Đồng nghĩa của staying

Alternative for staying

stays, stayed, staying

Đồng nghĩa: continue, delay, detain, dwell, endure, hold up, inhabit, last, live, occupy, persist, remain, reside, retard, stop,

Trái nghĩa: go,


Present participle for to (cause to) come to a stop or standstill


On a visit


Continuous, without interruption
round-the-clock continuous constant continual perpetual endless incessant uninterrupted ceaseless unceasing unbroken relentless unremitting interminable unending persistent eternal nonstop everlasting steady running ongoing permanent regular repeated enduring frequent unvarying unfailing timeless recurrent unchanging unflagging consecutive dateless persisting unwaning repetitive aeonian connected around-the-clock 24-hour day-and-night oft-repeated round the clock sustained unabating continuing unrelenting continued unrelieved chronic never-ending perennial unwavering unabated non-stop indefatigable unyielding unsparing remorseless diligent assiduous inexorable sedulous unwearied harsh unalleviated hard stern habitual abiding imperishable undying undeviating unwearying recurring unswerving prolonged untiring lasting tireless long-lasting never-ceasing persevering ageless interminate monotonous dogged unfaltering without respite immortal infinite deathless without end boundless amaranthine fixed stable changeless invariable unfading lifelong consistent even limitless unlimited uniform lingering immutable indefinite deep-rooted ineradicable inexhaustible protracted ingrained long-lived undivided illimitable deep-seated perdurable incurable always-on immeasurable inborn ever-present inbred unbounded inveterate unfluctuating usual indestructible bottomless countless periodic overlong sempiternal solid periodical no end to no end of forever never-changing confirmed invariant measureless obstinate rooted unmitigated settled routine tenacious stubborn untold long-standing incalculable immensurable inestimable unfathomable horizonless fathomless smooth indeterminate boring nagging reliable durable successive dependable steadfast straight reiterative dull vast predictable stabile immense same on a treadmill unchangeable rhythmic undisturbed unsurpassable numberless self-perpetuating multitudinous established long repetitious direct sustainable neverending untroubled firm unvaried long-drawn-out remaining fast iterative numerous many niggling irreversible old indelible longstanding extensive verbose uninteresting insistent without stopping without interruption drawn-out level indissoluble dragging regularised regularized standardised great immemorial stationary standardized gnawing homogenous metrical always day and night renewable absolute immovable unalterable in for the long haul a great many very many cosmic equable common total reiterated profuse without limit set steady-going flowing fluent unintermitted fluid frictionless unstoppable lengthy accustomed long-l without ceasing unflinching pushy duplicative extended closed implacable maintained year-round slow all day long returning yearlong annual yearly seasonal cursive termless habituated unaltering serious straightforward in succession through drawn out stretched out monolithic unchanged severe world-without-end sound beyond measure dangerous acute unconstrained unchecked uncontrolled unrestrained irreparable standing profound deep progressive unruffled rigid inflexible static spun-out haunting homogeneous unconditional unrestricted unbridled classic long-winded with no let-up without limits frequentative dire alarming extreme grave 24/7 solid as rock wearisome for ever and ever sure lavish nonrandom perduring forever and a day for keeps set in concrete set in stone like the Rock of Gibralter never dying without surcease without a break infallible full utter anti-aging abundant abounding balanced matching alike seemingly endless tedious with no holds barred all-year-round rambling laborious ponderous meandering never-failing certain unbound looped universal typical prevalent fail-safe loyal surefire faithful true can't-miss unerring strung out spun out dragged out prevailing staunch having no end not stopping extendable viable tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy dyed-in-the-wool unshakable natural day-to-day mundane rife quotidian everyday rampant wonted daily tried and true rock solid tried and tested counted on replenishable bountiful surviving secure familiar manifold several thick iterated intermittent various inexpungible long-term till the cows come home occurring often millions of loads of a good many quite a few lots of heaps of masses of quite a lot of dozens of hundreds of thousands of more … than one can shake a stick at


Living somewhere on a long-term basis


A stoppage or sudden cessation of motion
arrest halt stoppage arrestment cease cessation check close closedown closure conclusion cutoff discontinuance discontinuation end ending expiration finish interruption lapse offset shutdown shutoff stay stop suppression surcease termination blockage hindrance inhibition obstruction checking delay prevention restraining restraint stalling suspension pause closing stopping standstill desistance break adjournment respite abeyance gridlock finale completion intermission deadlock wind-up freeze wrap-up halting culmination layoff hiatus windup finis rest impasse postponement logjam disruption deferral downtime moratorium ceasing occlusion denouement consummation deferment period breaking off interlude finishing winding up endgame interval homestretch grinding halt screaming halt capper grand finale mop-up dead stop end of the line standoff stalemate expiry resolution stand break-off hitch dissolution letup result Mexican standoff screeching halt terminus cutting short payoff rescheduling shelving dead end full stop putting back tabling continuation put-off reprieve gap remission failure putting off concluding breather abandonment severance grace discontinuity separation dormancy latency abeyancy desuetude climax recess blackout epilogue time-out coda outcome peroration wrap execution issue consequence epilog fulfilment curtains achievement accomplishment breakup curtain fulfillment winding-up limit breakdown let-up jam snafu walkout holdup lockout down immobilization sit-down deduction disjunction withdrawal alternation curtailment stopover time off folding cloture lull brick wall roadblock disbarment disbandment shutting complete stop tie draw discontinuing checkmate tie-up immobilisation shutting down closing down finalization fruition dénouement death hole liquidation finalisation blocking stasis suspense catch-22 stand-off determination retirement polishing off last stage run-in last end of the road final stage sewing up final part final act hiccup disturbance interstice parenthesis obstacle interregnum hiccough interim outro eventuality upshot realization realisation inaction wait omega perfection dead heat bitter end end result closing stages last word final word bottom line sign-off last part disconnection intrusion impediment final thoughts cancellation communication breakdown abortion cesser breathing space limbo time out rupture disuniting quiescence division doldrums lacuna rift split breach cut-off cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect stopping up cut-off point rain check breathing spell breath entr'acte hold-up spell hold lag coffee break truce block layover smoko holdback holding pattern embargo hesitation five caesura repose wash snarl-up holiday vacation time leave intermezzo retardation holding lapse of time stall ten stop-off detention prorogation happy hour retardment slack break in your journey ado traffic jam time wasted time lag period of waiting fix pausing restriction buildup quiescency blind alley winter vacay relief lessening slackening relaxation episode wall slowness blow short break hols meanwhile idyll meantime schoolie temporary cessation of business day off temporary closure cessation of business desisting remaining terminating deterring lunch break disjointedness tea break disconnectedness sojourn visit deliverance discharge release exculpation leisure pardon acquittal protraction forgiveness immunity ease level toss-up beat incoherence stagnation inactivity hush silence pausation stillness comma pigeonholing ban prohibition pause in the action showdown collision disunion setback freedom breathing room mothballing break off rest period awkward moment lack of unity cutout lack of coherence even money hangup detainment even game photo finish drawn battle paralysis encumbrance curb armistice spare time free time deep freeze cold storage suspended animation cross-purposes retard fetter interference snag time to burn time to kill carrying over time on your hands bind trammel problem filibuster grace period one's own sweet time goof-off time showstopper peace ceasefire treaty waiting period cooling-off period clog congestion snarl backup bottleneck barrier tailback détente cease-fire sig alert staging post port of call half-way house wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente cessation of hostilities olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities

Trái nghĩa của staying

staying Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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