Đồng nghĩa của outlying

Alternative for outlying

Đồng nghĩa: external, outer, remote,

Tính từ

Relatively remote from some central location
remote faraway isolated secluded distant outer afar inaccessible external outermost peripheral removed backwoods obscure provincial godforsaken unfrequented far-flung far-off out of the way out-of-the-way off-lying off the beaten track in the middle of nowhere far deep away lonely in the back of beyond cut-off in the sticks unreachable lonesome in the hinterlands unapproachable hidden unget-at-able hard to find jerkwater lone sequestered off the beaten path off the map Barcoo far off in the backwoods in the booay in the backblocks in the backveld in the platteland in the tall timbers beyond the black stump undiscovered far removed fringe private cut off middle of nowhere god-knows-where in a backwater marginal retired beyond far-removed suburban desolate quiet further apart disconnected incommunicado boondocks foreign unknown unsettled back frontier wild solitary far-out far flung in the depths of … off beaten track difficult to get to hard to get to unattainable unvisited borderline bordering undisturbed concealed tucked away furthest ulterior extreme border perimeter in the boondocks cloistered hard-to-reach alien outlandish secret sheltered covert abroad long at a distance in the distance in the boonies ways miles good ways stone's throw residential end of rainbow miles away far away liminal out-of-town lost yonder separate farther well away quite a ways beyond the horizon out of earshot far back out of range at arm's length wide of out of reach beyond range not close deserted uninhabited barren vacant empty unoccupied vacated unpeopled untenanted forgotten disused bare abandoned forsaken unused unpopulated neglected waste derelict evacuated void rejected depopulated bleak ruined dreary destroyed impassable marooned beyond reach forlorn tenantless unfriended bereft virgin left discarded uncouth lorn cast off uncultivated left in the lurch left stranded unmanaged unfarmed rugged desert rough inhospitable trackless untouched uncivilized uncivilised free buried veiled out of sight shrouded obscured undercover unseen cloaked clouded underground unexposed entombed beneath below sunk out of view imperceivable unrevealed more remote more distant

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