Đồng nghĩa của well chosen

Tính từ

Well chosen or suited to the circumstances
felicitous appropriate apt fitting suitable apposite apropos germane happy inspired pertinent timely applicable becoming befitting choice fit fitted good meet neat pretty proper relevant right well-chosen well-timed congruous opportune propitious convincing fortuitous joyous just pat seasonable telling well expressed well put spot on to the point carefully selected condign rightful justified related helpful fairy-tale deserved seemly acceptable harmonious suited qualified adequate well-suited in keeping to the purpose expedient convenient auspicious favourable favorable advantageous fortunate providential correct lucky heaven-sent material well timed golden serendipitous kosher fluky significant right on on the nose on the button appurtenant benign useful ripe ideal legit connected promising flukey due comme il faut desirable fair reasonable decent relative satisfactory nice ad rem welcome judicious accidental beneficial incidental linked applicatory pointed requisite sensible on target perfect successful coincidental chance prosperous timeous belonging unexpected casual tailor-made compatible unforeseen enviable efficacious conforming decorous jammy admissible correlated salient merited valid congruent worthy consistent sufficient commodious legitimate handy that's the ticket cut out for having direct bearing on having to do with equitable privileged blessed healthy rehearsed wholesome well-off profitable allied bright just right beseeming behooving agreeable conformed reconciled accommodated made to order wise relatable pertaining important conducive accommodating favored done allowable permitted permissible equipped pertaining to tasteful akin cognate in order worthwhile comfortable just what was ordered effective favoured comely best competent warranted earned analogous according to Hoyle adapted conformable well suited matched what the doctor ordered well-deserved applicative relating on-topic kindred prompt well deserved well earned cut out accepted punctual well judged of interest established conventional set disposed orthodox formal user friendly advisable fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street up to standard good enough in keeping with politic okay swell copacetic in character up to snuff presentable immediate speedy associable crying out likely towardly accurate official exact regular precise in the nick of time up-to-date in good time up-to-the-minute at the right time of use apropos of inadvertent unintended desired prudent de règle uncertain haphazard unlooked-for unanticipated unpremeditated unintentional unplanned unwitting random chancy incalculable variable odd contingent at the mercy of events

Trái nghĩa của well chosen

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