Đồng nghĩa của helpful

Alternative for helpful

helpful /'helpful/
  • tính từ
    • giúp đỡ; giúp ích; có ích


Willing to assist or give aid
obliging friendly pleasant kind accommodating considerate thoughtful supportive cooperative sympathetic caring compassionate chivalrous kindly polite respectful selfless unselfish warmhearted tender patient hospitable complaisant mindful solicitous tactful understanding neighborly neighbourly charitable benevolent beneficent eager to help eager to please generous altruistic gracious indulgent amiable decent good-natured magnanimous warm amicable genial agreeable warm-hearted affable cordial liberal kindhearted benign loving sociable good noble well-disposed kind-hearted humane congenial civil humanitarian nice gentle big-hearted good-humoured philanthropic open-handed good-humored benignant good-hearted tender-hearted responsive giving amenable approachable affectionate tolerant courteous extroverted companionable mild open softhearted tenderhearted mellow merciful social self-denying well disposed attentive self-sacrificing devoted sweet soft-hearted bountiful self-effacing lenient goodhearted convivial disinterested denying incorruptible self-forgetting unstinting bounteous cheerful gallant munificent soft easygoing concerned good-tempered bighearted sensitive self-forgetful delightful large-hearted receptive empathetic willing welcoming public-spirited easy-going compliant big easy great-hearted jovial comforting ungrudging empathic feeling comradely maternal philanthropical free accessible lovable likeable likable engaging chummy regardful fatherly motherly righteous all heart well meaning easy to get along with lovely outgoing conversable personable acquiescent favorable ethical bonhomous moral happy buddy-buddy harmonious virtuous freehanded respectable honest honourable upright gregarious open-hearted mild-mannered favourable lavish honorable just upstanding openhanded peaceful fatherlike matey uplifting easy to get on with adaptable pliable bleeding-heart even-tempered accommodative sensible unsparing well-meaning peaceable fond game civilized doting like-minded intimate pleasing tractable biddable persuadable freehearted calm charming fulsome worthy available informal heroic civilised mannerly free-handed communicative conscientious unstuffy extrovert principled dutiful extraverted right forbearing clement open-minded high-minded right-minded collegial unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome unassuming brotherly pitying well mannered clean-living well intentioned sweet-tempered wholesome palsy sweet-natured greathearted princely palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met squeaky clean hail-fellow hearty well-mannered harmless avuncular forgiving observant heedful guestfriendly nonmalignant diplomatic thoughty encouraging nonthreatening Christian commiserative well-bred breezy moderate reverential bubbly reassuring generous to a fault very kind handy accepting long-suffering non-malignant softie marshmallow responsible broad-minded sentimental human touchy-feely confident mushy as nice as pie appealing taking captivating simpatico reasonable barley-sugar winning enchanting elevated moralistic high lordly valiant goodish fair lofty great eleemosynary angelic soft touch propitious unoffensive openhearted deferential benefic heart in right place willing to please favourably disposed humble swell ingratiating wonderful modest conciliatory loyal amusing confiding close faithful hilarious jocose attached entertaining kindred vibrant funny happy-go-lucky compatible amical comical jocular on good terms user friendly on tap on deck protective nurturing inspiring inspiriting willing to help good company pliant stimulating boosting gratifying paternal clubbable onside persuasible suasible buddy buddy familiar cozy clubby couthy pally clubable communal fraternal company-loving backslapping tight cosy uninhibited cheering soothing fulfilling useful forthcoming trustworthy incorrupt dependable glad to be of assistance loving and giving innocent pure clean inclined straight true disposed ready prepared edifying pleased stand-up consenting glad eager enthusiastic non-erotic non-violent improving chaste content keen all right on the up and up well-brought-up set predisposed prone correct exemplary proper desirous squeaky-clean apple-pie simple nothing loath so minded so-minded in favor zealous in the mood one in accord with in favour of a mind fain minded all there hale and hearty invigorating ruddy sane in fine feather practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical sanitary normal open-faced clean-cut in the pink safe blooming cheery urbane unreserved chirpy perky temperate relaxed balmy comfortable comfy bland equable casual cool snug smooth tranquil gentlemanly placid suave polished pacific homelike homely nonchalant attractive cushy debonair genteel carefree courtly serene fine cultivated light sunny restful refined delicate ladylike homestyle laid-back bright free and easy meek natural well bred undemanding relaxing docile summery tame homey subdued cultured decorous chilled unctuous nonabrasive formal down-home buoyant politic soft-spoken jolly enjoyable refreshing merry sophisticated diverting measured jocund unflappable down-to-earth canny quiet self-possessed heartfelt earnest wholehearted sincere dignified inviting unhurried blithe lamblike demure reverent non-hostile oily elegant secure untroubled retiring easeful expansive snuggly svelte poised smiling regular non-confrontational discreet laid back home-like flat snug as a bug in a rug at ease well behaved well-behaved well spoken well brought up downright neighborly well-spoken clear charismatic relishable preferable assent unemotional approving festive unconstrained facile humoring festal lively fun-loving conversible gay vivacious mirthful flexible boon insouciant domestic healthful shared public unceremonious couth good-looking unaffected imperturbable unconcerned unruffled unworried permissive glowing confidential jammy untaxing homespun homy downhome wellmannered fun expressive affectious sultry humouring stately smooth-tongued worldly worldly-wise presentable easy-peasy unexcitable copacetic sheltered door's always open glad-handering easy-oasy shy dove-like bluff smooth-talking handsome red-carpet caressing scented fragrant perfumed plum lush sedate submissive jejune vapid dull subservient spiritless obeisant forbearant dovelike fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable obsequious good-mannered punctilious well brought-up condescending unfazed glib silver-tongued nice-looking pretty bonny sisterly leisurely careful stress-free cautious reposeful genuine chipper upbeat enlivening joyous upper up summerlike tropical moist well-suited well suited sympathique zephyr-like community informative popular common pleasurable collective organized group general of good cheer deliberate leisured congruous consonant consistent distingué impeccable slick sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat plush deep amorous sunny side up dashing lax unoppressive unburdensome in accord in agreement convenient satisfying self-assured regular fellow right neighborly organised societal made well trim dapper stylish smart spruce good egg faint spiffy swanky fly swish snappy sharp trig well groomed well dressed detached on fleek well-groomed well turned out jaunty sprightly folksy emollient lenitive demulcent mollifying dainty pabulum ho-hum exquisite medium nothing low-grade lukewarm assuasive wimpy blah nothing much vanilla tempered weak choice tepid nonirritating


