Đồng nghĩa của developed

Alternative for developed

develops, developed, developing

Đồng nghĩa: advance, flourish, grow, mature, progress,

Trái nghĩa: decay, decline,

Tính từ

Fully developed
full-blown full-scale total complete advanced full entire full-blooded whole full-sized fully developed thorough fully fledged fully formed fully grown comprehensive perfect exhaustive unabridged undivided unbroken maximal uncut intact overall grand undiminished absolute integral unimpaired unblemished faultless conclusive outright unqualified broad uncondensed compleat extensive unreduced thoroughgoing utter all-out unabbreviated gross wide-ranging full-length plenary full-fledged sound seamless finished replete ample bulletproof impeccable sweeping airtight lock stock and barrel unshortened all integrated whole enchilada whole nine yards whole-hog whole-length the works full-dress full-out hook line and sinker full-on far-reaching unambiguous resounding emphatic overwhelming categorical pure all-in-one continuous one-piece in one piece unified out-and-out downright veritable unmitigated systematic clean completed detailed consummate unexpurgated untouched maximum inclusive unflawed unmarred undamaged uninterrupted aggregate unmarked all-inclusive unedited solid uncensored combined unscathed unharmed composite unspoilt unspoiled inviolate clear imperforate organic virgin unhurt undefiled unsullied scatheless pristine choate unrevised standard-length undocked unitary long uneaten bright consolidated final livelong round categoric plain sheer unstained overarching unpolluted indivisible stainless undisturbed sacred unprofaned flawless uninjured unviolated all-encompassing long-range long-term unadulterated uncontaminated together unmutilated unsevered added before tax before deductions indiscrete accumulated whole shebang in sum whole schmear whole ball of wax all in one piece collected collective corporate mixed cumulative assembled piled heaped summative amassed

Tính từ

Having many details
detailed full thorough complete comprehensive exhaustive minute specific elaborate exact meticulous particular particularised particularized all-inclusive circumstantial itemised itemized accurate precise all-embracing blow-by-blow definite explicit extensive painstaking encyclopaedic encyclopedic elaborated enumerated finicky seriatim in depth point-by-point at length careful scrupulous in-depth rigorous correct strict punctilious close conscientious methodical thoroughgoing absolute clear-cut total intensive sweeping unambiguous diligent definitive proper fastidious fussy demanding all-out assiduous true unequivocal categorical distinct right perfect profound literal concentrated unmistakable defined systematic faithful error-free nice inclusive compendious out-and-out all-encompassing universal embracive far-reaching cyclopedic panoramic omnibus persnickety nitpicking attentive deep studious pinpoint on the money all-in exacting cover-all clear broad-gauge broad-gauged unerring picky finical delicate spot-on veracious certain faultless pernickety global errorless searching whole intense pedantic on the button focused direct full-scale rigid express genuine choosy bang on dead-on widespread actual perfectionist punctual ample clean radical authentic focussed entire sharp critical clocklike unqualified flawless on the nose ultra-careful overnice efficient hair-splitting crystal clear whole-hog full-dress good fine keen from A to Z judicious on-target spot on severe inch-perfect serious exclusive factual concerted intent veridical sedulous dainty authoritative plentiful copious abundant specialized specialised formal fussbudgety finicking choosey old-maidish reliable umbrella broad mathematical concrete catholic infallible religious consummate broad-ranging univocal dedicated fast laborious wall-to-wall manifest unquestionable conscionable heedful substantial conclusive grand intact understandable integral plenary lucid compleat nit-picky nit-picking unbroken fixed well-defined fiddly considered right on clearly expressed bull's-eye on target lock stock and barrel soup to nuts tough all the way royal plenty slam-bang counted selective topical intrinsic thoroughpaced technical appropriate solid matter-of-fact ultraprecise discriminating just deft discriminative skilful truthful skillful regular scientific expert functional hairline refined unwavering unabridged rich profuse lavish earnest considerable stage by stage step by step stringent liberal sufficient alert plenteous adequate complex complicated thoroughly extensively full-blown meaningful significant long choate uncut largest personal immediate satisfying valid unlimited specially designed uncompromising intricate experienced the word most identical in detail canonical no stone unturned vigorous strenuous all-absorbing straightforward plain impeccable stilted decorous stiff stiff-necked ceremonious starchy obvious purposeful scholarly well researched downright overt firsthand penetrating textbook verbatim straight official final irrefutable undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unrefuted wide blunt stark blanket overarching nailed down on the nail dead on on the beam on the mark on the numbers emphatic word for word essential elemental explosive heavy-duty violent vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hard ghastly high-pressure fierce heavy terrible resolute frightful hellacious dreadful determined blistering furious acute ferocious almighty fearful picture-book dead right model to a T picture-perfect perfected letter-perfect classic inerrant to a turn polished civil seemly observant formalistic conventional overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous patent without error unambivalent indubitable evident nonambiguous extremely particular scrutinising hard-to-please scrutinizing wholesale perspicuous special intimate persistent accelerated insistent speeded-up wide-ranging eclectic sure stated transparent unblurred real coast-to-coast interdisciplinary nationwide countrywide cross-disciplinary well reasoned well informed well argued first-hand good eye expansive across the board multidisciplinary general spelled out over-fastidious difficult carping faddish over-particular encircling infinite across-the-board synoptic containing overall comprising discursive easily understandable black and white cut-and-dried open-and-shut sharply defined hard and fast cut and dried black-and-white positive faddy pass-remarkable overcritical tricky effective surgical determinate decisive individual wholehearted undistracted collective existent the works leaving no stone unturned overprecise hairsplitting unadulterated unmitigated engrossed unshared unreserved consistent unalloyed very well defined the big picture of great scope the whole shebang unswerving united absorbed unflagging sincere firm unanimous committed continued tangible objective difficult to please deliberate circumspect all steady undivided vigilant decided material sensible clearly defined corporeal de facto bona fide sure-enough set in stone microscopic duteous stickling cautious crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's

