Đồng nghĩa của consonant

Alternative for consonant


Trái nghĩa: inconsonant, vowel,

Tính từ

Consistent, compatible, or in agreement with something else or a whole
consistent corresponding congruent compatible similar harmonious congruous correspondent parallel like comparable alike analogous concordant akin accordant coherent nonconflicting agreeing uniform agnate conformable suitable congenial sympathetic according blending coincident conformable to in agreement correspondent to correspondent with harmonious with accordant with according with compatible with concordant with congruous with consistent with in accordance with at one with in harmony with in rapport in agreement with matching equivalent resembling resemblant ditto suchlike cognate connate such identical complementary of a piece equal same related correlative harmonizing harmonising conforming agreeable kindred undifferentiated tallying reconcilable duplicate commensurate synonymous in accord interchangeable in tune fitting close appropriate near proper coordinating complementing proportionate double indistinguishable concurring corroborative homologous tantamount homogeneous corroboratory supportive confirmational commensurable corroborating coordinative supporting twin proportional cooperative in harmony reciprocal selfsame coequal confirmatory on the same wavelength undifferenced substitutable homogenous unvaried correlated all of a piece cut from the same cloth much the same fit substantiating meet paired attuned confirming coordinated in step in keeping coupled symmetrical relative matched obverse twinlike reminiscent analogical undiverse kin carbon copy even on the order of like peas in a pod like two peas in a pod on the same page like-minded coming from the same direction much of a muchness singing the same song of one mind the same on par of the same mind of a kind befitting coinciding apt substantiative concurrent in conformity toning becoming in concert probative affirmative probatory adapted seemly verifying vindicating unanimous united approximate in parallel in balance clone look-alike of like mind approaching of the same kind connected with allied with cognated incident not a million miles away from verging on bordering on as good a match on a par well-suited companionable interoperable together well-matched friendly adaptable carbon-copy very logical very same same difference harmonised harmonized treadmill standardised standardized mated approximative interrelated answering cotton to equable in line corresponding to conforming to congeneric symphonious congenerous allied allying not unlike equaling Xerox companion relating jibing invariant exact one and the same substitute equalling dead ringer approximating connatural fungible unvarying coextensive having good vibes in sync with in the groove hitting it off getting along with according to conforming with convertible balanced proportioned well matched well-proportioned well proportioned in proportion well balanced well-formed associated affiliated identic connected like Tweedledum and Tweedledee interconnected Tweedledum and Tweedledee linked consanguine coterminous likewise amounting carbon tied exactly the same even-steven equalized even-stevens joint exchangeable spitting image coordinate equalised same as to the same degree almost identical evenly matched impossible to tell apart identified autologous homologized patrilineal agnatic synonymic apposite looking like looking alike associate attractive likeable likable germane closely related closely connected dupe aforesaid similarly aforementioned facsimile generic general universal relatable copy synonymous with commensurate with counterpart the same as as good as of that ilk transposable commutable in the same manner in the same category regular invariable the dead spit a dead ringer much the same as workalike mutual converse reciprocative swappable changeable interconvertible of a piece with sister co- fellow like as two peas in a pod difficult to tell apart very similar two of a kind as like as two peas in a pod break even on a plane on level pegging stack up with conterminous joined dual twofold drawn combined bound married duplex binary double-edged bipartite double-barreled amalgamated leagued confederate unified integrated syndicated cooperating geminate aligned wed partnered with nothing to choose between them nip and tuck on a level side by side close together level pegging neck and neck all square level in a position of equality in league in cahoots copied second duplicating accompanying bifold hand in glove understanding qualified frictionless amicable responsive in sympathy by comparison modified allusive metaphorical not absolute conditional reasonable vying contrastive restricted comparative fair rivalling provisional not positive rivaling in comparison with reservation contingent more or less the same

