Đồng nghĩa của rangy

Tính từ

Awkwardly tall and thin
gangling lanky long-limbed gangly leggy long-legged spindly tall skinny thin lean size-zero slender slim spindling bony gaunt scrawny spare reedy stringy weedy angular skeletal scraggy lank rawboned emaciated gawky raw-boned skin-and-bones pinched wiry svelte slight attenuated spindle-shanked twiggy undernourished lithe fatless attenuate sylphlike willowy beanpole underweight boney gracile beanstalk trim macilent haggard lissom thin as a rake anorexic delicate wasted cadaverous meager narrow meagre awkward slightly built puny stick stalky fleshless anorectic fragile twiglike starved featherweight wizened snake-hipped ungainly lumbering clean-limbed weak graceful rickety slinky small rarefied shriveled threadlike lightweight wan ethereal underfed hollow-cheeked shrivelled starveling scraggly all skin and bones thin as a rail like a bag of bones as thin as a reed looking like a bag of bones inelegant uncoordinated ungraceful graceless loosely built loosely jointed frail loose-jointed fine light ultrathin wispy stick-like skin and bones as thin as a rake skin and bone undersized feeble spidery stilted extenuated underdeveloped sharp muscular half-starved sinewy limber long storky elongated tapered tapering no fat hairline paper-thin needlelike slim-jim lithesome lissome aciculate acicular pint-sized loose-limbed skin-and-bone stark malnourished very thin like a rail without an ounce of fat shadow stilt peaked subtle pole unco waifish sticklike like a skeleton like a matchstick shrunken starving drawn hollow-eyed little withered hungry famished rattleboned tenuous atrophied skeleton peaky small-boned deprived of food dainty diminutive tiny consumptive skeletonlike lantern-jawed pygmy petite Lilliputian undersize dwarfish bantam not heavy shrimpy elfin pint-size fun size flexible wraithlike gossamer sapped taut shrunk off-color pale sickly ill-fed slimline sleek over-thin phthisical agile raddled straggling straggly jerky irregular squiggly diminished airy macerated thin as rail fit stringbean worn to a shadow not large looking like death warmed up bulimic remote faint devastated midget sickly-looking flimsy sickly looking without appetite short ghastly ghostly outside lymphatic etiolated ruined battle-scarred desolate war-torn wrecked sallow meek peewee squat runtish homuncular stunted stubby dwarf shrimp mere a slip of a … dead shadowy improbable unlikely distant corpse-like minute ravaged bag of bones pocket wee dinky smallish toylike subnormal broomstick pocket-size pocket-sized half-pint lightly-built