Tính từ

Having knowledge of a fact or area
educated informed learned knowledgeable lettered enlightened erudite literary literate schooled tutored cultivated intellectual scholarly discerning experienced polished academic bookish coached studious taught cerebral discriminating instructed nurtured acquainted brainy corrected enriched finished fitted formed initiated intelligent prepared professional scientific shaped trained versed well-informed well read well informed well-taught well-versed well educated well-educated well-read intellectually aware cultured widely read highbrow sophisticated scholastic donnish civilized civilised aware switched-on pedantic illuminated wise clever swotty familiar sharp savvy in the know expert conversant egghead clerkly au courant au fait smart refined accomplished serious abreast sussed bluestocking sagacious sage clued-up well versed in the picture liberal clued up genned up advanced in the loop knowing bright brilliant progressive thoughtful earnest ivory-towerish impractical briefed skilled up-to-date versant cognizant plugged-in formal well-grounded esoteric recondite down sapient plugged in tuned in posted genius longhair up to date industrialized advised book-loving well-briefed well schooled understanding perceptive pointy-headed up insightful pedagogical pedagogic formalistic precise dry labored directed highly-developed industrialised eager obscure sensible at home laboured educational well versed in classical belletristic bookly assiduous into with great knowledge with it competent proficient conscious wise up quick-witted book-learned unintuitive great solid philosophical grounded abstruse philosophic well-rounded deep judicious omniscient sound polymath solemn grave studied pansophic professorial slick stellar open-minded raised primed broad-minded dynamite hot keen reared intellectualist intellectualistic reasonable well versed highbrowed eggheaded geeky intellective nerdish blue nerdy apprised top-shelf top-notch rational free-thinking tolerant apprized well briefed long-haired produced up to speed abreast of the facts filled in wised up hip to knowing what's what bred brought up

