Đồng nghĩa của flattering

Alternative for flattering

flatters, flattered, flattering

Đồng nghĩa: compliment, praise,

Tính từ

Full of praise and compliments
complimentary fawning ingratiating sugary admiring applauding appreciative commending favorable favourable honeyed honey-tongued obsequious praising blarneying cajoling flannelling silver-tongued sycophantic bootlicking crawling creeping fulsome gratifying oily oleaginous servile soft-soaping sweet-talking unctuous adulatory encomiastic encomiastical laudatory smarmy smooth toadyish toadying deferential grovelling slimy groveling humble sucky slick soapy saccharine cringing greasy subservient Uriah Heepish gushing suave soft charming serving silken brown-nosing glib smooth-tongued smooth-talking disarming slavish abject insincere submissive creepy gushy insinuating saponaceous plausible kowtowing mealy-mouthed insinuative truckling arse-licking compliant ass-kissing persuasive prostrate buttery smug ingratiatory arse-kissing cloying nauseating sickening wheedling slippery suckholing hypocritical hagiographical hagiographic timeserving brownnosing sniveling parasitic spineless effusive insinuatory suggestive parasitical apple-polishing bowing and scraping snivelling smooth-spoken eloquent self-effacing winsome winning endearing supple coaxing bland reptilian sycophantish sugarcoated sweet pleasing menial subordinate complacent crouching reverential respectful enslaved subject stipendiary sneaking beggarly compliable obeisant credible sweet-sounding all over someone sycophant scraping bowing cowering silky fast-talking convincing hard to resist fluent articulate grandiloquent oratorical well-spoken urbane phoney creamy pinguid phony self-abasing forelock-tugging

Tính từ

Stylish and fashionable
dashing smart stylish chic crisp dapper debonair elegant spruce trim attractive fancy fashionable high-fashion modish tasteful understated voguish contemporary designer modern trendy ultra-modern well dressed well groomed classy hip in natty now sharp smartly dressed snappy snazzy well turned out dressy fly in vogue kicky nifty sassy spiffy swish tony swagger trig up to date with it on fleek up to the minute bang up to date as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox sophisticated exclusive new happening swell cool supercool up-to-date fresh culty schmick mod au courant dap swanky current faddish with-it chichi well-groomed du jour clean well-dressed swank a la mode latest thing last word well turned-out well put together kicking suave polished fine dressed to kill ritzy slick rakish upscale beautiful refined neat groovy urbane charming high-class courtly jaunty genteel trendsetting posh sleek in fashion uptown fashionably dressed dignified up-to-the-minute latest cultured all the rage cultivated lovely handsome graceful majestic stately plush dainty glamorous ostentatious swinging besuited jazzy big funky showy in style presentable all the go in-thing smooth discerning groomed distinguished luxurious popular opulent sumptuous exquisite ornate comely grand nice flashy well-bred spiff prim select hot superior sporty well-turned-out stunning flash well-presented vogue prevailing usual high-toned clean-cut dressed to the nines customary de rigueur in thing favoured à la mode favored a go-go dressed to the teeth newfangled well-liked poised appealing formal elaborate upmarket plushy with good taste dicty expensive last-word in good taste with style dress bling stylin' fancy-pants excellent distinctive first-class pretentious steezy modernistic spivvy dandy spiffing spick and span well-tailored soigné spiffed-up dolled up gorgeous def pop faddy crowd-pleasing hep large downtown popularized favorite red-hot turned-on tidy snug bandbox nobby doggy spry nimble brisk the new massive cutting-edge favourite popularised splashy pizazzy pizzazzy in the mainstream dressed up looking sharp class neat and tidy flamboyant gay bright loud colorful clever turned out ingenious crucial in high feather colourful dressed to nines styleworthy foxy spruced up courteous civil self-possessed confident gracious self-assured chivalrous gentlemanly gallant artistic well mannered well bred svelte classic gentle affable mannerly delicate cheerful happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly pleasant aesthetic choice noble decorous rare ornamented affected august recherche aristocratic esthetic overdone stylized well-designed

