Đồng nghĩa của restricting

Alternative for restricting

restricts, restricted, restricting

Đồng nghĩa: bound, confine, cramp, hamper, impede, limit, restrain,

Động từ

Present participle for to restrain within boundaries
confining limiting making do with only restraining curbing checking controlling regulating circumscribing constraining straitening delimiting holding down holding containing inhibiting corking hindering bounding fixing bottling up cramping terminating bridling governing hampering holding back hemming in suppressing pegging demarcating repressing capping defining stifling setting keeping back trammelling trammeling barring reining in demarking taming measuring keeping in check holding in keeping within bounds pulling in marking off keeping down constricting arresting freezing reining subduing keeping ruling shutting in cooping up enclosing retarding imprisoning holding in check specifying boxing up delimitating gaoling jailing girdling delineating smothering tying down cornering surrounding putting a brake on locking up cooling detaining hog-tying keeping the lid on keeping under control pinning down keeping a tight rein on keeping lid on marking out putting half nelson on contracting quelling setting a limit on determining stopping putting a ceiling on immobilising mothballing immobilizing entrapping bringing to naught keeping feeling inside oneself trapping covering up keeping secret collaring establishing marking simmering down gaining mastery over gaining control over holding up chaining baulking impeding frustrating hamstringing setting the limits accosting interning incarcerating encircling encompassing environing outlining prelimiting confronting waylaying binding necessitating shotgunning locking in concussing fencing in banning withholding disallowing closing in denying depriving balking immuring cooling off nailing down muzzling preventing handicapping dampening moderating bitting curtailing harnessing leashing choking back debarring staying reining back killing hogtying hogtieing gagging impounding guiding deterring stemming directing keeping in putting away sitting on cracking down pulling back bringing under control keeping in line having on a tight leash fettering prescribing placing a limit on keeping within limits drawing the line on

