Đồng nghĩa của silliness

Alternative for silliness

silliness /'silinis/
  • danh từ
    • tính ngờ nghệch, tính ngớ ngẩn, tính khờ dại


A lack of common sense or good judgment
absurdity asininity balminess brainlessness craziness daftness dippiness dottiness fatuity fatuousness folly foolishness imbecility inanity insanity lunacy madness nonsensicalness nuttiness preposterousness senselessness simplicity unwisdom wackiness witlessness zaniness childishness goofiness idiocy inaneness ineptitude meaninglessness mindlessness pointlessness puerility ridiculousness triviality stupidity foolery ludicrousness irrationality tomfoolery nonsense illogicality unreasonableness foppery clowning absurdness irresponsibility foolhardiness buffoonery imprudence bêtise horseplay skylarking shenanigans farcicality high jinks monkeyshines rashness clownery slapstick monkeying mischief pranks outlandishness monkey business vacuity horsing around antics indiscretion recklessness roughhouse roughhousing hijinks impracticality insensibility nonsensicality drollery larks carrying-on capers oafishness injudiciousness fun frivolity immaturity humor thoughtlessness tricks unintelligence doltishness wildness obtuseness monkey tricks stupidness outrageousness incongruity wittiness wit jocularity comedy jocoseness comicality humorousness jocosity funniness comicalness drollness eccentricity horse feathers playfulness jesting humour futility malarkey didoes unwiseness lack of sense dumb trick farce flakiness facetiousness flippancy strangeness oddness stunts escapades frolics fooling witticism gaiety amusement joke dumbness levity joking joyfulness whimsy raillery badinage banter romps dopiness simpleness frivolousness fruitlessness moronism cloddishness risibility weakness giddiness illogicalness obtusity dim-wittedness farcicalness denseness practical jokes harlequinade mischievousness carry-on desipience insaneness poppycock mistake gormlessness bunk waggishness cretinism harlequinades lack of foresight lack of caution obliviousness larking around foolish behaviour density carryings-on prank trouble tommyrot funny business fool trick fooling around pettiness emptiness worthlessness high spirits lightness pleasantry gag happiness jest wisecrack laughableness kidding weirdness vapidity rubbish claptrap midsummer madness crassness hoaxing twaddle aberration uselessness incautiousness brashness temerity carelessness heedlessness impetuousness incompetency vice unsoundness inadvisability obliquity insipidity derangement silly behaviour alienation distraction imbalance psychopathy craze abject stupidity crazy temerariousness utter stupidity dumb thing to do escapade frolic caper stunt antic fun and games dullness slowness simplemindedness dulness feeblemindedness hanky-panky devilry devilment misbehaviour rascality amusing behaviour character vein spirits propensity temper notion mind makeup bee bias individualism personality complexion individuality fancy conceit vagary tone caprice bent disposition whim strain quirk nature capering jive jazz flapdoodle bull practical joke no good dishonesty trickery goings-on misdemeanour misconduct chicanery skulduggery applesauce improbability messing around BS hot air jiggery-pokery hokey-pokey monkeyshine disobedience mischief-making misbehavior ridiculosity frame of mind larking about messing about blankness duncery stolidity ninnyism misdemeanor clowning around incomprehension apathy vacuousness kidding around playing around ignorance bewilderment boneheadedness incredulity indifference emotionlessness dimness nitwittedness incongruency ludicrosity lightheartedness hilarity inattentiveness thickness expressionlessness confusion incredulousness incuriousness merriment unconventionality flightiness mirth wisecracking incongruousness bizarreness vacancy abstraction uproariousness whimsicality hilariousness jokiness mirthfulness moronity clownishness lack of interest lack of intelligence lack of thought absent-mindedness empty-headedness lack of understanding dull-wittedness light-heartedness


Senseless or absurd language, behavior, or ideas
