Đồng nghĩa của persnickety

Alternative for persnickety

Tính từ

Fastidious and hard to please
choosey choosy dainty delicate demanding exacting fastidious finical finicking finicky fussbudgety fussy nice old-maidish particular pernickety picky careful complex complicated detailed fiddly fine meticulous nitpicking painstaking pedantic precise punctilious critical overnice scrupulous discriminating hard to please selective over-particular faddy exact nit-picking faddish nit-picky thorough perfectionist strict discerning conscientious overparticular refined hair-splitting accurate rigorous methodical overcritical squeamish pass-remarkable stickling assiduous difficult diligent correct prissy difficult to please heedful captious attentive over-fastidious hypercritical studious cautious ultra-careful religious laborious conscionable punctual carping choicy fault-finding niggling sedulous sensitive mathematical inflexible eclectic select fussbudget proper judicious perceptive hairsplitting acute close prim elaborate cavilling quibbling pettifogging astute censorious overdelicate discriminatory tasteful keen stiff industrious overscrupulous subtle caviling searching discriminative exhaustive puritanical thoroughgoing observant loving strenuous minute impossible to please sharp sticklerish tough orderly opinionated hairline by the book by the numbers excessively orderly anal tricky awkward criticizing overprecise judgemental disapproving rough microscopic pinpoint pure prudish stuffy mincing overrefined queasy duteous right spot-on criticising white-glove dotting the i's crossing the t's uncompromising cultivated Victorian strait-laced schoolmarmish very careful easily disgusted earnest persevering hard-working deliberate stringent provident stickler rigid fixed priggish scientific shrewd insightful perspicacious thoughtful faithful dedicated full circumspect intensive solid regardful concerned cultured discriminational differential over-rigorous faultfinding over-strict judgmental over-censorious rejective over-exacting selfdisciplined chary in-depth going to great lengths discreet artistic aesthetic overexacting negative individualising wise prudent with good taste individualizing esthetic ultra-fine skillful definite exquisite fine-drawn dead on winning superior faultless perfect nuanced unerring incorrupted finespun skilful nifty stiff-necked ceremonious stilted formal decorous starchy overfastidious obsessive trivial fretful picky-picky fuddy-duddy old maidish overconscientious polite civil seemly formalistic courteous conventional old womanish right on good eye complete comprehensive systematic explicit true error-free flawless reliable errorless specific spot on impeccable infallible extensive all-inclusive sweeping blow-by-blow all-embracing zealous clear-cut absolute particularized intricate severe certain veracious on the button itemized definitive veridical all-out circumstantial bang on literal unambiguous defined persistent unmistakable on the money unflagging total deep profound constant particularised itemised encyclopedic truthful regular just distinct unquestionable unimpeachable encyclopaedic unfailing intent busy on the nose good active tireless dead-on rational engaged on the mark employed bustling on target working factual sure all-encompassing out-and-out logical genuine plugging analytical categorical clocklike clean concentrated precisionist inerrant efficient intense whole-hog full-dress inch-perfect actual from A to Z literalist dogmatic literalistic unswerving letter-perfect formalist on-target purist on the nail scholastic casuistical casuistic sophistical sophistic sagacious authentic ordered controlled involved immediate indefatigable fancy tied-up hopping occupied full-scale considered determined steadfast serious precision reasoned reasonable untiring deft concrete penetrating direct clear hard levelheaded swotty matter-of-fact widespread consummate ultraprecise uncanny valid stern harsh realistic compendious tenacious steady polished dependable radical deductive objective sound in depth cyclopedic embracive panoramic universal inclusive omnibus model irrefutable undeniable conclusive undisputed unrefuted deadly far-reaching well organized unmistaken upright appropriate cover-all all-in well-grounded picture-book picture-perfect classic broad-gauge broad-gauged textbook word-perfect eager beaver on the beam whole straight soup to nuts all the way royal plenty slam-bang ornate watchful thoroughpaced undeviating surgical unfavorable unfavourable unremitting unwearied focused concentrating listening grinding whiz topical intrinsic alert loyal omniscient authoritative considerable calculated measured developed canonical firm seriatim elaborated enumerated focussed point-by-point unequivocal official final unyielding well defined meaningful substantial significant word for word at length lethal effective well aimed organized umbrella global lifelike fair convincing personal without error dead right bull's-eye unbroken to a T perfected to a turn tight unbending hanging in hanging tough playing safe appreciative well-crafted express wall-to-wall regulated concerted experienced full-blown catholic veristic verisimilar walking on eggs vigorous all-absorbing clearly defined true to life purposeful exclusive well-made vigilant educated unwavering minding p's and q's heart and soul into organised experimental telling it like it is fact-based the word well-executed crystal clear firsthand no stone unturned as it really happened prompt timely scrutinising hard-to-please scrutinizing explosive heavy-duty violent vehement excruciating vicious fearsome ghastly high-pressure fierce heavy terrible resolute frightful hellacious dreadful blistering furious ferocious almighty fearful essential elemental extremely particular balanced pragmatic unblemished demure accelerated fast insistent speeded-up special intimate unqualified univocal inevitable assured mature dogged driven specialized specialised scolding diagnostic demeaning disparaging cynical judgy exceptive reproachful trenchant sarcastic contemptuous withering humbling calumniatory belittling biting censuring derogatory cavillous lowering critic nagging cutting choleric condemning satirical practical sensible ideal first-hand committed pertinacious dead positive trustworthy inerrable sure-fire invariable exemplary enlightened plausible analytic justifiable thinking intellectual synthetic intelligent credible philosophic reflective ratiocinative commonsense trustable reasoning collected cerebral seasonable on time early speedy well thought-out niminy-piminy mimsy unrelenting eager proven corroborated colorable commonsensical substantiated coherent sincere secure cogent knowing confirmed commonsensible informed validated verified old-maid po-faced governessy nice-nelly schoolmistressy straitlaced straightlaced bluenosed slogging operose persisting plodding expeditious recurrent in good time on the dot periodic cyclic quick ready seamless immaculate irreproachable copybook indefectible supportable tenable sustainable certified defensible empirical maintainable cognitive open defendable calculable empiric Grundyish square-toed without fault foolproof without blemish to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed blue-nose prim and proper moralistic dapper genteel goody-goody wooden cleanly ceremonial overmodest spic-and-span snobbish spruce dignified unspotted supreme stainless intact crimeless spotless unguilty just so spot on time under the wire bang on time sophisticated well-reasoned well-advised well-thought-out standard OK so leaving no stone unturned acceptable O.K. convoluted legitimate amen righteous stone okay undistorted equitable right as rain on the ball on the right track for sure on track on the right lines free of error right stuff along the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle

