Đồng nghĩa của meandering

Alternative for meandering

meanders, meandered, meandering

Đồng nghĩa: stray, twist, wander, wind,

Tính từ

Proceeding in a convoluted or undirected fashion
digressive rambling discursive convoluted indirect roundabout circuitous desultory digressional digressionary excursive leaping maundering tortuous wandering anfractuous diffuse circular nomadic roaming travelling traveling circumlocutory periphrastic long-winded verbose wordy prolix ambagious lengthy pleonastic garrulous windy oblique logorrheic devious long-drawn-out protracted overlong long circumlocutionary prolonged repetitious tautological tedious logorrhoeic palaverous redundant winding evasive voluble gassy loquacious serpentine talkative bombastic loose roving episodic turgid divergent diffusive backhanded pompous deviating erratic talky expansive implied repetitive tiresome boring twisting gabby interminable wearisome chatty collateral ambiguous complicated flowery errant anecdotal drifting circumlocutional circumlocuitous circumlocutious tangential gossipy prosy sesquipedalian non-linear obliquitous laborious ponderous unending verbal endless empty vague labyrinthine spun out dragged out waffling boastful taking the long way inflated full of verbiage orotund prattling blathering jabbering babbling prating gushing long way going around back road winding around long way around by way of mouthy profuse copious exuberant random drawn-out lavish dull yakking multiloquent big-mouthed gobby wittering multiloquous effusive magniloquent fustian grandiloquent rhetorical tautologous yacking repeating involved pretentious waffly broad spreading free musing conversational informal full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone deviant zigzag curving sidelong unforeseen eventual subsidiary duplicitous sinuous snaking understood underhand sinister inferred out-of-the-way unplanned sneaky obscure sneaking crooked tacit vagrant hinted at long way home flatulent superfluous iterative extended very long king-size elongate oversized elongated king-sized lengthened tangent padded longish king size dragging loosely related

Tính từ

Irregular or unpredictable
erratic irregular unstable unpredictable variable inconsistent shifting changeable inconstant unreliable changing uncertain unsteady varying fitful fluctuating volatile ever-changing turbulent undependable uneven unsettled eccentric fluid mutable protean wavering desultory fluctuant unequal changeful directionless labile wandering dicey dubious flaky flakey iffy incalculable nomadic rambling roving undirected vagarious blowing hot and cold full of ups and downs fickle capricious mercurial temperamental vacillating skittish flickery flighty whimsical kaleidoscopic quicksilver impulsive up and down irresolute chameleonic chameleon-like mobile moving wayward movable spasmodic unfixed waffling untrustworthy up-and-down dynamic faithless moody excitable giddy oscillating variational peaky yo-yo up in the air reckless versatile irrepressible intermittent untrue disreputable random alternating ephemeral scattershot deviating patchy transitory floating flexible jerky active elastic momentary transient fleeting bipolar everchanging impermanent tempestuous swaying always changing short-lived shifty not conscientious broken progressive polymorphous many-sided multiform stayless bitty evolving adaptive alterable flickering adaptable unequable inexact chancy not constant irrational slippery contradictory nonuniform sporadic unsteadfast episodic haphazard altering ambiguous unsound suspect weaving doubtful paradoxical discontinuous developing unmethodical growing episodical frivolous incompatible contrary conflicting self-contradictory discordant incongruous irreconcilable incoherent not fixed fluky in a state of change discrepant warring lubricious illogical dissonant incongruent vicissitudinous at odds transitional restless variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive in conflict at variance fiery impassioned out of step emotional intense passionate passing brief hot-tempered quick-tempered short evanescent temporary fugacious flitting flying flash deciduous fading fly-by-night here today and gone tomorrow quick fugitive

