Đồng nghĩa của manacle

Alternative for manacle

manacles, manacled, manacling

Đồng nghĩa: cuff, handcuff, handlock,


Something that encumbers progress or movement
obstacle hindrance impediment obstruction block bar handicap encumbrance deterrent hurdle trammel inhibition stop fetter drag cramp crimp chain interference holdback baulk balk shackles embarrassment let clog stumbling block barrier snag restriction restraint check drawback curb hitch limitation difficulty hazard disadvantage catch fly in the ointment impedance spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works shackle cumber blockage burden complication constraint hiccup setback problem barricade hampering delay brake retardation hamper facer millstone wall catch-22 monkey wrench ball and chain road block discouragement stoppage blocking inconvenience blockade gridlock holdup cumbrance albatross baggage rub stricture detriment checking prevention arrest disincentive lock rein glitch issue bottleneck roadblock interruption circumvention defect weakness joker uphill straitjacket preventive hang-up booby trap jam-up hangup retardment prohibition load sticking point dead weight millstone around your neck bond shortcoming fetters bonds headache opposition barring choking hobble pitfall yoke hardship circumscription confinement trouble congestion jam bump nuisance railing traverse fence injury dissuasion damper stumbling stone occlusion mountain to climb determent mountain checkmate psychological baggage millstone round someone's neck blank wall tie disablement impairment flaw disorder fault hold-up saddle debt duty guilt cross defence defense leash preventative bridle limit red tape stone in one's path suppression defensive measures thorn in one's side monkey on back bridling curbing repression frustration shackling baulking cramping fettering holding back stifling smothering stopping halting thwarting quashing foiling interdict balking embargo sublimation putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud sabotage intervention excess baggage foot dragging deal-breaker disbenefit downside minus liability deterrence negative control incommodity debit strike halt condition forestalling preclusion safeguard misfortune obviation snafu avoidance upset interception inhibitor dilemma disappointment blow forestallment hassle weak spot weak point deterence discontinuance closure imperfection pain deficiency predicament bother precaution caution aggravation annoyance impasse vexation disturbance cross to bear trial fuss curtailment concern reversal protection gotcha constriction rebuff defeat mishap woe gimmick close cutoff shutdown captivity whammy land mine disqualification security ban bind stalling failing precautionary measure disruption unwieldiness troublesomeness awkwardness untimeliness unsuitableness uneasiness unfitness stew discomfort exasperation cumbersomeness distress ill tie-up obligation remedy boycott reduction snarl-up intimidation warning lack grief downfall reverse snarl logjam disability preventive measure protective measure incommodiousness bothersomeness unhandiness struggle manacles chains deadweight detention clampdown clot bondage ceiling taboo bad news lapse knock restrainer weight constrainment bug affliction pickle anxiety bummer worry stress wet blanket con puzzler traffic jam puzzle scrape body blow task timewasting one in the eye piece of bad luck filibustering bit of trouble reversal of fortune kick in the teeth obstructionism knock-back strain bone of contention elimination down layoff abeyance immobilization sit-down deduction walkout lockout downtime standstill commitment consequence misery disgrace anticipation averting precluding deadlock slowing complaint wait weary load buttress pale preemption albatross around one's neck bad prophylaxis break exclusion detainment remonstrance expostulation persuasion deterring factor handicapping penalty tailback chill quandary put down damp bulwark negative aspect flip side holding pattern privation other side of the coin depressant cloud proscription harness afterdeal encirclement narrowing backup queue tribulation immobilisation tangle gloom pall stint cordon pinch prob demerit moratorium veto stopping up depression trap interdiction deep trouble dire straits mess danger torment hot water fix spot cropper knot crunch unseen problem trick inadequacy reservation circumspection injunction modification definition qualification can of worms disputed point problems snare irritation rahui conundrum ploy dodge wile point at issue tight spot the rub cold water cinchers anchor binders retarding device disquiet line of defense interference with unease onus regression slowdown backset comedown regress bath foil bottom adversity joker in the pack restricted access maximum agitation issues palladium fail-safe protective shield blunder hold moderation strife unpleasantness cap slip spoiling reverse of fortune double whammy drawing board flip-flop whole new ballgame unfortunate development about-face retardant neutralizer prophylactic turmoil inefficacy error threshold involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance arrear possibility due contingency remainder contract damage Achilles heel mortgage jinx tab IOU account responsibility charge grievance mental weight blame punishment unwanted responsibility accountability rope order instruction deprivation pinions decrease string abridgment abridgement command row sorrow miscalculation mistake mischance bafflement failure countering bound regulation demarcation bounds restraining order irons handcuffs cuffs evil scotching derailment dashing crushing disaster area bitter pill extent containment border perimeter boundary crippling hindering foundering collapse snookering baffling stroke of bad luck bilboes tethers trammels ropes restraints tops line of demarcation cutoff point margin confine cut-off point upper limit line nonfulfillment scuppering nonfulfilment contravention unfulfillment millstone round one's neck anticipatory measure arrestment finish discontinuation expiration end surcease closedown stay cessation termination shutoff conclusion cease offset ending nonsuccess lack of success non-success bracelets gyves darbies staying restraining suspension leg irons