Động từ

Present participle for to deprive (someone or something) of freedom of movement or action
hampering impeding handicapping blocking checking cramping curbing hindering obstructing slowing inhibiting restraining retarding straitening straitjacketing tying interfering with limiting stopping holding back preventing constraining trammelling trammeling stymieing hamstringing encumbering thwarting fettering holding up shackling barring slowing down halting clogging arresting bridling hobbling repressing curtailing suppressing prohibiting frustrating confining baulking delaying balking stalling controlling tying up hog-tying embarrassing handcuffing foiling forestalling short-circuiting staying manacling stifling interdicting cumbering crippling holding interrupting debarring reducing hanging up putting an end to lessening stonewalling choking containing diminishing moderating precluding decreasing forbidding deterring getting in the way of opposing throwing a spanner in the works of shutting out putting a brake on crimping banning regulating borking proscribing smothering gagging throwing a monkey wrench in the works of shutting down setting back stemming outlawing keeping back disallowing tempering derailing standing in the way of holding in cutting off enjoining damming circumventing disrupting stilling averting ruling out withholding intercepting detaining baffling constricting keeping in check counteracting staving off impairing warding off muzzling getting in the way putting a stop to subduing catching shutting off heading off countering weakening binding quashing ruining braking strangling sabotaging muffling easing entrammelling entrammeling freezing keeping under control squelching spoiling reining in slowing up holding off avoiding bogging down cooling decelerating holding down defending against lowering circumscribing staunching keeping stamping out nipping in the bud abating stanching mitigating vetoing slackening squashing postponing inconveniencing suspending leashing excluding jamming disadvantaging blunting remitting embargoing sapping making illegal intermitting interfering taming modulating retardating burdening defeating scotching killing quelling blackballing weighing down toning down denying quieting cutting back obviating choking back pulling up scuppering closing off putting an stop to putting the brakes on delimiting choking off forfending keeping lid on taking down qualifying bringing to screeching halt corking boycotting stunting capping crushing silencing ostracizing softening cracking down on estopping relaxing rejecting swallowing deadening tying down quelching garrotting pausing barricading sandbagging ostracising sinking submerging pocketing shelving occluding stuffing closing obscuring extinguishing incommoding crabbing damaging miring deferring hemming in calming blocking up blockading governing discommoding downscaling downsizing evading loitering congesting enfeebling stopping up clogging up drawing up dropping measuring cutting down censoring overpowering quenching debilitating closing up closing out criminalizing bringing up stoppering immobilizing bunging up ruling fetching up nullifying circumnavigating resisting composing shushing collecting reining clamping down on paralysing putting off plugging up tabooing marring hurting harming contravening oppressing deflecting nixing skirting sidestepping fending off undermining paralyzing putting back criminalising warding putting at a disadvantage bringing to a standstill playing down keeping within the limits of steering clear of taking out immobilising cramping one's style tiing one's hands throwing monkey wrench in spiking keeping within bounds placing at a disadvantage putting the kibosh on wrecking stemming the flow of simmering down declaring illegal boxing in bottling up buttoning up keeping the lid on backing off de-escalating fighting back biting back locking up letting up letting ending dissuading from withstanding enmeshing ensnaring capturing netting clotting snagging overloading entrapping tethering gumming up entangling blacklisting bothering charging interning idling protracting holding captive clipping someone's wings dragging feet coming down hard on getting out of proroguing sidelining putting a crimp in relieving forbidding to bottlenecking putting straitjacket on dragging one's feet prolonging escaping bypassing beating putting paid to saddling with making difficult devitalizing hesitating dawdling bogging loafing downing faltering poking flagging neutralizing scrubbing bracing sidetracking fixing picking off discouraging pulling in neutralising overturning giving disadvantage setting limits on imposing limits on discontinuing forefending taking out of play putting the brakes on keeping down deflating anticipating keeping off chillin chilling turning aside staving keeping at bay knocking off holding over holding off on making late lousing up throwing a spanner in the works throwing a spoke in the wheel of concealing pegging disciplining disturbing affecting bringing to a screeching halt making impossible suffocating putting out of commission excepting eliminating crashing unsettling juking doing for putting the stopper on stumping taking wind out of outwitting upsetting ditching bringing to an end influencing tampering dissuading depriving cancelling canceling hiding wronging confusing depressing revising shutting up quietening icing tongue-tying drying up hushing dummying up conflicting troubling refusing snuffing declaring taboo standing fencing putting a limit on exiling overriding hushing up biting one's lip bitting heaping putting out showering shrouding corking up fazing dulling putting the chill on giving the thumbs down to saying no giving the red light to treating harshly cooling off keeping a lid on cooling down keeping tight rein on keeping a tight rein on telling against treating unfavourably inflicting a handicap on doing a disservice to putting in an unfavourable position treating unfairly giving a disadvantage to keeping in dismissing freezing out cutting decrementing putting on brakes shutting out of counting out modifying overthrowing coming to a standstill tapering depreciating minimizing petering out not moving standing off outvoting blacking pruning destroying plugging lightening banishing pacifying lagging narrowing contracting shrinking sealing caulking allaying disqualifying muting spurning rebuffing palliating soothing stepping down whittling down minimising shortening phasing out tailing off embogging reefing procrastinating incapacitating filling up filling blocking out denting retrenching depleting eroding paring down damping breaking mellowing mincing illegalizing cursing temperating damping down packing jamming up choking up declaring ineligible disempowering blocking off bunging placing an embargo on passing by closing down officially forbidding icing out passing up keeping waiting winding down losing steam anchoring it losing speed prostrating soft-pedalling cooling out soft-pedaling meeting halfway knocking down vitiating bottling letting down flaps hitting the brakes knocking back making weaker throwing out giving the thumbs down turning down mutilating laming maiming indisposing bankrupting bloodying compromising blemishing flawing torpefying endamaging injuring inactivating shooting down putting out of action mangling knocking out totalling rendering powerless disabling enervating making unfit pinioning hocking making powerless attenuating kiboshing shattering unfitting rendering incapable battering totaling unbracing hogtying hogtieing exhausting unstrengthening crossing up raining on someone's parade throttling screening complicating monkeying with

Động từ

Present participle for enclose or separate an area with a fence
fencing confining enclosing protecting defending securing surrounding guarding immuring bounding hedging impounding pounding separating bulwarking cooping up corralling covering fending forfending fortifying interning keeping penning penning in safeguarding screening shielding shutting in warding boxing in circumscribing closing in cooping encircling hedging in hemming in kettling mewing up railing in shutting up walling in caging cutting off hemming holding captive locking in mewing muring railing separating off shutting off walling keeping under lock and key limiting imprisoning boxing up cribbing circling encompassing enveloping ringing encasing fringing compassing edging blockading encaging skirting bordering environing girding wreathing flanking embracing containing closeting wrapping housing girdling lining engirding holding gaoling jailing fencing in fencing off cordoning off sealing off putting inside blocking off locking up swathing enfolding investing blanketing cloaking swaddling inclosing enshrouding superimposing binding closing shutting partitioning palisading restraining including besieging besetting picketing mewing in walling off enwrapping hiding veiling engulfing shrouding concealing obscuring sheltering cocooning sheathing tucking mantling cupping embosoming bowering masking lapping enswathing muffling bosoming involving embowering circumfusing wrapping up crowning dressing capping obnubilating wrapping around reinforcing canopying hooding overcasting clothing papering over overlaying rolling overspreading draping covering up superposing putting something on top of placing something over placing under cover

Động từ

Present participle for to allow each person to have only a fixed amount of (a commodity)