nonsense hogwash drivel garbage rubbish poppycock malarkey baloney twaddle balderdash claptrap blather piffle bunk codswallop bull rot trash tosh bunkum guff hooey crock hokum moonshine humbug flapdoodle folly fiddlesticks boloney applesauce bilge horsefeathers bosh tommyrot crapola blither foolishness blarney senselessness slush stupidity malarky blah fudge muck hokeypokey nuts jazz flannel taradiddle trumpery drool hoodoo tarradiddle blatherskite buncombe fiddle beans falderal folderol nerts punk blah-blah fiddle-faddle gibberish tripe hot air eyewash cobblers blether wack balls blathers phooey waffle stuff and nonsense bushwa dribble gammon bulldust havers cod gobbledegook toffee babble jive prattle bizzo pap bull's wool inanity palaver double Dutch absurdity bombast rigmarole gobbledygook verbiage pants cack idiocy mumbo jumbo giddiness fatuity madness gabble codology irrationality imprudence flightiness BS foolish talk ludicrousness ridiculousness trifle jabber talk foolery bananas pretense pretence flimflam kak jest joke thoughtlessness ranting empty talk chatter fustian stuff jargon prating gossip froth frippery frivolity tomfoolery jabberwocky tattle flummery fun scrawl rashness scribble double-talk dross trivia soft soap prate untruth carrying-on bean rant malaise bafflegab cant hypocrisy foolhardiness pointlessness charlatanry quackery rhubarb gas rambling twitter insanity triviality yabbering yatter yackety-yak futile talk useless words falsehood trickery refuse doublespeak hedging prevarication evasion equivocation spiel Greek nattering chuntering wittering stultiloquence fantasy fiction corn craziness crud noise deception jabbering weasel words idle talk double talk clack twattle blabber gab natter chitchat chat confab patter conversation confabulation jaw gabfest small talk yak chin-wag rap cackle schmooze causerie backchat jangle burble table talk chin music colloquy slobber gibber abracadabra chit-chat babbling dialogue chitter-chatter waffling dialog gibbering tittle-tattle gabber heart-to-heart discourse discussion chinwag conference powwow rabbit crack prattling blethering blathering yammering yattering yapping jawing chinwagging exchange adda yakking rabbiting on craic convo wind hearsay bull session verbosity grandiloquence chattering hocus-pocus rhetoric rumor word oratory buzz blab rumour yammer tête-à-tête boasting blubbering tattling scuttlebutt murmur argle-bargle pomposity unintelligible language obscure language bluster jibber-jabber report braggadocio account grapevine rabbiting rodomontade meddling cry bragging mag fanfaronade dirty laundry back-fence talk clishmaclaver claver footle tongue-wagging scat raving ravings muttering clamour clamor dish idle chat korero tete-a-tete trivial talk incoherent talk wild talk officialese twittering Choctaw padding rantings talking gabbling gossiping chatting frothy talk bravado lies all Greek baragouin loquacity prolixity foretalk rumors pleasantry pleasantries gen hubbub technobabble obscuration legalese rapid talk unintelligible talk nonsense talk wordiness chewing the fat goss dirt cackling yarn witter consultation chewing the rag logorrhoea meaningless talk newsmongering mere words verbalizing parley verbalising cajolery wheedle flatter meeting rumours trivial conversation beauty-parlor chitchat casual conversation light talk polite remark idle chatter converse badinage banter raillery persiflage boastful talk ramblings monologue monolog one-to-one visit tale defamation dirty linen wire gossipry chronicle dirty wash scandal injury whispering campaign story malicious talk telling tales news slander earful calumny rumormongering clothesline glib talk rap session effusion gushing magniloquence rumourmongering talebearing turgidity exuberance pretentiousness gasconade rhodomontade brag euphuism grandiosity ostentation affectedness cockalorum periphrasis tumidity verboseness altiloquence pad long-windedness exaggeration rave bombastry cotton aureation rhapsody padded stuffed affectation tympany rage extravagant boasting gush bombard phrase purple prose


Denoting amusement, enjoyment or pleasure
fun amusement enjoyment pleasure excitement joy thrill cheer entertainment glee merriment play blast buffoonery festivity foolery joyfulness merriness mirth playfulness satisfaction ball cheerfulness cheeriness festiveness gaiety gleefulness happiness jocularity jollity living it up tomfoolery vibrancy enthusiasm exuberance felicity gladness high spirits hilarity jesting laughter levity light-heartedness liveliness mirthfulness mischief nonsense perkiness rapture revelry sunniness vigor vigour vim vitality vivacity vividness zest brightness clowning distraction diversion ebullience energy good time grins solace buoyancy gambol joking rejoicing riot treat romping blitheness blithesomeness friskiness funniness gamboling gambolling humorousness jocundity jolliness kick knavery lightheartedness mischievousness rascality roguishness sportiveness waggery wantonness comedy exhilaration facetiousness foolishness humour humor jocoseness jocosity sport frolic merrymaking joviality conviviality recreation delight drollery jest whoopee revel fun and games gayety pleasantry reveling elation revelling joyousness joke gag wit animation banter relaxation