Đồng nghĩa của pridefulness

Alternative for pridefulness

  • xem prideful


The state or condition of being prideful (in oneself)
arrogance conceit narcissism pride conceitedness ego egocentricity pretension pretentiousness egotism haughtiness hubris pomposity aloofness condescension hauteur loftiness pompousness presumption smugness superciliousness superiority swagger vanity audacity bluster disdainfulness egoism imperiousness ostentation overconfidence scornfulness swellheadedness vaingloriousness vainglory vainness boastfulness cheek chutzpah cockiness contemptuousness gall insolence patronage priggishness proudness snobbery braggadocio brass lordliness nerve overbearance overbearingness swelled head airs bighead bragging complacence complacency disdain huff selfishness strutting self-conceit self-importance self-love self-satisfaction self-admiration self-centeredness self-esteem self-opinion self-regard self-assumption self-congratulation self-glory amour propre big-headedness high-handedness self-respect amour-propre self-interest self-righteousness self-assuredness high opinion of oneself good opinion of oneself self-confidence crust consequence assumption pretence pretense presumptuousness bumptiousness huffiness masterfulness peremptoriness toploftiness egomania immodesty snobbishness self-adulation swollen-headedness bigheadedness self-glorification high horse self-consequence ego trip self-praise dignity affectation boasting show assurance self-worth display self-absorption self-assurance self-worship self-exaltation faith in oneself pride in oneself self-flattery self-complacency officiousness morgue egocentrism self-centredness self-obsession megalomania morale gasconade vaunting uppitiness uppishness gloating superior manner swollen head stuffiness snottiness outrecuidance confidence proud flesh self-pride blowing one's own trumpet self-aggrandizement showing off affected ways snootiness contempt self-possession self-gratification self-content self-contentment self-approbation self-approval scorn pride in oneself abilities portentousness spectacle splendor overstatement grandiosity showboat showoff showiness fake disguise charade magnificence put-on grandioseness ceremony phoney grandeur pomp phony affectedness hypocrisy pageantry splendour front splash big talk false front honour honor self-image self-identity face repletion self-trust belief in one's worth pride in one's abilities selfness self-preoccupation sneering self-involvement navel-gazing self-concern side mocking scoffing airs and graces sense of superiority disrespect sense of entitlement self-entitlement exaggerated self-opinion overweeningness superbity elitism exclusiveness snobbism puffiness stateliness la-di-da sass posing posturing affectations stiffness sententiousness flaunting feeling of superiority swank exaggeration ostentatiousness NPD air overoptimism bullishness impudence derision dislike forwardness shamelessness boldness effrontery moxie discourtesy defiance brashness temerity impertinence familiarity sauciness incivility hardiness brazenness stuff gutsiness audaciousness pertness rudeness cheekiness guts pushiness spunk indifference disparagement despite contumely sassiness impudency disrespectfulness nerviness despisement dismissiveness misprision despitefulness distaste disgust aversion antipathy disregard despisal hatred hate ridicule

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