Tính từ

Harmoniously integrated or combined, especially of sound or melody

Tính từ

Powerful or rich in volume and sound
full rich canorous orotund rotund deep reverberant reverberating reverberative baritone loud resonant resounding sonorant sonorous carrying clear vibrant big distinct fruity robust throaty harmonious mellifluous mellow plummy ringing plangent booming thunderous thundering clangorous stentorian earsplitting golden round powerful throbbing heightened intensified pulsing strident deep-toned electrifying enhanced roaring blaring deafening clamorous piercing blasting echoing beating profound thrilling noisy pulsating slam-bang full-bodied low pear-shaped basso bass rounded resonating sounding mournful full-toned plaintive melancholy pleasant pure cacophonous stentorious lusty reverberatory strong rambunctious raucous vociferous lively oscillating melodious riotous palpitating forceful fortissimo harsh overpowering intense boisterous dinning obstreperous aquiver clearly audible ear-popping full-throated very loud ear-piercing ear-splitting head-splitting ear-shattering full-voiced loud-voiced rumbling tumultuous heavy rowdy crashing low-pitched low-toned dull muffled muted hollow vibrating dead thundery emphatic tremendous almighty cavernous grave turned up low-voiced shrieking filled trumpeting rolling shrill bellowing penetrating magniloquent grandiloquent imposing pompous flat toneless alto fulminating forte blatant turbulent blustering vehement uproarious pealing full-mouthed high-sounding sepulchral contralto mute mighty extremely noisy screaming overwhelming ghostly wakes the dead unwavering sharp clarion audible at full volume bell-like as clear as a bell

Tính từ

Regular and even throughout
uniform unvarying even consistent constant steady unchanging undeviating regular invariable unfluctuating unwavering equable fixed similar stable static equivalent identical invariant matching same sustained unvaried equal homogeneous monotonous compatible fated fateful habitual immutable incorrigible inflexible irreversible level methodical monolithic normal ordered orderly ossified plumb reliable rigid smooth straight symmetrical systematic true unalterable unbroken undiversified unmodifiable well-balanced well-proportioned of a piece rhythmic regulated periodic repeated set recurring systematized periodical measured standardized patterned dependable mechanical accordant balanced standardised arranged precise congruous harmonious successive alternating systematised serial punctual cyclic exact in order changeless continuous persistent flat flush uninterrupted unfaltering perpetual continual plane immovable unchanged firm horizontal unswerving unchangeable stationary steadfast solid abiding levelled enduring unremitting stabile leveled permanent ceaseless eternal predictable unfailing planate relentless never-ending metrical homogenous lasting planar resolute settled unshakable incessant unshaken sure decided monochromatic nonstop monochrome hard-and-fast as flat as a pancake set in stone calm fast tranquil monochromic unaltering continuing unrelieved organized undying unflagging untiring parallel unceasing unwrinkled plain self homaloidal resolved unhesitating unending endless self-colored staunch unrelenting dedicated determined indefatigable unyielding tireless unvacillating neat featureless together tidy frozen determinate established dogged pat unshakeable inexorable unqualified intense unflappable single-minded planed hard certain alike well-organized flat as a pancake brick-wall never-failing on an even keel well-ordered organised steady-going dead set on flowing fluent faithful everlasting standing timeless unaffected expected unaltered perennial indefinite long-lasting fluid frictionless graded regularized regularised true to type outstretched solid as rock moderate temperate incommutable inalterable tabular oblate unrough like the Rock of Gibralter fair non-extreme gentle rippleless complanate frequent unpatterned pancake nonrandom agreed final inexpugnable not changing single-color cadenced rhythmical definite specified durable supine predetermined nonnegotiable preset composed all-year-round round-the-clock interminable unabated unabating non-stop well grounded aligned accumbent recumbent hard and fast unruffled serene imperishable unfading cadent deep-rooted staying put solid as a rock long-lived long-standing controlled absolute perfectly vertical perfectly horizontal homologous unicolor never-changing ageless coolheaded undisturbed limpid peaceful unemotional sedate collected recollected cool untroubled placid possessed impenetrable intractable loyal unequivocal total disciplined lined up dead flat of same height on one plane on a line strict unworried unperturbed parallel with the ground in a straight line metric unbending homochromous homochromatic deliberate self-possessed self-composed even-tempered one-color strictly regulated dull hidebound fossilized undamaged regimented restricted undifferentiated unitary closely controlled strictly controlled businesslike on a tight rein fossilised trim logical careful coherent methodic structured punctilious efficient meticulous well-kept well-regulated shipshape well organized framed well planned all together thorough correct neat as button neat as pin in apple-pie order well regulated slick spick-and-span in shape formal rangé scientific in good shape set-up clean to rights conventional