Tính từ

Requiring, or involving, great mental or physical effort
arduous onerous taxing demanding exacting burdensome challenging laborious gruelling toilsome grueling killing exhausting tiring strenuous punishing hard difficult rigorous back-breaking tough heavy trying formidable uphill murderous exigent wearing fatiguing stiff severe wearisome Herculean crushing troublesome oppressive weighty backbreaking rugged rough stressful stringent testing tiresome tedious operose grievous grinding herculean knackering moiling effortful sweaty tall hellacious killer wearying painful Augean pick-and-shovel sapping enervating draining irksome relentless harsh labored laboured intolerable inconvenient awkward debilitating unsparing vexatious excruciating painstaking disturbing brutal ponderous grim vigorous galling cumbersome harrowing unbearable pressing distressing time-consuming prostrating worrisome steep boring murder hardhanded inhuman cruel searing bitter a nuisance responsible grave protracted worksome wicked lengthy hardworking an imposition no picnic hypercritical precise thorough critical careful nit-picking worrying carking superincumbent by the book merciless excessive overtaxing overpowering serious austere embittering plodding headache bruising torturous tortuous daunting unforgiving agonizing hellish toilful forbidding fierce intimidating hairy unpleasant gargantuan unyielding jarring upstream solemn thorny distressful bothersome agonising imperious shattering backbreaker ambitious depleting tricky energy-consuming upsetting sticky crippling problematic traumatic knotty prickly concerning troubling vexing nerve-racking nasty unsettling harassing exasperating delicate niggling disquieting annoying alarming dodgy disagreeable ticklish enervative perturbing frustrating unremitting problematical awful irritating aggravating mean dire dangerous sensitive dismaying fraught scary colossal bleak tormenting harrying hostile maddening extreme precarious pressured hazardous controversial nagging complicated involved tough going strict intricate hectic spartan complex touchy pestilent tricksy spiny catchy anxious-making discomforting mighty terrible nettlesome intense tense hefty chancy weary perilous anxious troublous pesky dreadful tight plaguy pestiferous pestilential discouraging agitating perplexing baffling dark unnerving vexed lamentable overwhelming convoluted unfriendly energetic ugly impossible staggering iffy gigantic titanic really hard very hard bad infuriating slavish difficile frightening dismal rankling discomposing appalling unkind infernal irking drudging Sisyphean deplorable atrocious abrasive riling monumental punitive inexorable puzzling chafing nettling peeving incommodious confounded repressive immoderate disheartening nerve-wracking wretched high-impact restless risky shocking domineering unfair rowdy impressive despotic savage heartbreaking tragic rebarbative cussed pesty plaguey unstable rocky ominous afflicting immense dispiriting heart-rending almighty dubious suspect questionable unfortunate prohibitive regrettable major menacing a stinker of a woeful busy uncomfortable dicey threatening heartrending high-pressure anxiety-ridden huge powerful unreasonable stretching searching physical exorbitant massive straitened uncharitable withering apprehensive unrelaxing paradoxical mammoth unrelenting dour thoroughgoing overburdening strained nail-biting dogged grating provoking objectionable displeasing forceful heroic courageous slow repugnant very difficult echinated briery stimulating pointed enraging unwelcome antagonizing exerting creepy nervous uneasy no piece of cake large order heavy sledding like herding cats disappointing awesome demoralizing terrifying panicky gut-wrenching teasing festering antipathetic insufferable ghastly foul horrible rotten horrid vile sad tyrannical disconcerting unsatisfying unattractive antagonising considerable disastrous significant life-threatening acute frightful horrendous abominable dictatorial autocratic consequential enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall easier said than done torturesome drudgy vicious hurtful scabrous uphill battle unendurable hard-won marathon problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone ferocious undemocratic unjust draconian treacherous vulnerable aggressive bold sobering big intensive peracute tyrannous grotty off-putting shameful outrageous heinous daring grandiose authoritarian iron-fisted parlous glaring egregious overbearing pitiless ruthless coercive anti-democratic industrious lousy beastly unsafe unsound fearsome mean-looking fazing high-handed overweening peremptory grand elaborate extravagant intrepid frantic chaotic insecure unpredictable shaky gnarly racking gloomy sombre ironhanded rough going depressive heavy-handed somber depressing confining from hell chastening monstrous tragical iniquitous nefarious unlucky flagrant gross pretentious visionary lofty active eventful frenzied frenetic lively demoralising touch-and-go fraught with danger high-risk flagitious magnificent turbulent villainous harmful pathetic offensive pitiful large-scale a bummer of a flustering animated madhouse tireless full tumultuous riotous furious bustling wild importunate full on unruly spirited action-packed bumpy raucous intractable undisciplined infestive ungovernable damaging messy disorderly uncertain nice unsteady capricious temperamental mercurial changeable inconstant volatile fickle variable

