Đồng nghĩa của self denying


Having, exhibiting or motivated by no concern for oneself but for others
altruistic benevolent charitable chivalrous denying devoted disinterested extroverted generous helpful humanitarian incorruptible indulgent liberal loving magnanimous noble open-handed self-effacing self-forgetful self-forgetting selfless self-sacrificing unselfish considerate kind philanthropic compassionate unstinting public-spirited ungrudging decent gallant humane bounteous openhanded heroic unsparing beneficent munificent bighearted freehanded bountiful free freehearted caring fulsome open good philanthropical giving thoughtful big eleemosynary all heart bleeding heart big-hearted do-good human free-handed kindly sympathetic kindhearted benignant gracious kind-hearted benign understanding tender great-hearted lavish merciful greathearted tolerant good-hearted hospitable gentle warmhearted warm-hearted large-hearted friendly goodhearted good-natured tenderhearted amiable warm obliging softhearted fair affectionate empathetic lenient amicable tender-hearted high-minded honest soft-hearted honourable well-disposed neighbourly honorable princely just responsive empathic neighborly solicitous nice lofty sensitive mild genial concerned feeling patient easy forgiving comforting open-hearted soft upright clement almsgiving accommodating maternal supportive socially concerned prodigal loose excellent handsome soft-touch moderate attentive sweet generous to a fault motherly fatherly fatherlike forbearing openhearted bleeding-heart civilized doting equitable affable reasonable cordial mellow civilised righteous pitying agreeable knightly pleasant moralistic profuse comradely acceptable nonprofit useful encouraging worthy elevated high willing respectable ethical great lordly natural virtuous moral upstanding principled companionable not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making approachable courteous commiserative brotherly accessible polite sociable open-minded regardful propitious easygoing cheerful well disposed benefic well meaning good-tempered good-humoured good-humored well-mannered well-meaning community-minded large idealistic immaculate unprejudiced abundant ample gratuitous conscientious social-minded respected approving holy pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody spotless angelical esteemed unerring creditable donating prosocial patriotic contributing beneficient valuable ready very kind vulnerable unmarred pietistical chaste pristine graceful pietistic unflawed plentiful full helpful to others receptive welfare valiant goodish public- spirited plenteous unstinted willingly given reassuring fond consoling loyal fraternal redeeming virginal untouched prayerful unblamable redeemable understandable beneficial sympathizing condoling advantageous commiserating piteous ruthful geocentric exocentric uplifting touchy-feely chummy pally sympathising having heart in right place sparing sentimental doing good works favorable wholesome angelic lovable soft touch cooperative calm congenial tactful likeable unoffensive likable dutiful delightful well intentioned respectful sweet-tempered heart in right place pleasing engaging deferential kin loving and giving old softie well-intentioned profitable protective inspiring nurturing inspiriting personal intimate comprehending broad-minded extravagant acquiescent complaisant happy breezy compliant unstinging boosting gratifying stimulating paternal marshmallow softie overgenerous easy-going willing to please even-tempered favourably disposed salutary soothing cheering fulfilling trustworthy incorrupt dependable favourable civil allocentric mannerly peaceable right straight true sublime clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean well mannered stand-up right-minded all right Santa Claus has heart in right place


Abstaining from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse
chaste pure virginal decent innocent modest virgin celibate immaculate moral uncontaminated unsullied virtuous incorrupt intact maidenly undefiled unwed vestal wholesome abstinent decorous maiden nunlike self-restrained uncorrupted unmarried guiltless proper sinless clean continent demure elegant good G-rated quiet refined simple upright austere restrained unaffected controlled faithful free of sin impotent inexperienced intemerate monogamous neat prudish squeaky clean subdued unblemished pure as the driven snow ascetic monkish single unstained platonic stainless nice spotless wifeless husbandless spouseless nunnish monklike monastic reclusive cloistered withdrawn flawless untarnished impeccable unspoilt unpolluted squeaky-clean pristine perfect fresh righteous seemly untainted clear honest blameless irreproachable angelic exemplary unspotted holy unmoved white unscathed inculpable undamaged unmarred unchanged unharmed uninfluenced unaltered untouched untried unmarked unimpressed unstirred uninjured unbroken in perfect condition sound secure in good condition reserved gentle girlish unagitated retiring undisturbed whole respectable polite unsoiled clean-living free from sin unwemmed chase impeccant faultless in good taste uncorrupt cleanhanded unoffending sackless lily-white free of not guilty whiter than white as pure as the driven snow ethical saintly reputable honourable upstanding true pious honorable noble worthy guileless unblighted inviolate unprofaned wide-eyed lily white above reproach anti-corruption first wet behind ears natural babe in woods pure as driven snow initial inaugural indifferent unconcerned dry-eyed unhurt entire out of danger sanitary safe and sound shipshape without a scratch initiatory introductory pioneer premier leadoff original foremost headmost earliest proving prime untapped unused primary new beginning unbroached


Sparing or economical as regards money or food

Trái nghĩa của self denying

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