Đồng nghĩa của ultimate

Alternative for ultimate


Đồng nghĩa: conclusive, eventual, final, last, terminal,

Trái nghĩa: proximate,

Tính từ

Being the best or most extreme example of its kind
supreme greatest paramount top consummate highest optimum quintessential unrivaled unrivalled utmost best ideal maximum topmost unsurpassed incomparable max preeminent superlative unsurpassable uttermost transcendent unequalable unmatchable apogean extreme last significant surpassing maxi most nth towering principal leading predominant chief foremost primary premier pre-eminent main central dominant key cardinal major prime sovereign maximal master overriding grand superior perfect first exemplary essential head great peerless matchless capital absolute lead arch overbearing primal overmastering unequalled unparalleled unequaled number one numero uno ruling big number-one commanding sovran full utter inimitable prominent fundamental classic unmatched prevailing supereminent presiding biggest uppermost prior archetypal model prototypical complete definitive second to none outstanding nonpareil crucial vital outside high core basic unexampled unique excellent largest typical finest without equal beyond compare best possible idyllic enormous representative prevalent exceptional paradigmatic underlying first-class greatest possible top-tier mother of all unprecedented extraordinary flawless final standard optimal apex controlling classical salient notable total idealized peak pivotal unlimited rudimentary unexcelled ascendant unconditional focal utopian important copybook idealised critical elementary staple transcendental all-out top-notch top-drawer mostest arch- authoritative stereotypical eminent premium textbook conventional archetypical crowning singular stock illustrious faultless culminating greater crack ace reigning senior select pure regnant preponderant governing unparagoned elite predominate accomplished unbeatable only better fairy-tale record industry leading larger infinite boundless directing first-rate stellar elemental dream come true rare unblemished intrinsic whole true to type top-class root original furthermost beyond comparison without peer pie-in-the-sky a cut above the rest topflight top drawer top-ranking par excellence greatest amount of exquisite out of sight in a class of its own hors concours distinguished influential lion's share star strongest worthiest integral royal super climactic radical axial simple alpha regal unrestricted unrestrained unbounded world class constitutional top-priority untainted unsullied untarnished without match without parallel second-to-none imperial kingly higher bigger elder all-time best without an equal stand alone thoroughgoing concentrated determined overruling compelling determining famous well-known renowned exalted severe intense acute A-list one-in-a-million hugest upmost foundational basal monarchical monarchal high-class of prime importance of greatest importance of supreme importance intervening first and foremost superseding of greatest significance unreserved unqualified best-example chad thorough sheer majestic guiding monarchial lofty exclusive undiminished novel special decisive untouchable tremendous unchallenged characteristic unassailable one-off standout irreplaceable alone dominating domineering deadly indescribable raging mortal undefeated unbeaten extraordinaire signal sui generis one of a kind exceeding distinctive true proper signature fantasy predictable unmistakable symbolic habitual regular emblematic highest ranking very great sublime far-out unimaginable one and only in a class by itself usual idiosyncratic fitting magnificent excelling exhaustive top of the line top of the range vintage unrepeated something else remarkable incredible phenomenal unrepeatable noteworthy moving entire intellectual beyond grasp intuitive fantastic awe-inspiring uplifting primordial inspiring obscure hypothetical inspirational transcending unconfined intact innate abstract eternal theoretical finished magisterial reliable seamless immaculate irreproachable impeccable indefectible record-breaking first class imitable top-of-the-range prize-winning number 1 sans pareil dream recognized approved official established accepted at its best at her best at his best primo unheard-of unconventional purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime new one-of-a-kind separate amazing without precedent unordinary newfangled picture-book without fault picture-perfect letter-perfect fresh recognised have-it-all expert practised practiced good skilled skilful skillful versed adept gifted proficient virtuoso able talented experienced crackerjack superb masterful masterly veteran polished competent trained compleat virtuosic professed educated well trained well versed loftiest crown apical zenithal tiptop highest-ranking most significant most important most prominent most influential most extreme most excellent most outstanding most typical most perfect most scholarly most complete most reliable

