Đồng nghĩa của throbbing

Alternative for throbbing

Đồng nghĩa: pounding, throb,

throbs, throbbed, throbbing

Đồng nghĩa: beat, palpitate, pound, pulsate, thump,

Danh từ

An unpleasant sensation caused by physical illness or injury
pain ache sting soreness throb twinge smarting pang pricking spasm hurt aching stinging stab cramp discomfort stitch irritation shooting pain tenderness excruciation niggle pounding prick shoot stiffness tingle painful feeling throe hurting painful sensation pain sensation convulsion crick suffering smart pangs affliction scathe prickle gnawing stabbing dull pain muscular spasm stomachache backache headache malaise gyp sore spot displeasure annoyance worry inquietude upset disquiet aches and pains painfulness bruising rawness inflammation sensitivity sensitiveness goodness weakness lovingness sensitivity to pain misery distress anxiety anguish torment woe agony unhappiness trouble grief sorrow torture disappointment uneasiness tribulation vexation despair dejection angst wretchedness hardship heartache sadness desolation despondency depression misfortune adversity heartbreak melancholy disquietude unease agitation dolor nervousness discontent bad news calamity dissatisfaction cross burden trial dole infelicity stress worriment concern gloom failure blow bad break hard luck accident fretfulness restlessness catastrophe tragedy contretemps disadvantage casualty cataclysm crunch debacle visitation perturbation nuisance inconvenience travail regret lamentation bad luck apprehension mishap trauma misadventure setback reverse rotten luck haplessness loss harm mischance strain unluck unpleasantness resentment ordeal anger blues fear straits rack apprehensiveness exasperation dolour chagrin disturbance unrest care dismay turmoil misgiving gloominess edginess anxiousness disconsolateness jitters tough luck unluckiness ailment disgruntlement unfortunateness discontentment indignation weariness untowardness bother dread frustration tension mortification difficulty indisposition mourning disapproval mournfulness trepidation passion concernment rue grievance discontentedness embarrassment uncertainty disfavour nervosity distaste agita disapprobation turbulence aggravation restiveness lamenting disgust antsiness jumpiness dislike low spirits instability doldrums disfavor discouragement melancholia malady disrelish listlessness heaviness of heart ill fortune hell ill luck wrath shock pique Weltschmerz bereavement ennui nerves perplexity doubt hopelessness disconsolation crossness infuriation foreboding solicitude dolefulness grieving dispiritedness sweat disaffection desperation alarm bewailing bemoaning willies jitteriness remorse persecution glumness botheration letdown shakes nag twitchiness mental suffering discomposure downheartedness sorriness jumps qualm scruple harassment ire heebie-jeebies malcontent malcontentment provocation aversion disinclination disliking abjection doom injury wound hardshi throes consternation martyrdom transience worriedness fitfulness insomnia movement ferment unsettledness awkwardness activity excitability ants bustle inconstancy hurry broken-heartedness discord offence weeping forlornness lament disaster bitterness hell on earth pining wrench panic distraction despondence disheartenment despond qualms suspicion deprivation repining purgatory deploring disregard rancour issue problem pressure poverty heartbrokenness resignedness pessimism defeatism whammy knock ill dubiety strife sorrowfulness Gehenna murder horror moroseness nightmare bummer plague paroxysm bite sharp pain gripe dumps oppression heartburn complaint envy boredom querulousness jealousy reverse of fortune bad trot evil fortune stroke of bad luck evil chance mishappening bane dysphoria disbelief constraint dyspathy penitence compunction queasiness cheerlessness moodiness heartsickness funk tumult choler harsh conditions hard times impatience squalor scourge fury emotional suffering heavy heart broken heart curse pest offense rancor illness incensement umbrage gall anvil chorus irritant hassle yips sickness mopes mental stress mental strain screaming abdabs screaming habdabs jim-jams abdabs collywobbles conflict habdabs bad feeling emotional strain cross to bear nagging enervation lassitude disillusionment disenchantment pain in the rear thorn in someone's side pain in the backside thorn in someone's flesh pain in the neck pain in the bum pip rage aggro irritability shortness languor ailments ills temper snappiness outrage testiness ill humour ill temper irascibility touchiness infirmity debility feebleness disease disillusion tenseness disconcertment fearfulness unfulfilment weltschmerz decrepitude condition disorder sickliness infirmness unhealthiness butterflies ill-humor heavy-heartedness presentiment butterflies in the stomach stew unconsolability shame

