Đồng nghĩa của flaunting

Alternative for flaunting

flaunts, flaunted, flaunting

Đồng nghĩa: display, exhibit, parade,

Danh từ

A boastful or ostentatious display
show display exhibition exhibitionism parading demonstration showiness showing off ostentation ostentatiousness spectacle vaunting flashiness flamboyance extravagance ornateness garishness glitz pretentiousness swank glitziness pretension pomp splendor swankiness ritziness splendour splashiness showoff boasting pageantry bragging pompousness pomposity splurge fanfare lavishness splendidness resplendence bravura pizzazz gaudiness frippery showboat obtrusiveness conspicuousness vanity vulgarity loudness brashness theatricality kitschness affectation flash pzazz self-advertisement tastelessness flashness tinsel fuss bad taste parade array meretriciousness tawdriness dazzle glamor glamour production performance flourish window-dressing commotion ado bother boast swagger magnificence put-on braggadocio bravado vainglory pretending swaggering brag vaunt pageant shine brazenness to-do hoo-ha razzle-dazzle false front grandstand play grandeur glory brilliance ceremony majesty stateliness gloriousness panoply grandiosity sumptuousness grandness nobility gorgeousness splendiferousness style state superbness augustness sublimeness solemnity nobleness richness éclat stupendousness conceit resplendency splash radiance vigor vigour drama self-importance ceremoniousness boastfulness egotism glitter dash ceremonial smugness vaingloriousness opulence ritual razzmatazz formality self-admiration self-love pride conceitedness bumptiousness luxury brilliancy self-conceit consequence arrogance impressiveness ego swellheadedness self-congratulation self-opinion vainness pridefulness complacency self-glory complacence self-esteem self-assumption bighead self-satisfaction haughtiness imperiousness airs brightness affectedness front amour propre cockiness swelled head bigheadedness grandioseness grandezza grand gesture image impression window dressing luxuriousness fineness superficiality appearance beauty elegance hullabaloo ballyhoo stir poshness success effect confidence brouhaha hype hubbub publicity sensationalism bluster triumph excellence sight renown finery narcissism pomp and circumstance refinement flair lustre dignity energy punch spirit swashbuckling alarum cheering salute elaboration egomania self-absorption egocentrism self-centredness self-obsession egoism self-regard rank standing showmanship stylishness trappings gasconade puffery boldness panache virtuosity animation verve pretence pretense swollen-headedness regalia quality fashion class rodomontade big-headedness self-worship ego trip affected ways luster assumption superiority masterfulness presumptuousness loftiness self-consequence huffiness hauteur inflation toploftiness peremptoriness superciliousness lordliness attire apparatus dress turnout get-up trumpet blast élan brio showing-off stature status cachet prestige raiment insignia garb exhibit exposure scheme example sample arrayal revelation presentation act manifestation unfolding layout frame-up pedantry blaze exposition arrangement panorama expo spread immodesty high horse posing posturing for show portentousness snobbery overstatement disguise snobbishness fake charade big talk phoney phony hypocrisy