Tính từ

Suitable for a royal court
courtly elegant refined stately aristocratic ceremonious chivalrous civil cultivated decorous dignified formal gallant polite sophisticated stylish urbane debonair suave affable civilised civilized classy courteous cultured fine genteel gentlemanly graceful gracious handsome honorable honourable ladylike majestic obliging polished tasteful adulatory august complimentary conventional couth gentle highbred high-bred imposing lofty preux prim proper studied well bred well mannered mannerly well-bred well-mannered respectable respectful distinguished seemly noble correct considerate charming decent nice grand solemn swanky posh plush thoughtful regal diplomatic exquisite fashionable ceremonial punctilious well-behaved befitting smart starchy attentive tactful cool becoming opulent smooth deferential sumptuous de rigueur proud magnificent discerning chic staid dashing impressive self-possessed snazzy official svelte superior royal pleasant genial distingué well behaved luxurious imperial accomplished beautiful precise fancy lordly traditional poised kingly ritzy reverential fitting fit affected modish attractive glib stilted portly sedate slick stiff sharp aesthetic spiffy cordial restrained composed comely esthetic stiff-necked politic ritual ritualistic princely modest dutiful snobbish orthodox worldly worldly-wise exalted discriminating suitable artistic ornate fastidious sensitive dainty appropriate reserved accommodating grandiose well-born upright imperious snappy lovely expensive venerable reverent rich delicate pompous highbrow developed discreet right smooth-tongued schmick splendiferous swish pleasing moral ostentatious stylized ingratiating unctuous bland select kind complaisant swank silver-tongued oily conforming done just so in good taste media-savvy obeisant uptown soft-spoken impeccable high-class on fleek comme il faut a la mode well brought up protective elaborate lavish educated haughty appealing gentlemanlike flashy smooth-talking reputable finished agreeable quality flash cavalier privileged aloof splendid well-brought-up womanly cosmopolitan soft sociable fulsome showy magnanimous with good taste wellmannered amicable harmonious standard portentous resplendent gorgeous costly superb glorious well brought-up approved accepted public momentous important highborn blue-blooded patrician customary apt usual high fashion upmarket upscale plushy exclusive persuasive liturgical state kosher OK demure pretty balanced metropolitan in tony trendy dicty mod taught trained upper-crust acceptable careful okay smarmy together servile set prescribed eloquent quiet unobtrusive pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical subdued facile collected meet good seasonable pretentious confined la-di-da intolerant patronizing patronising artificial hollow prudish snooty priggish straitlaced precious prissy condescending stuffy possessed unruffled silky sacramental celebratory right stuff fit for a king aesthetically pleasing in vogue high-toned regardful equable coolheaded elevated confident self-assured au fait well-spoken serious eminent well spoken mannered self-composed articulate classic sombre magisterial respected highfalutin' great somber grave nifty humble solicitous trim dapper spruce towering subservient fly evolved airy close progressive advanced improved forward high rigorous accurate pinpoint spot-on late higher mathematical regarding respecting standing choice submissive obedient admiring deferent self-respecting trig well groomed well dressed sublime rare ornamented duteous venerating casual nonchalant detached buoyant well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy sprightly overdone recherche high-flown high-brow high-minded experienced exact appreciative well-designed well-dressed rigid deliberate measured scrupulous self-effacing slow-moving subtle thin ethereal light gossamer diaphanous cute fragile enlightened well-made simple flowing understated decorative neat ornamental moving expressive nuanced creative sheer intricate imaginative bonny fair fetching recherché gossamery insubstantial gauzy enhancing frail lacy transparent knowledgeable filmy erudite good-looking tolerant intelligent comfortable uncluttered handy clever ingenious streamlined well-off divine striking aerodynamic perfected deluxe zooty exotic presentable lush sleek symmetrical humane good mannered arcane far-fetched esoteric luxuriant extravagant balletic lithe austere plain emotional well-proportioned Augustan first-class stylistic stunning knockout taking goodly likely bonnie drop-dead lovesome beauteous ravishing sightly filigree flowy well-chosen musical pictorial ideal rhythmical stimulating dramatic picturesque beautifying frilly open tenuous slight petite figurative symbolic flowery sartorial slim scholarly intellectual jet-set citified blasé meshy fairy fluffy aerial rarefied dinky mondaine knowing mature intangible impalpable shadowy world-weary well-favored well-informed worldly wise been around perceptive profound deep poetic insightful lacelike net lace-like patterned netlike net-like otherworldly ghostly waiflike vaporous wraithlike eerie unworldly vapory gaseous elite upper-class sweet darling deft tender delightful feeble well-read artistically aware learned understanding liberal up-to-date lettered savant blue-stocking intellectually aware able distingue well-educated traveled arty well informed well read versed well educated literary informed literate well born titled high-born wellborn travelled full of feeling detailed au courant wispy upper crust Brahmin ennobled aristocratical top-drawer flimsy papery chiffony floaty feathery blue silk-stocking queenly silver-spoon knightly translucent gauzelike threadlike shimmering born with a silver spoon in one's mouth fine-grained fine-spun wafer-thin see-through

