Đồng nghĩa của bigger

Alternative for bigger

bigger, biggest

Đồng nghĩa: adult, considerable, grand, great, grown-up, important, large, mature,

Trái nghĩa: little, small,

Tính từ

More significant in elevation
higher taller loftier grander larger greater huger immenser ampler extremer vaster wider heftier tidier huskier roomier broader bulkier massier unwieldier grosser goodlier mightier deeper healthier statelier auguster splendider prouder vastier weightier heavier ambitiouser lavisher supremer lordlier sublimer finer airier longer clumsier intenser awkwarder ungainlier brawnier burlier widerspread princelier kinglier beefier sturdier seriouser hunkier better-built clunkier starker steeper bolder showier fancier stiffer wilder ballsier superber haughtier richer more skyscraping more statuesque more imposing more elevated more soaring more towering more altitudinous more colossal more gigantic more magnificent more massive more monumental more towery more alpine more formidable more uplifted more enormous more substantial more considerable more excessive more inordinate more sizable more exorbitant more voluminous more extravagant more sizeable more tremendous more epic more humongous more handsome more boundless more astronomical more extensive more oversize more mountainous more mammoth more grandiose more mondo more mastodonic more ponderous more elephantine more magnific more cosmic more overgrown more stupendous more cumbersome more monstrous more biggish more Bunyanesque more brobdingnagian more immeasurable more spacious more expansive more comprehensive more cosmical more thumping more almighty more cyclopean more ginormous more unlimited more good-sized more super-duper more galactic more family-sized more staggering more thundering more astronomic more gargantuan more capacious more commodious more titanic more humungous more prodigious more pharaonic more significant more copious more disproportionate more profuse more abundant more extraordinary more substantive more unusual more limitless more abnormal more heightened more immoderate more unreasonable more intemperate more jacked up more major more majestic more heroic more impressive more heroical more imperial more Homeric more glorious more noble more regal more gallant more royal more baronial more gigantesque more oceanic more dignified more solid more stellar more Herculean more striking more infinite more eminent more insane more generous more fantastic more cumbrous more illustrious more aerial more mahoosive more large-scale more aristocratic more legendary more classical more classic more extended more incalculable more distinguished more arduous more spectacular more marked more lumbering more lifted more magisterial more dynamic more notable more renowned more moving more irresistible more terrific more illimitable more leonine more behemothic more interminable more overwhelming more awesome more lumpish more oafish more strapping more unbounded more far-flung more detailed more prolific more plenteous more sweeping more far-reaching more mesomorphic more clodhopping more featureless more immovable more faceless more intractable more characterless more ostentatious more unco more thewy more monolithic more permanent more consistent more audacious more immodest more commanding more elaborate more exaggerated more overdue more intolerable more devilish more plethoric more outstanding more overextravagant more baroque more unconscionable more unmerciful more undue more overweening more outrageous more transcendent more zealous more adventurous more fanciful more unmatchable more unmeasurable more resplendent more gorgeous more splendiferous more unreal more awe-inspiring

Tính từ

Comparative for having a concentration of some characteristic

Tính từ

Comparative for able to give or spend freely

Tính từ

(informal) Comparative for used as an intensifier, especially of negative-valence nouns

Tính từ

(archaic) Comparative for in a late stage of pregnancy

Phó từ

Comparative for in a large amount or to a large extent

Trái nghĩa của bigger

bigger Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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