Tính từ

To an absolute degree
strict absolute complete categorical full total unequivocal utmost utter outright pure sheer thorough unadulterated unmitigated arrant categoric undivided dead profound unconditional unreserved all-out out-and-out unqualified downright flat-out thoroughgoing stark unalloyed unlimited consummate unrestricted rank definite clean perfect straight-out extreme supreme fair plumb flat deadly dreadful blank blooming entire cotton-picking positive simple regular very bodacious stone unconstrained deep-dyed whole right uttermost maximum real veritable infinite crashing matchless proper all out straight out unrestrained sovereign prize final max wholehearted wholesale unbounded paramount dyed-in-the-wool last limitless omnipotent top nth unquestionable unsurpassed solid peerless exhaustive undiminished without reservations through and through infernal plenary without limit preeminent blessed no holds barred confounded all-encompassing unfettered all-fired blasted unmixed unmodified full-on without qualification most quintessential undisputed comprehensive unbroken overarching uninterrupted inclusive totalitarian conspicuous sweeping in-depth full-blown full-scale flawless excellent impeccable unsurpassable errant perfected chronic ideal finished inimitable transcendent emphatic express explicit genuine firm unstinting resounding forthright direct unambiguous definitive clear conclusive sure decisive egregious patent overt uncompromising indubitable assured open unmistakable certain apodictic specific palpable mere no strings no strings attached no fine print one hundred per cent undiluted actual determinate wide clear-cut full-bore right-down in every respect no catch no ifs ands or buts unquestioning point-blank no kicker hellacious thundering severe deep outrageous brutal overwhelming harsh great tremendous flagrant intense gross acute almighty grievous uber preposterous radical superlative predominant unbound boundless tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful peremptory farthest farthermost furthermost outermost furthest remotest outmost endmost aftermost terminal too much farthest away last straw too-too worst case furthest away ultra out of bounds chief plain blatant inveterate undisguised steadfast naked glaring surpassing obvious true undeniable unabridged unrelieved committed unshakeable confirmed barefaced unfaltering serious extensive unremitting constant established transparent long-established long-standing true blue frank unblemished incorrigible fixed wide-ranging staunch faithful dedicated unrepentant unashamed devoted overall unswerving brazen shameless loyal unwavering unfeigned incurable bald grand unvarnished habitual broad rigorous authentic out and out unconcealed singular far-reaching eternal evident manifest entrenched accurate bloody straight deep-rooted honest persistent diehard unmistaken sincere visible hopeless dinkum hardened bold everlasting double-dyed drastic major unapologetic determined steady integral card-carrying resolute desperate stringent unalleviated enduring violent draconian forceful abiding only blunt intact untouched unadorned through-and-through compleat congenital mad keen bona fide never-failing undying keen as mustard all-inclusive extraordinary true-blue without reservation bare endless abundant uncontrolled perpetual pure and simple stupid royal outstanding signal marked brute incessant unfailing pronounced candid customary staring continuous noticeable perceptible crass very great quite single altogether unrelenting compulsive usual all capital adamant assertive insistent huge faultless intensive pathological seasoned unregenerate main unstinted blithering monstrous atrocious infamous notorious vile decided optimum unconditioned relentless austere irredeemable unreformable obsessive obsessional effusive gushing irrepressible beyond hope horrible nothing other than rigid unabated stone-cold uncorrupted wholesome systematic unimpaired maximal common concentrated fervent earnest zealous enthusiastic unflinching hearty untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending arrogant point blank eminent unembellished oppressive untarnished unaltered rightly so called unfathomable pervasive open-ended dyed-in-the wool heartfelt stalwart ardent warm with no strings unsoftened grim integrated excessive impassioned passionate fullhearted completed detailed sublime advanced iconoclastic unhesitating unexpurgated uncondensed unshaken whole-hearted no joke abysmal in every way unflawed hundred percent whole-souled unhidden top-to-bottom root-and-branch unreduced undamaged unabbreviated unmarred straightforward unshakable exact precise uncut observable recognizable unmarked aggregate embedded constructive virtual practical inevitable implicative inarticulate intrinsic hidden inferential unquestioned implicit unuttered contained full-length audacious pointed sole spot-on recognized plain to see unchallenged uncontested writ large accepted valid solitary basic lone minimal modest recognisable as clear as day recognised encyclopedic dead-on certified good pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable encyclopaedic universal revolutionary as plain as a pikestaff admissible sound factual standing out a mile undoubted watertight veridical immaculate amen inerrant bang on undistorted solemn sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb right on bred-in-the-bone die-hard full-fledged instilled ingrained infixed unchangeable deep-seated well-established deep-down deeply ingrained to the core most distant

