Đồng nghĩa của beleaguered

Alternative for beleaguered

beleaguers, beleaguered, beleaguering

Đồng nghĩa: badger, besiege, bug, circumvent, hem in, pester, surround, tease,

Tính từ

Hidden, isolated, remote
screened secluded abandoned blockaded cloistered close closet deserted hidden isolate quarantined quiet removed reserved retired segregated sequestered shy withdrawn alone aloof confidential covert cut off hermetic incommunicado insular lonely lonesome off the beaten track out-of-the-way personal private reclusive remote secluse seclusive secret shut off singular solitary tucked away unapproachable unfrequented uninhabited unsociable sheltered isolated undisturbed concealed off the grid out of the way faraway cut-off inaccessible outlying distant godforsaken far-flung obscure far-off in the back of beyond far hard to find in the middle of nowhere unreachable unget-at-able deep off the map in the sticks away jerkwater backwoods lone Barcoo in the hinterlands in the booay in the tall timbers in the backblocks in the backwoods in the backveld beyond the black stump in the platteland off the beaten path undiscovered god-knows-where middle of nowhere in a backwater off-lying beyond far off far removed separate desolate hidden away far-removed far-out boondocks foreign unknown apart in the depths of … disconnected far flung unsettled off beaten track back frontier wild unvisited inconspicuous alien outlandish in the boondocks shrouded set apart difficult to get to beyond reach out of reach impassable long afar ways good ways miles away stone's throw end of rainbow miles unpopulated barren lost well away quite a ways desert unpeopled beyond the horizon detached closed insulated self-sufficient self-contained in the distance in the boonies abroad

Động từ

Past tense for to besiege or surround with troops
besieged beset blockaded surrounded leaguered sieged stormed invested set upon laid siege to shut in enclosed encompassed encircled environed hemmed in confined ringed shut off trapped girdled circled hedged in compassed closed in on fenced in cut off boxed in girt girded assailed assaulted congregated attacked rung rang blocked off circumscribed bounded bound worked over worked on inclosed closed in embraced enveloped wreathed delimited enwreathed thronged walled in encased fringed bordered outlined enclaved rounded margined inundated looped verged limited enfolded contained skirted rimmed circumvented edged rang round rung round closed around come at from all sides gone around went around came at from all sides engirded locked in wrapped wrapt hemmed flanked fenced lined belted pent penned corralled begirded begirt covered banded hedged mewed up caged framed cooped cinctured cooped up orbited circuited immured housed impounded boxed up encaged restricted closeted walled girted penned in girthed circumnavigated put inside enwound pounded sheathed set mured interned kettled engirdled cased cordoned off mewed railed in locked up formed a barrier round formed a ring around sealed off penned up swathed cocooned trimmed shut up held separated off demarcated hurdled imprisoned kept fixed fixt defined screened straitened held captive abutted adjoined joined fenced off demarked delineated bottled up touched formed a ring round terminated boxed marked off neighbored bounden overwhelmed neighboured set out bordered on marked out butted on butted against verged on marched with set bounds to mobbed protected sealed heaped segregated isolated showered secured defended coated guarded blanketed swaddled cloaked closed shrouded separated forfended safeguarded warded fortified shielded bulwarked fended tied enwrapped divided up sectioned off smothered partitioned off closed off blocked coiled circumducted circulated toured ensphered holden thronged round crowded round swarmed round haloed enringed gaoled jailed railed entrapped hindered constrained restrained incarcerated included established formed a barrier around coiled around girded in determined bowered circumfused embowered encapsulated decided specified mounted trammeled trammelled captured barred prelimited hampered kept under lock and key writhed around moved around settled designated identified classified stipulated prescribed distinguished marched staked out nailed down connected caged in detailed laid down setted the boundaries of setted the limits of marked held back setted in a frame curbed held in communicated went round gone round rang in rung in fell upon fallen upon lay down

Động từ

Past tense for to vex or harass
harassed bothered pestered harried badgered bedeviled bedevilled vexed vext hounded annoyed hassled nagged worried plagued teased gnawed gnew gnawn persecuted stressed beset tormented troubled bugged disturbed irritated aggravated afflicted irked upset besieged molested agitated mithered tortured racked harrowed curst cursed haunted agonized got in your hair chivvied anguished excruciated dogged provoked distressed deviled devilled agonised assailed oppressed exasperated importuned dunned fretted rid rode ridden perturbed kept after got to pursued kept on at given someone grief gave someone grief driven up the wall drove up the wall gave a hard time given a hard time worked on blighted frustrated drove round the bend driven round the bend chivied nudged got at galled strained attacked bullied perplexed picked on hectored put the squeeze on chafed bent someone's ear pained harped on at got on your nerves gotten on your nerves egged on put out breathed down someone's neck put pressure on put your back up put someone's nose out of joint hit where one lives gone on at went on at gotten to driven round the twist drove round the twist bedogged niggled baited grizzled riled peeved got goaded ruffled narked antagonized nettled buttonholed preyed on affected angered maddened infuriated needled displeased made angry incensed embarrassed tantalized reminded insisted gnawed at nagged at caused suffering to overwhelmed made cross incommoded discommoded entangled hampered gotten at aggressed pressurized piqued spited rubbed up the wrong way frosted grated enraged henpecked intruded upon tantalised pressurised weighed down weighed heavily on lied heavy on stressed out rankled gravelled graveled drove crazy driven crazy messed with picked at heckled intimidated noodged bullyragged forayed macerated tried burnt burned despoiled ate eaten humped got your goat rasped exacerbated made your blood boil teed off miffed hacked off bummed out wound up ticked off antagonised jumped on one's case gave a bad time given a bad time started in on leaned on got your dander up got on your wick rattled one's cage turned off made waves ruffled one's feathers hacked you off rubbed the wrong way heated up cheesed off rattled someone's cage raised your hackles fired up made somebody's hackles rise het up infested brought pressure to bear on made someone see red got across jerked around asked for it gotten gat broke broken brake burnt up driven to distraction drove to distraction burned up driven mad drove mad got under your skin given someone the hump gave someone the hump gotten under your skin got on one's nerves drove you up the wall driven you up the wall gotten on one's nerves gave someone the pip gotten across given someone the pip got your back up gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose gotten your back up given the business gave the business fell upon fallen on fell on fallen upon given the needle gave the needle prest pressed insisted on