Tính từ

Snobbish, condescending or aloof in manner or behavior
snobbish snooty snotty elitist snobby potty aristocratic ritzy high-hat toffee-nosed pretentious superior stuck-up arrogant uppity haughty pompous patronizing conceited high and mighty condescending patronising supercilious hoity-toity high-and-mighty swanky exclusive disdainful affected aloof self-important snippy toplofty egotistic uppish egotistical important highfalutin proud puffed up fancy-pants la-di-da cocky lofty smug cavalier overbearing sniffy impertinent sassy cheeky remote ostentatious tony fresh high-flown smart-alecky putting on airs inflated selective elitist highbrow discriminatory on a high horse presumptuous overweening cliquish overconfident pushy imperious bullish peremptory brash lordly cocksure insolent chesty forward bumptious bold dictatorial domineering huffish masterful assumptive smart boastful huffy officious blustering opinionated brassy hifalutin toploftical assuming presuming saucy rude unabashed brazen flip hubristic wise pushful immodest audacious contumelious unblushing barefaced boldfaced procacious cool malapert pert self-assertive self-asserting throwing one's weight about high-handed stiff-necked highfalutin' know-it-all la-de-da vain vainglorious prideful contemptuous swaggering swollen-headed scornful impudent self-opinionated self-satisfied bigheaded pontifical egoistic egoistical bossy narcissistic swellheaded self-conceited full of oneself self-centered magisterial self-centred big-headed grandiose self-assured self-confident egocentric biggity confident biggety selfish self-congratulatory assured full of yourself stuck up above oneself bragging self-affected self-promoting self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying self-engrossed bloated complacent sententious posh nervy sneering mocking autocratic authoritarian self-righteous self-serving orgulous dismissive holier-than-thou blusterous too big for your boots stiff strutting scoffing indifferent pontificating showy consequential smarty inconsiderate jumped up self-loving wise guy sure on your high horse foolhardy overbold tyrannical rash uncivil despotic cold-shoulder careless brassbound portentous arch disrespectful on high horse puffy flaunting high-minded brazen-faced bold-faced on an ego trip full of hot air too big for one's boots too big for one's breeches braggart bombastic braggy self-complacent self-pleased unreserved self-flattering self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery self-applauding dominating extroverted extraverted uninhibited stuffy vaunting arbitrary giddy silliness thoughtless dizzy flighty offhand oppressive poncey windy loud obnoxious highhanded high puffed-up puffed ambitious boasting la-dee-da complaisant refined undemocratic heavy-handed curt casual self-aggrandizing reserved distant detached free familiar offensively self-assertive willful rigid wilful inflexible anti-democratic repressive honourable gracious honorable high falutin overfamiliar impolite unconcerned insouciant uninterested throwing one's weight around too big for one's britches nose in the air impetuous previous premature overhasty hasty precipitate commanding airy wiseguy standoffish unceremonious discourteous pleased with yourself splendid exaggerated grand spectacular flatulent flowery highfaluting magnificent overstated presumptive derisive ironhanded dominant temerarious madcap daredevil reckless abrupt brusque glib terse cursory perfunctory off ungracious improper inappropriate shameless take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish riding for a fall overoptimistic heedless positive disparaging slighting withering hotshot certain jaunty jeering abhorrent insulting full of contempt smart aleck smart guy smarty pants rejecting antipathetic contemning averse unsympathetic scouting despising repudiating heading for a fall turning up your nose at looking down your nose at egomaniac peacockish loudmouth windbag brag boast ham phony gall conceity phoney self-regarding snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet think too highly of oneself pleased with oneself have an excessively high opinion of oneself self-admiring in love with oneself big talking think a lot of oneself

