Đồng nghĩa của remaining

Alternative for remaining

remains, remained, remaining

Đồng nghĩa: continue, endure, keep on, last, persist, stay,

Trái nghĩa: perish,


Still existing, present, or in use
lasting surviving continuing abiding enduring extant persisting existing lingering long-lived lifelong living long-term perennial in existence still existing ongoing permanent eternal prevailing long-lasting current constant around durable firm persistent alive steadfast stable immortal fixed present existent long-standing fast everlasting perpetual unending steady imperishable undying dateless ageless timeless residual deep-rooted undestroyed immutable unchanging established long-running contemporary indissoluble vestigial standing tenacious long-established active unwavering unfaltering operative changeless functioning secure perdurable operating live strong sempiternal running reliable going working subsisting old ingrained prevalent operational actual functional being ceaseless continual inveterate chronic sustained in operation continuing on unshakable about nagging gnawing niggling resilient traditional time-honoured in circulation about in circulation to the fore available on indelible leftover unceasing immovable irreversible never-changing never-ending indestructible unfading going on on the map in force on the agenda on-going unbroken uninterrupted interminable dependable endless non-stop unremitting inexpungible incessant longstanding inexhaustible forever advancing pursuing maintaining persevering sustaining progressing in progress carrying on in effect stunted token shrunken imperceptible in for the long haul till the cows come home protracted prolonged long-drawn-out ticking awake developing dynamic vigorous alert real in use slow dragging unabating not lost in current use spun-out deep-seated incurable settled stubborn ineradicable confirmed routine obstinate unyielding habitual inborn continuous ever-present recurrent usual recurring drawn-out rooted haunting unmitigated inbred lifetime livelong lifetime's all-time for life for all your life deathless unvarying infinite relentless invariable set unrelenting unfailing regular staunch unchangeable sure without end resolute unshakeable undeviating entrenched indefinite unalterable amaranthine never-failing unswerving consistent boundless unqualified decided continued uniform unflagging inextinguishable unfluctuating unrelieved solid dyed-in-the-wool set in stone unchanged faithful untiring inflexible invariant tireless even dedicated indefatigable certain unquestioning round-the-clock dogged rigid unflappable inexorable illimitable intense always immemorial incorruptible devoted repeated termless stationary well established age-old ancient time-honored unshaken static never dying resolved unhesitating loyal irremovable deep hard-and-fast true nonstop hard-core bred-in-the-bone intrenched never-ceasing unvacillating unbreakable determined innate inseparable adamant single-minded wholehearted classic undiminished dead set on good returning incommutable inalterable limitless frequent profound basic fundamental accustomed unflinching unmodifiable unabated built-in radical inbuilt devout unbending subconscious inherent unmovable always-on habituated pious absolute pat equable stanch stabile bound true-blue down-the-line brick-wall same ardent intent allegiant tried-and-true trustworthy long-living time-hallowed binding long-l fresh unspoiled youthful long-existing never-dying cast-iron unforgettable open-ended atemporal agelong yearlong annual yearly seasonal predictable inevitable unended serious endemic implanted irreparable committed severe consecutive stalwart trusty hard and fast repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent death-defying ever living unwaning dangerous acute perduring phoenixlike undeadly level sound deep-set on an even keel pigheaded mulish stiff-necked dire alarming extreme grave for keeps lengthy extended flat obdurate liege immobile irredeemable congenital neverending infallible shatterproof staying repetitive monotonous set in concrete determinate frozen marathon gut instinctive intrinsic close that will never die that will live forever periodical periodic hard calm forever and a day interminate unwearying resistant sworn radicated customary indurated seasoned well grounded meaning business bound and determined bent on going all the way dear staying put solid as a rock telling indisputable uncompromising convinced satisfied confident incontestable valid indubitable positive undeniable incontrovertible genuine doubtless free from doubt convincing unequivocal unquestionable for a fact clear persuaded assured heavy-duty hard-wearing toughened sturdy nonperishable non-breakable stout regularised regularized standardised round the clock oft-repeated around-the-clock loving confidential intimate boon well-established sacrosanct standardized fail-safe unlimited surefire can't-miss unerring driven in unvaried supportive cherished special treasured valued without respite bottomless adamantine infrangible tried and true straight assiduous delivering there come-through rock solid diligent tried and tested counted on rock-solid irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable reinforced made to last armored undestroyable undestructable unruinable armoured irrefrangible inextirpable longtime undoubting nerveless imperturbable familiar impregnable unsinkable fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians attached deep down lodged in one's brain deeply felt