For one's benefit
useful valuable good kindly salutary worthwhile contributive facilitative significant favourable beneficial invaluable productive applicable benignant favorable profitable fruitful advantageous benefic conducive constructive expedient meaningful meritorious practical rewarding informative instructive of benefit of service of use opportune propitious beneficent gainful auspicious timely friendly convenient appropriate suitable effective serviceable benign encouraging of assistance handy lucrative lucky fortunate fit fitting instrumental positive providential of value worthy right win-win promising remunerative benevolent worth it behooveful of help seasonable important paying wholesome fair relevant toward efficacious proper strategic contributory gratifying apt happy commodious fortuitous economic prosperous usable well-timed felicitous moneymaking accessory subordinate needed desirable ancillary healthful secondary estimable acceptable decent advisable vital indispensable crucial priceless auxiliary effectual essential pivotal critical supportive golden nice successful welcome key minor furthersome charitable heaven-sent supplemental subservient agreeable thriving satisfactory fat subsidiary juicy pleasant worth its weight in gold bright to one's advantage money-spinning appurtenant collateral adjuvant well spent well timed in one's interests to your advantage healing well disposed ripe illuminating enriching flattering cheering pleasurable reassuring pleasureful pleasing hopeful good for one pat timeous pertinent formative moderate warm clement plus good for you uplifting inspiring industrious generative suited in one's best interests gentle potent operative efficient accommodating paramount imperative in one's favor on one's side in one's favour merciful smiling dexter reasonable appreciated fundamental necessary requisite respected admired in demand exigent justifiable comfortable befitting well-spent full of promise fitted hot central loved held dear esteemed of the essence best respectable healthy utilizable satisfying worthful scarce hot property favoured favored purposeful jammy rosy altruistic humanitarian kind generous fit to be eaten meet consumable comestible safe to eat approving common versatile brave edible fit for human consumption excellent substantial big-hearted for the best profit-making going commercial favoring conformable congruous seemly becoming commending commendatory unobjectionable protean salubrious tolerable hygienic ample all right exemplary money-making sensible worth the effort lesser well-paying for-profit renumerative born with a silver spoon in your mouth well-off supplementary precious favouring utilisable inestimable financially rewarding productive of good for aid helpful to facilitate favour favor integral consequential irreplaceable rare choice additional extra leading benefit tending assist promotive encourage help useful for instrumental in bush-league flunky treasured second-fiddle of great consequence second-class extremely helpful all-important of the utmost importance peripheral beyond price extremely useful attendant vitally important calculated to produce lead to contribute to make for lower-level lower-grade tend to promote branch cooperative aiding backup lower junior subject tributory assisting assistant contributing to