Tính từ

Serving to put an end to all debate
last final conclusive deciding decisive absolute categorical definitive determining irrevocable official principal authoritative clear closing determinate clinching concluding determinative emphatic key settling prime unequivocal definite irrefutable certain positive indisputable incontrovertible convincing unanswerable undeniable unquestionable sure unarguable incontestable unassailable unambiguous unmistakable beyond doubt beyond question plain beyond dispute irrefragable watertight airtight unchallengeable beyond a shadow of a doubt indubitable fixed undebatable proven inarguable clear-cut express self-evident precise demonstrative evident obvious compelling firm uncontroversial demonstrable set not in doubt accomplished real apodictic settled established determined unconditional straightforward transparent decided palpable observable patent manifest known reliable hard actual inexpugnable marked pronounced accepted acknowledged hard-and-fast undoubted true accurate as plain as a pikestaff flat-out nailed down staring one in the face sure thing straight out no mistake unshakable unequivocable nailed-on surefire uncontestable authentic unqualified no two ways about it irrefrangible revealing resolving determinant supreme ascertained provable trustworthy sound confirmable predestined unerring infallible establishable guaranteed safe destined undisputable verifiable genuine what you see is what you get litmus test all out completing state-of-the-art downright limiting finishing terminating complete perfect ending terminal having down pat on ice salted away in the bag irreversible binding immutable unalterable permanent unappealable invariable unchangeable peremptory irremediable unreversible indelible unrectifiable finished changeless lasting unrepealable specified defined quantified explicit limited frozen flat distinct stable intent veridical unfabled double-checked that's a fact no ifs ands or buts about it open and shut inflexible confirmed strict unbending unwavering rigid unchanging abiding exact agreed arranged steadfast constant concrete stubborn unvarying enduring unyielding ironclad undeviating hard and fast set in stone outright prearranged steady planned undisputed unfluctuating stated resolute uncompromising uniform preset resolved unswerving rooted predetermined recognized prescribed consistent unfaltering immovable hardened deep-rooted obstinate unchallenged uncontested hard-line recognised solid bound inveterate stiff cast-iron dyed-in-the-wool solid as a rock as sure as eggs is eggs never-failing pegged regular entrenched straight assured unfailing nonnegotiable hardheaded ingrained deep-seated stringent inevitable stationary level foolproof even doubtless exacting written dictated mandatory compulsory well-set hidebound pigheaded stiff-necked locked in jelled unflappable durable secure tight rigorous equable inerrant questionless failsafe calm stabile specific fast hard-nosed unbreakable unmoving iron-fisted fail-safe sure-fire can't-miss staying put long-lived long-standing well grounded consummate prominent hands-down set in concrete carved in stone circumscribed finite bounded restricted measured narrow direct particular black-and-white cut-and-dried allotted decreed assigned convinced well defined incommutable inalterable unblinking clearly defined still unmovable unmodifiable stipulated writ in stone not subject to change correct adamant unflinching obdurate stalwart detailed pinpoint right insistent unshakeable whole-hearted assertive staunch intransigent proper veracious in earnest unrelenting committed implacable dominant unmalleable relentless purposeful prevailing persistent unshaken tenacious seasoned domineering persevering literal close good faithful going bent single-minded dead-on spot-on well-defined on the nose surgical on the money bang on on-target individual error-free on the button inch-perfect stand pat hell-bent on strong-willed do-or-die hell-bent upon bent on bent upon hang tough through-and-through dead set on sealed unquestioned not in question there are no two ways about it all sewn up