To impede the work or progress of
hamper hinder impede obstruct inhibit encumber handicap trammel shackle cramp fetter stymie clog hobble handcuff embarrass hog-tie interfere with short-circuit hold back hold up tie up check curb block hamstring retard restrict restrain frustrate baulk hang up balk thwart constrain bar slow down bridle foil limit get in the way cumber cripple bork baffle delay slow stop cramp one's style throw a spanner in the works of prevent throw a monkey wrench in the works of stall interfere entangle bind confine arrest forestall halt interrupt prohibit tie stonewall curtail deter crab crimp put a brake on set back weigh down get in the way of give a hard time stifle derail disadvantage repress inconvenience sandbag disrupt straiten scupper burden oppose faze leash debar chain stand in the way of drag your feet saddle with throw a spanner in the works cut off entrammel inc tie-up debilitate detain impair brake catch tie one's hands put off prevent from making progress put a crimp in ensnare enmesh net capture overload snag circumscribe control slow up bottleneck regulate incommode entrap hold sideline constrict muzzle neutralize moderate hem in tether oppress bother charge bog down discommode choke contravene neutralise resist counteract put at a disadvantage tie down freeze discomfit rattle dam box in be a hindrance to shut out throw a spoke in the wheel of louse up disconcert place at a disadvantage put out of commission give disadvantage take out put straitjacket on hold captive clip someone's wings throw monkey wrench in cramp someone's style discourage make difficult set limits on impose limits on foul up close off screw up shut off shut down suppress dissuade smother quash rein in forbid ward avert taboo bit reduce interdict withhold outlaw enjoin snooker defeat puzzle put on brakes put an stop to hold in put an end to hold down nip in the bud stem the flow of keep in confound stump spoil mystify scotch nonplus flummox dead-end pigeonhole corner upset shelve put paid to put on hold throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner choke off give the run around hold off put the kibosh on hang fire stay sabotage throttle obscure screen complicate monkey with circumvent preclude ward off head off put a stop to stave off counter obviate nullify dash ruin intercept keep back fend off decelerate beat stem keep checkmate disappoint avoid suspend close jam plug rule out do for contain barricade clog up postpone defend against stopper outwit stultify blockade stop up squash subdue block up forfend block off plug up squelch slacken upset the applecart cross crush nobble gag defer intermit congest seal divert remit stuff evade negate occlude ban put the stopper on take down fill put back deflect sidestep skirt anticipate put the mockers on smash pick off bung up bring to a standstill put a spoke in someone's wheel steer clear of still keep lid on pause discontinue muffle deny mire retardate traverse withstand strangle bilk staunch overturn pre-empt govern tame draw up clot circumnavigate pull up fetch up choke back close out stamp out shake protract cancel help close up cut short prolong block out make late cork shut in gum up hold over proscribe throw cold water on bring to screeching halt pour cold water on put a damper on hold off on bring to an end guard end confuse quell dissuade from sink estop exclude swallow delimit stunt finish weaken caulk quelch destroy rein make illegal damp down kill terminate root buck disallow repel embargo cease lessen decrease quit bring up quiet break keep waiting drop measure rule loiter prorogue embog fill up can get out of repulse keep under control adjourn bung annul escape bypass nix take wind out of parry turn aside make impossible pull in keep in check choke up crash fight back bottle up juke ditch preempt defend give the slip deprive procrastinate dodge back off second-guess table chill reschedule cool turn off let up mess up skip keep a lid on bite back deny access mothball