celebration shindig jollification effervescence game gayness witticism badinage lark horseplay wingding prank skylarking gratification sparkle high jinks sprightliness raillery absurdity geniality wisecrack flippancy good humor divertissement spree jollies colorfulness caper jape comicality party kidding escapade drollness brilliance glitter radiance pastime slapstick showiness color frolicking pleasantness joie de vivre frivolity shenanigans wittiness romp laugh crack carousal farce repartee laughs frolics giggle antics colour larks practical joke rollicking antic comicalness delectation buzz quip ludicrousness josh monkeyshines lightness carousing revels dalliance monkey business feast rib waggishness titillation charge rave hobby trick rollick high disport beano picnic refreshment kicks funny ridicule leisure stunt rave-up hooley boffola adventure whimsy ridiculousness childishness monkey tricks euphoria fling teasing folly stimulation partying frisk uproariousness one-liner rush triviality tingle sally hilariousness relish interest joshing frivolousness farcicality rec whimsicality flightiness glow frisson hoopla beguilement binge high-spiritedness fooling around clownery bash boffo zaniness trifling bang monkeying boff lift nifty giddiness pun jolly boot blowout satire jauntiness horsing around yuk good cheer high time sensation beer and skittles richness comic carefreeness leisure activity pranks roguery dido mockery festival stupidity junketing absurdness ploy didoes flush of excitement shines idyll idyl roughhousing derision relief indulgence witticisms carouse occupation roughhouse verve capers chaff exultation revelment light-mindedness persiflage jubilation puerility frothiness regalement larking about do chaffing hijinks yuck light-headedness triumph field day event festive occasion R and R splurge bon mot turn-on skylark games good feeling banquet tricks preposterousness nonsensicalness illogicality irrationality outing unreasonableness debauchery wordplay restoration feasting roistering capering practical jokes hysterics skittishness self-indulgence quips rag shavie capriccio wisecracking foolish behaviour hoot superficiality irony jamboree merry-go-round activity celebrations funny side gas inanity contentment shenanigan get-together contentedness risibility ribbing comical aspect comfort reception function content volatility shindy thrash knees-up gathering boisterousness scramble run backchat at-home social jokiness daftness fooling bunfight beanfeast fete idiocy wallop fruition shallowness twitter craziness senselessness madness dippiness burlesque source of pleasure sense of humor dance lunacy insanity rib-tickler spoof jouissance give-and-take hop play on words feeling of excitement affair luncheon tea movable feast coffee klatch dinner barbecue soiree coming-out prom cocktails gala giggles cavorting archness pleasing boost bonhomie frolicsomeness convulsions hysteria clowning about clowning around laughableness scorn mummery brawl puns gladdening dissipation joyride escapades romps stunts exercise debauch saturnalia parties festivities manna celebrating rest and relaxation put-on leg-pull adrenaline comic side pursuit whoopla whoop-de-do devilry amusing time jaunt fickleness irreverence jokes surprise excursion action athletics exultance enjoying oneself smugness jolt festive schadenfreude trouble harlequinades carryings-on the funny side sense of fun black humor bit of mischief piece of fun gamble source of fun put on hot foot bird fooling about aphorism rough-and-tumble physical exercise competitive games physical recreation physical activity feeling of euphoria ecstasy rampage festive event bliss hoax preoccupation engrossment zing spirit spiritedness life harlequinade messing around no good unimportance vacuity clambake comeback asininity liking leisure pursuit funny business messing about larking around bunk irresponsibility kidding around playing around carrying-on blissfulness funnies takeoff send-up travesty camp interlude schtick skip rout cavort leap cakewalk leg-pulling japing ragging festive proceedings eccentricity airiness irrepressibility breeziness dizziness funny remark jive canard clown rough-housing misbehaviour misbehavior rough play rowdiness rough and tumble killer chestnut quirk blague fulfilment delirium beatitude rhapsody fervor strangeness outlandishness inaneness incongruency witlessness fatuity goofiness ludicrosity lustiness pep brio dynamism gusto anecdote epigram bit of fun exploit fribble flirting toying inconsequentiality coquetting frippery ditziness enchantment transports of delight joyance good spirits optimism transport cloud nine great pleasure warm fuzzies