Đồng nghĩa của detained

Alternative for detained

detains, detained, detaining

Đồng nghĩa: delay, hold up, retard, slow up,

Trái nghĩa: free, liberate,

Tính từ

Restricted to one's home, as by physical infirmity

Tính từ

(of a space) Restricted in area or volume
confined restricted small cramped limited constricted confining narrow poky compact inadequate incommodious meager meagre pinched squeezed strait tight uncomfortable enclosed exiguous incapacious bedfast bedridden bound chilled circumscribed compassed cramp curbed grounded hampered held hog-tied iced immured indisposed invalided kept narrowed pent restrained sick bottled up cooped up flattened out in chains in jail laid up locked up on ice sealed up shut in tiny sparse defined finite constrained delimited bounded packed determinate definite jammed measured minimal crowded congested little fixed particular checked straitened controlled spare scanty contained scant matchbox slim slender choked close specific paltry compressed thin shrunken short hemmed in precise jam-packed suffocating stifling restricting airless trapped unrelated non-native stymied thwarted wedged oppressive localized not enough room to swing a cat boxy very small cell-like bijou claustrophobic overcrowded shabby kept in check awkward overfull localised local two-by-four irregular minute hamstrung non-local qualified demarcated with no room to swing a cat terminable definable tucked up closed in predefined conditioned jammed in belted ringed flanked rimmed fringed encircled girdled contiguous enveloped boundaried encompassed surrounded walled fenced bordered limitary hedged edged dense reserved predictable set subject to limitations predetermined exact not infinite insufficient skimpy sectional topical solid stingy modest deficient thick concentrated poor negligible miserable miserly puny beggarly skimp pitiful light measly scarce sparing hand-to-mouth crammed close-packed serried condensed cropped impenetrable crushed diminutive pathetic bare tenuous slight piddling petty substantial consolidated secure impermeable closely packed close-grained tightly packed tapered skinny tapering hairline needlelike ultrathin fine contracted near narrowing taper threadlike thin on the ground narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim low flimsy nominal mingy slimline polished flexible long elongated stipulated shallow remote minuscular marginal frail outside faint off reedy trivial fragile trifling insignificant express determined explicit clear-cut established direct confirmed concrete clear black-and-white derisory sketchy cut-and-dried hard plain outright wretched sorry piffling thinning unimportant pitiable base picayune poxy minor inconsiderable worthless mean assigned convinced well defined prescribed too few too small too little not enough toytown niggling piddly footling pimping ungenerous inappreciable no-account inconsequential chicken peanut mere rare shy wanting failing scrimpy clearly defined dinky twopenny-halfpenny nickel-and-dime in short supply trashy beyond doubt common shoddy sleazy de minimis ineffectual unconsequential Mickey Mouse few and far between barely sufficient

Động từ

Past tense for to apprehend or arrest someone
arrested apprehended restrained confined imprisoned captured held holden interned seized withheld withholden busted impounded incarcerated nabbed took taken buttonholed copped did done gaoled jailed nailed collared nicked pinched iced mired reserved kept in custody locked up took in taken in hauled in picked up placed in custody put away took prisoner taken prisoner held in custody pulled in put into custody sent up took into custody taken into custody put behind bars put in jail remanded in custody felt someone's collar caught lift bagged hooked grabbed landed netted put the cuffs on lifted laid hold of got ensnared corralled nobbled prehended felt your collar thrown in jail threw in jail trapped secured snagged glommed rounded up snapped up brought in placed under arrest snared gotten gat booked snatched abducted stopped grappled rapped put the arm on reeled in run down took captive taken captive handcuffed book rousted pulled appropriated treed cornered beached entrapped tossed in jail carried off entangled lassoed laid hands on grabbed hold of taken in for questioning took in for questioning pounced on ran down gotten hold of got hold of took downtown taken downtown got a hold of gotten a hold of got one's fingers on gotten one's fingers on took hostage taken hostage jagged kidnaped kidnapped commandeered snapt snapped waylayed trammeled ambushed trammelled ambuscaded run to ground waylaid picked off laid a trap for run to earth ran to ground took possession taken possession ran to earth