continue cut back bring to a close lock up respite head off at pass knock off put over put the brakes on shake off cool off get ahead of get in before extend lose speed leave off desist from keep within bounds cut out lay on the table take a rain check on set aside put on the back burner beat someone to the punch beat someone to it put on ice beat someone to the draw put in cold storage provide against steal a march on bring to a stop give rain check pull the plug on hold in abeyance straitjacket finish off isolate act against constipate offset cause to wait cause to stay cap veto tie someone's hands sidetrack fix scrub brace pack stanch jam up silence deaden pocket submerge extinguish affect disturb boycott blacklist disqualify make an end of wall off wreck unsettle invalidate scuttle influence tamper quench mute overpower throw a curve trouble conflict forefend temper confront ostracize get bogged down put the brakes on take out of play bottle keep from happening keep at bay stave keep off put the damper on obturate stand fence undo commandeer criminalize garrote garrotte shush bring an end to crool banjax bury blank counterplot rebuff damp stand in the way dam up glut silt up elude slam on the brakes ease up peg discipline conquer overcome lick hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke lag abate diminish act in advance of prepare for be one step ahead of be early make it impossible for make it impracticable for save let queer gunge up spike censor temporise temporize dally give a rain check take a raincheck keep in abeyance imprison incarcerate intern slacken pace duck buffalo promote bollix qualify reef dampen disadvise scare put the lid on ostracise gainsay duel contradict impugn combat negative disaffirm contest fight dispute take wind out of sails get the better of narrow down beat down cause setback not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of put end to hedge declare taboo criminalise clutter up stand still indispose shut dash one's hope put a limit on come to a standstill cordon off stand off peter out not move make impracticable render null and void give the thumbs down to declare illegal put the chill on give the red light to say no shuffle off shutdown immobilize lock in coop up fence in jail necessitate gaol close in immure concuss shotgun clobber give the run-around run circles around run rings around wrong back-water cut down lose steam wind down anchor it play for time cool down halt in its tracks throw a monkey wrench in the works button up keep the lid on keep a tight rein on keep tight rein on render powerless talk out of hit the brakes let down flaps act like a wet blanket crack down on treat harshly hedge out lock out immobilise cut in take away put half nelson on do a disservice to tell against treat unfairly give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably inflict a handicap on refrain from strangle at birth go against put out of business put out of action bring someone to their knees bring to naught wipe out damage vitiate monopolize foresee predict forecast envision preoccupy project expect monopolise carry over harm hurt paralyze mar paralyse enfeeble waive lengthen lay over blemish bloody bankrupt compromise flaw withhold from stay away from refuse deny oneself make up for break the habit of skip out on kick get around steer clear shrink from abstain renounce keep from desist eschew shirk shun stay away forbear give up abstain from restrain from counterbalance do without shy from forgo forbear from endamage injure load overwhelm saddle strain break off cross up laden weight lumber snafu close down put a sock in wind up blow the whistle on put a cork in lay off break up pack up pack in give over skin rain on someone's parade lade pile freight yoke dump on snow under bear down on snow overburden make heavy play off cook someone's goose spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch take the wind out of your sails

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