Exceeding what is normal or necessary
supererogatory superfluous surplus extra redundant excess excessive supernumerary spare needless dispensable unneeded inessential expendable useless nonessential unwanted leftover inordinate gratuitous extravagant unrequired exorbitant lavish profuse residuary superfluent pleonastic superabundant abounding extreme overflowing overmuch unasked supererogative uncalled-for in excess de trop unused left over additional not required left over residual waste to spare surplus to requirements unconsumed disposable reserve unnecessary available unproductive still available discarded worthless going begging uneaten free unusable scrap undue odd unprofitable unessential extraneous uncalled for on your hands surviving in hand to play with not needed too much untouched in reserve optional avoidable causeless wanton non-essential undesirable irrelevant extrinsic futile accidental uncritical noncompulsory unwarranted fortuitous casual haphazard chance prodigal supplementary random groundless beside the point fresh too many unimportant peripheral undesired pointless incidental cosmetic purposeless more supplemental added further to no purpose unjustified special over and above add-on unprovoked unfounded unmerited indefensible unjustifiable baseless senseless ungrounded immoderate brutish unreasoning indiscriminate careless without reason disproportionate without cause inappropriate not necessary assumed unreasonable bottomless unsupportable reasonless second relief backup substitute auxiliary emergency fallback alternative standby another alternate ancillary replacement back-up in store fall-back


Not done or finished
undone unfinished incomplete half-done left neglected omitted unperformed outstanding unaccomplished unconcluded unfulfilled unexecuted deferred disregarded ignored pending not done not started awaiting attention half-finished on ice passed over unattended to uncompleted not completed in the air on the back burner up in the air ongoing to be done undecided unsettled unresolved undetermined open uncertain in limbo awaiting decision hanging fire awaiting action still open indeterminate awaiting dependent ominous continuing pensile in reserve pendent in abeyance hanging in the balance in line around the corner in the works on board on line unsure unknown debatable doubtful in doubt unconfirmed ambiguous open to question iffy vague indefinite moot equivocal unclear yet to be decided unanswered open to debate in a state of uncertainty questionable irresolute dodgy dubious problematic unestablished unascertained inconclusive speculative suspended to be decided tentative up for grabs hairy unsolved arguable chancy incalculable unpredictable confused undependable dubitable betwixt and between in no man's land dicey postponed disputed put off borderline disputable untrustworthy unreliable unforeseeable controversial hesitant vexed unspecified wavering vacillating indecisive in cold storage undefined unfixed clouded in a state of suspension in question in a state of limbo in hand abandoned forgotten left out insecure on hold uncommitted at risk unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted unchallenged inexact suspect of two minds doubtable not fixed not settled hazy contingent open for discussion not yet settled not definite touch-and-go yet to be settled up for discussion risky pendant waffling put to one side in suspension precarious sketchy indistinct conjectural open-ended not decided hanging by a thread touch and go on thin ice secret unrevealed to be won or lost dark undisclosed hidden concealed untold undivulged unidentified abeyant faltering hesitating unproven undiscovered unfamiliar mysterious obscure unapprehended unexplained unrecognized unheard of unnoted unrecognised unperceived noteless withdrawn withheld inoperative sitting on the fence out of action in remission open to doubt


Living somewhere on a long-term basis


(of profit or earnings) Remaining after the deduction of tax or other contributions