Tính từ

Extremely tall, especially in comparison with the surroundings
towering high tall imposing lofty elevated soaring gigantic steep colossal enormous giant huge immense impressive massive monumental mountainous multistorey sky-high sky-scraping striking supreme altitudinous baroque Brobdingnagian devilish excessive exorbitant extraordinary extravagant extreme fancy great immoderate inordinate insane intolerable lavish magnificent mammoth monstrous outstanding overdue overextravagant overmuch overweening paramount plethoric stiff superior surpassing titanic unconscionable undue unmerciful vast ginormous hulking prodigious stellar sublime transcendent whopping aerial airy fantastic imperial preeminent skyscraping spiring stupendous towery tremendous unmatchable unmeasurable grand humongous gargantuan mighty elephantine monster astronomic jumbo oversized astronomical mega king-sized humungous king-size super cosmic leviathan bumper whacking substantial thumping heroical king size large epic cosmical walloping galactic herculean heroic cyclopean pharaonic vasty big supersized supersize super-duper Himalayan gigantesque oceanic planetary Herculean thumping great whopping great whacking great bulky extensive heavy hefty very large gross weighty very big unreasonable considerable oversize awesome formidable boundless over the top grandiose almighty majestic immeasurable high-rise disproportionate dizzying outrageous intemperate sizeable staggering terrific sizable remarkable stunning statuesque exaggerated stately limitless overwhelming princely awe-inspiring expansive brobdingnagian unwarranted extortionate wide needless raised broad uncalled-for stratospheric infinite a bit much solid ponderous outsized OTT handsome dramatic spectacular high-reaching too much heavyweight superfluous arresting overgrown magnific preposterous august behemothic splendid husky unbounded unlimited mondo uncalled for voluminous rising amazing alpine kingly outsize marvellous overpriced sumptuous profuse strong unrestrained luxurious severe resplendent marvelous ascending commanding mastodonic very great profligate over-the-top powerful blimp unnecessary self-indulgent prodigal generous serious overboard breathtaking spacious overabundant overkill largish biggish noble dirty great goodly cumbersome wanton unwieldy proud regal palatial royal glorious fabulous over the odds beautiful baronial Homeric burly wondrous strapping ominous surplus brawny sturdy giant-size skyward beefy astounding capacious upraised uplifted powerfully built commodious indulgent redundant dissipated rugged hunky super-colossal Bunyanesque monolithic supernatural extra superabundant more recrementitious punitive lumbering titan unrestricted renowned immortal lifted full-size barn door high rise tough criminal gratuitous oppressive uncurbed mind-blowing notable ample too many way out ridiculous overindulgent wasteful imprudent flying irrational distinguished elegant fine O.T.T. opulent gorgeous sensational eye-catching divine splendiferous rocky solemn superb great big stirring exquisite swanky splendorous sightly hilly unjustified harsh upland highland muscular expensive appreciable muscly devastating drastic boxcar meaty hulky cavernous stout thickset over dear burdensome awful thundering roomy prohibitive rigorous extremely large extremely big crushing incalculable significant strict unfair unseemly multistory clumsy unjustifiable unwarrantable solidly built improper desperate cracking uncontrolled terrible egregious punishing austere giant-sized man-size of considerable size man-sized intense endless unrelenting sharp jumbo-sized eternal exalted broad-shouldered pricey sweeping draconian appalling larger-than-life cumbrous unusual exceptional unjust unbridled mind-boggling overblown intractable moving dignified swingeing phenomenal interminable extended illimitable heavily built well built mahoosive Cyclopean comprehensive Gargantuan startling measureless whopper astonishing abundant gallant far-reaching robust tidy incredible long unmitigated megalithic portly dazzling thewy stark permanent out of all proportion exciting excellent good-size good-sized socking great palatine out of sight whale of a celestial a whale of a super colossal queenly massy heavenly mortal abounding in excess multistoried costly mounting spiraling increasing climbing daunting roaring booming resounding deafening ear-splitting thunderous ear-piercing rip-roaring Moby lasting classic important crashing irresistible dynamic eminent illustrious enduring unforgettable historic memorable laborious craggy precipitous wonderful high-ceilinged awkward ungainly very loud dreadful whaling untempered supererogatory frightful fearful widespread ambitious large-scale improvident protracted pronounced loud through the ceiling going through the roof going through the ceiling radical miraculous oafish lumpish expanded behemoth very high very expensive elephantic epoch-making famous celebrated bigger than life mythical famed numerous prolonged major unhampered unchecked overgenerous silly ludicrous unfettered uninhibited plenteous detailed mundo prolific too very ostentatious venerable loutish clodhopping mesomorphic clunky fair-sized family-sized economy-size life-size swelled deep family-size fair-size economy-sized unbelievable flabbergasting overdone theatrical abiding bull lengthy decided fat never-ending stretched-out far-flung spread-out all-inclusive increased escalated up effective staid featureless immovable impenetrable faceless characterless fantabulous abnormal unco blown up out of all proportion extra-large dire forcible spiralling inexcusable uncompromising stern unbending buff muscled jacked bruising well muscled hearty one for the book something else something to write home about pretentious consistent copious momentous forceful reckless consequential rigid zealous remorseless unyielding unbearable overpowering shocking sneaky conscienceless knavish barbarous horrifying unholy uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable unacceptable