Đồng nghĩa của immunity

Alternative for immunity


Đồng nghĩa: exemption, granting immunity, resistance, unsusceptibility,


Exemption from punishment or loss
indemnity liberty exemption freedom impunity prerogative privilege protection right amnesty asylum licence permission release resistance droit exoneration immunisation immunization inoculation invulnerability resilience charter franchise imperviousness insusceptibility legal exemption liberation license special treatment carte blanche free pass get out of jail free card authority dispensation sanction authorization leave entitlement consent authorisation power warrant birthright due advantage claim title appanage apanage perquisite independence scotfree discretion approval interest business blessing mandate assent call warranty the right empowerment merit priority benefit favour justification favor pretence pretense pretension dibs concurrence sufferance allowance granting clearance blank cheque a free hand a blank cheque choice green light okay go-ahead pass unconstraint card certificate self-determination ticket permit grant suffrage vote enfranchisement ballot voting rights right to vote agreement contract a voice patent one's say concession say-so seal of approval boon acquiescence endorsement indulgence approbation imprimatur OK latitude free hand thumbs up free rein covenant free will faculty honour honor document bond concern enterprise bonus refreshment stand deed patrimony heritage perk indenture asset inheritance opportunity utility plus luxury freelage reward expedience profit chance bequest legacy primogeniture fringe benefit conveyance pact endowment settlement commission allotment treaty share power of attorney full authority no holds barred complete discretion proxy in blank complete authority leeway complete freedom blank check full power unrestricted authority unconditional right say unconditional authority acceptance access ratification countenance credentials support backing validation confirmation condonance accreditation tolerance verification admission avowal acknowledgment order sanctification toleration decree acknowledgement passage run endorsation condonation nod seal admittance command rubber stamp all clear O.K. say so green-light stamp of approval


The ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells


A means or method of defending (against attack)
defense armour armor defence ammunition cover guard protection resistance safeguard fortification safeguarding security shield stronghold weapon aegis buckler deterrence deterrent guarding screen shielding ward egis munitions refuge shelter warfare weaponry arms citadel fastness fence shock absorber safety preservation invulnerability safekeeping safeness safe keeping barrier buffer care sanctuary protecting insurance salvation conservation impregnability armament assurance self-defense bulwark bumper cushion unassailability freedom welfare resilience freedom from danger asylum well-being inviolability public safety provision guarantee strength warranty precaution indemnity guardianship surety defenses defences backstop stability reassurance wall safety measure preventive measure something to fall back on support bastion rampart parapet buttress barricade breastwork fort earthwork defender embankment protector mainstay prop outwork supporter stockade palisade preventive bartizan battlement fortress barbican self-preservation shade obstruction block precautions circumvallation vallum self-protection maintenance partition caution palladium fail-safe redoubt reinforcement keep upkeep sponsorship backing building up hindrance preparation castellation impediment upholding patronage championship curb restraint check precautionary measure safety measures aid keeping pad dyke preventative embattlement auspices hedge assistance haven remedy auspice advocacy concealment bank guaranty fender retreat protective measure mail castle defensive wall prophylactic vallation suspension system big stick buttressing bolstering continuation underpinning continuance shoring up garrison harbor hold harbour harborage outpost safety device crenellation hiding place buildup disarmament ordnance hardware deployment rearmament fielder buffet mobilization wicket-keeper arming isolation sequestration segregation dam material gun heat leaf springs torsion bars spring balustrade safeguards separation weir secludedness privacy aloneness solitariness solitude separateness seclusion escarpment tower strengthening canopy divider awning curtain quarantine detachment exclusion closeting guards surveillance gate measures sluice promotion help cloak blind mantle shroud separator arras charge umbrella guidance catcher mobilisation encouragement financing setting apart insulation protectorship wing mound hill supervision ridge trusteeship agency favour elevation shutter windbreak philanthropy funding intermediary a roof dike assertion barrage plate breastplate panoply furtherance hiding housing prudence forethought anticipation veil envelope panel cocoon mask cushioning blockhouse covering dividing wall prevention protective battlements benefaction espousal tutelage preserving safety guard bastille protective device conserving absorber sustentation favor foresight wariness providence circumspection hideout hideaway oasis projection convoy rock escort berm den sanctum foxhole middleman go-between obstacle neutralizer room divider investment perpetuation grant subsidy recommendation zoar port covert querencia ravelin fieldwork discreetness canniness regard fortalice discretion resort hole church convent insistence on trench preserval disincentive evaporation safe haven armor plate presidio canal suit of armor protective wall bolt-hole upholder ditch care and feeding gully safe house tower of strength protective clothing bulletproof vest channel safe harbor chain mail flak jacket saving fosse ivory tower moat safety net coat of mail preventative measure entrenchment belt and braces port in a storm storage tanning anticipatory measure hole-up suit of armour refrigeration body armor body armour