Tính từ

Designed to impress or attract attention
flamboyant ostentatious pretentious brazen bling gaudy ornate loud flashy showy glitzy tasteless garish vulgar brash flash tacky glaring jazzy tawdry swanky tinsel flaring glittering tinselly meretricious raffish splashy kitsch cheap swank obtrusive noisy blatant chintzy razzle-dazzle naff snazzy crass brassy extravagant brummagem harsh overdone lurid ritzy crude glittery screaming gay bling-bling over the top sporty in bad taste cheap and nasty gross trashy bright brilliant common jaunty conspicuous Brummagem fancy over-bright violent over-elaborate florid nifty distasteful unattractive bilious nauseating sickly fancy-pants OTT catchpenny kitschy chichi tatty overwrought plastic gimcrack cheap-jack cheapjack rubbishy paltry casual stylish informal unrefined shabby junky shoddy worthless trendy grandiose theatrical poor dirty offensive twopenny-halfpenny sleazy low nasty classy affected dashing natty superfly actorly smart sharp dicty flaunted pompous specious pizzazz frou-frou splendiferous coarse colorful peacocky fussy exhibitionistic uptown tony splurgy spectacular pzazz colourful trumpery arty-farty high-flown spiffy snappy schmick sassy rakish gussied up putting on the ritz common as muck bold expensive pizazzy pizzazzy sparkling in poor taste inferior second-rate low-grade mediocre bad lousy wretched substandard low-rent miserable execrable schlocky rotten two-bit base third-rate bargain-basement low-quality schlock terrible sorry rubbish crummy grotty ropy duff sad junk average ordinary second-class useless middling lemon poor-quality cheesy el cheapo dime-a-dozen imperfect bum hack unsatisfactory cut-rate below standard pitiful dreadful deficient good-for-nothing inadequate poxy poorer below par déclassé awful mean dismal pitiable not up to snuff indifferent subpar atrocious dire lame appalling abysmal pants valueless tinny below average not up to much run-down a load of pants lamentable deplorable diabolical direful low-end unacceptable dodgy bush-league sub-par ratty cruddy flimsy unsound pathetic disagreeable jerry-built downmarket suboptimal contemptible bodger flawed subnormal unexceptional pedestrian wanting under par dissatisfactory the pits leaving much to be desired scruffy dingy tinhorn broken-down dilapidated cheapo seedy pinchbeck luxurious makeshift inelegant slipshod grungy tattered cheapie worse poor quality insubstantial a dime a dozen lowbrow two a penny trifling improper unbecoming unsuitable disreputable dud mangy indecorous grubby resplendent sensational opulent sumptuous histrionic punk scroungy indelicate scrubby indiscreet rickety rude thrown together frightful threadbare ramshackle uncouth neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel timeworn fair graceless impolite rough inept commonplace low-down entry-level of little value unseemly untidy unkempt rinky-dink dime-store of no value bottom-rung piss-poor wild half-pie of no financial value no great shakes of a sort frowzy dazzling thin glowing jarring shining clashing blinding blazing down scale cheap-looking badly built squalid fakey sordid down-market superficial sham garbagy sucky slummy insalubrious bombastic outrageous tinpot reject grim faulty abject defective elaborate run down unsaleable down at heel chronic throwaway poopy aureate end-of-the-pier insufficient scuzzy twopenny corny unpleasant cheeseball so-so tenth-rate of negligible value kenspeckle bodacious noticeable striking grabby commanding prominent eye-catching pronounced remarkable dramatic catchy marked arresting emphatic egregious not up to par not good enough not up to scratch second-best bedraggled decrepit worn-out would fetch nothing no good run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-the-mill run-of-mine insignificant menial meritless strictly for the birds rundown outclassed undistinguished bog-standard uninspired uninspiring second class not much cop without value inglorious fair to middling of no worth low quality of little worth nickel-and-dime outmoded faded out-of-date stodgy frumpy slovenly waxy poky messy sloppy of poor quality of low quality of little financial value unstylish styleless unfashionable ticky-tack dowdy ticky-tacky gilded prosperous festooned inappropriate ten a penny undignified unbefitting bohemian unconventional careless bogus empty garbage no-good low in quality despicable abandoned barren out of place unfitting unworthy devil-may-care rough-hewn roughneck uncultured incult insensible unpolished tactless lowbred uncultivated rugged ill-bred illiberal incorrect unfit ill-advised perverse inapposite incongruous unhappy amiss unapt untoward unladylike infelicitous discreditable malapropos ungentlemanly inapt wrong dapper louche stupid raunchy hideous foolish unsightly outlandish barbarous off-color unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial artificial unlovely barbaric shameful malodorous rowdy indecent out of keeping ruffian ungodly out of the way dissolute dissipated decadent debauched fast unusual free-spirited individual