Tính từ

Seemingly well-reasoned, plausible or true, but actually fallacious
specious deceptive fallacious misleading casuistic false sophistic unsound beguiling deceitful deceiving deluding delusive delusory plausible sophistical apparent baseless bogus captious colorable credible empty erroneous hollow idle illogical inaccurate incorrect insincere likely meretricious nugatory ostensible ostentatious phoney phony presumable presumptive pretentious probable seeming sham sophisticated spurious unfounded untrue vain wrong seemingly correct apparently right plausible but wrong invalid fabricated mistaken flawed fake illusory mock unreal unreliable inexact fraudulent misguided distorted counterfeit faulty unsubstantiated fictitious pseudo untruthful groundless artificial imaginary unsupported imprecise without foundation off flimsy invented defective weak unreasonable manufactured factitious trumped-up ersatz pretend ill-founded faked concocted trumped up iffy shaky imitation simulated questionable in error unproven ungrounded unjustifiable dodgy unjustified chimerical unwarranted counterfactual implausible illusive foundationless uncorroborated synthetic irrational apocryphal untenable wide of the mark forged plastic without basis contrived out made up substitute feigned pretended tenuous off beam full of holes fishy fanciful unnatural falsified dummy way off glib indefensible insupportable unconvincing superficial dubious off target imagined dishonest fallible fictional mythical suspect unconfirmed misrepresentative made-up visionary fantastic misinformed fabulous improper not genuine reasonless put-on nonvalid untrustworthy dicey uncalled-for gratuitous bottomless ambiguous economical with the truth off-target off-base not exact not accurate unsustainable unwarrantable off base way out doubtful disingenuous make-believe illusionary inexcusable unforgivable assumed untested unverified unattested unpardonable chancy rocky disreputable risky strained forced mechanical affected conjectural notional chimeric imperfect mad faux lying undependable unreasoned truthless uncertain speculative ideal discrepant colored absurd unauthentic inexpiable snide queer inauthentic coloured faithless cod imitative man-made unacceptable senseless preposterous cooked-up flakey unstable flaky adulterine reproduction mimic mythological ungenuine without justification abroad replica supposititious open to doubt askew way off beam falsie all wet open to question off-beam not backed up by evidence hyped up wide way off-beam deluded unarguable undefendable refutable inadmissible cooked up hallucinatory chemical cast unprovoked fakey confusing unfitting impostrous evasive unfactual nonfactual unauthorized delusional misconceived without substantiation without merit off the mark contrary to fact amiss manmade tricky nonrational illegitimate unreasoning fancied non-existent insubstantial quixotic copy pirated casuistical not trustworthy so-called nonnatural shallow duplicate quasi unstraightforward unbacked inconsequent inconsequential uncalled for not backed up causeless unfaithful careless wild non-natural facsimile pat awry cunning devious cheating pretending copycat copied unsubstantial incongruous Barmecidal Barmecide whimsical fictive semblant suppositious float adrift mendacious engineered unassured unsure without cause unauthorised without reason counterfeited hypocritical equivocal garbled unoriginal crooked dud pinchbeck erratic cynical without explanation way-out not true way-off doesn't wash not right perplexing bewildering mistakable demagogic catchy distracting confounding puzzling erring wrong number all off devised fantasied phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal phantasmic arbitrary fluffed blue sky pipe dream dissimulating dissembling not precise out of line astray on the wrong track not working out of commission at fault misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated treacherous insignificant prepared bad double-dealing hollow-hearted devoid of validity two-faced slick framed bum pirate bent laboured labored mannered pseud quasi- stilted put on overdone stiff worthless model studied trick exaggerated actorly toy improvised wooden not kosher hokey self-conscious phony-baloney professed purported overripe fantasy Hollywood plant brummagem crock fantasized dream duplicitous pseudo- knock-off dreamed-up adopted won't fly soft shell avowed alleged theatrical supposed underhand pseudonymous overworked ham hammy crafty guileful shady sharp unspontaneous quack virtual hoax play-play shifty unscrupulous illegal imposturous imitated constrained unprincipled would-be fast underhanded rogue fantasised representative phoney-baloney bootlegged rehearsed legendary unauthenticated unqualified repro surface uncanonical campy miniature derivative overblown elaborate planned debatable wannabe self-styled made makeshift constructed apish not what it is cracked up to be low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior ostensive semi- nominal allonymous experimental unsatisfactory substandard adulterated mealymouthed posed near reported not real not legit terminologically inexact voulu manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche staged lookalike gingerbread posey as it were mock-up conceited melodramatic affectated awkward playacting fraud charlatan bluffing shammed masked in name only covered concealed dissimulated not the case knock off to all intents and purposes sly sneaky scheming null stagy overly planned perfidious Machiavellian rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible null and void void nonbinding inoperative subtle slippery foxy wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked slim not binding uncollectible double-faced Punic false-hearted in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique astucious indirect wily acted swindling criminal corrupt illicit dishonourable unlawful Janus-faced defrauding unfair dirty unjust unethical shonky knavish bamboozling dishonorable against the law

