Đồng nghĩa của preventive

Alternative for preventive

preventive /pri'ventiv/ (preventative) /pri'ventətiv/
  • tính từ
    • ngăn ngừa, phòng ngừa
      • preventive measure: biện pháp phòng ngừa
      • preventive war: chiến tranh phòng ngừa
    • (y học) phòng bệnh
      • preventive medicine: thuốc phòng bệnh
  • danh từ
    • biện pháp phòng ngừa
    • thuốc phòng bệnh, cách phòng bệnh

Tính từ

Designed to keep something undesirable such as illness or harm from occurring

Danh từ

A measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerous, unpleasant, or inconvenient from happening
protection safeguard deterrent hindrance block preventative caution defence fail-safe impediment obstruction palladium precaution prevention protective remedy security shield check curb neutralizer obstacle precautionary measure prophylactic restraint defense disincentive preventive measure protective measure anticipatory measure armour screen cover buffer shelter bulwark insurance provision armor buckler wall safety measure protector barrier hedge cushion bastion barricade refuge forethought prudence care anticipation backstop circumspection foresight wariness providence canniness discretion discreetness regard preventative measure guard belt and braces aegis surety ward ammunition egis indemnity escort armament convoy safety device safety net safety support immunity fortification safeguarding guarding preservation assurance stronghold safekeeping shielding guarantee bumper guardianship resistance sanctuary custody conservation indemnification salvation pad buttress rampart supporter defender warranty keeping fence coverage shock absorber mainstay prop trust weapon haven fender deterrence safeness charge maintenance protecting asylum upkeep upholding custodianship backing reassurance fastness keep supervision mail saving warrant tutelage safe keeping resilience insurance policy cocoon cushioning invulnerability shade strength surveillance certainty protective device safety guard insurance cover absorber stability allowance endorsement self-defense good hands warfare weaponry munitions something to fall back on defenses defences apron mask financial protection hiding concealment housing fallback citadel arms harbour retreat harbor life assurance life insurance preventative medicine preventive medicine preserving conserving sustentation harborage perpetuation safe harbor preserval evaporation care and feeding storage tanning refrigeration hiding place safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve reinforcement plate breastplate panoply possession armor plate suit of armor protective clothing bulletproof vest chain mail flak jacket coat of mail suit of armour body armor body armour breastwork embankment bank castellation battlements pledge protectorship patronage trusteeship battlement bartizan earthwork collateral partition protective wall parapet buffet pawn bond underwriting gage hostage earnest guaranty bail covenant gauge contract

Danh từ

Something that blocks one's way or hinders progress
obstacle barrier hindrance hurdle block impediment handicap obstruction snag difficulty bar deterrent hitch catch drawback burden check complication limitation problem restraint setback blockade cumbrance curb disadvantage hardship impedance inconvenience interference restriction trammel albatross baggage balk barricade baulk clog cramp crimp drag encumbrance facer fetter glitch hazard hiccup holdback inhibition manacle shackles stop blockage bump cumber embarrassment gridlock millstone uphill chain disincentive hamper hampering interruption joker let rub fly in the ointment monkey wrench spanner in the works catch-22 hang-up monkey wrench in the works sticking point stumbling block jam-up ball and chain mountain to climb booby trap discouragement pale damper dissuasion brake determent bridle limit rein preventative defence defense shackle constraint leash defensive measures stoppage issue pitfall holdup stricture prohibition delay trouble congestion jam wall road block headache interdict defect control hold-up embargo impasse weakness prevention detriment straitjacket condition circumscription bottleneck ban occlusion retardation blocking boycott traverse logjam snarl-up disbenefit snarl dilemma hassle clampdown pickle proscription moratorium veto deadlock shortcoming fault downside flaw lock load suppression injunction hangup mountain predicament circumvention retardment blank wall roadblock tailback minus prob clot gotcha gimmick quandary adversity backup knock-back stone in one's path mishap fetters taboo bug land mine deterrence millstone around your neck retardant traffic jam tight spot bone of contention bond deadweight complaint sabotage intervention railing fence bonds stumbling stone injury excess baggage foot dragging weary load psychological baggage checkmate snafu tangle discontinuance millstone round someone's neck tie disablement impairment disorder tribulation interdiction stopping up checking bridling curbing repression nuisance halt avoidance sanction shunning rejection deal-breaker pinch imperfection aggravation frustration shackling baulking cramping fettering holding back stifling smothering arrest dead weight red tape restrainer suppressant crackdown opposition deficiency stalemate standstill stopping halting thwarting quashing foiling rahui entanglement factor web development liability refusal can of worms disputed point weak point negative debit incommodity strike weak spot standoff narrowing tie-up queue constriction point at issue balking sublimation lack failing disability ill evil put down damp curtailment caution warning rebuff demarcation putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud hold moderation full stop Mexican standoff sig alert fix puzzler knot crunch unseen problem spot scrape cropper confinement stint downfall red light thumbs down disqualification tightening squeezing compression contraction binding shrinking astringency choking boundary misfortune upset blow blunder bother grievance defeat slip wet blanket bondage pinions weight decrease string rope manacles chains order abridgment instruction abridgement restraining order deprivation ceiling command reduction inadequacy modification definition reservation circumspection qualification thorn in one's side vexation gremlin mix-up source of difficulty hot potato worry hornets' nest source of trouble thorn in one's flesh the rub muddle dispute mess vexed question question mark plight difficult situation knock bummer reversal inefficacy error restricted access miscalculation mischance mistake disappointment bafflement whammy body blow bitter pill one in the eye piece of bad luck kick in the teeth stroke of bad luck bit of trouble reversal of fortune

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preventive Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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