Tính từ

Conspicuously or obviously bad, wrong or offensive
flagrant blatant barefaced glaring outrageous dreadful enormous shocking atrocious brazen open scandalous awful bold egregious heinous shameless undisguised arrant infamous notorious audacious conspicuous evident gross immodest naked obvious ostentatious patent unconcealed complete palpable transparent utter crying disgraceful flagitious manifest monstrous overt pronounced rank reprehensible striking terrible wicked flagitous iniquitous shameful unashamed villainous capital deliberate flaming grody noticeable bald-faced bare-faced brass-necked out and out out-and-out stick out like sore thumb hanging out unmistakable sheer clear straightforward outright unabashed bald unblushing undeniable impudent insolent brash cut-and-dried unmitigated unembarrassed indisputable unsubtle unrepentant obtrusive showy flashy without shame screaming prominent brassy protrusive meretricious overbold loud garish gaudy glitzy snazzy in plain sight plain apparent visible stark downright recognizable distinct perceptible observable recognisable discernible unqualified frank definite plain to see cheeky absolute extreme explicit total thoroughgoing pure unequivocal unadulterated as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile presumptuous standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb marked salient inescapable clear-cut thorough unambiguous positive unalloyed writ large hardened abandoned distinguishable crystal clear depraved profligate improper dissolute incorrigible unprincipled bodacious reprobate forward flat-out brazenfaced outstanding categorical perceivable unchaste rude lewd immoral high-handed avowed self-evident detectable decided unhidden consummate public cocky categoric unconditional unfeigned real profound pellucid ringing unambivalent perspicuous lucid luculent luminous nonambiguous broad perfect regular simple open-and-shut bright-line plumb surpassing fair exposed dead flat right stone clean as clear as day deadly blooming crashing blank very all-out straight-out through and through cotton-picking indecent saucy impertinent unconcerned unrestrained inordinate tangible excessive preposterous incontrovertible forthright incontestable wanton wholehearted fresh sassy inveterate nervy grievous cocksure brazen-faced plainly seen demonstrable blinding wise recognized unquestionable arch brassbound remarkable as plain as day staring someone in the face unapologetic bold-faced recognised arresting severe beyond doubt beyond question bold as brass undiluted veritable brutal matter-of-fact on show easily seen staring one in the face in every respect full-bore deep-dyed right-down extravagant genuine amoral unexaggerated temerarious above board unveiled confident appreciable dinkum serious glaringly obvious exclusive controlled full unmissable undismayed undaunted notable well-known defiant comprehensive exorbitant significant major pointed pert immoderate corrupt exhaustive undiminished much in evidence unchallenged uncontested accepted uncompromising whole open and shut artless pushy discernable apprehensible sensible fearless unawed unshrinking unflinching infernal entire blasted standing out clearly visible as clear as crystal impenitent remorseless sure plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming certain poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed true-blue dyed-in-the-wool through-and-through full-scale published written all over someone flip contumelious hotshot tawdry gritty smart-alecky spunky gutsy publicized eye-catching as bold as brass revealed acknowledged publicised known shared broadcast in circulation freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known blunt flamboyant brilliant dominant grabby predominant commanding dramatic emphatic splashy catchy candid unvarnished unembellished unstinting unsparing direct kenspeckle forestanding noisy axiomatic honest straight upfront guileless upright outspoken unreserved unadorned uninhibited to the fore in the foreground plainspoken heartless forthcoming unguarded natural maximum utmost deep overwhelming intense radical thundering ultimate hellacious proper supreme harsh great tremendous acute almighty uber self-explanatory conclusive understandable precise as plain as the nose on one's face written all over one right under one's nose clear as a bell free-spoken up-front no-nonsense plain-spoken unregenerate vile

