Đồng nghĩa của tactful

Alternative for tactful

Đồng nghĩa: kid-glove,


Able to deal with people in a sensitive manner
diplomatic politic careful considerate delicate discreet judicious perceptive polite sensitive subtle thoughtful understanding cordial courteous decorous discerning polished prudent respectful seemly adroit aware cautious civil deft dextrous dexterous gentle insightful kind mannerly observant poised savvy skilful skilled skillful suave sympathetic tactical urbane wise treating with kid gloves treating something with kid gloves wary calculating circumspect guarded cagey reserved shrewd chary artful guileful wily restrained heedful vigilant noncommittal softly-softly cunning tentative strategic sly crafty gracious astute clever scheming intriguing canny kid-glove smooth gingerly moderate conservative controlled safe alert attentive watchful foresighted calm gradual belt-and-braces mindful patient dignified restorative reticent Machiavellian sneaky leery reluctant non-committal vague unrevealing suspicious shifty designing devious unscrupulous ingenious manipulative slippery adept hesitant overcareful overcautious conciliatory conniving sharp arch contriving capable opportunistic bland brainy insidious with reservations with eyes peeled on the lookout sharp-witted face-saving sensible close-lipped judgmatic close-mouthed intelligent judgmatical sagacious awake worldly-wise reasonable precautious temperate discriminating having foresight on lookout not rash like a clam expedient perspicacious well judged in one's best interests considered sound informed rational enlightened commonsensical percipient advisable acute sober logical sapient sage desirable smart sane pawky practical argute efficacious accurate judicial sophisticated thorough profound keen seasonable just common-sense well advised well-judged far-sighted clear-sighted well-advised quick-witted well thought out heads-up long-headed


Willing to assist or give aid
helpful obliging friendly pleasant kind accommodating considerate thoughtful supportive cooperative sympathetic caring compassionate chivalrous kindly polite respectful selfless unselfish warmhearted tender patient hospitable complaisant mindful solicitous understanding neighborly neighbourly charitable benevolent beneficent eager to help eager to please courteous civil diplomatic gracious gallant well-bred urbane affable civilized well mannered cultivated mannerly gentlemanly suave genteel polished courtly cordial well-mannered refined debonair civilised attentive decorous genial sophisticated sociable bland well bred smooth elegant cultured charming ladylike poised indulgent amiable deferential pleasing discreet decent gentle politic worldly worldly-wise kindhearted heedful self-possessed dignified cool regardful concerned glib svelte slick proper couth warm-hearted agreeable benign kind-hearted formal magnanimous soft soft-spoken unctuous loving well behaved well-behaved well brought up mild giving good-natured good-hearted well spoken congenial big-hearted well-spoken amicable forbearing observant cosmopolitan thoughty social media-savvy respectable accomplished balanced metropolitan stylish seemly finished cavalier conciliatory amenable obsequious punctilious sensitive well brought-up circumspect condescending good-mannered like a sport smooth-tongued smooth-talking affectionate silver-tongued good tolerant humane nice generous impeccable fulsome oily ingratiating distingué comforting wholesome tenderhearted eleemosynary angelic lovable altruistic easygoing unstinting soft touch tender-hearted benefic maternal merciful pitying brotherly calm sweet liberal greathearted propitious cheerful likeable warm softhearted unoffensive likable open-handed mellow great-hearted lenient dutiful goodhearted lavish princely bleeding-heart delightful soft-hearted humanitarian big bounteous public-spirited well meaning motherly benignant fatherly good-tempered large-hearted well intentioned bountiful philanthropical good-humoured fatherlike clement sweet-tempered heart in right place philanthropic all heart openhanded good-humored openhearted feeling munificent noble engaging freehanded easy approachable stately forthcoming bonhomous obedient humble submissive compliant reverential companionable honourable comradely honorable acquiescent easy-going tractable gregarious docile convivial obeisant willing outgoing biddable unreserved manageable reverent hearty natural matey chummy admiring buddy-buddy orderly jovial appreciative well-disposed peaceful lovely awed subservient down-to-earth happy relaxed well-brought-up peaceable quiet open worshiping collegial palsy palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met hail-fellow devout modest clubby pious worshipping worshipful solemn casual welcoming correct restrained disciplined law-abiding upholding meek aristocratic carefree deferent accommodative pliant charismatic unobtrusive yielding mild-mannered well-born reputable persuasive winning gentlemanlike highborn blue-blooded patrician devoted cheery familiar graceful uninhibited posh personable witty chirpy smart upper-crust fetching upright accessible nonchalant clubbable honest communicative virtuous ethical worthy brave well disposed righteous perky