Tính từ

Closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered
relevant pertinent applicable appropriate related apposite fitting proper apt germane material admissible apropos important relative suitable significant appurtenant fit suited connected pointed linked requisite accordant allowable applicatory becoming befitting cognate compatible concerning conformant conforming congruent congruous consistent correct correlated correspondent harmonious pat pointful referring right salient valid weighty ad rem to the point in point pertaining to on the button on the nose to the purpose having direct bearing on having to do with decent decorous meet polite genteel nice respectable conventional acceptable congenial in good taste the done thing comme il faut pleasing done thing de rigueur timely seemly good felicitous fitted opportune happy useful expedient convenient propitious just helpful legit kosher favourable essential vital auspicious favorable well-chosen belonging key relating crucial worthy choice pertaining right on critical seasonable central qualified well-timed rightful pretty main primary pivotal noteworthy deserved ideal advantageous fundamental perfect well-suited in keeping adequate carefully selected tailor-made paramount due chief major serviceable appertaining on target of use spot on principal remarkable allied arresting influential providential operative beneficial condign notable applicative marked profitable indispensable able associated meaningful capable of interest neat dependent timeous fortuitous functional prepared feasible practical worthwhile adapted deserving ready valuable reasonable employable satisfactory productive beneficent best okay of note just right useable available usable conformable commodious made to order handy that's the ticket equal equitable of service good enough justified fairy-tale supplementary peripheral auxiliary accessorial supplemental accessory peculiar unique associable contingent relatable rehearsed benign heaven-sent golden intrinsic inspired judicious apropos of about akin lucky ripe fortunate associated with connected with cardinal substantive desirable with respect in regard well chosen analogous just what was ordered well judged telling joyous well put well expressed convincing kindred on-topic of consequence well timed kindly welcome benefic usual benignant friendly exact predictable towardly expected win-win prosperous seasonal optimal salutary outstanding noticeable signal striking prominent pronounced conspicuous indicative appropriate to the time of year good for you normal for the time of year good for one precise sufficient advisable merited presentable interesting swell righteous politic copacetic predominant very model consummate absolute prototypical quintessential user friendly fit for purpose up to standard in character up to snuff cut out for right up someone's street in keeping with sensational archetypal on the money ultimate supreme just the job momentous topical prime obvious staple dominant basic equipped exploitable operable practicable preferable exciting serious historic urgent buzzworthy extraordinary front-page consequential great far-reaching constructive invaluable leading moving intrusive projecting protruding famous impressive arrestive jutting focal obtrusive imperative effective instrumental newsworthy -worthy allowed passable tolerable permitted permissible conducive behooveful in demand gainful strategic appreciated necessary respected needed rewarding fruitful meritorious admired exigent out of the ordinary of substance pressing of help hot loved esteemed worth its weight in gold of value of benefit of assistance held dear estimable worth it of the essence affiliated justifiable legitimate interconnected immediate standout foremost supportable tenable licit legal defensible lawful tolerated sensible sound worthful hot property scarce recognized OK sanctioned concomitant importunate definite of concern emphatic coupled accompanying corresponding rational possible logical pukka likely probable warranted fair concedable well founded solid vigorous above board recognised within the law by the book not unlikely not impossible high interdependent mutual tied up incident intertwined incidental knit together interrelated joint reciprocal in touch with complementary enmeshed interwoven