Tính từ

Having an exaggerated perception of one's positive qualities
bigheaded conceited egotistic vainglorious bragging swaggering vaunting arrogant assured biggety biggity boastful bumptious cocky complacent consequential crowing egoistic egoistical egotistical immodest important overconfident overweening pompous prideful proud puffed-up self-conceited self-important self-opinionated self-satisfied smug stuck-up swellheaded swollen-headed vain pretentious self-centred self-centered snooty full of yourself high and mighty too big for your boots too big for your breeches haughty puffed up snobbish supercilious superior narcissistic imperious uppity presumptuous high-and-mighty uppish egocentric self-congratulatory lordly high-handed cavalier overbearing huffy hifalutin patronizing disdainful lofty condescending big-headed opinionated highfalutin sniffy full of oneself self-contented ostentatious pontifical self-assured snobby patronising self-righteous stuck up impudent toploftical toplofty insolent self-assertive selfish chesty domineering brash confident audacious self-affected self-promoting self-adulatory self-glorifying self-engrossed know-it-all toffee-nosed aloof affected contemptuous scornful snotty huffish self-asserting high-hat self-admiring bloated bossy hoity-toity self-confident stiff-necked inflated holier-than-thou pleased with oneself strutting forward hubristic elitist self-serving blustering autocratic snippy self-loving cocksure peremptory orgulous blusterous bold boasting brazen magisterial dismissive wisenheimer assumptive braggart presuming cheeky smarty impertinent self-regarding bombastic self-applauding masterful cold-shoulder cool self-pleased self-approving assuming pleased with yourself wise guy proud of oneself full of hot air on an ego trip pleased content individualistic swollen pushy mocking swanky scoffing brassy sneering egomaniac peacockish inner-directed self-absorbed loudmouth windbag fancy-pants above oneself smart-alecky in love with oneself jumped up goody-goody stuck on oneself well pleased sure think too highly of oneself have an excessively high opinion of oneself too big for one's britches too big for one's boots too big for one's breeches think a lot of oneself saucy braggy pontificating self-complacent unreserved self-flattering self-gratulatory self-dramatizing authoritarian blustery dominating extroverted extraverted uninhibited self-opinioned la-di-da priggish stuffy hotshot posh self-obsessed blowhard sententious grandiose big-mouthed swanking officious on one's high horse self-respecting flushed wrapped up in oneself self-aggrandizing big exultant ingrained obsessive personal intimate inborn inherent idiosyncratic intrinsic isolated introverted subjective nose in the air too big for your britches blowing one's own horn think one is the cat's pyjamas think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift on ego trip hot stuff rude free familiar pert overbold fresh I'm all right, Jack well-pleased flushed with success proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary like the cat that's got the cream egomaniacal overfamiliar rash impolite impetuous uncivil previous premature overhasty hasty foolhardy precipitate presumptive sassy happy contumelious inconsiderate disrespectful improper inappropriate shameless gratified satisfied contented serene gloating triumphant unconcerned obsequious brag boast ham phony gall conceity phoney easy-going self-possessed like the cat that got the cream resting on your laurels snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet big talking dictatorial tyrannical despotic assertive authoritative nervy commanding dogmatic tyrannous autocratical tyrannic arbitrary forceful wise oppressive brazen-faced bold-faced imperative aristocratic doctrinaire inflexible pushful brassbound arch portentous rigid imperial loud showy wilful harsh aggressive uncompromising potty insulting bullish ritzy flip withering obstinate unyielding puffy repressive draconian willful