Đồng nghĩa của kinetic

Alternative for kinetic

Trái nghĩa: static,


Showing or characterized by great energy and movement
active airy animate animated bouncing brisk energetic frisky gay jaunty jazzy lively mettlesome peppy perky pert pizazzy pizzazzy racy snappy spanking sparky spirited sprightly springy vital vivacious zippy aggressive breezy demoniac driving dynamic dynamical enterprising forceful forcible fresh hardy high-powered indefatigable industrious kinematic locomotive lusty mobile motile motive moving potent powerful red-blooded rugged spry stalwart strenuous strong sturdy tireless tough unflagging untiring vigorous ball of fire bouncy bubbly full of beans high-spirited chipper sparkling buoyant zestful full of vim and vigour playful bright frolicsome full of life bright-eyed and bushy-tailed happy effervescent chirpy exuberant sportive vibrant peart cheerful alert merry zappy upbeat zingy nimble enthusiastic dashing cheery agile sparkly wick fiery keen zesty light-hearted jolly sunny light ebullient go-go as lively as a grig as merry as a grig carefree blithe gamesome lighthearted swinging full of energy jumping hyper full of the joys of spring full of pep alive and kicking joyful lightsome blithesome rollicking spunky quick gingery frolic in high spirits rocking bright and breezy full of get-up-and-go smart sexy stimulating jovial glad energized activated gleeful bold exciting passionate confident genial insouciant excited jocose wild sporty ardent debonair energised perk scintillating peppery vivid sharp elated unconcerned skittish feisty crank ludic eager in good spirits barnstorming happy-go-lucky on the go brash jocund fun-loving full of fun in fine fettle on the move neat daring bubbling dapper outgoing nonchalant pertinent tight relevant interesting dull breathless flippant casual ambulatory colourful fancy jazzlike psychedelic salacious colorful glitzy saucy sassy whopping excellent wonderful outstanding fast marvelous rapid swift remarkable striking exceptional magnificent marvellous new busy gritty youthful irrepressible graceful bustling fairylike grooving fervent valiant coltish aware flush robust avid fun uncaring unthinking unconsidered unworried untroubled heedless indifferent alive hot burning occupied go-getting full of vim and vigor impassioned heated romping enlivened full of the joy of living hale and hearty raring to go insubstantial unserious dramatic entertaining zealous kittenish frolicky high eventful dexterous dextrous deedful full of zip wanton vitalized fanciful elastic volatile whimsical resilient to the point jumpy excitable larkish prankish wicked exhilarating heady feeling one's oats full of joie de vivre mirthful clever tasty distinctive piquant tangy rich poignant pungent tart witty festive frivolous joyous convivial slaphappy laughing winsome cheering devil-may-care rakish gladsome jocular eupeptic pleasure-seeking canty waggish pushy self-assertive forward presuming on top of the world as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy impish exhilarated devilish trim easy natty venturesome flip spruce joking showy spicy biting acrid savoury savory cutting salty stinging spiced pointed caustic sarcastic acid penetrating piercing acute humorous bitter aromatic acerb smart-aleck smart-alecky highly seasoned peppered easy-going informal severe punchy relaxed stirring graphic easygoing easy-breezy low-pressure ventilated affable mellow laid-back sour imaginative invigorating effective unconstrained without a care in the world offhand free and easy envigorating refreshing seasoned vinegary industrial-strength stinking odoriferous nosey whiffy sharp-tasting highly flavoured effluvious overpowering scathing barbed acrimonious acerbic trenchant sardonic incisive mordant sharp-witted amusing highbrowed snazzy glib teasing profound quick on the draw ironic funny tactful nimble-witted tongue-in-cheek mischievous droll risible comical quick on the uptake slapstick facetious quick-witted stringent corrosive telling rapier-like devastating vitriolic acidulous astringent snarky smart-mouthed acidic mordacious venomous razor-edged scalding virulent waspish satiric critical polemic satirical provocative salt pithy


Full of life, spirit, energy, or movement
lively busy bustling animated vibrant buzzing stirring brisk flourishing thriving hopping humming astir happening alive rousing abubble aboil abuzz active energetic full of life hectic spirited vivacious bouncy peppy buzzy festive dynamic perky spry bubbly zestful vibrating vigorous alert vital crowded effervescent swarming exciting dashing sprightly chirpy sparkling zippy snappy buoyant industrious jolly teeming frisky enthusiastic moving thronging jumping boisterous sparky electrifying pizazzy pizzazzy zesty go-go bright and breezy like Piccadilly Circus full of pep full of go full of commotion bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans full of vim and vigour whining whirring purring droning pulsating throbbing energized good eager energised paying lucrative rewarding money-making upbeat bright hyper refreshing chaotic eventful involved afoot ebullient awake cheerful exuberant quick remunerative fruitful gainful entertaining heaving wild chipper peart frantic live frenzied frenetic still going strong going strong full on the go zoolike merry furious full of activity thronged rushing on the move up and about in motion hustling hurried flamboyant forceful dazzling fiery animate airy impassioned colourful virile vehement vivid potent robust zealous indefatigable intense feisty driving colorful passionate lusty aggressive bold fresh determined spunky coruscating powerful intensive stimulating tireless storming unflagging resounding strong ballsy bouncing pert punchy racy stalwart enterprising sturdy springy sensitive untiring rugged breezy emphatic radiant gutsy effective responsive jazzy mettlesome jaunty pushy muscular hardy spanking sound forcible strenuous gay high-spirited red-blooded have-a-go full of the joys of spring hard-hitting full-blooded all-out high-octane alive and kicking full of get-up-and-go full of spirit ball of fire high-powered fun fun-loving gregarious invigorating party envigorating jovial clubby social festal enjoyable partyish welcoming convivial jocund holiday mirthful hearty abounding replete overflowing bristling packed rife thick infested overrun stuffed crawling lousy pullulating awash hoaching hotching jam-packed full of chock-a-block abounding in chock-full of


Producing physical or mechanical motion

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