Tính từ

Having a large scope or range
broad extensive wide sweeping widespread expansive extended deep far-reaching wide-ranging far-flung comprehensive all-embracing thorough inclusive pervasive exhaustive global catholic all-inclusive across-the-board all-encompassing vast significant universal overarching interdisciplinary multidisciplinary scopic cross-disciplinary across the board large wholesale radical large-scale complete blanket far-ranging worldwide full scopious expanded ample encyclopedic profound immense in-depth general compendious major boundless great prevalent big sizable unlimited outspread wall-to-wall thoroughgoing overall encyclopaedic diffuse all-around all-out unrestricted enlarged copious eclectic widened umbrella huge long lengthy spread broad-ranging protracted massive humongous comprising hefty indiscriminate wall to wall unexclusive rife epidemic pervading rampant ubiquitous thorough-going generalized whole-hog unselective overstated bird's-eye generalised exaggerated overdrawn prevailing permeating pandemic predominant extreme inescapable international omnipresent total far-going wide-reaching far-stretched without end widely distributed far-spread wide-extending wide-stretching far-extending popular absolute common preponderate overwhelming important expanding stretching inflatable swelling elastic dilating out-and-out on a large scale all-round all over the place momentous spacious extendable voluminous enlargeable distending stretchy capacious unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed roomy dilatant spread-out ambitious life-changing consequential influential weighty of moment of significance of great import of consequence panoramic embracive cyclopedic all-in omnibus cover-all broad-gauge broad-gauged detailed broad-brush generic mass rigorous entire meticulous intensive nationwide grand whole outright full-scale countrywide careful minute serious severe coast-to-coast collective elaborate drastic painstaking scrupulous ecumenical full-dress regular unconditional full-blown desperate broad-spectrum infinite clean forceful draconian violent astronomical plenary worldly assiduous conscientious panoptic exact particular rolling rambling efficient unqualified all-over in depth from A to Z blow-by-blow accepted substantial sizeable company-wide latitudinous penetrating endemic outstretched intricate utter heavy stringent advanced excessive nonspecific searching sedulous everywhere one-size-fits-all standard all unmitigated intact undisputed without exception revolutionary integral perfect cosmopolitan multinational mundane maximal national customary usual straight-out open circumstantial soup to nuts clocklike particularized itemized tough all the way royal plenty slam-bang plenipotentiary broadly-based proper wide open unbounded ubiquitary panned vague spreading contagious catching infectious unanimous unconfined limitless non-specific full-out one-to-one life-size unrestrained complicated endless epizootic abundant definitive thoroughpaced particularised itemised complex everything encompassing unspecified hazy nebulous obscure basic all-purpose nonexclusive catchall communicable broad-based taken as a whole aggregate integrated dire harsh systematic bulk quantitative all-pervasive very common all-present ever-present present everywhere all-pervading sophisticated wholistic replete the word non-selective rounded in toto all together all-together catch-all with everything included ball-of-wax no stone unturned strong encircling synoptic containing compleat discursive holistic cosmic planetary celestial empyrean terrestrial stellar difficult involved personal immediate broad in content including all members including all categories leaving no stone unturned in quantity in bulk full-on big picture experienced the works swingeing sharp punishing in the mass concentrated intense immeasurable commodious generous comfortable the big picture of great scope the whole shebang exclusive lock stock and barrel thick fat beamy immoderate exorbitant extravagant oppressive tricky statewide state firsthand direct mainstream majority concerted essential elemental specific average shared orthodox spread out vigorous strenuous demanding all-absorbing regional far reaching wide physically communal ruling stock joint wonted special consummate intimate categorical uncompromising close methodical ordinary conventional received routine ultra iconoclastic interstate first-hand vulgar in circulation habitual in force in vogue typical middle-of-the-road natural widely held societal established commonplace public explosive heavy-duty vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hard ghastly high-pressure fierce terrible resolute frightful hellacious dreadful determined blistering furious keen acute ferocious almighty fearful persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up impeccable finished root-and-branch seamless unbroken full-fledged bulletproof unimpaired airtight undiminished sound gross uncut unblemished unabridged top-to-bottom

Tính từ

Tending to move around or travel from place to place
mobile locomotive travelling wandering itinerant peripatetic nomadic roving migratory moving peregrine walking ambulatory migrant roaming rootless traveling unsettled unstationary vagrant drifting errant vagabond nomad ranging transient wayfaring gypsy migrating on the move homeless ambulant fugitive floating shifting galavanting gallivanting rambling perambulatory seasonal displaced strolling journeying touring immigrant restless temporary changing tramp casual migratorial immigrating migrative emigrating impermanent footloose Romany destitute perambulant itinerate migrational transmigratory fly-by-night down and out on the wing on the go of no fixed abode of no fixed address passing over passing through expatriate idle shiftless voyaging translocating relocating constantly traveling tzigane didicoi jaunting winding trekking jet-setting globetrotting landloping devious deviating planetary straying erratic discursive desultory digressive meandering arrant moving around able-bodied promenading hiking marching plantigrade ambulate digitigrade afoot strutting refugee straggling sauntering mendicant wayward stray aimless down-and-out fancy-free lost prodigal strayed abandoned derelict houseless unhoused adrift living rough sleeping rough without a roof on the streets pastoral vagarious ambling Gypsy rubbernecking globe-trotting gadabout cruising commuting driving flying riding active sweeping spanning extensive widespread traversing covering on foot on tour excursioning riding the rails bustling having itchy feet unclaimed exiled dispossessed gone astray dossing outcast poor unwelcome estranged disinherited friendless forsaken desolate deported uncared-for banished forlorn without a roof over one's head

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