flaunting smart offensive on high horse insistent severe stiff unabashed adamant imposing barefaced indifferent full of contempt prejudiced on your high horse opinionative opinioned ambitious bigoted derisive thrusting iron-handed exclusive obdurate heavy-handed intolerant dogmatical obnoxious slighting undemocratic autarchic pigheaded disparaging anti-democratic obtrusive jeering pushing strict stubborn malapert abhorrent scathing strident belittling unblushing firm loudmouthed putting on airs coercive biased absolute high controlling brusque abrupt discourteous hotheaded impulsive impolitic highhanded emphatic thoughtless dominant ungracious derisory regnant totalitarian careless positive remote tony iron-fisted summary gracious flatulent heedless certain illiberal high-flown high-minded la-de-da untactful vivacious single-minded demeaning degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative abusive definite in-your-face procacious bull-headed demanding highfaluting sardonic dictative loud-mouthed throwing one's weight around defiant of fixed views hard opprobrious blatant sarcastic offhand puffed standoffish elitist refined airy powerful casual curt cliquish masterly bullying poncey windy disciplinarian honourable honorable silliness giddy dizzy flighty insouciant uninterested offensively self-assertive ironhanded overproud high falutin reserved distant detached selective decisive wiseguy self-willed unceremonious lording it stooping insufferable ranting glib terse cursory off perfunctory preponderant ascendant prevalent majestic regal august judicial stately dignified partisan driven grand spectacular magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish la-dee-da complaisant boldfaced sure of oneself insubordinate compulsatory obligatory mandatory exacting required compulsory indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed highbrow discriminatory temerarious daredevil reckless madcap effervescent trashy headlong brazenfaced incautious bright maladroit brisk fustian ill-mannered unmannerly high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant swollen with pride on a high horse riding for a fall overoptimistic Neronian cynical hypercritical tactless of preconceived ideas denigrating monocratic as bold as brass lacking civility bad mannered lippy sharp-elbowed clamorous crack-the-whip stern throwing weight around tolerant free-and-easy despicable malicious intrusive compelling undeniable rigorous decided fixed stringent finished feisty downright unchallengeable entrenched narrow-minded unquestionable categorical unbending out-of-line breezy mannerless off-base crude crass coarse rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic unsympathetic scouting repudiating jaunty unshrinking unembarrassed unashamed throwing one's weight about absolutist small-minded brass-necked spirited noisy blaring fascistic fanatical one-sided unequivocal tenacious determined wrong-headed formal bullheaded prying protrusive nosey interfering busy meddling intruding meddlesome snoopy over-assertive nosy uncontrolled one-party unaccountable unconstitutional single-party gritty sure of yourself heading for a fall put down grating jarring taunting undiplomatic ruthless tsarist czarist merciless bold as brass coming on strong not backwards in coming forwards smart aleck smart guy smarty pants piercing raucous go-ahead turning up your nose at looking down your nose at subjugating cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill hard-nosed temperamental disapproving upstage strong-willed gaudy ear-splitting vulgar flashy discordant devastating high hat dog it jazzy tinny garish humiliating high-pitched metallic flirtatious arrant in driver's seat crack the whip solemn stinging biting mortifying blistering blasting searing ponderous snubbing blighting hurtful sonorous grandiloquent declamatory crushing rhetorical overblown oratorical overripe apostolic serious grave headstrong pig-headed

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