great joy fervour fulfillment knee-slapper double entendre shaggy-dog story in-joke funny story old chestnut thigh-slapper ha-ha night on the town unrestrained behavior night on the razzle bit of amusement kidology oddness wackiness brainlessness mindlessness fatuousness nuttiness joys of spring peartness chirpiness bounce pizzazz zip gambado social gathering reunion dallying imbecility incongruousness bizarreness nonsensicality illogicalness oafishness unconventionality simplicity incongruity play on gag show high camp comic drama zeal excitedness pzazz exuberancy ceilidh roasting razzing good-humoured mockery asteism parody lampoonery farcicalness gormlessness balminess tertulia corroboree hoedown levee bake shower simcha social event social function luau social occasion bashment cookout bantering ripostes sallies wisecracks jeering swordplay quipping crosstalk jokefulness shebang disco bop beer-up enjoying hedonism sensuality loving savor luxury savour unwisdom dottiness doltishness cloddishness moronism moronity wildness clownishness foppery after-party empty-headedness amusingness gaming ding soirée jollo shivoo kegger powwow lig rage squeeze rort ding-dong afterparty squash jol bants sports gambling ruse bee wrap party match exchange chitchat playful jab bons mots small talk gossip witty remarks witty conversation dissing a good time inspiration me-time fireworks thrilling experience occasion evening orgy cocktail party evening party dinner party drinks party positive response


Pompous, self-important and snobbish
hoity-toity conceited condescending patronising patronizing snobby supercilious superior arrogant disdainful haughty imperious lofty lordly overweening posh proud self-important snobbish snooty uppish uppity dizzy flighty giddy la-di-da pompous pretentious thoughtless toffee-nosed above oneself high and mighty stuck-up overbearing highfalutin sniffy cavalier snotty toplofty high-and-mighty egotistic presumptuous high-hat contemptuous hifalutin high-handed bumptious huffy toploftical affected prideful cocky scornful stiff-necked egotistical important vainglorious smug aloof huffish insolent fancy-pants elitist chesty self-asserting self-assertive assumptive vain ostentatious puffed up masterful presuming snippy boastful peremptory swollen-headed immodest narcissistic swaggering big-headed overconfident self-centred self-centered egoistic egoistical hubristic pontifical bossy swellheaded biggity self-conceited self-opinionated blustering opinionated brash bigheaded full of oneself grandiose biggety bloated selfish audacious sneering domineering self-satisfied mocking egocentric persnickety aristocratic self-affected self-righteous self-promoting self-contented self-adulatory self-serving self-glorifying self-engrossed self-congratulatory impudent orgulous stuck up assuming cool exclusive ritzy potty scoffing bold brazen autocratic brassy swanky high-flown cheeky bragging jumped up putting on airs contumelious dismissive assured magisterial cocksure high-minded indifferent remote tony on high horse dictatorial know-it-all smarty cold-shoulder pushy refined wise guy on your high horse sure la-de-da flaunting on an ego trip poncey too big for one's boots holier-than-thou gone Hollywood too big for one's breeches portentous confident inflated self-confident chichi too big for your boots high falutin' schmaltzy self-assured campy puffy blusterous stuffy full of yourself dicty complacent consequential ambitious high tyrannical on a high horse cliquish despotic authoritarian commanding airy wiseguy standoffish self-aggrandizing reserved distant detached too big for one's britches nose in the air derisive highbrow discriminatory selective honourable gracious honorable flatulent highfaluting puffed-up showy swollen with pride boasting windy bullish disparaging disrespectful slighting withering forward unblushing saucy boldfaced rude flip wise pert pushful fresh smart-alecky barefaced impertinent throwing one's weight about procacious smart unabashed malapert officious sassy jeering abhorrent insulting snot-nosed mannered contrived lah-di-dah artificial full of airs and graces genteel precious over-refined upper-class full of contempt rejecting antipathetic contemning averse unsympathetic scouting despising repudiating stagy pedantic over-elaborate theatrical turning up your nose at looking down your nose at nervy assertive authoritative dogmatic strutting tyrannous autocratical tyrannic arbitrary forceful oppressive inconsiderate brazen-faced bold-faced imperative doctrinaire inflexible dominating brassbound arch rigid imperial loud wilful harsh sententious aggressive self-loving uncompromising rash pleased with