Đồng nghĩa của of moment


Having a broad or widespread range, scope, or influence
far-reaching extensive sweeping widespread important significant broad momentous wide-ranging all-embracing blanket overarching profound radical ambitious comprehensive deep expansive extended far-flung life-changing major pervasive rangy wholesale wide across-the-board consequential far-ranging in-depth influential weighty across the board of significance of consequence of great import thorough exhaustive global universal complete all-inclusive inclusive full overall all-encompassing total general thoroughgoing catholic encyclopedic worldwide encyclopaedic all-out common wall-to-wall compendious international large-scale panoramic all-around unlimited absolute indiscriminate umbrella interdisciplinary multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary ubiquitous entire ample embracive cyclopedic all-round omnibus broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in full-scale out-and-out vast broad-brush prevalent detailed omnipresent large infinite boundless scopic mass outright ecumenical grand generic nationwide immense coast-to-coast countrywide pandemic scopious outspread clean pervading whole predominant rife bird's-eye unrestricted whole-hog perfect compleat full-dress integral full-blown expanded broad-ranging intact utter wide-reaching company-wide broad-spectrum intercontinental intensive world ubiquitary multinational overwhelming planetary rampant great big sizable popular inescapable all-present ever-present all-pervasive permeating comprising everywhere eclectic present everywhere all-pervading all lock stock and barrel painstaking careful severe drastic plenary the works extreme full-out serious rigorous integrated all over the place desperate stringent violent draconian forceful unconditional straight-out diffuse unmitigated panned enlarged cosmopolitan latitudinous proper outstretched copious epidemic multiracial transnational foreign meticulous widened unbounded all over definitive minute thorough-going generalized unselective generalised exaggerated overstated overdrawn prevailing huge life-size one-to-one unrestrained on a large scale preponderate spread broad-based non-selective nonspecific collective long lengthy diligent extensively considered thoroughly bulk quantitative one-size-fits-all endless unconfined taken as a whole limitless protracted massive humongous the word categoric final pure categorical sheer hefty panoptic everything encompassing replete no stone unturned faultless unbroken undiminished unexclusive in quantity in bulk from A to Z astronomical uncompromising advanced ultra excessive top-to-bottom iconoclastic root-and-branch without exception expanding stretching inflatable elastic dilating swelling in the mass worldly broad in content including all members including all categories spacious extendable stretchy voluminous enlargeable distending wall to wall revolutionary abundant unreduced technical concentrated far-stretched far-spread far-going without end widely distributed wide-extending wide-stretching far-extending unshortened unimpaired unabridged roomy dilatant spread-out capacious unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed uncondensed undivided uncut maximal undisputed regular functional dedicated expert particular focused specific very common all-over whole-length hook line and sinker full-on full-blooded full-length whole enchilada whole nine yards unabbreviated cosmic focussed specialised specialized specially designed encircling containing discursive synoptic in depth the whole shebang the big picture of great scope public varied accepted conventional standard usual shared diverse customary diversified liberal heterogeneous miscellaneous motley mixed assorted promiscuous ragtag non-exclusive patchwork majority ruling multifarious typical piebald mainstream raggle-taggle kitchen-sink commonplace accustomed received orthodox mingled all-purpose stock unqualified joint established net communal aggregate mundane in circulation in force in vogue balanced gross broadly-based normal master effective endemic non-specific recognized unanimous encyclopedical encyclopaedical traditional traditionalist well-rounded recognised basic nonexclusive jumbled catchall broad-minded tolerant unsectarian unbigoted celestial empyrean terrestrial stellar well established variegated wholistic run-of-the-mill plentiful plenteous adequate rounded flexible undogmatic itemized itemised choate largest holistic in toto all together all-together catch-all with everything included ball-of-wax general-purpose open-minded world-wide unspecialized multiculti unprejudiced most big picture indeterminate receptive charitable average nondiscriminatory national wonted ordinary routine open-door non-restrictive open welcoming vulgar habitual natural societal all-encompassing all-embracing many-sided widely held free-for-all open to the public mutual magpie manifold multifaceted selective middle-of-the-road free to all accessible to everyone dilettantish all in cumulative composite multiform combined cooperative united compiled social consolidated socialistic collated assembled unified