Động từ

Past tense for to imprison, confine or incarcerate someone
imprisoned confined incarcerated interned immured impounded gaoled jailed caged penned pent held holden restrained kept constrained remanded circumscribed trammelled trammeled stockaded committed closeted iced jugged locked up held captive put away fenced in shut in held prisoner put behind bars sent down put in prison put inside locked in railed in sent to prison took into custody taken into custody put in chains put in irons clapped in irons banged up sent up put into detention locked away bottled up held in custody held hostage kept captive put under lock and key took prisoner taken prisoner kept in custody shut up put in jail put on ice cooped up trapped walled in kept under lock and key bound cooped mewed up closed in arrested railroaded booked quarantined shut away enclosed put in solitary penned in bounden put into irons hemmed in chained pinioned fettered strapped lashed tethered trussed manacled restricted handcuffed shackled pounded secluded walled cloistered interred entombed settled sloughed book sentenced mewed prisoned barred enslaved sequestered cribbed tied up chained up took away taken away consigned housed kept under constraint sent up the river walled up hog-tied kept under custody clipped someone's wings corralled held under custody caged in canned thrown in jail threw in jail threw book at thrown book at thrown into irons threw into irons threw in dungeon thrown in dungeon thrown the book at threw away the keys thrown away the keys threw the book at institutionalized encased encaged inclosed enveloped included hedged returned to custody boxed in institutionalised committed to custody released on bail returned to prison captured put the cuffs on put in custody hurdled hemmed encompassed surrounded ringed encircled delivered assigned sent boxed up kettled certified boxed cased hedged in sentenced to prison held in rung rang took captive taken captive

Động từ

Past tense for to postpone from being dealt with
tabled postponed adjourned deferred delayed parked rescheduled shelved prorogued reserved suspended mothballed held holden withheld withholden continued retained suppressed hung hanged remitted stalled cooled respited contained held back held off held over put aside put back put off took offline taken offline held off on put on hold put on ice put on the back burner put on the shelf put over set aside put on back burner put in cold storage stayed pigeonholed procrastinated protracted retarded slowed prolonged extended carried over laid over held up held in abeyance laid on the table hung fire impeded obstructed intermitted hindered waived blocked lengthened taken a rain check on took a rain check on given rain check gave rain check cut short interrupted put to one side discontinued dissolved kept in abeyance terminated brought to an end recessed laid aside prorogated put in abeyance ceased let up stood over put a stop to stopped put off the evil day put off the evil hour set back halted called a halt to left arrested broke off broken off disbanded ended cut avoided paused renounced checked quit filed put something off dismissed sidelined cut off refrained neglected hung up put on one side put an end to put on a back burner slowed up put out of commission put into storage shut up put on the bank burner relinquished forestayed surrendered abandoned yielded severed canceled cancelled cooled it suspended proceedings quitted omitted barred inactivated ceded rejected left off reprieved reorganised reorganized rearranged saved restrained knocked off finished curbed temporized temporised dallied elongated broke up broken up come to an end kept from kept staved off laid off counted out ruled out stove off disregarded resigned refused abdicated dropped abjured sacrificed dragged out called a halt brought to a close brought to a halt brought to a standstill spurned stretched outstretched stretched out straught called it a day given a rain check gave a rain check allowed granted disowned disclaimed reneged removed dispensed with perpetuated sustained kept back slowed down padded extended the duration of left to another time dragged on made longer done later expanded desisted carried on prolongated strung out refrained from kept going rested spun out turned over decommissioned tied up did later packed away kept something going turned down surceased signed away handed over kept up broke broken brake pink-slipped canned yolden yold frozen froze lay off given up gave up taken a break took a break came to an end took a breather taken five took a recess taken a breather took five taken a recess drawn out drew out forsook forsaken took a breather from taken a breather from forwent forgone taken a rain check took a rain check taken a raincheck took a raincheck done without did without drawn gone on with went on with drew

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