Động từ

To have advanced or promoted the growth of
elevated improved advanced bettered boosted progressed upgraded enhanced expanded lifted perfected raised augmented fostered improved on refined ameliorated built increased polished stepped up beefed up brushed up built on built up fast-tracked fine-tuned fortified furthered grew heightened intensified magnified promoted prospered reenforced reinforced scaled up shaped up smartened smartened up straightened out strengthened supplemented touched up updated uplifted worked up amplified compounded cultivated enriched extended made headway made progress made strides moved forward forged ahead worked out enlarged incremented proliferated maximized optimized inflated consolidated multiplied escalated doubled broadened aggrandized upped lengthened inflamed deepened tripled swelled added to bumped up jacked up widened hiked up accelerated spread snowballed amassed cranked up went up blew up slapped on dilated sharpened padded upscaled shot up protracted tacked on marked up supersized annexed ratcheted up upraised redoubled pumped up distended mounted fleshed out optimised added teemed elongated drew out parlayed hyped prolonged waxed pumped thickened made better topped up followed up pullulated made greater made larger maximised made bigger lift developt exacerbated aggravated swoll swollen mushroomed worsened accentuated exaggerated grown burgeoned made worse amped up hiked stoked ballooned accumulated gained climbed risen rose bourgeoned boomed exalted appreciated bolstered intensated rolled up stretched straught emphasized picked up pyramided mounted up emphasised soared roused clomb clumb upsurged added fuel to the flames run up embellished overstated embroidered encouraged cemented increased in size rocketed spiked complicated colored buttressed coloured hyperbolized become larger fudged put on filled out sweetened added insult to injury put up set off put salt on the wound fattened helped accrued supported blown up elaborated renewed overemphasized nurtured stimulated substantiated corroborated overestimated empowered stiffened stressed made stronger catastrophized spiralled spiraled dramatized gathered falsified fabricated boasted bragged puffed lied gotten bigger elaborated on got larger souped up dramatised overemphasised fanned the flames of piled up added fuel to the fire rubbed salt in the wound heated up got bigger het up leaped up secured loudened quickened hastened amended established ran up fueled fuelled excited inspired concentrated sprouted seasoned toughened restored hardened set right emboldened sustained justified upheld bloomed invigorated underlined inspirited steeled flourished surged overstressed overplayed became larger underpinned distorted complemented provoked become louder skyrocketed swarmed tightened backed up firmed up made firm collected confirmed misrepresented misreported misquoted gained strength caricatured corrupted spread out stretched the truth puffed up increased rapidly pushed up outspread set up jazzed up made a mountain out of a molehill romanticised dressed up sent up envigorated cooked up become greater buoyed up spread on thick hit on toned up made too much of fanned the flames played up jumped up shored up turned up made louder laid it on thick romanticized holp holpen overdone overdid increased in extent blown out of proportion blew out of proportion reformed reaffirmed corrected increased in complexity adjusted forced up stirred up revamped honed aged revised assured reiterated reasserted restated emended purified edited rectified recuperated suited fixed fixt evolved delighted pushed animated stabilized authenticated thrilled galvanized made perfect bred flowered modified spurred perked up exhilarated turned the corner upholden crescendoed overvalued overdrawn overdrew electrified enlivened championed motivated maturated aroused elated infuriated irritated endorsed settled oversold opened thrived propagated bloated bulked meliorated bulged maddened solidified vexed cumulated vitalized vext exasperated enraged candied heartened overpitched grown louder advertised grew louder advertized beefed revitalized became louder transported incentivized assisted maintained rewarded mellowed incentified buoyed aided damaged inured gilt gilded jacked varnished become distended endowed envenomed embittered lent more weight to added colour filled nourished indurated rejuvenated harshened aggregated manifolded expatiated vaulted towered escaladed diffused piggybacked upsized rubbed salt in a wound scammed poured it on made a big thing of became greater annoyed tagged on highlighted boosted up rattled one's cage romanced rubbed salt in the wounds gingered up filled with joy ascended given a boost to got to made more rigorous laid it on with a shovel shot a line become bigger darkened sent through the roof laid it on with a trowel made higher bolstered up rounded out hopped up become stronger fed the fire intumesced fired the imagination of tumefied bigged up started to be loud talked made a production out of impaired magnified importance made matters worse made healthy made a federal case of geed up heaped on went to extremes revitalised welled ramped up increased suddenly enlarged on increased in value piled it on about overembellished made complex made a drama out of a crisis sinewed galvanised scaled confused increased exponentially fattened up emphasized too much spurred on piled it on yeasted become worse piled on grew in heated fetched up energized went from bad to worse egged on lightened overelaborated big upped made stricter prettied up toughened up become more numerous energised hotted up increased in weight laid it on thick about ratcheted pointed retraced laid on made more stringent laid it on with a trowel about made a big thing out of rallied got stronger harmonized with made federal case gone from bad to worse deteriorated made secure stabilised added detail to bulked up gone to extremes blew up out of all proportion added flesh to repeated whetted exploded jumped gave a boost to potentiated puffed out grown in accented braced up made intricate made richer twisted the knife made more rigid backed become strong overexaggerated het become large blown up out of all proportion piled confounded exaggerated information defended fruited regenerated pushed one's button goosed up increased dramatically integrated with compounded the problem stocked up brightened toned made mountain out of molehill ripened bucked up enforced made stable become loud sprung up sprang up taken off took off driven drove drave druv got higher gotten higher gone up thriven uprose throve uprisen became distended arose arisen gave weight to given weight to stuffed added fuel became more numerous became worse became bigger went into detail about gone into detail about lay on drew the longbow blew something out of all proportion drawn the longbow blown something out of all proportion got taller gotten taller grew full became large gotten to grown full grown stronger grew stronger given strength to gave new energy to added fuel to given new energy to added fuel to fire gave strength to grown quickly grew quickly drew the long bow drawn the long bow gone with went with blown up out of proportion blew up out of proportion went through the roof risen rapidly gone through the roof rose up went through the ceiling gone through the ceiling risen up rose rapidly became stronger became strong became loud grown loud grew loud

