Đồng nghĩa của bankable

Alternative for bankable

bankable /'bæɳkəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể gửi ở ngân hàng; có thể giao cho ngân hàng

Tính từ

Having the ability to produce financial growth or gain
successful lucrative profitable thriving fruitful flourishing rewarding strong beneficial boomy golden healthy lush productive prospering remunerative worthwhile auspicious blooming booming buoyant burgeoning efficient gainful going strong profit-making solvent boffo comfortable gangbusters growing monied opulent roaring robust substantial well-heeled going palmy advantageous moneymaking ongoing paying money-spinning cost-effective money-making fat juicy economic sweet in the black commercial sound financially rewarding self-sustaining serviceable saving commercially successful instrumental pragmatic effective well-paying high-income effectual assisting sustaining conducive contributive practical well-paid high-paying paying well paid off good fatness win-win well paid cost effective prosperous halcyon rich triumphant doing well expanding fortunate wealthy happy affluent blossoming vigorous lucky flush luxuriant loaded moneyed well-to-do well-off mushrooming favoured jammy rampant prolific favored developing blessed progressing fast-growing joyous easy exuberant profuse advantaged well-fixed deep-pocketed fat-cat silk-stocking well-endowed in clover in luck faring well in the ascendant snug glorious on the up and up oofy sitting pretty in full swing in top form in the pink on easy street well off in the money quids in stinking rich blessed with good luck well heeled born under a lucky star rolling in it large for-profit joyful idyllic improving charmed ballooning snowballing viable privileged rank boom on a roll uptown minted on top of heap cash rich filthy rich rolling in money of means in the chips of substance with deep pockets made of money working opportune rosy abounding carefree salable timely active thrifty busy and up plentiful plenteous blissful contented on the up upmarket prodigal advancing renumerative helpful promising arrived rolling cooking fertile upscale born with a silver spoon in one's mouth providential propitious home free up-and-coming on velvet leisure-class in easy street upper-class favourable have it made have the wherewithal main-line cushy fecund fructuous cornucopian delightful precious best propertied paradisiac peak favorable encouraging set for life worth a bundle worth a packet enviable elite socially advantaged in the gravy going places going well

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