Marked by convenience or the characteristics of making life easier
handy useful convenient practical functional serviceable utilitarian neat nifty easy-to-use user friendly user-friendly user-oriented well-designed usable practicable utile fit employable working profitable beneficial exploitable advantageous applicable useable available operable workable operative viable applicative actionable applied wieldy adaptable ultrapractical feasible valuable utilizable consumable utilisable efficient operational functioning accessible valid current running doable in working order expendable instrumental unused open subservient good exhaustible ready at hand at disposal in order approachable disposable up and running available for use fit for use operating in running order ready for use at your disposal exploitive exploitative exploitatory manageable natty multipurpose gainful central versatile pragmatic easy to use realistic sensible sound pragmatical possible reasonable accomplishable constructive orderly systematic sane solid plain unromantic factual unidealistic real-world down-to-earth level-headed matter-of-fact within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility nuts and bolts step-by-step both feet on the ground durable dependable hard-wearing sturdy aiding invaluable stout effective assistive of use going suitable appropriate prepared active live alive living fitting on in action in use in operation obtainable in force adequate apt qualified acquirable achievable proper in effect attainable expedient seemly relevant realizable adapted becoming fitted worthy acceptable procurable on hand realisable suited getatable right meet able gettable in working condition correct apposite capable befitting offered spendable reachable dynamic securable deserving pertinent due open to on deck forthcoming in commission in gear apropos rightful decorous decent in service in hand correspondent conformable graspable just equal equitable good enough preferable comme il faut within reach at your fingertips get-at-able replaceable throwaway enforceable sufficient easy to reach high-functioning well-functioning rational on line occupational commonsensical purposeful ready for action easy-access perfect ideal easy cinch breeze snap at your service free for use moving workaday hot able to function in full swing on the job on fire on track in process unrestricted present public everyday ordinary easy to get to close at hand at one's disposal wide-open easily reached easy to access at one's fingertips duck soup no sweat readily available in easy reach popular near at hand near-at-hand hassle-free time-saving labour-saving trouble-free close-at-hand on tap untaken to hand around derivable from competent utility fresh simple as ABC easy as pie piece of cake equal to up to satisfactory trained in the running likely capable of in line for eligible standing existing vacant derivable influential indicative practiced exercised empirical utilized used probable winnable correlated related experiential tested empiric in business at play practised utilised equipped enforced -worthy hands-on brought to bear not expired non-theoretical within one's use-by date


Conveying knowledge, information or instruction
instructive informative educational enlightening illuminating instructional useful edifying educative informational revealing didactic telling doctrinal explanatory heuristic improving informatory moralistic pedagogic preceptive cautionary homiletic propaedeutic illuminative clarifying revelatory elucidative descriptive enriching scholastic advisory pedantic communicative factual newsy civilizing broadening scholarly uplifting cultural refining learned humanizing forthcoming rewarding fluorescent incandescent luminescent illuminated humanising civilising explicative expository elucidatory explicatory illustrative explanative expositional interpretive expositive interpretative prefatory annotative expounding demonstrative describing evaluative explaining exegetical exegetic guiding informing allegorical disquisitional discursive diagrammatic analytical hermeneutic declarative graphic hermeneutical by way of explanation academic pedagogical tuitional teaching tutorial inspiring dogmatic school profound professorial elevating moralizing exemplifying preachy bookish homiletical sententious pompous sermonic schoolmasterly formal erudite representative typical moral priggish abstruse pictorial illustrational evincive delineative teacherly teachy sermonizing teacherish donnish exhortative moralising schoolmasterist hortative sermonising comparative illustratory pictoric symbolic specifying indicative emblematic corroborative sample expressive metaphoric imagistic iconographic figurative