Tính từ

Erring or straying from the accepted course or standards
errant misbehaving offending mischievous sinning aberrant delinquent deviant erring criminal culpable guilty lawbreaking lawless transgressing bad contrary difficult froward naughty straying troublesome unmanageable unruly disobedient uncontrollable wayward badly behaved deviating devious errable erratic fallible heretic miscreant rowdy shifting sinful stray unorthodox unreliable wrong out of control off straight and narrow rebellious disorderly insubordinate undisciplined refractory defiant obstreperous recalcitrant contumacious wilful intractable ungovernable wild perverse fractious disruptive uncooperative rascally roguish willful mutinous riotous headstrong uncompliant turbulent unbiddable impish awkward noncompliant untoward bolshie rebel recusant incompliant balky restive attention-seeking exasperating rude incorrigible self-willed non-compliant unrestrained wicked truculent stubborn out of hand rough irksome ill-disciplined badly-behaved full of mischief ill-behaved nonobservant anarchic mistaken resistive uncontrolled reckless vexatious blundering transgressive faulty untrained insurgent unsteady capricious unschooled aberrative aberrational seditious stroppy troublemaking unsettling disturbing upsetting obdurate unpredictable fickle obstinate ungoverned inconsistent in error distracting treacherous factious disaffected dissentious uncomplying lacking self-control divisive incontrollable intolerable impossible unbearable undependable mulish noisy raucous immoral cross-grained self-indulgent strong-willed ornery arbitrary out-of-order out-of-line off-base disrupting causing trouble dysfunctional insolent impudent pugnacious whiny petulant problematic socially impaired belligerent troublous maladjusted trying aggressive confrontational combative argumentative tiresome bold hot-tempered disturbed malicious fierce unrestrainable scrappy pesky uncontainable sullen cantankerous peevish hostile undisciplinable nasty devilish loudmouthed wearisome demanding bellicose mean indocile misbehaved playful impolite tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish annoying teasing gallus fiendish wanton worthless tough evil bad-mannered boisterous unyielding pigheaded bloody-minded resistant intransigent irrepressible unreasonable insurrectionary pervicacious bull-headed inflexible renitent cussed contrarious thrawn violent impetuous unaccommodating dissident quarrelsome loud chaotic uproarious revolutionary stiff-necked rumbustious unbridled dissentient opinionated nonconformist antagonistic inimical rollicking adverse unhelpful obstructive disobliging unbending roisterous clamorous rambunctious insubmissive rash determined subversive indomitable uncompromising insurrectionist radical immovable intemperate iconoclastic contradictory unwilling unfavorable unfavourable obstinately disobedient alienated lively exuberant unmalleable uninhibited persistent malevolent resisting heedless spiteful contentious knockabout romping malcontent inappropriate impulsive impervious imprudent forward assertive drunken bawdy inexorable robustious tumultuous negative rackety rampant nonconforming unpersuadable irrational hell-raising rip-roaring infelicitous inapt unsuitable vociferous challenging anarchical roistering excited dogged dissenting ill-natured adamant malapropos out of line disloyal abandoned maleficent stubborn as a mule rampageous anarchistic improper pertinacious militant traitorous bullheaded insoluble unpliable treasonable rioting threatening pat up in arms pig-headed inconsiderate inimitable irreconcilable estranged haughty morose shrewish crabby cross renegade opposing withstanding disputatious robust unresponsive resolved malign heretical maverick incurable swaggering swashbuckling cavalier impotent mutinying apostate schismatic unadaptable rock-ribbed crazy hysterical nuts outrageous madcap insurmountable berserk loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant as stubborn as a mule complex burdensome antisocial without law and order tempestuous incorrect implacable wild and woolly daring provocative audacious artful hard-line thorny locked resolute tenacious knotty with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way rampaging unconstrained immoderate unchecked unhindered unconventional uncurbed unbounded active animated unlawful strong overwhelming intense insuppressible freaked overpowering bothersome unfettered extrovert untimely unfortunate unrelenting overexcited bouncy indisciplined locked in tough nut hang tough raunchy licentious corybantic incautious profligate ebullient spirited vibrant frisky high-spirited inconvenient inopportune impossible to cope with feisty like a loose cannon beside oneself termagant hardheaded adamantine inconvincible hardened hard ossified sly foxy piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous paradoxical contrariant discordant arsey disagreeing drunk on-a-tear out-of-control thrilled raving hard-nosed self-opinionated deaf to reason kiddish infantile frolicsome ruffianly thoughtless immature childish disrespectful inept unfit inapposite incongruous unhappy amiss unanticipated unapt indecorous graceless illogical unbecoming wrong-headed ill-timed unseemly unexpected wrongheaded antipathetic converse restless individualistic warring armed sabotaging attacking raising Cain disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy giddy flighty raising the roof unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed ready for a fight in high spirits clangorous irregular spoiling for a fight unlucky unwelcome inauspicious irritating effervescent strident energetic vociferant over-the-top brawling badly timed unseasonable unhealthy rotten vicious cruel unendurable objectionable offensive unpropitious misfortunate unpleasant hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless insupportable terrible painful insufferable needless deliberate unjustified senseless excruciating maddening infuriating dreadful unprovoked gratuitous groundless motiveless unacceptable egregious unjustifiable willed unmotivated beyond bearing not to be borne inhumane aimless atrocious heartless savage butcherly barbarous brute brutal sadistic inhuman barbaric unfair double-crossing unjust merciless