Động từ

Present participle for to persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats
coercing compelling constraining dragooning forcing blackjacking browbeating bulldozing bullying driving intimidating obliging pressing pressuring pressurising pressurizing railroading bludgeoning brainwashing impelling impressing influencing making muscling obligating pushing sandbagging squeezing strong-arming threatening acting on besetting bouncing concussing cowing fast-talking hindering hustling menacing press-ganging prevailing on putting pressure on repressing shotgunning suppressing terrorising terrorizing urging using pressure on working on leaning on bringing pressure to bear on high pressuring putting under an obligation twisting one's arm forcing somebody's hand putting the screws on putting the squeeze on twisting somebody's arm putting the arm on making an offer they can't refuse binding committing requiring necessitating astricting indebting restraining making indebted goading harassing hounding badgering prodding inducing persuading steamrollering hectoring nagging harrying prompting spurring inciting pestering encouraging using strong-arm tactics on tyrannizing mau-mauing provoking bogarting bullyragging instigating twisting someone's arm frightening tyrannising stirring inspiring motivating causing egging on triggering enforcing domineering propelling cajoling putting up to oppressing rousing convincing hassling nudging blustering tormenting commanding demanding pushing around inveigling putting the heat on tempting swaying persecuting moving stimulating whipping appalling turning on the heat spurring on coaxing enticing leading insisting on firing up exhorting getting buffaloing insisting actuating pricking exacting ordering plaguing blackmailing imposing siccing picking on tightening the screws on ramrodding keying up having someone do something terrifying scaring bothering subjugating rallying incentivizing luring overbearing overawing advising claiming occasioning worrying chivvying animating arousing talking despotizing steamrolling bossing about bossing around asking calling for instilling exciting challenging enjoining imploring arguing inclining teasing baiting heckling wheedling invigorating sparking soliciting riding importuning spooking affrighting rowelling roweling sounding emboldening galvanizing breathing down someone's neck beseeching awing aweing envigorating galvanising coming at riding roughshod over dragooning into besieging bringing round dictating expecting entreating browbeating into making necessary turning the screws on imposing on putting the frighteners on winning over pushing for cracking down bringing pressure upon shanghaiing putting the chill on talking into scaring the bejesus out of inhibiting compressing squashing condensing constricting leaning egging kicking assailing changing bending politicking rooting selling daunting subduing leaving someone no option dogging mobilizing castigating swaggering dominating irritating stinging inflaming effecting having needling working over vexing troubling unnerving altering pressurizing into coercing into ruffling twisting arm predisposing conditioning mobilising directing enthusing determining prevailing upon tightening the screw on turning the screw on fomenting lashing titillating rousting riding roughshod bullying into bludgeoning into walking heavy terrorizing into intimidating into lording it over putting heat on budging extorting commandeering orienting promoting admonishing working up begging pushing about advocating expediting putting through the wringer leaving someone no option but to throwing weight around scaring off wresting exerting invoking mistreating annoying antagonizing taunting chivying bringing force to bear on inspanning recommending antagonising making compulsory forcing upon petrifying adjuring disposing alarming overcoming trying to persuade speeding up impassioning eliciting charging warranting putting the screws to evoking energizing bringing activating steeling inspiriting foisting railroading into involving pouring it on using force on conscripting urging by force burdening contracting obtruding choking using duress on applying empowering converting exhilarating heartening vitalizing impacting uplifting panicking shocking victimizing scarifying startling horrifying frighting alaruming charming steamrollering into exerting force on flattering incentifying helping striking energising refreshing entailing turning on bulldozing into pinning down bearing down putting the bite on exerting influence on selling on appealing to bearing down on going to town on putting screws to putting squeeze on bearing hard on striking terror into striking terror in victimising dismaying upsetting blarneying courting worming drawing filling with terror making it hot for someone putting the fear of God into scaring to death frightening out of your wits making things hot for someone inspiring panic in taking wanting bearing meaning needing setting instilling in stressing to establishing inculcating emphasizing to drumming into stressing fixing inculcating in sweet-talking soft-soaping beguiling pumping up stirring up suggesting to boosting up pepping up whipping up hinting to cheering on behooving craving postulating blandishing reasoning palavering bringing pressure to bear upon spiriting up smooth-talking behoving ingraining in bringing home to dinning into knocking into driving into finagling kowtowing getting round conning bantering snowing soaping oiling seducing acting upon leaving no choice but to laying it on spreading it on sweetening up buttering up softening up leaving in no doubt getting into head driving home bringing home riding herd on pressing for requisitioning seeking requesting stipulating for appealing for pestering for clamoring for applying for questing petitioning for baying for laying claim to impetrating summoning clamouring for begging for suing for supplicating badgering for whistling for nagging for holding out for praying for inquiring about asking for hitting up arrogating

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