moral principled upstanding cozy cosy just free and easy responsive couthy royal happy-go-lucky lordly great noble-minded lofty conversable high placid larger than life stand-up venerational knightly protective distinguished wellmannered becoming classy assenting company-loving conscientious conformable heroic courageous easy to get along with valiant informal responsible duteous venerating adoring sensible pally taught trained womanly unconstrained unflappable favourable unassuming humoring controlled favorable smarmy together fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless adaptable pliable facile composed collected educated unaffected undemanding earnest wholehearted sincere possessed unruffled silky receptive enlightened heartfelt valorous temperate humouring equable sedate coolheaded handy accepting long-suffering seductive discriminating discerning fond glowing eager enthusiastic reserved unpretentious simple non-violent self-effacing affectious self-composed shared public advanced red-carpet nonviolent ruly user friendly on tap on deck trustworthy incorrupt dependable erudite well-educated well informed well read learned at ease tranquil willing to help captivating enchanting uncorrupted elevated redoubtable illustrious right straight true unimposing outstanding endearing unassertive clean-living all right on the up and up squeaky clean right-minded extraordinary remarkable meritorious at peace appealing bewitching adorable cute prepossessing community amusing informative communal entertaining popular common pleasurable collective organized group general diverting high-minded self-sacrificing anti-corruption harmonious enticing dreamy delectable absorbing alluring entrancing divine luring irresistible beguiling winsome adorbs elite upper-class fraternal inviting magnetizing magnetic bonny magnetising electrifying servile non-hostile organised societal shy tame unprotesting spineless lamblike demure unresisting cowed subdued spiritless well born blue upmarket grand upper crust silk-stocking Brahmin queenly ennobled regal highbred exalted silver-spoon aristocratical superior titled born with a silver spoon in one's mouth top-drawer high-born kingly wellborn toadying fawning conflict-free lowly like-minded empathic concordant agreeing pacific accordant regular slavish sheepish timid resistless supplicatory ingratiatory timorous unambitious sycophantic hesitant tentative apprehensive fearful square shooting right nice mim self-conscious


Having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment
wise intelligent sage discerning informed sagacious shrewd clever enlightened knowing sensible insightful perceptive politic prudent astute deliberated judicious learned knowledgeable rational sharp sound canny intuitive logical sapient educated erudite percipient perspicacious experienced smart strategic cogitative contemplative desirable thoughtful argute foresighted scholarly tactical careful intellectual profound reasoned good justified savvy solid well advised well-advised well-informed well judged full of insight well-founded well reasoned well-reasoned well thought out acute discriminating keen brainy reasonable penetrating quick-witted practical quick ingenious bright sharp-witted brilliant commonsensical calculating alert far-sighted on the ball clear-sighted subtle genius aware cunning streetwise observant circumspect sober cagey levelheaded analytical cerebral incisive sensitive foxy clear-eyed long-headed cautious discreet sane whip-smart deep philosophical crafty valid heady heads-up artful cultivated sly coherent realistic sophisticated cultured commonsense pawky wily just provident pragmatic vigilant suss reflective studious analytic expedient precocious resourceful slick commonsensible understanding worldly-wise piercing quick on the uptake firm far-seeing exceptional thinking level-headed nimble smooth razor-sharp gifted fast supersmart refined hardheaded grounded critical ultrasmart lucid adroit hyperintelligent academic responsible farsighted nimble-witted mature considerate considered well-grounded worldly bookish with great knowledge quick off the mark advisable fair diplomatic together deft philosophic skilful cogent witty hard-boiled wary hard skillful watchful well informed dexterous well read down-to-earth lettered clear legit dextrous well-read matter-of-fact all there literate in the know well-thought-out showing great knowledge esoteric fine apt balanced cute able reliable street smart well educated gnostic astucious objective whiz fly media-savvy highbrow congruent consistent widely read plausible rapier-like legitimate justifiable thorough omniscient consequent dependable kosher hip judgmatical judgmatic sharp as a tack slippery frugal sharp-sighted visionary common-sense cluey all-seeing inventive recondite seasoned attentive cool civilized telling awake street-smart ratiocinative accurate deep-thinking skilled polished illuminated penetrative delicate ready joined-up donnish forearmed capable scientific relevant hard-headed civilised pertinent inferential deducible perspicuous compelling convincing deductive devious holding water well-organized not born yesterday holding together all-knowing prescient scheming tasteful tuned in deliberate