Danh từ

Instances of flattery
flattery soft sawder blarney blandishments flannel wheedling sweet talk cajolery soft soap honeyed words adulation fawning obsequiousness compliments praise servility blandishment simpering sycophancy soft-soap admiration sweet-talk overpraise fulsomeness taffy toadying arse-licking toadyism spiel incense butter puffery arse-kissing gallantry brown-nosing encomium flummery unctuousness eulogy jive laudation hokum gratification snow applause commendation plaudits eyewash mush truckling palaver bootlicking smoke ingratiation approbation stroke ass-kissing laud tribute buttering up cosying up false praise weasel words currying favour fine words soft words snow job pats on the back pretty speech persuasion coaxing inveiglement beguilement guyver arm-twisting sweet-talking soft-soaping glozing enticement inveigling cajolement suasion lip salve smooth talk reverence groveling grovelling smoodging deference submissiveness adoration worship smarminess idolization glorification smarm veneration oil exaltation awe cuddling up ego massage charm offensive worshiping cringing worshipping slavishness brownnosing sucking up allurement sweet words ingratiating crawling bowing and scraping compliance creeping rubbish guff claptrap garbage nonsense exaggeration margarine nobbling sweet nothings fair words insincere flattery shortening ghee oleo spread charm cobblers honey kowtowing wonderment wonder a line infatuation marveling subservience buildup abjection self-abasement pumping up puff marvelling meanness oiliness sliminess humility apple-polishing cravenness baseness abjectness excessive deference respect liquid soap fluid soap semifluid soap hero-worship admiring lionizing lionization idolizing glory homage honour devotion honor idolatry eulogies high regard tributes praising accolades deification magnifying magnification eulogiums lionising lionisation idolising hero worship extravagant flattery audation servile flattery fulsome praise

Động từ

Present participle for to praise or compliment, typically excessively or insincerely
complimenting praising blarneying cajoling humouring soft-soaping sweet-talking flanneling flannelling admiring commending puffing blandishing courting adulating belauding buttering up fawning hero-worshipping honeying massaging overpraising stroking wheedling expressing admiration for fawning on inveigling lauding pandering to panegyrizing paying tribute to beslavering bootlicking brownnosing charming conning crawling to creeping to glorifying grovelling groveling humoring jollying making much of oiling paying blandishments to paying court to playing up to salving selling snowing softening sucking up to toadying waxing lyrical about laying it on thick saying nice things about building up catering to complimenting excessively falling all over sweetening up working on working over getting next to spreading it on laying it on with a trowel rubbing the right way brown-nosing revering adoring worshipping worshiping elevating putting on a pedestal kissing feet fawning over gushing over indulging spoiling pampering cosseting lionizing mollycoddling puffing up soothing lionising smooth-talking buttering up to gushing babying petting patting fussing over stroking one's ego exalting fawning upon roosing ingratiating oneself with venerating making a fuss of raving over accommodating mollifying gratifying prizing treasuring overindulging coddling bowing to yielding to placating satisfying nurturing loving cherishing idolizing giving in to complying with giving way to adapting to doting idolising going along with holding dear lavishing affection on