Tính từ

Feeling, or causing, (typically slight or stinging) pain
smarting painful stinging sore hurting aching piercing sharp raw biting tender excruciating afflictive sensitive inflamed burning agonising agonizing severe achy irritated troublesome caustic prickly tingly hurtful keen uncomfortable vexatious bruised injured wounded nagging nasty hurt chafed red gnawing in pain acute pounding twingeing tingling reddened afflicted pained harrowing searing battered incapacitated disabled gammy damaged discoloured discolored black-and-blue delicate suffering stiff grievous beaten abscessed grazed scratched tired ulcerated impaired weakened lacerated mangled gashed marred broken cut harmed agonised ruptured stricken bleeding agonized mutilated mauled disfigured hit scarred scraped nicked struck crushed busted up shooting irritating hypersensitive distressing injurious unpleasant difficult intense oversensitive killing stabbing feeling tender feeling uncomfortable tortured warped shot buffeted playing up giving someone gyp giving someone trouble bad crook game knackered racking tormenting wrenching torturous torturing very painful raging very bad distressed smartful laborious achy breaky swollen maimed deformed arthritic violent fierce crippled debilitated handicapped lame infirm penetrating exquisite gut-wrenching physically challenged angry limping hobbling extreme exhausted weary halt insufferable unendurable unbearable fractured ailing smashed shattered defective limp frail spoilt spoiled gimp sidelined gimpy feeble on the sick list weak enfeebled shrewd cutting bitter footsore knifelike drilling paralyzing paralysing

Tính từ

Characterized by fullness, clarity, strength, and smoothness of sound
vibrant resonant resounding reverberant ringing sonorous reverberating cacophonous pulsating clangorous deep stentorious blaring booming carrying clear echoing full heightened intensified loud lusty orotund powerful pulsing rambunctious raucous reverberative reverberatory rich sonorant strident strong throaty thundering thunderous vociferous baritone canorous clamorous consonant fruity harmonious lively melodious noisy oscillating palpitating piercing plangent riotous rotund round stentorian aquiver blasting boisterous deafening dinning earsplitting electrifying enhanced forceful fortissimo golden harsh intense low mellow obstreperous overpowering plummy robust full-bodied deep-toned ear-piercing ear-splitting full-throated very loud ear-popping ear-shattering full-voiced head-splitting loud-voiced clearly audible roaring profound thrilling beating slam-bang basso bass sounding resonating pear-shaped mournful plaintive melancholy pleasant pure full-toned rumbling tumultuous heavy rowdy crashing low-pitched mellifluous low-toned dull muffled muted hollow vibrating dead rounded thundery distinct emphatic big tremendous almighty cavernous grave turned up low-voiced shrieking filled trumpeting rolling shrill bellowing penetrating magniloquent grandiloquent imposing pompous flat toneless alto fulminating forte blatant turbulent blustering vehement uproarious pealing full-mouthed high-sounding sepulchral contralto mute mighty extremely noisy screaming overwhelming ghostly wakes the dead unwavering sharp clarion audible at full volume bell-like as clear as a bell

Động từ

Present participle for beat or sound with a strong, regular rhythm
pulsating pulsing beating palpitating pounding thumping vibrating reverberating thudding drumming hammering pit-a-patting resonating thrumming juddering quivering quopping shaking aching fluttering pitpatting thrilling tingling trembling twittering going pit-a-pat shivering pumping quaking pitapatting shuddering racing twitching oscillating panting humming quavering heaving ticking bustling beating rapidly buzzing jittering clattering surging rattling fluctuating convulsing wobbling jouncing agitating being busy beating heavily tapping undulating echoing resounding pattering booming thundering rising and falling clacking clacketing bickering rocking whirling writhing moving bucketing wabbling jerking jiggling jolting joggling tottering swaying dithering tremoring jarring having an air of swelling wiggling roaring palpating ebbing and flowing ringing strumming re-echoing pelting droning murmuring rippling teetering spattering patting bobbing crashing beating irregularly moving spasmodically working having the shakes quaking in your boots shaking in your boots beating weakly missing a beat exhibiting arrhythmia skipping a beat clanging twisting pealing sounding banging making noise wavering starting quailing shaking like a leaf reechoing waving stirring vacillating rolling flowing seesawing moving to and fro flapping rumbling swinging curling billowing wagging flailing flitting twirling wafting threshing swirling reproducing blowing sweeping flicking thrashing ruffling reeling wigwagging streaming flying reflecting trilling warbling flickering faltering clicking bouncing back filling the air pendulating noting flinching repeating doddering snicking tick-tocking rebounding reacting recoiling redounding swaggering moving back and forth weaving moving from side to side swishing coiling motioning catching the wind

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