One and only
sole one only single solitary lone singular alone exclusive individual unique one-off special unshared ace onliest particular private separate solo sui generis only possible one and only only one distinct unaccompanied discrete lonely isolated specific lonesome definite odd by oneself companionless distinctive independent unitary by itself all alone disparate distinguished express precise separated stag unattended unrepeatable respective especial certain specified fixed personal uncommon unescorted detached friendless peculiar single-handed forsaken distant without companions one shot reserved on its own on one's own left alone standalone never-to-be-repeated limited-edition once-in-a-lifetime original deliberate nonce final clear-cut purposeful abandoned autonomous unchaperoned by yourself one of a kind last particularised unsociable once in a lifetime only remaining selfstanding particularized select diacritic sole remaining reclusive unusual atypical unassisted unmarried unaided abnormal random exceptional only surviving only one left cloistered in solitary me myself and I me and my shadow in a solitary state different spare surplus unpaired extra untypical freak anomalous withdrawn antisocial hermit leftover unsocial retiring introverted individualized characteristic pure unused unmatched uneven unrelated stray diverse dissimilar unmixed uncompounded signature undivided distinguishing simple unalloyed unblended hermitic hermitical personalized unrepeated distinguishable misanthropic lorn retired self-sufficient eremetic offish out-of-the-way deserted standoffish uncompanionable aloof self-contained unalike unlike nonidentical unconnected disconnected unassociated contrasting orra patented idiomatic subjective privy divergent unattached offbeat disunited other set explicit singled-out one only personalised individualised determined clear poles apart defined exact identifiable given predetermined straight-out identified established specialised concrete specialized outright selective limited secluded sequestered quiet remote hidden segregated cut off insular secret covert sheltered shy seclusive unfrequented hermetic hermit-like recluse secluse off the beaten track removed eremitic introvert insulated tucked away shut off monastic forlorn anchoritic desolate estranged concealed uncommunicative reticent blockaded undisturbed unapproachable demure ascetic uninhabited restrained screened cool marooned out of the way cloistral contemplative set apart isolate close closet beleaguered quarantined silent secretive inward-looking unforthcoming outcast confidential incommunicado rejected meditative timorous diffident unbefriended destitute cautious bashful taciturn apart cold media-shy retreated sheepish modest timid coy backward self-effacing recessive cut-off out on a limb thoughtful stand-offish undemonstrative close-mouthed off the grid closed inaccessible stranded protected confined restricted shielded high and dry immune incomparable shut-off unworldly departed one-of-a-kind inconspicuous shrinking eremitical austere shrouded monkish celibate hard to find hidden away shut away to one side peaceful taken out socially inhibited uncherished unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious inhibited nongregarious uncurious casual uninterested indifferent left down empty disconsolate renounced comfortless troglodytic godforsaken homeless cenobitic conventual introspective monachal coenobitic meek indrawn Spartan frugal oblate discreet pensive self-absorbed self-interested onetime closemouthed constrained reflective soft-spoken collected ruminative inner-directed self-centred unfriendly ungregarious laconic self-restrained guarded self-centered unrevealing snobbish shunned one-shot alienated unpopular unwanted non-communicative tight-lipped once-off once-only spurned ostracized unloved uncared-for without friends adrift ostracised without ties with no ties with no one to turn to all by one's self without a friend in the world


(rare) A portion remaining of a larger thing or group


The act of something that stops
stopping end halt finish discontinuance ending suspension pause halting closing check ceasing delay wait block desisting deterring hesitation holding terminating discontinuation stoppage cessation termination close shutdown arrest conclusion interruption closure stop cutoff surcease cease arrestment expiration shutoff lapse stay closedown breaking off offset standstill break desistance abeyance downtime layoff breather intermission recess winding up respite interval finishing rest hiatus immobilization dissolution break-off gridlock lull cutting short period let-up interlude immobilisation concluding time-out finale wind-up freeze completion finis windup wrap-up breathing space outcome terminus screaming halt grinding halt time out breath separation limit disjunction adjournment breakoff desuetude alternation disruption sit-down jam blockage occlusion snafu obstruction walkout holdup lockout hindrance down deduction hitch abandonment remission folding cloture disbarment disbandment curtailment shutting failure time off discontinuing shutting down closing down tie-up gap hiccup discontinuity interregnum interstice hiccough parenthesis interim pausing resolution dormancy intermezzo doldrums suspense quiescence spell quiescency latency entr'acte abeyancy time smoko cancellation breakdown expiry abortion cesser denouement issue curtains cut-off result kiss-off consequence payoff ballgame breakup effect cancelation consummation breathing spell cut-off point culmination capper endgame homestretch mop-up summing-up end of the line stagnation inactivity summing up grand finale upshot omega wane final scene summation epilogue epilog catastrophe last act last part swan song coup de grace closing stages paralysis deadlock stalemate impasse logjam standoff letup stand Mexican standoff screeching halt lacuna execution fulfilment achievement accomplishment curtain fulfillment severance disconnection caesura moratorium blackout hold-up climax wrap lapse of time coda peroration winding-up determination retirement realization realisation perfection last word bottom line sign-off withdrawal leave holiday vacation lessening slackening vacay suppression outro eventuality dead stop dead end blow stopping point attainment target final thoughts bitter end brick wall roadblock inhibition full stop staying prevention restraint checking stalling restraining disturbance obstacle disconnectedness disjointedness stopover incoherence beat intrusion impediment end result final word disunion hush silence stillness pausation comma cutout lack of coherence lack of unity rupture disuniting division rift split breach break off happy hour rest period awkward moment coffee break finalization fruition dénouement death liquidation finalisation last stage last final stage sewing up final part final act polishing off run-in end of the road


In reference to those left remaining


Present participle for to continue to possess a particular quality or fulfill a particular role


Present participle for to be left over or outstanding after others or other parts have been completed, used, or dealt with

Trái nghĩa của remaining

remaining Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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