Động từ

Present participle for to act in an obsequious way
toadying fawning grovelling groveling kowtowing truckling bootlicking crawling brownnosing creeping courting cringing wooing fussing cajoling stroking massaging oiling brown-nosing buttering up sucking up to curry favoring with curry favouring with apple-polishing ingratiating oneself with fawning on dancing attendance on playing up to falling all over pandering to making up to sucking up bowing and scraping truckling to kowtowing to creeping to grovelling to crawling to abasing oneself to demeaning oneself to rubbing up the right way keeping someone sweet bowing and scrape to honeying up kissing-up licking boots paying court laying it on licking someone's boots kissing one's feet scratching one's back prostrating oneself to falling on one's knees kissing the feet of curry favoring currying favour blandishing soft-soaping sweet-talking ingratiating yourself pandering toadying to cowering stooping paying court to fawning over crouching prostrating oneself kneeling abasing oneself smoodging to kisses up to seeking the favour of trying to get on the good side of getting on the right side of getting round submitting yielding deferring giving in bending quailing knuckling under abasing oneself before bowing humbling oneself behaving obsequiously wheedling snowing cultivating ingratiating humbling yourself catering to eating dirt eating crow laying it on thick cozying up keeping sweet deferring to getting in with abasing yourself trying to win over back-scratching conceding giving way bending the knee smoodging making up playing up winning over folding prostrating fawning upon submitting to soaping winning the favor of ingratiating yourself with kissing someone's feet eulogizing praising saying uncle caving in playing the game softening up going along with toing the mark persuading humoring cringing before grovelling before sniveling revering pampering imploring snivelling coaxing genuflecting humouring lying down and rolling over puffing adulating smarming around inviting scraping jollying falling over oneself for cottoning debasing slavering praising to excess eulogising abasing honeying overpraising inveigling belauding blarneying bowing and scrape before singing the praises of praising to the skies captivating charming insinuating yourself insinuating oneself seeking favor handing a line attracting building up prevailing on talking into spreading it on softening hero-worshipping working on getting in good with getting on the good side of laying it on with a trowel buddying up caving in to showing respect for making much of bowing to demeaning yourself prostrating yourself eating humble pie humiliating yourself prostrating oneself before

Động từ

Present participle for to persuade someone to do something
coaxing persuading cajoling inveigling wheedling enticing influencing tempting luring inducing beguiling seducing urging alluring charming blarneying blandishing wooing encouraging getting decoying maneuvering manoeuvring palavering pressing conning hooking wangling worming bartering importuning jawboning pestering plaguing soothing teasing sweet-talking prevailing on soft-soaping winning over talking into prevailing upon arguing into getting round buttering up working on arm-twisting coming on talking into something roping in twisting somebody's arm swaying bringing round soaping snowing oiling bantering sweetening up getting around massaging stroking spreading it on softening up working over honeying playing up to laying it on thick flannelling flanneling fawning ingratiating caressing toadying talking pandering to sweet talking overdoing it drawing courting brownnosing entrapping tantalizing deceiving jollying pushing deluding softening misleading duping crowding bootlicking convincing making prodding tantalising pressuring arguing reasoning coercing pressurizing smooth-talking building up finagling pressurising kowtowing licking someone's boots getting next to making up to sucking up to handing a line laying it on bringing pressure to bear on rubbing the right way edging working steering ensnaring manipulating baiting suckering sliding negotiating slipping tricking guiding easing leading on stringing along fooling bamboozling putting someone up to something engineering betraying soliciting threading weaving winding inviting trapping trimming managing mousetrapping pulling inching bribing coming on to jockeying squeezing sweeping off one's feet removing creeping righting moving carefully pushing gently extricating drawing out handling moving shifting insinuating moving into position