Động từ

To have produced or brought about
established formed began commenced created started built designed executed introduced organized constructed crafted effected embarked on enacted engineered generated initiated instituted launched originated produced set down set in motion set up actualized affected assembled catalysed catalyzed composed constituted effectuated fashioned forged found founded installed instigated machinated materialised materialized moulded organised put in motion realised realized setted authored brought about brought into being brought into existence brought to pass cast erected fabricated gave rise to inaugurated knocked together knocked up made pieced put in place rendered rigged secured shaped shope did germinated molded engendered exercised invented contrived devised conceived concocted put together brought on threw together pioneered put up discovered cooked up drew up conceived of turned out hatched knocked off threw up modelled modeled brought came up with hammered out worked wrought caused innovated induced evolved imagined cogitated excogitated thought up worked out triggered incited elicited provoked revolutionized ushered in occasioned invoked prompted fostered bred contributed to issued fathered came out with spearheaded modernized kicked off synthesized hit on rang in started out modernised inducted revolutionised planned cobbled up begat knocked out completed yielded cobbled together rigged up spawned structured whipped out manufactured developt patched together synthesised eked out sculptured churned out implemented fit together confected rustled up pieced together begot come up with framed compounded diagramed draughted laid out outlined lay out made up comprised diagrammed arranged dreamt up drafted advanced decided started up ran up determined drummed up carved out choreographed conjured up brewed plotted set off formulated begun planted coined whipped up masterminded opened schemed prepared set a trend stirred up precipitated translated into sparked off started off laid the foundations of given rise to brainstormed kindled begotten trumped up started the ball rolling activated projected beared thought of set about set going set the ball rolling mapped out blazed a trail got going drawn up aroused promoted orchestrated led the way inspired enkindled sparked triggered off done motivated come out with based gotten going thrown together opened up worked up laid the first stone of yolden yold conducted managed coordinated drew on directed shapen procreated actuated led to called forth kick-started vamped fired up drawn on doped out entered into set on set invested accomplished multiplied incorporated got under way gotten under way stimulated fixed fixt evoked run propagated made happen made to happen manipulated negotiated roused manoeuvred cultivated influenced spurred wangled moved finagled maneuvered finessed blueprinted envisioned authorized improvised floated charted broke new ground brought in broken new ground bore borne legislated mustered parented sired brought forth ad-libbed spitballed raised got underway fixed up laid the cornerstone of made for got off predicated laid foundation placed decreed authorised inculcated reproduced caused to be gotten off the ground achieved gave birth to given birth to got off the ground brought off fulfilled administered encouraged controlled excited performed touched off administrated trailblazed pulled off proliferated mobilized superintended fomented sprung procured ordained laid programmed laid the first stone led off persuaded mounted set out supervised instated minted brought out dreamt dreamed progenerated impregnated mothered concerted bowed introed kicked something off gotten things rolling got things rolling made a start on set afoot got the show on the road put up to blazed set type broken through put pen to paper set forth put on hit the ground running schemed out mapped put one on embarked upon jumped into put into effect vamped up got ready paved the way leaded the way for made the first move put one over struck into put into operation got something moving set on foot got something going got the ball rolling put down got up mobilised put over sown the seeds of set an example run up burst into broke through put in codified sowed the seeds of strategized about got cracking on started ball rolling entered upon set in put through put across got something working stationed ratified ran corroborated built up lodged moored domiciliated implanted thrown up taken up broken the ice broke the ice piloted forged ahead gotten off took up got