Động từ

Past tense for to tease, typically in a good-natured way
teased ribbed kidded mocked chaffed taunted ridiculed derided joshed ragged needled joked jived razzed rode rid ridden rallied satirised satirized roasted baited bantered twitted tormented gibed annoyed funned guyed goaded harassed quizzed plagued worried hassled heckled bothered chiacked pestered hazed harried badgered provoked slanged slang irritated aggravated bedeviled bedevilled shucked smoked rotted hectored sledged importuned vexed vext deviled devilled gnawed gnew gnawn nudged disturbed tantalised tantalized spoofed slammed dogged snapped snapt sounded laughed at scoffed at jeered at made fun of jibed at poked fun at wound up sent up goofed on made jokes about ragged on poked mullock at made sport of slung off at took the mickey taken the mickey picked on put on put down made a monkey of had on flouted at messed around pulled someone's leg led on flirted with poked borak at pulled one's leg swang at swung at took the piss out of taken the piss out of gave a hard time given a hard time titillated tortured enticed lured fascinated intrigued beguiled tempted excited allured frustrated baffled thwarted charmed kept hanging made your mouth water kept someone hanging on japed jeered jested sneered pilloried flouted jollied sneered at insulted scorned scoffed scouted skewered made a monkey out of fooled around lampooned fooled quipped jabbed jibed yukked gagged yucked wisecracked panned treated with contempt shot down held up to ridicule made a fool of set up kidded around mimicked reviled got at gibed at louted disdained criticized outraged upbraided offended slapped criticised reproached twittered dug affronted hoaxed treated contemptuously frazzled humiliated fleered cartooned unmasked deflated exposed dumped on hooted buffooned girt fooled about girded raspberried ridged stayed boned pooh-poohed played a prank thumbed nose at played a practical joke heaped scorn on showed up squibbed censured held up to shame dissed run down called names railed at made someone a laughing stock laughed out of court exposed to ridicule poked borack made a laughing-stock made a game of gotten at shown contempt for shown contempt showed contempt for showed contempt ran down

Động từ

Past tense for to cause concern or anxiety
worried bothered distressed disturbed upset troubled disquieted unsettled perturbed agitated concerned discomposed harassed plagued tormented vexed vext alarmed flustered fretted stressed fazed irked taxed bedeviled bedevilled dismayed flurried fussed harried rattled scared strained afflicted aggrieved ailed annoyed beset besieged bugged burdened despaired discomforted frazzled hassled irritated oppressed threw thrown badgered distempered distracted frightened teased unhinged chafed depressed derailed discombobulated hagrode hagrid hagridden importuned needled persecuted pestered tested tortured tried weighed down alarumed dunned exercised goaded hectored made anxious tantalised tantalized tore teared torn undid undone caused anxiety to freaked out weirded out got to gotten to gnawed at lied heavy on sweated out gave a hard time given a hard time agonized agonised disconcerted perplexed haunted put off aggravated racked harrowed possessed made uneasy discomfited appalled weighed on weighed heavily on nagged at unnerved obsessed anguished wrung ruffled provoked caused disquiet to disheartened exasperated nagged spooked psyched out recurred niggled preoccupied maddened infested hounded preyed on nettled come back to stirred up stayed with caused concern to made uncomfortable niggled at caused discomfort to wringed wrang threw off thrown off came back to burnt up burned up drove up the wall driven up the wall hurt pained grieved curst cursed displeased sickened discountenanced saddened offended wound wounded angered peeved miffed confounded indisposed got at picked on ticked off cut up hurt somebody's feelings inconvenienced shaken shook suffered affected injured disappointed psyched narked martyred pricked strapped dogged desolated pushed pothered debilitated bewildered turned cramped flipped incapacitated crazed floored caused anguish to caused suffering to fired up wound up egged on flipped out gotten at hacked off turned on bummed out keyed up made waves got across layed up laid up felt pain made wretched pushed buttons rocked the boat made a scene aroused anxiety in thrown off balance threw off balance felt unwell made it tough for made miserable got on your wick been were was broke broken nit-picked brake gotten across got someone gotten someone eaten at ate at given someone grief gave someone grief done a number on did a number on

Động từ

Past tense for to put excessive burdens upon

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