Tính từ

Elaborately or highly decorated
ornate elaborate decorated fancy fussy baroque busy florid ornamented ostentatious rococo showy beautiful detailed adorned complex complicated elegant embellished extravagant gingerbread bedizened flashy flowery gingerbreaded gingerbready overdecorated over-elaborate overwrought aureate bedecked flash high-wrought overelaborate wedding-cake bright brilliant coloured colored dazzling decorative embroidered fine gaudy gilded glamorous glitzy glossy jewelled jeweled lavish luscious magnificent meretricious metaphorical opulent ornamental resplendent rich sparkling splashy sumptuous superficial tawdry variegated verbose wordy fancily decorated highly wrought flamboyant overdone pretentious loud garish vulgar tinsel jazzy swank theatrical glaring brash conspicuous kitsch tasteless noisy swanky ritzy bold snazzy dramatic affected luxurious obtrusive tinselly high-flown pompous bombastic oratorical fancy-pants bling-bling classy over the top curlicued trashy turgid fustian dashing chintzy intricate lurid cheap purple grandiloquent overblown overripe OTT very elaborate glittery exaggerated euphuistic bling brazen razzle-dazzle highfalutin arresting tacky grandiose peacocky tony screaming sensational superfly dicty rhetorical formal convoluted flaring chichi over-embellished over-ornate overworked magniloquent inflated orotund high-sounding glittering laboured sporty strained overembellished towering extreme devilish tumid posh Ossianic kenspeckle commanding bodacious prominent noticeable eye-catching pronounced remarkable striking catchy grabby marked emphatic labored histrionic splendiferous sophisticated frilly kitschy gimcrack jaunty specious brummagem harsh naff spiffy crude splurgy raffish gay nifty colorful Brummagem spectacular blatant in bad taste colourful self-righteous cluttered contrived precious plastic written sententious dignified solemn poetic sham lofty pinchbeck overinflated discursive overstated impressive bizarre plush expensive overornate excessively ornate stagy grotesque undue overdue insane overweening stiff immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant unconscionable excessive overextravagant steep overmuch unmerciful brassy pizazzy pizzazzy stylish casual informal fluent eloquent booming melodramatic declamatory elocutionary whimsical tatty garnished in poor taste cheap and nasty catchpenny actorly skillful skilful trendy multicolored multicoloured pleonastic over-bright violent gilt fakey crass flaunted distasteful unattractive nauseating bilious exhibitionistic uptown natty gee-whizz convivial merry arty hyperventilated sickly delicate meticulous peacockish exciting camp outrageous prosperous festooned literary smart sharp arty-farty with all the extras with all the options swashbuckling flaming luxuriant fun minute with bells and whistles rakish snappy schmick sassy highly decorated dainty exact painstaking deluxe swish quality superior select prime fanciful special froufrou fancible unusual cushy custom beautifying high-class high-quality

Động từ

Present participle for to brandish one's possessions as a signal of one's status
parading exhibiting displaying brandishing flourishing vaunting disporting flashing sporting dangling exposing producing showing showboating unveiling waving advertising advertizing airing broadcasting hotdogging showcasing streaking strutting flashing about laying out breaking out fanning it showing off making a show of displaying ostentatiously rolling out making a great show of making an exhibition of putting on display putting on show trotting out waving around making a scene throwing in one's face whipping out smacking with springing on revealing presenting demonstrating swaggering featuring drawing attention to publishing putting on view grandstanding swanking boasting disclosing bragging manifesting uncovering wielding staging putting on airs launching posturing putting on setting out promulgating hyping crowing promoting unmasking making public made known demoing flouncing illustrating baring introducing skylarking swashing offering impressing exposing to view arranging delivering exulting in laying bare holding aloft having on attracting attention making a spectacle of acting up advertizing oneself drawing attention to oneself playing to the cheap seats letting it all hang out putting before the public playing to audience swaggering around playing to the crowd playing to the gallery posing showing to advantage registering publicizing plugging projecting coming out with transmitting spreading televising gloating unfurling aggrandizing declaring supplying unfolding having on show arraying emblazoning plastering highlighting setting forth calling attention to giving publicity to modeling modelling previewing publicising dealing in bringing to view uncloaking putting out wearing having spotlighting hanging prancing sweeping mincing striding stalking sashaying ostending blazoning indicating expressing putting up parading wares showing to the public putting on a display putting on public view strutting stuff evidencing evincing jiggling adorning betraying divulging flapping acclaiming revering esteeming extolling releasing communicating giving away making plain swinging bulling blowing vaporing celebrating gasconading making clear wiggling joggling puffing pushing prating lauding bringing out bringing to light laying open putting on side giving yourself airs gloating over bragging about crowing about blowing smoke boasting about making much of giving oneself airs about showing off about performing doing depicting playing representing pulling off enacting giving acting out fulfilling orchestrating conducting organizing executing directing coordinating running carrying out portraying posing in administrating casting making putting together setting up striking a pose testing explaining putting through its paces completing effecting observing flying organising having hoisted having run up possessing rendering mounting enjoying owning dramatizing doing a turn going on doing a number bringing down the house dramatising treading the boards claiming priding oneself on having in keeping priding yourself on priding itself on laying claim to