ahead carried out attained enforced carried off carried through initiated things rested commissioned grounded ground led leaded perpetrated took the initiative taken the initiative objectified writ headed consummated laid the foundation showed the way processed shown the way finalized incarnated reified hinged pondered appeared conceptualized dawned visualised featured visualized prodded urged impelled goaded heralded discharged succeeded in increased awakened sketched painted necessitated scheduled arranged for enticed indited penned pent empowered passed rooted finished fronted prepared the way harvested compelled made a start pushed pressed prest constrained egged on inflamed drew drawn concluded portrayed represented delegated hung regulated made real designated chartered symbolized sprang hanged depended stage-managed mass-produced commanded captained bossed impassioned stirred ideated conceited spurred on swayed piqued encompassed staged caused to happen caused to occur got prefaced preceded wreaked abetted self-seeded picked fermented summoned educed ordered deputed stemmed rhymed centered derived versed founden fand mooted intrigued stumbled upon uncovered prevailed upon pricked calculated handled budgeted conjured marshalled marshaled presided over launched into reared entered on delivered debuted settled revved come upon coined a phrase jockeyed got in operation brought to life scratched the surface finalised got going on made waves steamed up provided compiled blazed the trail broke in rung in summoned up quarterbacked detected phased in gotten ball rolling scripted resurrected laid the groundwork on tempted batched laid the groundwork for fudged together gotten going on fecundated come into being jammed timed rooted on commenced on laid eggs ringed up the curtain on suggested broken in emanated got show on road pulled strings hinted got weaving rabble-roused angled tossed off centred fangled played it by ear got working stayed slapped together swung guided ad libbed caused to appear doctored counterfeited fathered offspring colonised made up off the top of one's head upstaged lit the way run things mixed up gone out in front gotten up licked into shape took the lead in started on propped helmed conceptualised got functioning taken the lead got something off the ground used as a basis played games made pregnant come out settled up banged out endowed called up brought up noted down had as a result got going with inseminated leaded the way in scammed brought young into the world poetized sorted out come into existence entered gotten show on road fallen to faked it trail-blazed colonized had as a consequence needled made arrangements for comped winged had its origin in brought forward made concrete improved got weaving on readied explored fertilised laid down operated emerged dealt with fixed together embarked had the bright idea of patented fell to budgeted for ushered timetabled got stuck into scored pushed the envelope shepherded insinuated pulled wires turned on prepared the way for went out in front faked got something functioning knocked down admitted cooked looked after revved up prefabbed straightened out symbolised envisaged brought up the curtain on turned the trick jacked up got ball rolling opened the door elaborated rolled out pushed pencil setted the ball rolling on produced offspring taken the lead in matured fertilized purposed took the lead scribbled sired offspring conned unveiled broken ground broke ground wrote written driven drove drave druv arisen broke broken arose brake taken the first step took the first step stung drove on driven on gotten gat lay down sang sung sungen drew forth drawn forth swungen swang oversaw overseen added fuel ran things got the jump on gotten the jump on came upon ghostwritten ghostwrote broken open broken into given forth broke the seal given birth came out broken the seal broke open broke into gave birth gave forth begotten offspring begot offspring was responsible for been responsible for taken care of saw about seen about were responsible for gotten together took care of got together seen to saw to took action on broke the ice on taken action on broken the ice on got feet wet gotten feet wet given life gave life gone about went about showed the way on shown the way on taken the initiative in took the initiative in took the lead on taken the lead on gotten cracking got down to gotten down to torn into got down to business gotten one's feet wet gotten down to business came into existence got one's feet wet came into being tore into got cracking went ahead gone ahead