The state of being invulnerable
invulnerability safety security strength exception freedom impenetrability imperviousness inviolability protection unassailability untouchability defence preservation defense shielding safekeeping safeness guarding safe keeping sanctuary protecting safeguarding salvation conservation care armament assurance self-defense impregnability welfare asylum freedom from danger well-being shelter public safety safeguard screen cover guard shield insurance aegis armor ward fortification indemnity barrier buffer guardianship surety armour stability reassurance ammunition wall refuge haven buckler support bulwark egis stronghold retreat safe haven bastion harbour harbor upkeep protector rampart maintenance provision hiding place guarantee indemnification hideout fastness supporter defender precaution resistance shade fence buttress earthwork mainstay prop weapon port in a storm safe house safety net coverage arms warranty embankment hideaway keeping upholding bumper barricade breastwork parapet safe harbor precautions cushion harborage safety measure battlement safety device continuation continuance weaponry custody preparation munitions escape retainment backing deterrent deterrence concealment solace defences fort saving warrant surveillance peace redemption comfort relief stockade keep palisade sanctum preserving conserving defenses safety measures pad secret place citadel fail-safe oasis den outwork perpetuation sustentation bolt-hole foxhole defensive wall preserval shock absorber port bartizan hole mound preventive measure ivory tower bank shadow hidey-hole a roof resilience lee insurance policy trust mail absorber compensation payment safeguards endorsement hermitage cloister apron mask reimbursement charge supervision custodianship preventive fender barbican backstop privacy secrecy seclusion palladium caution prophylactic hiding housing allowance guards measures tutelage certainty protective device hill vallation ridge circumvallation vallum elevation convoy escort zoar covert querencia life assurance life insurance financial protection warfare resort church convent safety guard fallback midst buildup disarmament ordnance hardware deployment rearmament mobilization arming dike dam head castellation battlements preserve hole-up evaporation storage tanning refrigeration heart prolongation continuity sustainment good hands sustaining something to fall back on care and feeding material gun heat centre partition protective wall buffet sustention circle core safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve keeping going keeping alive keeping up carrying on carrying-on place of safety pledge embrace center bosom levee breakwater mobilisation collateral redoubt castle fortress pawn bond underwriting gage hostage blockhouse earnest guaranty bail hold ravelin fieldwork fortalice covenant gauge contract embattlement presidio outpost block entrenchment garrison building up


