Đồng nghĩa của belt and braces


Redundancy affording mutual backup in the event of one system failing


Cautious and patient
softly-softly cautious circumspect calm careful discreet gentle gradual guarded prudent tentative wary belt-and-braces cagey chary diplomatic judicious mindful patient restrained tactful vigilant heedful alert watchful measured reticent reserved apprehensive gingerly attentive hesitant considerate safe conservative aware leery provident scrupulous politic suspecting forethoughtful precautious suspicious shrewd discriminating thoughtful calculating observant on the qui vive thinking twice keeping a weather eye on watching one's step on your toes walking on eggs hedging your bets on guard watching out keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves with reservations all ears playing safe walking on egg shells with eyes peeled taking it slow on the lookout on the watch canny doubtful distrustful sceptical skeptical dubious mistrustful thrifty frugal sparing economical uncertain unsure parsimonious doubting unwasteful sensible timid miserly cynical reluctant awake mean stingy saving on the alert uneasy prepared wise penny-pinching shy forehanded questioning scrimping moderate tight unbelieving undecided sagacious abstemious economizing on one's toes regardful deliberate ready tentie tenty economising Argus-eyed nervous iffy open-eyed uptight fearful cheap on the ball on the job anxious trustless unsettled jealous fastidious wide-awake reasonable paying attention noncommittal untrusting not missing a trick disbelieving close-fisted incredulous perceptive farsighted unconvinced unexciting hinky close lacking confidence boring defensive unenterprising forearmed keen non-committal eagle-eyed keen-eyed penny-wise sharp been hit before wide awake on tiptoe delicate hawk-eyed sharp-eyed unadventurous in doubt gimlet-eyed beady-eyed punctilious conscious keeping a weather eye on things keeping one's eyes peeled disinclined meticulous hesitating controlled halting discerning wavering diffident unhurried temperate ambivalent vacillating apologetic backward averse afraid irresolute lacking trust methodical mingy chintzy lacking faith ungenerous conscientious preserving conserving grasping cheese-paring tight-fisted quizzical agog concentrating acute penurious solicitous meagre wondering self-justifying negativistic avaricious meager wired careful with money spare looking for self-protective waiting on with weather eye open having reservations looking to on alert fast on the draw with eyes like a hawk closefisted squeamish dainty mistrusting economic sensitive secretive sage worried skittish protective equipped concerned sly well-prepared commonsensical evasive elusive tight-lipped taking notice far-seeing foresighted watching insecure playing your cards close to your chest vague unrevealing expedient have reservations have misgivings possessive equivocal wakeful timorous traditional conventional unimaginative with one's eyes open keeping one's eyes skinned low overcautious overcareful glued hooked unsleeping hip jaundiced show-me distrusting straight stay-at-home uncreative strait-laced narrow-minded square stuffy limited without faith not born yesterday without belief with one's eyes skinned close-lipped strategic psyched up keeping a weather eye open switched on keeping one's eyes open considered thorough intelligent judgmatical judgmatic close-mouthed faltering cost-effective efficient stick-in-the-mud kid-glove money-saving time-saving work-saving spartan abstinent austere understated unexaggerated loath illiberal on the rims practical prudential skimping curmudgeonly civil worldly-wise monastic monkish self-denying puritanical ascetic nunlike non-indulgent self-disciplined uncharitable finicky unsteady shaky unconfident cheeseparing dead repetitious mind-numbing ho-hum tiresome stale unvaried tiring insipid uninteresting dull old routine monotonous tedious flat wearisome humdrum skinflinty on lookout having foresight not rash balanced rational logical pragmatic deep reasoned levelheaded inhibited constrained particular tightwad active like a clam near perky quick conformist mature tightfisted half-hearted stewardly Scrooge-like cost-conscious stinting ungiving money-conscious pinching money-grubbing pinchpenny vacillatory wobbly expectant well thought-out well-grounded indecisive delaying fully awake bright-eyed and bushy-tailed heads up wide-eyed dithering stalling oscillating hanging back havering shilly-shallying scrimpy dilly-dallying cunctatory having misgivings having qualms unwilling uneager unpredictable dawdling in a quandary blowing hot and cold slow on the horns of a dilemma humming and hawing in two minds lazy in a dilemma upon one's guard fuel-efficient energy-efficient fuel-saving energy-saving cognizant conversant witting sentient knowledgeable ware knowing respectful observing observative au courant alive to awake to conscious of know ins and outs aware of careful of know all the answers on to plugged in chary of in the know wary of cognizant of acquainted with tuned in regardful of recognizant of be up on watchful of wise to hip to sensible of alert to heedful of

Trái nghĩa của belt and braces

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