Đồng nghĩa của expanding

Alternative for expanding

expands, expanded, expanding

Đồng nghĩa: broaden, enlarge, extend, grow, increase, magnify, spread, swell, unfold,

Trái nghĩa: contract, shrink,


Present participle for to proliferate or diffuse throughout


Present participle for to diverge into, or along, two or more separate paths


(rare) Present participle for to become less reserved in character or behavior


In the process of growing
growing augmenting burgeoning developing flourishing increasing emergent mounting mushrooming rising spreading thriving amplifying enlarging maturing sprouting swelling upward crescive fructifying germinating pullulating stretching escalating advancing budding intensifying climbing surging emerging vigorous fervid aggressive energetic zealous accelerating widening broadening building heightening accentuating multiplying booming proliferating snowballing deepening sharpening accumulating viral fledgling blossoming evolving nascent up-and-coming in the making spiraling skyrocketing getting bigger spiralling upsurging getting higher going up soaring ascending embryonic incipient potential infant promising beginning dawning young coming new arising prospective newborn immature progressive unfledged early future initial aspiring inchoate wannabe would-be sunrise changing small probationary amateur to come to be up and coming upcoming baby unindustrialized primordial developmental awakening in an early stage germinal aborning flowering inceptive continuous ambitious wishful vegetating pubescent opening fresh striving aspirant with potential ongoing continuing continual possible bursting forth shooting up hungry hopeful mellowing aging sweetening perfecting preparing consummating appearing cumulative gradual ageing piecemeal growing up resulting emanating efflorescent emanant coming out outgoing prospering ascendant uprising overriding step by step step-by-step on the rise in the ascendant upwardly mobile on the up and up on the way up moving up rising in power issuing forth


Having a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth
booming flourishing successful thriving prospering prosperous burgeoning growing mushrooming profitable strong vigorous blooming boomy buoyant developing fruitful golden halcyon healthy improving lucrative lush palmy productive progressing roaring ballooning fast-growing rampant snowballing doing well wealthy going strong and up on the up on the up and up robust rich luxuriant blossoming triumphant going exuberant profuse flush prolific in full swing in the pink in top form rank sitting pretty on a roll on top of heap abounding plenteous plentiful thrifty active busy advancing arrived rolling cooking home free opulent have it made have the wherewithal lucky fortunate substantial boom going places loaded easy comfortable oofy snug uptown going well faring well in clover in the ascendant main-line on easy street fat fertile moneymaking remunerative gainful teeming affluent fecund well-heeled paying overgrown green dense worthwhile beneficial monied thick economic verdant fructuous juicy cornucopian jungly money-spinning moneyed abundant privileged profit-making leafy well-off well-to-do happy riotous superabundant grown advantageous joyous jungle-like auspicious rewarding well-endowed well-fixed deep-pocketed fat-cat silk-stocking glorious favoured favored bankable copious weedy grassy joyful idyllic prodigal overflowing lavish good helpful minted blessed well off upper-class on velvet leisure-class in the money well heeled doing it easy set for life in easy street in luck maturing rosy grass-covered carefree sound working upmarket verdurous blissful contented promising large extensive diffuse graminaceous fresh gramineous viridescent virid cushy jammy high-income up-and-coming money-making well-paid commercial providential propitious cost-effective high-paying advantaged well-paying for-profit renumerative socially advantaged enviable elite in the gravy win-win sweet fatness favourable solvent efficient well paid financially rewarding gangbusters boffo delightful precious best cost effective paradisiac peak favorable encouraging in the black ongoing generative high-yielding creative proliferating propagative pecunious inventive fructiferous excessive upscale propertied generating reproducing propagating breeding proliferant pregnant spawning plutocratic financial ample independent cash rich quids in stinking rich filthy rich rolling in money multi-crore having it made of means of independent means in the chips on Easy Street worth a bundle rolling in it of substance with deep pockets worth a packet made of money