Danh từ

A twisting movement or course
winding bend turn twist convolution curve loop meander turning zigzag anfractuosity flexuosity oxbow undulation twirl gyration revolution spiral circle cycle whirl round wind circumvolution circulation wheel gyre curl curlicue roll circuit orbit lap circumference circumnavigation circling tour compass circumscription rippling scroll coil rocking wave helix coiling involution whorl volution contortion kink gyrus swirl sinuosity serpentine sinuousness snaking volute rotation spin swivel arc arch curvature pivot pirouette shift crook turnabout twisting curving angle swing inflection inflexion hook bow yaw reel wrench ring hoop vortex birl corkscrew eddy revolving circumrotation screw sweep strain spinning pull bending braid twine warp sprain semicircle whirlpool whirling torque swivelling twirling wheeling crick convexity curling course swiveling swoop swinging round circlet ringlet run roller twizzle trundling screwing rpm revolution per minute arching lock tier pirouetting swirling revolve single turn flexure curvity incurvation deflection flow motion circular motion pitch sling hunch shape swish movement passage flourish spring quirk tear lurch shunting hump flex doorway portico pendulation whip injury rick rev curved structure force tendril bight current flowing crescent half-moon turning force rotational force rotating force band circular line curvation halo disc circular section wresting wringing zodiac cirque wreath circle segment circular arc crown roundel globe ball orb annulus wrenching torsion snake yank belt eye aureole disk bracelet full turn hairpin bend dog-leg

Động từ

Present participle for wander at random
wandering drifting rambling strolling roaming roving maundering straying ambling sauntering stravaiging batting cruising floating galavanting gallivanting mooching ranging straggling traipsing vagabonding bimbling moseying streeling tootling changing extravagating gadding about kicking around knocking about peregrinating recoiling twining getting sidetracked twisting and turning walking gadding dawdling tramping pootling hiking travelling traveling pottering prowling trekking jaunting perambulating toddling traversing going walkabout puttering trudging moving journeying promenading swanning touring circumambulating loitering knocking around trailing dallying taking a walk proceeding going tromping wending your way shuffling crawling sashaying globetrotting lingering marching milling around milling about coasting rolling moping striding taking the air going for a walk hitting the road trooping globe-trotting idling parading passing walking slowly bumming going slowly following one's nose lagging pacing tarrying advancing creeping dilly-dallying plodding departing backpacking travelling around traveling around circumnutating hopscotching falling behind patrolling stepping treading ambulating milling round stretching your legs loafing mooching around walking the tracks progressing crossing bumming around wandering aimlessly filing cantering voyaging footling percolating ankling wending stooging scrambling running around dillydallying drooping migrating transitioning padding lollygagging stumping prancing lumbering strutting poking tailing batting around getting some exercise getting some air racing circumlocuting walking casually taking a stroll wayfaring hanging about taking a trip pushing on making one's way taking a turn hitting the trail making your way bringing up the rear moving slowly driving slowly dragging your feet hanging around travelling about trekking through deviating struggling along flitting running going hither and thither divagating wandering around moving around roaming about winding zigzagging schlepping clambering footslogging boogying boogieing swinging sweeping exploring wandering about going aimlessly fiddling dabbling tinkering getting off the point going off at a tangent scouring moving aimlessly strolling along taking it easy reconnoitering searching reconnoitring encompassing hoofing it yomping stepping out going for a constitutional frittering fribbling plodding on scuffing slogging locomoting shambling stalking lounging passing over spreading through lazing going on foot traveling on foot travelling on foot venturing messing about making circuit hoofing trilling oozing setting out galloping breezing setting forth flying sailing trogging waltzing lolling lazying mooning chilling droning chillin languishing walking around socializing raving partying dangling sagging trucking pounding going for a stroll poking along jaunting around roaming around socialising flitting around spreading erring straddling hanging down jetting heading trotting finding your way picking your way raving it up going partying going clubbing having a night on the town painting the town red living it up delaying vegging out kicking back hacking around goofing off junketing coaching cabbing transporting busing speeding approaching trundling gigging getting taking off navigating barnstorming continuing escaping bussing springing motoring bustling junketting footing it lagging behind dropping behind trailing behind poking around strining out walking up and down marching up and down hanging out circuiting processing hopping safariing walking to and fro walking back and forth hieing hying faring going on safari going on an excursion going on a tour going on a trip going on an expedition going places wasting time limping staggering hobbling lallygagging dragging shilly-shallying diddling killing time procrastinating slouching following boondoggling whiling away time dragging oneself fooling with trifling with playing games with fooling around frittering away whiling away putting off fooling about horsing around hanging back tagging along dragging along tagging along behind getting no place fast shifting emigrating immigrating legging it tripping transmigrating sloughing skulking pilgrimaging footing hanging dandering quitting removing going astray moving abroad trolling climbing going adrift going on a excursion going on a journey mincing skipping ascending descending tiptoeing stumbling itinerating pressing on going by foot moving forward going down going up going forward covering lurking slackening halting hovering passing time flagging pausing tottering leaving transferring nomadizing riding waddling doddering coursing transiting tracking circumnavigating galumphing floundering clumping barging scuffling stamping lumping stomping transmitting cutting across flogging lurching overnighting moving round proceeding along going round moving about covering ground taking a train going riding going into orbit getting through taking a boat passing through taking a plane making a journey

