedom indemnity barrier buffer surety freedom from danger babysitting minding fostering nursing stability ammunition wall administration direction government regulation running stewardship handling haven superintendency oversight governance conduct operation presidency intendance upholding upkeep headship welfare saving caregiving inspection asylum well-being inviolability mothering fathering provision of care public safety support backing championship sponsorship umbrella advocacy aid assistance favour favor authority agency wing promotion espousal egis providence influence auspice safe haven guaranty countenance help schooling education teaching instruction tuition tutoring training coaching apprenticeship preparation drilling lesson expert hand

Trái nghĩa của good hands

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