guileful thrifty selective economical tricky solemn grave studied designing dodgy conscious beguiling open-eyed downy well-balanced sharpened stable heedful significant keen-witted leery responsive literary abstruse cagy no-nonsense been around weighty seemly mean tutored probing parsimonious hardened agile pedantic well-judged reasoning unwasteful penny-pinching well versed instructed wised up razor-like urbane moderate conservative controlled temperate imaginative safe quick-thinking having all one's marbles civil suave accomplished conversant well-educated well grounded straight right full of common sense egghead genial competent quick on the draw exact quick on the trigger sentient self-aware advised healthy enterprising exquisite sophic introspective earnest musing museful ruminative meditative reflecting pondering measured pensive theoretical adult cool-headed clairvoyant Machiavellian einstein extensional juridicious obvious germane necessary shady sneaky underhanded shifty insighted prudential handy schooled mindful apprehensive businesslike graceful razor sharp proficient metaphysical abstract sussed grown-up in one's best interests hard-nosed plotting obscure steady well-taught pragmatical hep serious trained unbelieving battle-scarred thinking twice playing safe concerned on guard complex intriguing exacting detailed articulate guarded scholastic into arcane probable receptive equipped serious-minded with it hedging one's bets proportional symmetrical well-proportioned well-adjusted thoughty hermetic hermetical likely inductive searching appreciative as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork on your guard wise up well-prepared acuminous acroamatic occult orphic secret syllogistic talented finely honed dispassionate unemotional chary with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground polite smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool not missing a trick having smarts with all one's wits about one forethoughtful forehanded harmonious mentally stable cognizant efficacious effectual effective adept alive comprehending creative original au courant reserved close-lipped seasonable judicial in right mind active vigorous mercurial curt wired all-wise detail oriented saving prepared tight very smart close-mouthed smart as a whip wide awake steady-going cordial respectful decorous courteous knows what's what ear to the ground softly-softly kid-glove having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on expert versed trustworthy open-minded liberal poised gentle mannerly sympathetic kind initiated gingerly noncommittal precautious sparing broad-minded precise posted polymath professorial well-rounded pansophic miserly economic systematic rigorous worldly wise equitable infinite preeminent pansophical almighty treating with kid gloves treating something with kid gloves unidealistic regulated orderly organized methodical credible on lookout having foresight not rash abstemious scrimping economizing tenable acceptable decent old unprovincial with experience matured like a clam intellectualistic intellectualist ordered organised straight-thinking well organized mathematical developed advanced apprised particular impartial believable viable understandable highbrowed eggheaded geeky clerkly intellective bluestocking stingy normal recognized proven faithful canonical true reputable sanctioned recognised orthodox tolerant progressive free-thinking having been around been there old hand well travelled restrained unprejudiced feasible meaningful suggestive nerdish longhair blue nerdy unexcessive cognitive admissible making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme cheap penny-wise economising clearheaded thought-out fastidious long-haired legal tried-and-true evenhanded fair-minded clear-cut with both one's feet on the ground discriminative open to reason plugged in hip to unimpaired based on good sense in one's right mind expressive discriminational discriminatory differential in the picture knowing what's what in possession of all one's faculties able to reason clearly well balanced able to think clearly compos mentis of sound mind artistic aesthetic nice enigmatic finical choosy with good taste select picky individualising eclectic opinionated persnickety individualizing fussy choicy finicky esthetic eloquent impish arch teasing speaking mischievous playful consequential underhand disingenuous shark calculated inside on the inside on top of up on demanding pernickety meticulous trenchant hard to please faddish faddy scrupulous choosey impeccable intent fussbudgety old-maidish dainty acquainted apperceptive witting deliberative finicking certain observing sure ware squeamish overnice prissy razor-edged knife-like clear-headed familiar powerful strong abreast over-particular confirmed sustainable ruminant defensible finely tuned maintainable defendable supportable absorbed wistful inflexible overparticular inquisitive enquiring questioning inquiring engrossed broody rapt elite crack masterly gracious excellent virtuoso preoccupied retrospective wise to perceiving wide-awake superior difficult to please choice whip nit-picking observative Einstein very intelligent lost in thought interested first-rate playing with a full