Lack of interest, concern, or sympathy
indifference detachment aloofness apathy coldness coolness disregard insouciance callousness impassiveness impassivity nonchalance disinterestedness dispassionateness negligence unconcern apathy about apathy towards carelessness casualness complacence disregard for distance emotionlessness equity heedlessness of incuriosity incuriousness nonchalance about objectivity obliviousness to passionlessness torpor unconcern about uninvolvement in uninvolvement with unresponsiveness boredom with carelessness of dismissiveness of dispassion heedlessness impartiality inattention lack of concern about mindlessness of neutrality poco-curantism unresponsiveness to weariness of alienation cold-bloodedness disdain disinterest inertia insensitivity isolationism lack lack of interest lack of interest in lethargy listlessness noninterference stoicism uninterest unmindfulness lack of enthusiasm about lack of feeling absence of feeling cold shoulder lack of sympathy phlegm lassitude passivity insensibility dullness passiveness inactivity stolidity stolidness halfheartedness remoteness inaction insensibleness sluggishness languor frostiness indolence reserve cool stupor languidness calmness lack of concern neglect unfeelingness unfriendliness equanimity numbness inertness hebetude inadvertence idleness slowness coma composure drowsiness forgetfulness lack of enthusiasm torpidity formality unapproachability standoffishness imperturbability sloth laziness supineness iciness affectlessness docility nonparticipation uninterestedness impersonality calm thoughtlessness inactiveness sangfroid stiffness oversight cold-heartedness neglectfulness self-possession withdrawnness torpidness unflappability ennui inanition unconsciousness resignation frigidity lifelessness stoniness distantness hardheartedness taciturnity nonpartisanship preoccupation leadenness woolgathering sleepiness ease snootiness remissness submissiveness omission oblivion self-control sleep slumber inconsideration level-headedness self-assurance uncaring attitude enervation slight unkindness fairness lack of care narcosis independence reverie dreaminess airiness patience fair-mindedness fortitude laxness aplomb boredom slackness laxity poise endurance stupefaction even-handedness open-mindedness justice fatigue inadvertency impassibility collectedness brown study inattentiveness unsociability lack of involvement equilibrium sang-froid neutralism objectiveness evenhandedness equitability ignoring oscitation overlooking serenity inhospitality chill nirvana tranquillity frigidness disrespect half-heartedness placidity obliviousness chilliness scorn slighting rebuff tranquility lack of commitment lack of bias amnesia placidness Lethe brush-off abeyance spurning lack of warmth diffidence spiritlessness demotivation cool-headedness gradualness leisureliness unwillingness deliberateness absent-mindedness daydreaming feebleness inobservance carefreeness lack of curiosity relaxedness equitableness self-confidence passiven light-heartedness austerity anesthesia narcoma trance carus analgesia insusceptibility shiftlessness stagnation accidie frivolousness happiness jauntiness breeziness tiredness weariness somnolence hostility acedia mopery justness lack of motivation dispiritedness droopiness exhaustion easy-going attitude equality anaesthesia lack of understanding wintriness presence of mind unawareness senselessness lack of emotion absence of bias absence of prejudice snub rejection loftiness proudness separateness blackout darkness blankness spurn restraint ignorance lack of response touch-me-not attitude haughtiness hauteur reticence acceptance forbearance waters of Lethe disdaining uninvolvement fatalism default scorning disregardance cold-shouldering contempt unselfishness indifference to desertion failure to pay attention to inattention to disfavor forgetting disesteem neglecting disfavour omitting philosophicalness long-suffering unbiasedness lack of attention stand-offishness longanimity lack of prejudice lack of heed lack of notice non-observance lack of protest lack of complaint sobriety Dunkirk spirit acceptance of the inevitable facility countenance composedness dereliction repose failure tranquilness assurance shortcoming irresponsibility control easiness ability culpa sloppiness incautiousness barratry incaution disregardfulness delinquency nerve sedateness dereliction of duty non-performance of duty contributory negligence abandonment non-fulfilment of duty unpreparedness self-composedness self-discipline lack of proper care and attention