Denoting a high degree of seriousness
important serious consequential critical large remarkable urgent worthwhile dire especial far-reaching high-priority momentous monumental overriding uppermost acute considerable conspicuous earnest exceptional extensive grave heavy heavy-duty historic large-scale life-and-death material of great consequence page-one ponderous portentous prodigious sensational special substantial telling tremendous unforgettable unmissable weighty burning capital cardinal decisive determining front-page impressive newsworthy of great import of great moment of import forceful significant major crucial vital of consequence pivotal key of significance solemn profound somber sombre heavyweight all-important sober exigent staid sedate severe humourless humorless no laughing matter no joke of great importance no-nonsense life and death big deal eventful big underlined uncomic meaningful earthshaking tectonic appreciable life-changing earth-shattering much memorable fateful fundamental paramount tough difficult big league major league hard hefty headline great apocalyptic epochal notable outstanding glum stern gloomy dour grim earth-shaking austere downbeat quiet sad cold sober epoch-making world-shattering world-shaking matter of life and death leading prime sizable prominent influential powerful landmark principal super of importance eminent big-time valuable mammoth super colossal pressing imperative essential meaty main integral determinative noteworthy indispensable strategic intense deep almighty major-league drastic compelling necessary high-level desperate extreme central pre-eminent crying primary foremost core striking intrinsic mighty extraordinary imposing dominant grand grievous onerous importunate pronounced impactful oppressive imperious necessitous immediate clamant emergent overwhelming top salient climacteric distinguished elevated celebrated noticeable honoured unusual arch of note requisite high-ranking illustrious noted preeminent reputable rare uncommon honourable of the utmost importance of the essence honorable noble honored crushing demanding focal deciding pertinent emergency interesting respected relevant chief instant exacting top-level esteemed terrible parlous premier top-priority renowned strong puissant potent marked sore famed big-league high-profile required high prestigious acclaimed citable seminal observable must-have needed very great mentionable namable nameable particular glorious signal glaring top-ranking superior dignified obvious evident now or never emphatic fatal resonant manifest distinctive high profile high-up well known high-powered highly regarded red-letter out of the ordinary life-altering massive egregious valid purposeful dynamic invaluable commanding germane devastating humiliating demanding attention impelling topical arresting driving final useful pithy indicative top-notch trusted big time skookum top-drawer of high standing exciting buzzworthy demanded maximum crash life-saving milestone vehement fierce furious sententious first called-for vitally important life-or-death life or death predestined foreordained inevitable doomed destined carrying a lot of weight ponderable highest greatest sweeping authoritative gutting vicious of vital importance distingué of substance extremely important conclusive notorious executive head needful burdensome taxing preponderant keynote worthy of attention quantum generous unordinary revered pointed instrumental unique basic senior unlucky different singular very grave worrisome overshadowing dangerous of concern venerated worthy of note of particular interest constraining reverenced hallowed august worrying troublesome overbearing prior primal predominant overmastering master topmost sovereign sovran supreme worth mentioning worthy of mention hot mind-blowing utmost murder splash stand-out patent worth taking a look at something else terrific boss cool the end inescapable recognized famous responsible elemental root radical rudimentary stressful backbreaking vexatious worshipped clamouring hurry-up persuasive clamoring requiring obliging heat-on irresistible claiming distressing forcing unyielding well-known decision-making overruling number one ruling basal constitutive numero uno legendary respectable lionized iconic superincumbent sacred decent reverend sage historical formidable recognised public exemplary wise worthy of influence of mark well thought of in the public eye lionised matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical admirable venerable worshipful admired stately estimable worshiped most important

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