deck abled whiz kid first-class mentally sound in possession of all your faculties in a brown study right in the head right-minded diagnostic differentiating over-fastidious consummate versant concise succinct punchy crisp pithy lively mincing steely inspired poetic heightened swift PDQ prompt brisk arty dreamy brooding to the point difficult opportunistic conciliatory bland contriving conniving qualified fretful fuddy-duddy obsessive dreaming prayerful well-developed well-honed ruminating deliberating immersed in thought deep in thought selecting satisfying dinkum choosing excogitative clued-up with-it tuned-in intense investigative examining exploratory researching pointed curious satisfactory estimable speculative substantial meditating genuine bona fide sharp-eyed persuasive workable irrefutable arguable veridical faultless collected unquestionable veracious synthetic infallible trustable determinative conclusive authoritative vindicable forceful eagle-eyed substantiated secure errorless corroborated colorable truthful sincere inerrant validated verified uncorrupted attested tested potent keen-eyed puritanical prim prudish stuffy pure certified definite calculable explicit empirical open stringent empiric concentrating hawk-eyed able to hold water well founded proper punctilious perfectionist regardful beady-eyed Argus-eyed tentie focused tenty feeling picking and choosing nitpicking hypercritical overdelicate surveying deducing correct eager considering intentive on the lookout discovering on one's toes detecting contemplating focussed on your toes advertent on the qui vive with eyes like a hawk compassionate tender supportive comforting warm empathetic condoling empathic commiserating commiserative tenderhearted tender-hearted consoling sympathizing schoolmarmish strait-laced nit-picky privy appraised recognizant clued Victorian awake to on-target letter-perfect dead-on spot-on impossible to please caring patient well playing with full deck fit in your right mind both oars in water oriented self-possessed having all marbles noting recognizing noticing assured sensitized impressionable reactive remarking recognising impressible kindly sensitised unselfish emotionable sympathising responsive to aware of hep to alive to in the know about sensitive to cognizant of regardful of recognizant of able to recognize seized of ware of on to mindful of in on sensible of clued-up on percipient of alert to supersensitive turned on to touchy feely most likely


Having or displaying an appreciation of the feelings of others
sensitive perceptive sympathetic thoughtful feeling understanding receptive comforting commiserating commiserative compassionate condoling considerate consoling empathetic empathic supportive sympathising sympathizing tender tenderhearted tender-hearted warm attentive aware careful intuitive caring cognizant concerned conscious diplomatic discerning kind patient impressionable reactive responsive sensitised sensitized emotionable impressible insightful kindly knowing perceiving unselfish finely tuned supersensitive touchy feely tuned in turned on to benevolent humane gentle softhearted soft affectionate warmhearted kindhearted charitable pitying beneficent warm-hearted benignant loving kind-hearted good-hearted merciful soft-hearted generous helpful indulgent solicitous good-natured altruistic big-hearted all heart mild gracious tolerant lenient doting sweet encouraging sentimental maternal benign forgiving philanthropic goodhearted large-hearted soothing reassuring bleeding-heart giving selfless motherly fatherly fatherlike humanitarian friendly great-hearted open-hearted forbearing genial clement moved emotional obliging magnanimous human approachable bighearted consolatory uplifting inspiring nurturing inspiriting sorry philanthropical piteous protective fond vicarious appreciative boosting gratifying stimulating touchy-feely cheering cheerful fulfilling mushy nice amiable amicable having heart in right place bleeding heart comprehending open-minded well-disposed accommodating full of pity condolatory accepting interested fiery irritable sensorial vulnerable high-strung nervous sensible demonstrative fragile passionate sensory appreciating affirmative good paternal enthusiastic civilized approving positive gladdening heartening calming heartwarming decent accessible righteous liberal neighborly neighbourly pleasing broad-minded civilised ruthful sparing touched adopted imagined assumed welcome old softie well disposed do-good well meaning loving and giving well-intentioned stirred hospitable agreeable pleasant lovable personable impressed congenial affable lovely cordial likeable mellow melted stimulated affected influenced conciliatory easygoing prepossessing winsome delightful unpresumptuous charming unassuming engaging simpatico reasonable sweet-natured companionable barley-sugar as nice as pie likable sociable winning appealing taking mild-mannered enchanting good-tempered captivating good-humoured sweet-tempered good-humored even-tempered harmless deeply moved munificent greathearted angelic benefic well intentioned heart in right place well-mannered umbrageous hung up sentient easily affected sensile unstable wired ticklish delicate oversensitive susceptible seeing precise touchy precarious fine keen tense acute hypersensitive psychic sensatory tricky hearty easy-going permissive open pardoning pitiful condoning susceptive courteous wholesome eleemosynary unstinting soft touch cooperative polite chivalrous brotherly calm propitious unoffensive open-handed dutiful lavish princely big bounteous public-spirited regardful bountiful respectful gallant openhanded openhearted noble freehanded deferential