reprehensible wicked uncivilized ungodly illogical shattering wild profound admirable fanatical obdurate manly sinewy sturdily built stalwart ripped lusty pumped up stocky a lot fleshy heavyset thick chunky violent decadent unbalanced dissipative too-too riotous debauched hard unconventional absolute downright flagrant uncommon thorough ferocious rich liberal well-built beyond the pale nonsensical out of proportion sheer out-and-out utter ruinous Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy special fantastical dreamy inspiring showy far-out out of this world prominent arrestive fascinating electrifying confounding perfect extremely high inflated excessively high snowcapped mountain high-altitude montane rangy brilliant penetrating absorbing prime larger buxom greater zaftig uncomfortable grinding unendurable exacting absonant out of control unsuitable inappropriate stringent larger than life paralysing radiant big and strong not inconsiderable roly-poly muscle-bound broad in the beam corn-fed well upholstered well fed plush posh cruel grievous onerous rough highway robbery a rip-off daylight robbery costing a bomb non-essential unneeded fulsome heightened upheaved uprisen jacked up ritzy pompous glittering magnolious up to here costing the earth costing an arm and a leg over one's head paralyzing overcoming airborne grim crippling bitter brutal hardhanded splendacious too great unmerited unbecoming undeserved searing murderous trying excruciating hard to bear eye-opening exceeding inept untimely unfitting forbidden sinister inapt illegal ill-advised underhanded unapt indecorous ill-timed unseasonable hardheaded headstrong pitiless relentless inhuman inexorable aloft midair not required in-flight on high overhead hovering floating in the clouds up above above ground in the air volant in the sky singular rare unique strange out of the ordinary odd noteworthy pythonic preternatural acute bizarre marked superhuman unimaginable weird indescribable atypical magical plentiful substantive surprising unprecedented uncanny anomalous unreal peculiar eye-popping conspicuous aberrant uncustomary especial unparalleled extraordinaire portentous unwonted complete curious unutterable queer noticeable freak full aberrated good healthy unearthly respectable unheard-of transcendental unaccountable supernormal profitable bountiful impossible unfamiliar thrilling emphatic unexpected unnatural amazeballs decisive untypical innumerable jaw-dropping inexplicable untold signal prosperous mysterious irregular advantageous sufficient lucrative entire innumerous whole unnumberable unaccustomed conclusive enthralling oddball unheard of freakish unmistakable unqualified worthwhile refreshing heart-stopping unordinary countless utmost much reasonable incommunicable numberless indeterminable unfathomable uncountable inestimable not to be sneezed at outlandish fathomless critical urgent uncounted eccentric uncommunicable absurd superlative global improbable funny crazy mad myriad multitudinous unlikely implausible material offbeat far-fetched other-worldly out-of-the-way unusually good incongruous novel inexpressible ghostly distinctive deviant off-the-wall supermundane mastodontic never to be forgotten heavy-duty atypic stupefying bounteous awe-striking uncharacteristic off the wall captivating mind-bending enchanting unrepresentative sensorial bewitching too good to be true outré mystifying out of the way out there empyreal adequate rewarding top maximum uttermost thrashing paying pleasing Brobdignagian max remunerative gainful thaumaturgic OS Olympian fierce horrific particular comfortable infrequent spanking crucial vital incomprehensible bewildering invaluable priceless supercalifragilisticexpialidocious lank catholic cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean cosmogonal space ecumenical humbling fair providential touching cherished lordly decent arduous measurable paranormal wide-ranging marathon what haughty extra special tolerable inconsistent wonderworking numinous supranatural seldom seen wholesale pretty fundamental deviating exhilarating inexhaustible bottomless precious the what great metaphysical mystical otherworldly unworldly very long difficult to believe de trop godlike non-typical divergent worth taking into account fab central pressing essential the utmost valuable blinding heart-stirring deviate aberrational devious wide-reaching exhaustive mass puzzling eerie pre-eminent occult deviative universal nationwide omnipotent bionic undescribable unorthodox jarring heteroclite foreign creepy spooky theatric some off-centre ultra earthshaking earth-shattering like a dream come true invigorating charming envigorating stimulating beguiling enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like far out enlivening blissful fabled ethereal dream-filled leading packed chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded across-the-board international awash all-encompassing first-rate first-class no end of beyond price perplexing baffling splashy bold flamboyant catchy daggy wacko eldritch unnumbered beyond human smashing primo salient unhandy avant-garde original breaking new ground loner cool eery spookish haunting unmanageable multiple manifold many rum freaky bizarro world class unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy legion inspired inexplainable very strange supranormal scary ghoulish secret high-priority overriding uppermost gilt-edged unsummed unspeakable zero cool private too many to be counted without number hidden unknown unexpressed ineffable beyond measure indefinable undreamed of an incalculable number of an infinite number of telling of great consequence unmissable life-and-death earnest page-one grave uncalculable cardinal capital burning newsworthy of great moment determining of import of great import of moment front-page meaningful very many fanciful dubious unrealistic doubtful whimsical wacky comical foolish cockamamie zany flash gnarly forby hare-brained make-believe off beaten path more than human more than one can count most important