A short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant
respite break interval rest halt pause recess cessation intermission lull relief hiatus relaxation breather interlude let-up stop discontinuation interruption standstill stoppage breathing space repose time out acquittal breath deadlock deliverance discharge downtime ease exculpation five forgiveness interregnum layoff leisure letup pardon protraction release ten time truce breathing room coffee break suspension breathing spell stay interim moratorium entr'acte peace gap time off lapse discontinuity time-out remission delay cutoff lacuna abeyance surcease spell wait discontinuance tranquillity leave tranquility adjournment stillness check parenthesis hiccup hiccough peacefulness break-off interstice quiescence vacation caesura recreation holiday hold-up calmness calm freeze dormancy restfulness termination pausation closure space arrest liberty suspense latency hush silence serenity stopping postponement abeyancy refreshment freedom placidity smoko slack requiescence meanwhile meantime intermezzo comma decompression peace and quiet comfort sereneness ending sabbatical spare time free time day off end lessening slackening finish close conclusion R and R quiet ceasefire armistice shutdown treaty deferment deferral diversion entertainment expiration cease stopover arrestment amusement quietness doldrums closedown cease-fire shutoff reprieve restoration offset inactivity renewal sit-down relaxing gridlock breaking off disruption stand suspension of hostilities vacay cessation of hostilities quietude lapse of time grinding halt screaming halt happy hour holding pattern contentment peace treaty blow me-time harmony freedom from interference cut-off lack of interruption lack of disturbance pause in the action R & R intervening time abatement sick leave furlough leave of absence halting ceasing mental health day shore leave closing finishing abandonment episode breakdown short respite recovery time breathing time desistance limbo interspace pausing jollification lightening brightening jollity spell of inactivity hols idyll cutting short winding up quiescency schoolie embargo hesitation resolution settlement temporary closure still placidness term season period ban prohibition between-time breach stretch span half-time intervening period holdup hold take ten playtime while detention layover temporary cessation of business cessation of business solace holdback peace agreement deep freeze cold storage suspended animation time away moment instant second beat tea break latitude privacy solitude hitch lunch break grace period time wasted time lag period of waiting break off rest period awkward moment time to burn time to kill time on one's hands easygoingness soothingness content peace of mind consolation relaxedness fun détente rest and recreation revivification unemployment retirement convenience scope range pleasure enjoyment wind-down agreement de-escalation reconciliation amnesty terms detente accord time alone one's space time to spare frolic frolicking dalliance play distraction rollicking sport time to chill spare moment temporary peace white flag peaceful solution olive branch assuagement reclining idleness leisure pursuit leisure activity fun and games unwinding beer and skittles stalemate impasse logjam siesta doze inaction somnolence snooze standoff dreaminess kip Mexican standoff winding down screeching halt period of repose period of relaxation loosening up mental repose calming oneself full stop finale completion dead end wind-up wrap-up culmination checkmate windup stand-off finis blockage denouement consummation lag dead stop endgame homestretch capper grand finale end of the line mop-up hindrance obstruction block obstacle expiry dissolution stop-off result terminus payoff severance failure draw separation inhibition concluding blackout wash disconnection impediment climax snarl-up holding catch-22 winding-up break in your journey retardation stall jam desuetude epilogue wrap coda peroration epilog prorogation execution dead heat outcome fulfilment accomplishment achievement curtains curtain retardment issue consequence fulfillment breakup ado end of the road traffic jam tie-up limit fix tie withdrawal suppression disjunction curtailment alternation disturbance restriction buildup port of call half-way house staying prevention restraining restraint checking stalling intrusion blind alley disbarment disbandment winter cloture folding occlusion complete stop sojourn visit brick wall roadblock discontinuing shutting rupture division rift split disuniting outro eventuality wall slowness short break shutting down closing down bitter end cancellation hole determination cesser abortion desisting remaining terminating deterring final thoughts upshot realization realisation cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect omega perfection disjointedness disconnectedness cut-off point end result closing stages bottom line last word final word sign-off last part level toss-up finalization incoherence immobilization stagnation fruition pigeonholing shelving rescheduling staging post showdown collision dénouement death disunion setback communication breakdown liquidation finalisation tabling mothballing lack of unity cutout lack of coherence last stage last even money hangup detainment final part final stage sewing up final act even game photo finish drawn battle paralysis immobilisation encumbrance curb polishing off run-in cross-purposes retard fetter interference snag carrying over bind trammel problem filibuster showstopper putting back putting off waiting period cooling-off period clog congestion snarl backup bottleneck barrier tailback sig alert

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