Đồng nghĩa của mellowed

Alternative for mellowed

mellows, mellowed, mellowing, mellower, mellowest

Đồng nghĩa: full-grown, mature, ripe, soft,




Past tense for to make less powerful or intense, thereby easier to control
tamed controlled curbed restrained checked bridled contained constrained regulated inhibited governed subdued repressed held holden suppressed measured ruled kept moderated conquered calmed overcame overcome mitigated tempered licked disciplined softened pacified mollified tranquilized gentled humbled muted cowed busted reclaimed reined in pulled in toned down got the better of gotten the better of watered down got a grip on stifled deadened soothed dampened lessened kept in check decreased quietened muffled smothered quieted silenced diminished allayed damped squelched cushioned soft-pedalled soft-pedaled held back put the lid on put down put a lid on put damper on turned down lowered hushed placated stilled modulated restricted quelled palliated held in minced relaxed cooled mastered abated temperated quashed squashed crushed muzzled kept under control arrested lenified cooled out played down clamped down on kept it down met halfway reduced piped down obtunded calmed down held in check quietened down cracked down on decreased the volume snuffed out eased buffered damped down slapped down kept a lid on kept the lid on gruntled nipped in the bud lightened broke broken brake got under control gotten under control hindered limited impeded stopped obstructed prevented thwarted blocked retarded hampered halted withheld barred foiled confined put a brake on shut out stymied kept back stalled kept a tight rein on frustrated trammeled trammelled put the brakes on interfered with staved off stove off put an end to put a stop to held down countered curtailed deterred clogged averted held up bottled up slowed down warded off circumvented stemmed cramped opposed cut off withholden slowed choked back reined choked fought back stayed prohibited fettered baulked counteracted hog-tied shut off held off kept lid on put off put away put on ice balked capped forestalled derailed circumscribed reined back handicapped detained encumbered shackled simmered down corked avoided hobbled discouraged delimited gagged bound handcuffed intercepted dammed interrupted debarred crimped stood in the way of kept within bounds headed off interdicted defended against stemmed the flow of tied up hung up braked stonewalled composed collected defeated put paid to beat hamstrung staunched hamstringed evaded kept in line setted limits on imposed limits on dissuaded bitten back bit back jammed delayed barricaded circumnavigated nullified paused occluded embarrassed short-circuited manacled closed straitened cut short leashed bit bitted congested buttoned up blocked up blockaded clogged up skirted sidestepped held off on caught put a limit on steered clear of closed off stopped up bunged up forbid kept in put straitjacket on put on hold put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel brought to screeching halt cooled down warded put a ceiling on put on back burner put back repulsed put on brakes put an stop to cut back set back upset spoiled cut down on pulled up plugged up scuppered spoilt pinned down choked off hemmed in put half nelson on shut in tied down shut down clipped someone's wings put a damper on kept down fended off put on the shelf put the kibosh on put up a fight settled adjusted monitored suspended cornered lulled rallied recovered inspected waived retained precluded denied plugged strangled escaped bypassed ceased sealed caulked postponed pegged harnessed overturned scotched corked up clotted neutralized filled blocked out closed up closed out filled up entrammeled entrammelled bounded fixed fixt stuffed laid off kept hold of refused ruled out discontinued protracted swallowed deferred crippled terminated jailed directed killed impounded gaoled imprisoned guided hogtied discountenanced deflected disrupted packed stanched jammed up bounden choked up rationed demarcated specified cumbered bottlenecked prorogued shelved remitted kept control of forbidden forbade constricted contracted riposted checkmated forfended intermitted refused to pay fought off boxed up gummed up come down on ruined repelled tethered defended yourself encircled delimitated kept off interfered chilled kept within limits enjoined cracked down kept on a string outlawed tabooed turned aside qualified pulled back bogged down beat off anticipated thrown a spanner in the works of cooled off warned shrunk narrowed outwitted threw a spanner in the works of disadvised poured cold water on resisted kept at bay prelimited sat on modified stoppered gained control over stumped wrecked demarked stultified played for time replied fetched up disfavored retaliated disfavoured held captive slowed up slackened pace defined sent up fazed brought under control backed off turned off enclosed taken down shortened gained mastery over frightened indisposed obviated rebuffed dragged feet deprecated juked baffled chained neutralised bunged scared surrounded defended blocked off had on a tight leash made late bottled ditched took down inclosed crashed sandbagged unsettled locked up prolonged kept tight rein on staved held over diverted boxed in stove concealed brought to a standstill talked out of re-collected gotten out of got out of beaten frozen froze lay off retardated drawn up drew up thrown monkey wrench in threw monkey wrench in shrank shrunken came down on thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of got in the way of gotten in the way of taken wind out of took wind out of done for did for shaken threw cold water on thrown cold water on shook gotten back at got back at beaten off


Past tense for wind down, chill out, relax
destressed calmed down chilled chilled out cooled it cooled off kicked back loosened up relaxed rested settled down simmered down took it easy taken it easy unwound wound down decompressed de-stressed mellowed out lightened up stopped worrying laid back kept cool calmed daydreamed kept one's head taken a chill pill stoned regained one's self-control hung out come back down to earth daydreamt regained one's composure stayed loose composed oneself pulled oneself together vegged out sat back recovered one's self-control chillaxed played it cool controlled oneself took a chill pill cooled down recovered one's composure kept one's shirt on got a grip lay back gotten a grip came back down to earth quietened down pulled in one's horns controlled yourself composed yourself kept your head let your hair down settled steadied oneself collected oneself quieted down stayed calm cooled one's jets kept your cool calmed yourself become calmer become quieter got control of oneself gotten a hold of yourself got a hold of yourself restrained oneself hosed down held one's horses stopped paying attention behaved gotten hold of oneself got hold of oneself got your act together got a grip on yourself gotten your act together gotten a grip on yourself regained your self-control soothed pacified became quieter switched off became calmer quiesced gone easy went easy piped down quieted become peaceful slowed down got a grip on oneself thought straight regained your composure become less angry contained oneself kept your shirt on become calm became less angry became calm became peaceful gotten hold of yourself got hold of yourself gotten one's act together got one's act together


Past tense for to give an appearance of age to, especially a new object


Past tense for to make or become physically soft or softer

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