Tính từ

Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom
utopian romantic idealistic visionary quixotic fanciful starry-eyed ideal perfect airy dream fairy-tale fantasy idealist idealised idealized imaginary impracticable perfectionist quixotical starry unrealistic chimerical illusory impractical abstract ambitious arcadian best grandiose hopeful ideological impossible lofty model naive otherworldly pie-in-the-sky pretentious supreme transcendental unfeasible unworkable dreamy fantastic unreal optimistic whimsical imaginative dreaming fantastical extravagant head-in-the-clouds speculative abstracted mythical daydreaming Utopian fabulous improbable unworldly absurd fictitious wild theoretical ivory-towered made-up vague idyllic astral introspective musing high-flown ivory-tower out of touch with reality unreasonable creative inventive non-viable ingenious inspired chimeric enterprising illusive silly far-sighted foolish innovative radical clever original hypothetical insightful resourceful prophetic quintessential pretend invented fantasied phantom mythic phantasmal imagined imaginal fictional notional make-believe phantasmic consummate unpractical half-baked delusory nonrealistic unlikely archetypal dreamlike absolute complete definitive pure poetic not sensible on cloud nine in the clouds prototypical copybook paradigmatic exemplary unviable unrealizable unusable castle-building vain unfounded delusive exaggerated hallucinatory intangible gentle excellent phantasmagoric unsubstantial marvelous woolgathering lulling soothing misty shadowy nightmarish preoccupied pensive immaterial introvertive calming phantasmagorical relaxing out of this world legendary conceptual millenarian millenary revolutionary futuristic fantasizing airy-fairy unbusinesslike Panglossian Micawberish sentimental over-optimistic impulsive chivalrous inoperable illogical irrational senseless fantasising far-fetched unserviceable impetuous useless ineffectual inefficacious ineffective capricious crazy potty classic nonsensical gone reachy floating classical not applicable blue sky marvellous moony unattainable millennial typical representative unachievable optimal flawless untainted prime unsullied optimum essential untarnished unblemished prescient imagal mercurial perceptive discerning penetrating intuitive happy hoping unearthly mental transcendent shrewd gifted wise sharp talented out-of-reach innovatory exalted noble innovational off-centre unorthodox artful unusual vivid nonconformist unconventional originative blue-sky Promethean individual stimulating poetical best possible dream come true best-example offbeat fertile artistic out of the ordinary brain wave inspirational fictive avant-garde breaking ground way out productive with your head in the clouds false misleading fake sham untrue fancied fabricated nonexistent suppositious supposititious fallacious mistaken apparent seeming deceitful ostensible mythological insubstantial deceptive storybook ethereal pretended fabled concocted figmental spectral non-existent dreamed-up pseudo folkloric allegorical traditional apocryphal illusionary ghostly storied semblant artificial specious surreal bogus spiritual ghostlike devised bizarre spurious aerial weird created erroneous deceiving mock simulated incorporeal impalpable supernatural synthetic wraithlike psychedelic incredible symbolic symbolical phoney mythologic made up phony Kafkaesque trumped up ridiculous assumed bodiless heroic flimsy misguided fantasized epic unclear indistinct unbodied deluding beguiling apparitional virtual unsound feigned vaporous faux formless nonphysical discarnate nonmaterial absent hyped up product of someone's imagination inexistent parabolic unbelievable imponderable vampiric imitation wondrous fool's paradise play-play flighty thought up fraudulent all in one's head spooky eerie wraithy curious pipe dream fantasised crackpot strange head in the clouds phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic phantasmagorian phantasm trumped-up hoax deluded chimeral unread mocking imitative misconceived delusional academic estimated manufactured created out of thin air dummy ersatz improvised trick hollow disembodied proverbial queer conceived non-physical non-material unembodied in error mimic man-made factitious substitute counterfeit prepared dreamt up Barmecidal Barmecide float forged larger-than-life in your head acted trancelike trance-like all in the mind extraterrestrial nebulous disincarnate dim hazy insincere preposterous reproduction replica unnatural uncorporeal faint dreamish oneiric hypnagogic unconvincing tall alien flakey far out fairy tale kinky flaky distracted ruminative meditative inattentive thoughtful reflective distrait too good for this world shaky lightweight feeble cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take rapt absent-minded wool-gathering absorbed pie in the sky castles in the air expressive faraway wanting lacking missing without substance unfocused supposed indescribable indefinable lost in thought beautiful superb wistful outlandish extraordinary left-field obscure untouchable far away in a reverie miles away in a brown study dead empty blank ungrounded departed extinguished vacant void null gossamery defunct baseless tenuous negative groundless lost perished extinct fresh exotic in a world of one's own enigmatic astounding figment of someone's imagination eccentric fancy quirky brilliant freaky freakish genius experimental keen ephemeral sensational astonishing awesome spectacular incomprehensible stupendous out there breathtaking romanesque glamourous glamorous far-out astute imperceptible to the touch metaphysical slender infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night idle passed on passed away without foundation weird and wonderful deviating wonderful surprising null and void few and far between too little too late