Elasticized or elastic


Having a large scope or range
expansive wide broad extensive wide-ranging comprehensive thorough all-embracing inclusive widespread far-reaching sweeping deep dilating elastic extended far-flung inflatable rangy stretching swelling cross-disciplinary distending enlargeable extendable interdisciplinary multidisciplinary spacious stretchy voluminous ample big capacious dilatant expansile great large roomy scopic scopious sizable sprawling spread-out unrepressed unsuppressed vast exhaustive all-inclusive global all-encompassing pervasive catholic across-the-board complete encyclopedic significant universal radical in-depth overarching immense encyclopaedic across the board far-ranging compendious large-scale wholesale blanket full overall outspread expanded boundless panoramic general profound lock stock and barrel major broad-spectrum umbrella wall-to-wall all-out eclectic worldwide thoroughgoing broad-ranging comprising all-around wide-reaching enlarged open widened unlimited uncrowded spread copious generous enormous all-round full-spectrum huge spread out long lengthy protracted massive prevalent humongous unrestricted hefty indiscriminate unexclusive important wall to wall momentous scattered total thorough-going generalized whole-hog unselective overstated bird's-eye generalised exaggerated overdrawn full-scale detailed out-and-out ambitious life-changing coast-to-coast nationwide broad-gauge countrywide cover-all broad-gauged embracive absolute all-in cyclopedic omnibus clean entire grand consequential influential weighty diffuse dispersed whole encircling containing intact infinite integral discursive plenary perfect synoptic compleat extreme of great scope the whole shebang in depth the works the big picture of moment of significance without end widely distributed of great import of consequence wide-stretching far-going fanned out far-stretched far-spread wide-extending far-extending


The act or process of becoming larger in quantity
addition accumulation boost growth hike increase accrual stockpile upgrowth accretion aggregation amassment appreciation augmentation buildup collection gathering increasing rise upsurge accession aggrandisement aggrandizement annexation assemblage assembly augmenting elevation enlarging escalation expansion gain inflation magnification pileup pooling proliferation spike stockpiling surge upswing upturn accumulating amassing amplification annexe annex assembling boom collecting cumulation development enhancement enlargement explosion hoarding increment more mushrooming raise reserve snowballing swell swelling upping uptick jump multiplication store uptrend flowering reinforcement building up build-up piling up stacking up step up stocking up run-up supplement addendum plus extension intensification advance spread burgeoning heightening bump upgrade advancement elaboration up lengthening distension improvement spreading dilation unfolding creep distention waxing appendix adjunct buildout increasement strengthening breakthrough attachment unraveling reinforcing elaborating exaggeration evolution stretching broadening widening top-up quadrupling doubling tripling deepening crescendo raising merger ongoing adding to avalanche incorporation unravelling fleshing out climb upward turn gradual growth affixment enrichment accruement appendage add-on step-up growing accrument profit blooming concentration success formation spiralling ascent spurt beefing up boosting small increase mounting blossoming headway leap agglomeration supplementing expatiation wax rapid increase intensifying acceleration promotion explanation padding ramp up jack up exacerbation spiraling bounce supplementation refinement emergence flourishing betterment metamorphosis incubation perfection maximization optimization access continuation complement rounding out move-up leg-up jump-up maximisation optimisation contribution large increase grab annexing dilatation elongation progress progression gaining roundup acquisition obtaining cumulus garnering lodgment lodgement reaping compilation expanse diffusion significant addition topping up unfurling ballooning thickening fattening attainment piling harvesting heaping procuring aggregate reproduction increase in size blow-up tumefaction intumescence blowing up evolvement levying maturation opening out puffing up filling out procreation maturing evolving advancing reduplification manifolding repetition repeating exponentiation reproducing reduplication recurrence duplication compounding blow up maturity ripening adulthood developing perfecting making progress propagation worsening generation aggravation upgrading breeding lift soaring prolongation mass multiplying price increases production recovery stimulation creation deterioration stepping-up bulge spreading out sharpening revival extent price rises rush diversification scope compass push ascension continuing drawing out turnaround exponential growth growth spurt protraction spawning conception amelioration opening quantity vicious circle virtuous circle uprise augment aggrandization high pickup stepping up reflation recuperation skyrocketing logjam backlog gestation cultivation nurture rocketing rising ascendance inflaming towering soar stack advertising load hype publicity puff plug heap building profit margin price increase loudening dramatic increase sudden increase snowball effect furtherance embellishment inflammation stress geometric growth producing young bloating margin pretension move up jump up upward movement pretentiousness shooting up explosive growth rampant growth rapid growth sudden rise affectation pretence grandiosity pretense condition deepening gross profit affectedness scaling up prosperity transmission producing puffiness dissemination markup postponement perpetuation suffusion dispersal scale extra time profusion term coverage division period distribution dispersion transfusion allotment ramification radiation prolonging additional period of time branch orbit conservatory allowance denotation arm sweep radius stretch reach lean-to leeway span porch purview additional room

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