Động từ

Present participle for to compliment someone, especially for an achievement
congratulating praising complimenting commending applauding acclaiming saluting honouring lauding extolling honoring eulogising eulogizing cheering ballyhooing panegyrizing emblazoning felicitating boosting hugging stroking acknowledging blessing singing the praises of speaking highly of paying tribute to heaping praise on expressing admiration for throwing bouquets at waxing lyrical about bigging up making much of speaking well of saying nice things about bigging something up crying someone up cracking someone up cracking something up crying something up handing it to hearing it for giving bouquet giving regards rejoicing with patting on back wishing happy returns wishing one well giving a big cigar wishing joy to celebrating glorifying raving about exalting hailing admiring hymning praising to the skies touting magnifying cracking up going into raptures about going into raptures over rhapsodizing over crying up approving welcoming lionizing recommending toasting accrediting venerating revering adoring raving pushing rooting lionising praising enthusiastically resounding caroling carolling puffing up approving of idolizing giving a posy giving a bouquet raving over enthusing over gushing about enthusing about rhapsodizing about paying homage to gushing over worshipping worshiping idolising expressing delight over going on about going wild about waxing lyrical building up reverencing singing paeans to putting on a pedestal clapping rhapsodizing singing expressing approval of vaunting adulating singing praises rhapsodising appreciating endorsing aggrandizing giving approval giving kudos giving it up for belauding commemorating bragging about giving a boost to taking one's hat off to paying respects singing praises of taking off hat to esteeming deifying respecting recognizing sanctifying recognising looking up to valuing hallowing loving proclaiming dignifying canonizing immortalizing apotheosizing holding in high regard thinking highly of canonising distinguishing immortalising favouring favoring elevating holding in awe ennobling enshrining cherishing praying to hero-worshipping treasuring regarding prizing memorializing sanctioning giving recognition to bowing down to beatifying crediting offering prayers to singing praises to memorialising uprearing erecting paying respects to holding in high esteem looking on with favour giving thanks to holding in esteem holding dear regarding highly publicizing gushing idealizing encouraging consecrating publicising solemnizing lifting up advocating adorning idealising raising signalizing enthroning signalising effusing transfiguring haloing holding sacred fussing thanking slobbering enthusing drooling sounding the praises of solemnising mentioning subliming liking observing effervescing offering plugging considering putting up keeping marveling at rating rating highly thinking much of having a high opinion of thinking the world of having a high regard for holding in respect expressing admiration of holding high publishing trumpeting celebritizing showing appreciation for countenancing building showing appreciation of enskying mobbing citing remembering feting showing gratitude to bestowing honour on illuminating mythifying giving praise to divinizing handing it to one decorating making famous marking thinking of intensifying lifting embracing holding in regard apprising making a fuss over making a fuss of showing respect standing in awe of wondering at holding in the highest regard thinking a lot of relishing valuing highly extolling the virtues of attaching importance to giving key to city living up to singing someone's praises giving glad hand rolling out red carpet enhancing taking off your hat to expressing approval for taking your hat off to rolling out the red carpet bubbling over setting great store by setting store by doting on bowing down before augmenting going mad going into raptures going wild going crazy supporting setting on a pedestal setting on pedestal promoting glamorizing increasing bubbling dedicating setting much store by giving ovation expressing respect for romanticizing talking excitedly showing enthusiasm going over the top getting all worked up falling all over making a to-do carrying on about giving a hand showing your appreciation ordaining glamouring up glamourizing adding dignity to giving a big hand giving a standing ovation putting your hands together anointing adding distinction to heroizing giving a round of applause adding lustre to hiking glamorising romanticising sacralizing hurrahing making holy hurraying affirming upholding sacrificing making sacred setting apart absolving sprinkling baptising confirming crossing baptizing signing suggesting devoting to God dedicating to God proposing offerring benediction invoking happiness on pronouncing holy invoking happiness invoking benefits praying for rooting for propositioning tabling posing proffering advancing nominating tipping prescribing presenting submitting seconding beating the drum for going on record for vouching for looking with favour on fronting for speaking favourably of standing by holding up putting forward putting in a good word giving a tip offering a suggestion putting in a good word for tipping off

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