Động từ

To have created by training or teaching
cultivated educated fostered prepared trained guided nurtured equipped instructed taught tutored coached drilled enlightened honed indoctrinated molded moulded primed promoted schooled shaped shope supported demonstrated explained clarified expounded explicated counseled counselled described inculcated informed mentored directed pointed out advised supervised lectured briefed gave lessons gave instructions gave the facts showed the ropes showed given the facts given lessons shown given instructions developt shown the ropes disciplined put someone through their paces exercised conditioned groomed instilled fit reared upskilled readied brainwashed programmed initiated grounded ground practiced practised lessoned edified qualified led seasoned leaded cared for drummed into raised accustomed illuminated fitted put through the grind looked after made ready bred improved habituated parented warmed up got ready worked out provided for licked into shape brought up inured equipt let in on versed set propagandized rehearsed mothered piloted sharpened formed put in the picture worked over broke in set up propagandised broken in put through the mill proselytized nursed tended nourished implanted imbued acquainted persuaded influenced prepped familiarized bettered uplifted elevated gotten into shape catechized proselytised walked through updated got into shape familiarised whipped into shape helped hypnotized studied illustrated matured manipulated compelled planted wrought worked loosened up introduced told tailored convinced taken care of took care of ordered presented shapen hardened illumed shepherded communicated cherished clued inspired illumined clued in dinned something into put in the picture about gave lessons to made fit steered laid it out for attended to filled in put through grind hypnotised put through mill made suggestions to made conversant with familiarized with made recommendations to broke down put together tuned up given lessons to holp broke broken brake drilled into gave pointers dinned gave information to given pointers gave instruction to hammered into given information to given instruction to exemplified displayed exhibited domesticated sparred tempered acclimatized aged regimented fixed fixt organized adapted mellowed based notified stretched straught oriented crammed toughened armed ripened endowed poised holpen hipped labored laboured cleared strained apprised arranged braced orientated empowered ostended walked one through protected radicalized learnt made experienced facilitated annealed learned moderated enabled mitigated aided predicated rested laid fortified imparted civilized kept posted preached gave instruction got used to clued in on gotten used to homeschooled made something clear to wised up shadowboxed instructed in tutored in grounded in organised made suitable acclimatised shaped up made up impressed upon armed oneself informed about provided pulled one's coat trained in equipped with socialised watched over levelled gave counsel to given counselling to advanced fitted out caught up revealed gave direction to given instruction given advice to genned up on coached in drilled in knocked up kept your hand in explained things to gave someone tips given someone tips offered suggestions gave counselling to feed opened eyes made recommendations given direction to raised youngster supplied with facts taught information pounded into improved mind limbered up taught about taught school toughened up schooled in broken someone in managed clued up on demonstrated to fanaticized sponsored laid out clued up engineered cautioned given counsel to bolstered socialized offered opinions tamed got set suited filled in on got into condition radicalised genned up demonstrated something to acquainted with praught forearmed made plans for paved the way broke someone in civilised primed in backed leveled climatized fed polished up broken down hanged gave advice to hung made clear made aware of extremized nursled gotten set acclimated gave someone hints disclosed given someone hints lay out given a grounding in gave a grounding in did done gave character given character gave lessons in given lessons in broke it to broken it to gave the low-down on gave the gen about given the low-down on given the gen about given someone an idea gave someone an idea given the lowdown gave the low-down given the low-down gave somebody the lowdown given somebody the lowdown gave the lowdown done exercises did exercises gave an idea of given an idea of gave a demonstration of shown how something works showed how something is done showed how something works shown how something is done given a demonstration of shown the way to showed the way to given counselling given direction gave hints given hints gave advice gave direction gave counselling gave guidance given tips given counsel given advice gave counsel given guidance gave directions gave tips given directions

Động từ

To have become mature

Động từ

To have built, renovated or refurbished

Trái nghĩa của developed

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