Danh từ

That which is the most excellent or outstanding
best finest cream elite cream of the crop crème de la crème ideal height jewel jewel in the crown paragon perfection prime prize core embodiment epitome essence essentiality heart lifeblood pick prototype quintessence soul spirit top apotheosis archetype beauty model pride substance top drawer choice choicest fat gem nonpareil shining example stuff favourite favorite first flower A-list aristocracy gentry illuminati nobility royalty upper class upper crust treasure tops elect pearl pink quality priesthood corps d'elite first class select few pick of the bunch exemplar nonesuch standard paradigm masterpiece norm personification eidolon acme criterion pattern classic good example angel cynosure idea perfect example trump peach champion love crackerjack champ sublimation lovely original patron saint beau ideal marrow kernel something else pith nature quiddity ethos perfect example of its kind one in a million being centre nucleus nub crux distillation nitty-gritty esse gist sum and substance virtuality bottom extract center glory outstanding example select Hall of Fame wonder jet set blue blood showpiece gentility trophy leading light crown jewel beautiful people haut monde high society chosen ne plus ultra catch plum taonga honor boast glitterati chef-d'oeuvre honour zenith peak patriciate who's who smart set main line country set beau monde polite society monument masterstroke utmost magnum opus masterwork credit tour de force pride and joy chef d'oeuvre highest level four hundred master work stroke of genius work of art piece de resistance noblesse society favoured favored the quality skim upper-crust source of envy envy object of envy stereotype picture preference option most select the bee's knees beau idéal selection representation type byword discretion gold volition druthers alternative bet election liberty way choosing bag aces last word typical example acme of perfection best choice top choice cup of tea pick of the litter gentlefolk gentlefolks asset head finest example darling finest specimen star limit pinnacle lead best example best specimen choicest specimen choicest example source of honour feather in the cap feather in your cap source of pride proud boast source of satisfaction extremity extreme summit apex bloom uttermost greatest ceiling specialty charm genius phenomenon rarity speciality prodigy phoenix leader top form blossoming upper limit flowering triumph meridian trim verdure fitness humdinger godsend coup sensation success capstone climax culmination chief pièce de résistance full flowering peak of perfection utmost extent highest rank first place high-water mark crowning point high point knockout hit chef d'œuvre good health best condition chef-d'œuvre marvellous feat great work