Động từ

Present participle for to wind or turn in a course or passage
winding zigzagging snaking turning twisting bending curling curving looping coiling spiralling spiraling corkscrewing wreathing twining arching twisting and turning swerving crooking weaving bowing entwining arcking arcing undulating writhing wrapping around hooking encircling convoluting veering deviating twirling folding wrapping sweeping wheeling trending rounding wandering falling off rambling worming rolling buckling swinging surrounding screwing incurvating slithering lapping gyrating skewing forking intertwining angling wresting wrenching wringing inweaving intertwisting notching plying enlacing unscrewing slaloming tacking ducking dodging jinking sidestepping inclining implicating turning around tangling splicing knitting enmeshing entangling entwining itself wiggling squiggling yawing diverging leaning verging scrolling spiring sinuating convolving rotating intervolving bulging skewing round making serpentine curling around divagating swelling crisscrossing detouring careening cambering bearing swaying incurving concaving inflecting stooping diverting changing course circling girdling angling off changing direction angling away encompassing ringing compassing girding begirding joining knotting braiding curving round winding round tiing together curving around winding around forming a ring round furling contorting rippling swirling crisping kinking indenting rolling up forming into ringlets deflecting flexing distorting warping deforming sheering pivoting whipping drifting redirecting humping hunching changing spinning slanting misshaping slewing tilting biasing biassing sidetracking shifting whirling gnarling turning off dipping turning aside misrepresenting ricocheting ricochetting falsifying crimping extending tipping sloping heading swiveling swivelling torturing colouring making crooked making curved squinching wavering fudging doctoring coloring altering refracting faking drooping moving departing skidding going off course branching off sheering off altering course lying training off turning away sagging declining whorling swishing spreading diffusing doglegging giving way forming a hump detorting bridging slipping dispersing shying running doubling up pretzelling pretzeling spanning embowing proceeding crinkling stretching shaping forming leading going making revolving listing wrenching out of shape bending out of shape being canting heeling careering turning on your heel sideslipping erring lurching slueing sluing straying diffracting gyring moving round moving round in circles pitching banking malforming averting digressing whirling around swinging over veering off getting off course departing from turning sharply disfiguring wrinkling bending over nodding putting sinking beetling overhanging bending forward going around getting around brutalising damaging brutalizing making a right making a left perverting becoming curved becoming crooked becoming distorted becoming misshapen going out of shape becoming deformed garbling misstating weighing weighting misinterpreting prejudicing misreporting misrelating disguising cooking manipulating snowing putting a spin on whitewashing scamming making out like melting quoting out of context belying slumping tampering with misleading deteriorating trumping up deceiving collapsing putting on taking out of context interfering with crushing conning misconstruing tinkering with throwing off balance

Động từ

(of language, thought, etc.) Present participle for to proceed aimlessly or with little purpose

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meandering Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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