Đồng nghĩa của prouder

Alternative for prouder

prouder, proudest

Đồng nghĩa: arrogant, boastful, conceited, delighted, dignified, elated, haughty, lofty, pleased, satisfied, vain,

Trái nghĩa: ashamed, humble,


More morally or ethically superior
higher purer loftier lordlier better wholesomer honester finer statelier worthier juster trustworthier truer straighter fairer cleaner nicer saintlier trustier chaster squarer devouter loyaler godlier steadfaster perfecter safer steadier praiseworthier firmer stauncher clearer sounder surer holier candider whiter humbler humaner sublimer seemlier faster excellenter greater lovinger unworldlier stronger fussier securer stancher politer prissier peacefuller kinder saner maturer franker stricter kindlier smarter simpler bigger benigner knightlier neater sprucer primmer better-mannered dapperer fresher snowier better-behaved thankworthier needier finickier sportier courtlier abler classier better-bred quieter braver austerer princelier tenderer freer sweeter normaler ruddier friendlier closer minuter tidier pleasanter comelier auguster neighborlier better-disposed tougher completer starchier stuffier sturdier robuster healthier hardier mimsier stiffer leveler better-known cleanlier choosier rigider more righteous more virtuous more ethical more moral more honorable more honourable more noble more principled more upright more exemplary more admirable more moralistic more guiltless more respectable more upstanding more conscientious more dignified more high-minded more incorruptible more laudable more reverent more scrupulous more self-righteous more irreprehensible more right-minded more sanctimonious more uncorrupted more chivalrous more gallant more greathearted more magnanimous more distinguished more respected more venerable more decent more great-hearted more beneficent more gracious more independent more cultivated more self-respecting more valiant more self-sufficient more regal more proper more reputable more faithful more dependable more reliable more innocent more blameless more sinless more immaculate more unimpeachable more angelic more equitable more lawful more impeccable more faultless more stand-up more spotless more correct more undefiled more truthful more unsullied more impartial more unblemished more dutiful more devoted more sincere more inculpable more untainted more responsible more constant more legitimate more legal more dedicated more unbiased more unprejudiced more kosher more meritorious more estimable more conscionable more uncorrupt more creditable more elevated more straightforward more fair-minded more virginal more saintlike more religious more unwavering more objective more spiritual more evenhanded more dispassionate more nonpartisan more reasonable more licit more uninvolved more commendable more solid more pristine more unswerving more unoffending more tried more clean-living more disinterested more impeccant more sensible more decorous more unfailing more equal more genuine more legit more sainted more justifiable more right-thinking more tried and true more tried and tested more divine more open-minded more modest more indifferent more untarnished more prayerful more trustable more calculable more veracious more god-fearing more fitting more balanced more neutral more unbribable more obedient more fastidious more punctilious more devotional more deserving more rational more angelical more blessed more pietistic more unselfish more hallowed more resolute more patriotic more due more justified more seraphic more godlike more glorified more ardent more allegiant more prudish more particular more esteemed more benevolent more generous more God-fearing more uncontaminated more demure more infallible more committed more peaceable more sanctified more impersonal more unaffected more level-headed more precise more refined more exact more forthright more redoubtable more true-hearted more mannerly more enduring more dyed-in-the-wool more helpful more competent more natural more pietistical more charitable more revered more sacrosanct more well-thought-of more tried and trusted more unchanging more hard-core more circumspect more strait-laced more flawless more maidenly more orderly more careful more notable more permissible more recognized more civilized more allowable more meticulous more duteous more constitutional more valid more stable more eminent more illustrious more credible more considerate more thoughtful more egalitarian more prestigious more admissible more altruistic more detached more unspoilt more stalwart more tractable more official more well behaved more adult more sportsmanlike more orthodox more respectful more genteel more courteous more capable more predictable more attached more accurate more hospitable more continent more condign more civil more guileless more open more sackless more sportsmanly more dinkum more clean-cut more harmless more unobjectionable more unblamable more punctual more civilised more affectionate more inviolate more philanthropic more hale and hearty more heedful more philanthropical more recognised more confiding more unspoiled more unpolluted more upfront more beatific more compliant more rectitudinous more idealistic more even more undisturbed more untouched more clean-handed more professional more glorious more discreet more sporting more unfaltering more uncompromising more incorrupted more worthwhile more valuable more honest-to-goodness more Christian more well-favoured more pukka more reserved more special more submissive more conformable more amenable more biddable more manageable more docile more applaudable more inoffensive more unmarred more precious more decisive more determined more accredited more immovable more gentlemanlike more invaluable more supplicant more unequivocal more positive more composed more couth more saving more lenient more believable more praisable more eligible more disciplined more deferential more supportive more canonical more ideal more pleading more critical more self-denying more abstinent more nunlike more persistent more inextinguishable more untouchable more undestroyable more truehearted more veridical more undistorted more wholehearted more effective more qualified more self-reliant more efficient more authentic more wide-eyed more exquisite more caring more compassionate more selfless more delicate more unfeigned more unpretentious more peerless more matchless more uplifting more edifying more foolproof more indefectible more picture-perfect more letter-perfect more absolute more elegant more suppliant more supplicatory more painstaking more outstanding more bounteous more bighearted more kindhearted more restrained more pernickety more sure-fire more rock solid more improving more diligent more thorough more A-okay more note-perfect more extraordinary more remarkable more intemerate more inexperienced more controlled more impotent more subdued more industrious more liberal more giving more tolerant more understanding more munificent more large-hearted more public-spirited more goodhearted more heroic more big-hearted more self-sacrificing more humanitarian more merciful more acceptable more squeamish more inspiring more distinctive more individual more assiduous more attentive more enforceable more binding more together more fresh-faced more hygienic more practical more blooming more commonsensical more sanitary more obliging more quality more celebrated more laborious more hard-working more sedulous more neighbourly more renowned more accommodating more acclaimed more prominent more famous more amiable more studious more unflagging more searching more persevering more presentable more befitting more puritanical more formal more famed more sympathetic more agreeable more indulgent more amicable more comradely more acknowledged more chartered more enforcible more protected more precedented more accepted more reputed more honored more sociable more rigorous more honoured more companionable more regardful more genial more becoming more conforming more comme il faut more mediocre more appropriate more ordinary more done more suitable more de rigueur more moderate more popular more priggish more Victorian more established more exacting more old-maidish more niminy-piminy more schoolmarmish more proportionate more bluenosed more straightlaced more po-faced more nice-nelly more straitlaced more schoolmistressy more governessy more favored more high-ranking more favoured more copper-bottomed more vigorous more characterful more ceremonious more snobbish more overmodest more ceremonial more prim and proper more wooden more conventional


(rare) Comparative for standing out or raised

Trái nghĩa của prouder

prouder Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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