Amusingly ingenious
clever witty nimble-witted sharp-witted snappy amusing droll facetious flippant funny glib highbrowed humorous quick-witted comical cutting entertaining jocular mirthful mischievous playful quick quick on the draw quick on the uptake risible scintillating sharp slapstick smart-aleck smart-alecky snazzy spirited teasing tongue-in-cheek waggish whimsical ironic jocose profound racy sparkling lively brilliant smart comic stimulating chucklesome diverting exciting bright joshing pleasant gay campy hilarious laughable fascinating animated dazzling ingenious vibrant vivacious ebullient piquant effervescent coruscating exhilarating enjoyable invigorating interesting crazy ridiculous joking jesting merry engaging farcical pleasing absorbing enthralling jokey ludicrous envigorating cheerful light-hearted blithe engrossing lighthearted wacky flip fun priceless camp appealing side-splitting relaxing radiant original irreverent satirical epigrammatic wisecracking fanciful putting one on pulling one's leg dry not serious riotous uproarious comedic humoristic hysterical penetrating screaming keen piercing intelligent zany killing wry gripping absurd sidesplitting hysteric antic ribald rib-tickling too funny for words tongue in cheek jolly compulsive jovial unputdownable roguish rewarding easy to read inviting easy eloquent worth reading well written readable well-written smooth gratifying satisfying worthwhile sportive jocund ludic cheery blithesome laughing sunny frolicsome gleeful festive glittering happy flakey frivolous good-humoured silly good-humored daffy flaky joyous boffo joculous delightful glimmering sprightly glinting charming pleasurable gagged up for grins cheering enchanting agreeable captivating beguiling nice congenial compelling recreative intriguing riveting scream striking moving entrancing inspiring stirring provocative riot be a ball fun-filled thrilling affecting enticing gas impressive restorative rousing poignant joyful high-spirited glad carefree buoyant upbeat chirpy perky chipper exuberant jaunty gladsome fun-loving bubbly in high spirits rollicking convivial happy-go-lucky peppy airy genial elated optimistic gelastic untroubled sparky zippy breezy jubilant full of beans smiling without a care in the world in good spirits slaphappy positive cock-a-hoop frisky grinning gamesome rich euphoric goofy unworried lightsome smiley peart winsome unserious impish bouncy in jest larking preposterous arch of good cheer prankish full of the joys of spring eccentric bantering kittenish hopeful pleased debonair content insouciant inane a scream exultant light zingy in fun boon ecstatic eupeptic canty nutty frolic puckish bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim and vigour coltish delighted overjoyed amused boisterous derisory gratified skittish exhilarated har-har fantastic unusual mocking bizarre beaming capering thrilled contented festal unconcerned blissful odd hysterically funny wanton elfish larky fay sportful killingly funny frolicky off-the-wall jumping rocking grooving devil-may-care a laugh a hoot loony dizzy friendly over the moon wild perk full of hope full of life Pickwickian good-natured for a laugh lots of laughs bright and breezy on top of the world as merry as a grig as lively as a grig noisy rowdy lightweight stupid nonsensical derisive asinine foolish clownish pixieish tricksy scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy rascally devilish elvish childish screamingly funny trivial trifling beatific easy-going chaffing jollying triumphant quirky quaint comedical clowning derisible warm recreational oddball carnival holiday celebratory espiègle laughter-filled outgoing rosy benign thankful satisfied on cloud seven beside oneself with joy tickled chuffed wrapped on cloud nine novel gladdening a barrel of laughs flirtatious easygoing unthinking amiable flighty quizzical laffer crack-up vigorous blessed heartening heartwarming wonderful rapturous gut-busting unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive cordial affable sunbeamy frolicking romping excited exalted smug gloating stoked Christmassy hearty gala as a joke to tease rejoicing full of fun game back-slapping good-time cut up backslapping jerky fool batty goofus dippy fool-headed gump screwy active pizazzy bouncing mettlesome springy energetic kinetic pleasure-seeking animate jazzy crank vital pert rakish spanking brisk pizzazzy unconstrained rip-roaring mad saturnalian zappy decorated carnivalesque go-go swinging feastly feastful a card a caution alert confident forward brash pushy self-assertive presuming fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy juiced up daft laugh-a-minute off the wall relaxed expansive resilient volatile feelgood laid-back

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