Động từ

To carry out an action to the end
complete finish accomplish conclude consummate achieve finalise finalize fulfil fulfill nail polish cap crown do effectuate execute perform settle complement realise realize end perfect actualize terminate add the final touch to add the finishing touch to bring to a conclusion bring to an end bring to fruition bring to maturity call it a day carry off carry out do thoroughly finish off get through go the limit go through with go whole hog make good make perfect make up polish off put the finishing touches on put the last touches on put to bed round off round out set the seal on sew up sort out top off wind up wrap up discharge close clinch can wrap put away put into effect mop up take care of knock off top it off put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to button down put the tin lid on clean up fold up call a day put lid on tie up establish put the finishing touches to reach agree determine decide make seal confirm negotiate resolve put the final touches to bring to a close climax effect bring about agree on hammer out refine produce pull off bring off dispose of deal with carry through shake hands on reach an agreement engineer improve broker secure culminate arrange hone decide on fix arrive at attain work out choose revise copy-edit figure reach terms on thrash out name cultivate come to terms on touch up be a fitting climax to follow through with button up see to finish up erect excogitate form construct build go the distance stop cease process be through with sth dispatch idealise idealize transact string wrap something up set up hash out fight through put the lid on bargain halt bag rule bring to perfection concert swing opt reach the summit of be done with settle on settle upon turn around make short work of get out of the way set chalk up rack up log notch up ring up hit clock up designate cap off appoint cinch correct enhance pick assign select temper emend be the climax be the climax of be the culmination of embellish add the finishing touches to rewrite rephrase fine-tune nail down come to a decision about call the shots come to an agreement come to a conclusion make a decision come to a decision rescript shake hands edit elaborate firm up sleek amend better practice practise slick mend mature brush up round elevate polish up tweak complete the arrangements for go over make improvement work on improve performance put the icing on the cake

Động từ

To bring to an end
terminate end conclude finish close stop cease discontinue abort ax axe complete wind up break off expire lapse close out dead-end determine die elapse go halt pass quit round off round out wrap up belay abolish adjourn annul break up bring to an end cancel cut short desist dissolve drop eliminate extinguish leave off let up prorogate prorogue recess scratch scrub wink out wrap bring to a close bring to a conclusion cut off lay off put a stop to wind down bring to an untimely end put an end to run out come to an end pull the plug on consummate crown finish off knock off top off call a halt to call it a day put the lid on resolve call off can scrap break culminate sunder relinquish cinch interrupt settle cut out end up desist from sew up switch off put paid to shut off wind something up shut down pack up pack in give up dispose of pull the plug give over get done pack it in give something the chop knock something on the head get shut of nip something in the bud nip in the bud put a period to draw to close put to bed get shot of bring down curtain be over draw to a close suspend disappear vanish surcease pause fade dwindle bite the dust refrain from melt away close down call it quits ebb abandon refrain stay evaporate wane withdraw intermit become invalid evanish lay off of bring to a halt become obsolete become void bring to a stop pass away come to a close cut it out blow over cease to exist die down die out run its course fade away peter out abstain disrupt fail be at an end be no longer valid transpire be no more slip away fly by cap clear back off quit cold turkey depart polish off cut loose fold up button up button down be put to bed put a lid on forgo renounce avoid eschew tie up loose ends finalise come to the end finish up do liquidate clean up be through with finalize kick the habit quit cold abstain from not continue get on the wagon hang it up take the cure do without forbear from kick over go by trail off tail off kick cut dispense with phase out get rid of do away with intervene separate interpose disunite disconnect disjoin dissever kill part bag it blow off sink decline wither subside wilt moderate weaken abate decay lessen decrease recede diminish evanesce slacken degenerate deteriorate retrograde crumble bate droop dilapidate molder moulder die away run low fall away fade out ease off go down grow less go dead go downhill wear away check arrest block curb impede obstruct frustrate stall bar hamper still catch hobble stem freeze staunch hesitate falter waver immobilize teeter dither scruple balance wabble stagger vacillate wobble limp stumble whiffle immobilise hold back hold up be abandoned come to a stop wiggle-waggle come to a halt be suspended blow the whistle on put a sock in bring to a standstill draw to a stand pull up draw up hang back stand still come to a standstill be broken off shilly-shally hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill come to rest bring up fetch up put the kibosh on

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