Động từ

Present participle for to boast about
boasting blustering bragging crowing declaring gloating proclaiming disclosing gasconading aggrandizing divulging exulting grandstanding puffing revealing showboating vaunting showing off bragging about talking big congratulating oneself crowing about drawing attention to flattering oneself exulting in patting oneself on the back blowing one's own horn swaggering bulling blowing vaporing flourishing attracting attention blowing smoke giving a good account of oneself swanking skiting triumphing exaggerating preening oneself blowing hard prating strutting conning advertising advertizing bullying faking blowing your own trumpet blowing your own horn laying it on thick overstating shooting jiving shovelling shucking flattering yourself slinging preening glorying shoveling giving oneself airs congratulating yourself on sounding off flying your own kite hugging oneself shooting one's mouth off laying on thick singing your own praises priding yourself on trumpeting parading rodomontading glorying in priding oneself roistering whooping gurgling mouthing gassing cackling babbling calling triumphing over rubbing it in posturing posing hotdogging putting on airs hyperbolizing rejoicing shooting the bull speaking for Buncombe talking boastingly delighting reveling revelling joying exuberating kvelling attitudinizing jubilating braying striking a pose making a spectacle of advertizing oneself behaving affectedly drawing attention to oneself shooting your mouth off putting on an act striking an attitude copping an attitude swaggering around taking delight in kicking up one's heels swelling sauntering sweeping hectoring pontificating swashbuckling brandishing flouncing swaying lording lording it putting on looking big parading one's wares playing to the gallery playing to the crowd

Động từ

Present participle for to promote the use, sale, or acceptance of
pushing advertising hyping promoting publicising publicizing advocating plugging selling advancing endorsing marketing broadcasting peddling publishing annunciating championing flacking informing proclaiming spruiking apprising declaring enunciating popularising popularizing posting showing backing ballyhooing disclosing flashing recommending sponsoring encouraging pitching puffing releasing supplying announcing communicating heralding huckstering notifying touting circularising circularizing flogging promulgating propagandising propagandizing aggrandizing exposing merchandising presenting trumpeting advertizing boosting divulging exhibiting revealing making public trafficking in campaigning for made known dealing in getting behind hyping up crying up puffing up talking up calling attention to giving a puff to banging the drum for beating the drum for giving publicity to giving a plug to blazoning billing displaying drumming splashing cracking up blazing trailing placarding advising trailering sounding praising blaring spotting blurbing alerting uncovering acquainting unmasking building up shouting from the rooftops giving notice of making a pitch beating the drum spreading around running with getting on soapbox for putting on the map shouting out soft selling bringing to public notice spreading abroad giving out putting up in lights plastering gazetting headlining talking of speaking of spreading packaging splattering hawking spieling writing up extolling barking pimping pumping up bruiting spotlighting crying playing up sounding loudly spreading about noising abroad furthering espousing proselytizing persuading proselytising hustling convincing someone of the merits of persuading someone to accept winning someone over to winning approval for sweet talking bringing someone round to putting across talking someone into speaking for gaining acceptance for soft-soaping getting support for getting acceptance for getting across commending mentioning namechecking spinning drawing attention to giving a mention to

Động từ

Present participle for to move (one's hand or arm, or something held in one's hand) to and fro

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