Always successful
infallible certain sure unfailing dependable reliable trustworthy foolproof sound sure-fire can't-miss effective efficacious fail-safe guaranteed safe surefire unbeatable acceptable agreeable always effective apodictic authoritative correct effectual efficient exact handy incontrovertible inerrable inerrant never failing omniscient positive right satisfactory satisfying solid steady undeceivable unimpeachable unquestionable useful watertight tried and tested tried and true unerring absolute irrefutable definite indubitable conclusive true undeniable unequivocal incontestable firm indisputable assured unambiguous clear unmistakable undoubted unassailable genuine categorical in the bag never-failing faultless demonstrable real fixed confirmable verifiable evident determined set faithful steadfast on ice decisive plain inarguable convincing obvious predestined hard supreme ascertained known provable establishable destined definitive undisputable secure beyond doubt constant tested unbreakable loyal salted away sure thing staunch having down pat good airtight trusty confirmed accurate precise manifest trustable calculable decided tried-and-true beyond dispute clear-cut beyond question flawless unarguable irrefragable unanswerable unchallengeable accomplished honest resolute unconditional ensured devoted responsible consistent enduring unshakable committed dedicated patent proven insured impeccable compelling final veracious failsafe emphatic nailed-on strong valid true-blue beyond a shadow of a doubt excellent perfect self-evident clinching undebatable idiot-proof tried goofproof sovereign invulnerable ultimate not in doubt without loopholes concluded certified warranted stated stipulated settled sealed clinched established clutch actual dutiful trusted last deciding inflexible credible thorough authentic indefective pronounced cinched racked unswerving conscientious dinkum peremptory factual predictable upright unwavering decent nailed on fast uncompromising iron go-to believable reputable respectable honourable righteous high-principled truthful honorable nailed down made certain absolutely certain sewed up to be counted on safe as houses likely to perform always there stone cold errorless without error on the money kosher all right sincere incorrupt careful no ifs ands or buts cast-iron true-hearted set in stone telling undisputed influential plausible weighty well-defined persuasive formidable cogent lucid ingenious material forceful insightful pertinent urgent incisive trenchant great sharp well-established powerful crystalline coercive well-founded relevant forcible distinct well founded impressive intuitive intelligent inevitable palpable irrevocable concrete recognized doubtless endless boundless determinate inexhaustible transparent recognised unqualified questionless ceaseless continuous persistent unlimited unfading undying continual unflagging bottomless as sure as eggs is eggs diligent same unrelenting unchanging straight assiduous dyed-in-the-wool delivering lasting there come-through abiding continuing eternal invariable counted on rock solid


Willing to divulge information
forthcoming communicative informative expansive chatty talkative conversational expressive open outgoing uninhibited effusive gabby garrulous gossipy gushing loquacious mouthy outspoken verbose voluble windy free gassy multiloquent multiloquous plainspoken talky cooperative obliging free-spoken unreserved demonstrative unrestrained friendly vocal warm long-winded motormouthed blabby glib candid unconstrained emotional affectionate able to talk the hind legs off a donkey loving chattering conversable babbling approachable responsive prattling chattery blathering gossiping jabbering cuddly big-mouthed wittering gobby intimate tender warmhearted loose-lipped lovey-dovey touchy-feely having kissed the Blarney Stone with the gift of the gab frank enlightening communicable ordinary familiar everyday spoken prating genial affable sociable yacking informal tonguey bombastic yakkity prosy gaseous wind-bag loose-tongued yakky blabbermouth motormouth newsy spontaneous personal multieloquent relaxed flap jaw running on at the mouth amiable extroverted easy extrovert discursive effervescent gregarious liberal magnanimous generous lavish gushy fluent wordy articulate eloquent silver-tongued yakking slick bigmouthed prolix vociferous verbal smooth rambling running on full of hot air blessed with the gift of the gab diffuse circumlocutory periphrastic circuitous pleonastic lengthy tautological tedious palaverous repetitious logorrheic tortuous redundant turgid persuasive rhetorical inflated protracted smooth-spoken smooth-tongued ambagious flatulent meandering long-drawn-out pompous facile grandiloquent profuse quick gibbering magniloquent smooth-talking having kissed the blarney stone convincing convoluted orotund plausible digressive fast-talking ready prolonged indirect overlong urbane insincere pretentious flowery wandering flip slippery suave logorrhoeic loudmouthed artful vivid hot-air vocative rattling well-spoken fustian smooth operator declamatory sesquipedalian hard to resist superfluous roundabout over-talkative empty iterative noisy boastful long tiresome drivellous maundering boring wearisome circumlocutionary waffly excessively communicative interminable full of verbiage cogent coherent effortless illuminating well-versed natural tautologous repeating involved repetitive high-flown mellifluous cursive prompt copious confident mellifluent disputatious self-assured running assured florid high-sounding full of air oratorical having kissed the Blarney stone highfalutin sonorous flamboyant aureate overblown extravagant grandiose flashy tumid lofty showy ornate purple overripe hifalutin magnific epideictic Ciceronian hyperbolic euphuistic pat Demosthenic arty-farty Demosthenean neat silky powerful embellished contrived overwrought ostentatious exaggerated theatrical grand stilted tumescent overdone imposing swollen disingenuous revealing significant forceful graceful pregnant oversimplified shallow flippant simplistic superficial moving meaningful potent suggestive effective sweet-talking meaning pointed telling strong stirring graphic lucid revelatory indicative well-expressed ardent fervid fervent impassioned well spoken well expressed poignant sententious touching facund passionate affecting impressive

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