oneself pontificating obstinate unyielding repressive draconian willful offensive insistent severe stiff shameless adamant bombastic imposing uncivil prejudiced opinionative opinioned vaunting impetuous bigoted thrusting iron-handed obdurate heavy-handed intolerant dogmatical obnoxious undemocratic autarchic pigheaded familiar loudmouth overfamiliar anti-democratic obtrusive pushing peacockish strict stubborn overbold impolite free scathing strident self-regarding self-absorbed braggart self-admiring self-applauding belittling pleased with yourself unreserved firm loudmouthed in love with oneself coercive biased absolute full of hot air foolhardy controlling brusque abrupt discourteous hotheaded impulsive impolitic precipitate hasty highhanded emphatic dominant ungracious derisory regnant crowing improper inappropriate totalitarian egomaniac careless positive hotshot iron-fisted summary heedless windbag certain illiberal untactful vivacious wisenheimer single-minded demeaning degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative abusive definite in-your-face bull-headed demanding sardonic dictative loud-mouthed throwing one's weight around defiant of fixed views hard opprobrious blatant think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself sarcastic self-approving goody-goody have an excessively high opinion of oneself well pleased self-complacent self-flattering extraverted braggy self-pleased self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited proud of oneself offhand puffed elitist powerful casual curt masterly bullying disciplinarian unconcerned insouciant uninterested offensively self-assertive ironhanded overproud high falutin self-obsessed decisive self-willed unceremonious lording it stooping insufferable ranting glib terse cursory off perfunctory preponderant ascendant prevalent majestic regal august judicial stately dignified blowing one's own horn partisan self-opinioned driven grand spectacular magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated priggish wrapped up in oneself take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish la-dee-da complaisant blowhard overhasty previous premature sure of oneself insubordinate compulsatory obligatory mandatory exacting required compulsory indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed temerarious daredevil reckless madcap effervescent trashy headlong brazenfaced incautious bright maladroit brisk fustian presumptive ill-mannered unmannerly swanking big-mouthed high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant too big for your breeches on one's high horse self-respecting riding for a fall overoptimistic Neronian cynical hypercritical tactless big of preconceived ideas exultant denigrating monocratic as bold as brass lacking civility bad mannered lippy sharp-elbowed clamorous crack-the-whip stern throwing weight around tolerant free-and-easy despicable malicious intrusive stuck on oneself compelling undeniable rigorous decided fixed stringent finished feisty think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas downright unchallengeable entrenched narrow-minded unquestionable categorical unbending out-of-line breezy mannerless off-base pleased crude crass coarse jaunty unshrinking unembarrassed unashamed content absolutist small-minded flushed brass-necked spirited brag boast hot stuff conceity ham phony gall noisy blaring phoney fascistic fanatical one-sided unequivocal tenacious determined wrong-headed formal bullheaded prying protrusive nosey interfering busy meddling intruding meddlesome snoopy over-assertive nosy uncontrolled one-party unaccountable unconstitutional single-party gritty sure of yourself heading for a fall put down grating jarring taunting undiplomatic on ego trip ruthless tsarist czarist merciless bold as brass coming on strong not backwards in coming forwards smart aleck smart guy smarty pants piercing raucous go-ahead subjugating cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill hard-nosed temperamental disapproving upstage I'm all right, Jack well-pleased proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary flushed with success like the cat that's got the cream strong-willed gaudy ear-splitting vulgar flashy discordant devastating high hat dog it big talking jazzy tinny garish blowing one's own trumpet humiliating high-pitched metallic flirtatious arrant in driver's seat crack the whip solemn stinging biting mortifying blistering blasting searing ponderous snubbing blighting hurtful sonorous grandiloquent declamatory crushing rhetorical overblown oratorical overripe apostolic serious grave headstrong pig-headed

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