Tính từ

Free from disagreement or dissent
congenial compatible agreeable kindred kindly like-minded pleasant pleasing sociable companionable convivial friendly genial sympathetic hospitable amiable comradely neighborly neighbourly adapted affable amicable cordial fit frictionless good-natured harmonious likable likeable nice personable suitable unanimous united complaisant favourable simpatico sympathique well suited well-suited amical clubby congruous consistent conversable cooperative favorable good-humored good-humoured gracious happy jovial mellow social easy to get along with regular fellow right neighborly warm obliging chummy gregarious kind outgoing approachable easy matey buddy-buddy cheerful warm-hearted warmhearted easygoing good-tempered benevolent pally affectionate welcoming gentle engaging extroverted helpful benign courteous clubbable well-disposed well disposed tender charming open polite easy-going intimate considerate sweet bonhomous mild palsy-walsy unreserved decent amenable civil hail-fellow-well-met loving familiar tolerant compassionate delightful accommodating close couthy extraverted cozy extrovert lovable cosy caring cheery palsy receptive urbane understanding kind-hearted relaxed peaceful company-loving lenient hearty big-hearted informal accessible tight winning good kindhearted responsive clubable tender-hearted generous softhearted collegial casual liberal good-hearted winsome thoughtful soft peaceable charitable appealing lovely beneficent hail-fellow indulgent goodhearted tenderhearted uninhibited fond brotherly confidential communicative thick easy to get on with humble chivalrous mild-mannered inseparable soft-hearted unselfish chirpy benignant bland perky large-hearted boon merciful sweet-tempered calm civilized temperate happy-go-lucky natural on good terms fraternal available talkative suave civilised personal unstuffy bountiful sweet-natured gallant bosom conciliatory near regular unctuous sensible humane open-handed magnanimous unassuming free and easy attractive fatherly maternal all heart harmless motherly giving well-mannered faithful well meaning respectful carefree attentive communal dear down-to-earth taking pacific moderate non-hostile diplomatic noble nonchalant backslapping courtly in harmony buoyant smiling of one mind ingratiating great-hearted heartfelt enthusiastic earnest wholehearted sincere in tune open-minded blithe unpresumptuous prepossessing tactful inward especial in agreement in accord bighearted even-tempered eager fun supportive munificent bounteous comforting swell lavish patient paternal unstinting constant cool buddy buddy on same wavelength angelic unoffensive public-spirited as thick as thieves well intentioned forthcoming forbearing downright neighborly modest stately thick as thieves bubbly confident demonstrative loyal amusing confiding hilarious jocose attached entertaining vibrant funny comical jocular guestfriendly folksy assent similar unconstrained unflappable cliquey humoring facile smooth familial brother's sibling genealogical charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable heroic courageous ladylike decorous gentlemanly good-looking expansive expressive wonderful clannish valiant in favour like unaffected undemanding genuine presentable breezy copacetic glad-handering chilled genteel well-bred well mannered mannerly inviting solicitous humouring self-effacing akin captivating enchanting brave handsome deep amorous empathetic couth in sympathy door's always open laid-back good company unemotional glowing livable mushy as nice as pie sensitive reasonable jolly bluff affectious quiet placid in favor canny nice-looking pretty bonny fresh officious snug fearless honourable intrepid honorable stout-hearted bold dauntless red-carpet merry free-and-easy lively oily debonair at ease meek soft-spoken shy moral non-confrontational laid back lamblike demure sisterly dovelike reverent retiring dove-like forgiving sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat cheering chipper upbeat high enlivening joyous upper up jocund sunny glad fast barley-sugar noble-minded valorous selfless unceremonious bombastic favourite firm devoted nonmalignant cherished eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful bleeding-heart big regardful openhearted feeling deferential wholesome altruistic benefic pitying greathearted princely humanitarian philanthropical fatherlike clement heart in right place philanthropic openhanded freehanded on the same wavelength boisterous vivacious nonthreatening sunny side up dearest special favorite knightly easy to live with conflict-free free nearest and dearest close-knit witty ungrudging good egg all right measured en rapport spirited waggish sprightly in unison in step in rapport free from disagreement seeing eye to eye free-handed well-meaning fabulous gassy non-malignant pro encouraging appreciative well-intentioned down encouraging of supporting of in favour of vicarious supportive of approving in favor of approving of responsive to having a heart on the side of friendly to favourably disposed to receptive to well disposed to favorably disposed well-disposed towards favourably disposed towards in sympathy with tuned in refined polished cultivated cultured dignified sophisticated elegant respectable well bred proper well-behaved formal graceful upright aristocratic distinguished stylish principled concerned discreet politic reverential lofty classy fine honest majestic ethical seemly self-possessed well behaved just correct svelte proud virtuous righteous empathic solemn admiring lordly obedient obeisant accomplished poised august glib respected imposing composed slick venerable do-good worshiping upstanding regal distingué open-hearted self-sacrificing well brought up devout discerning worthy great royal worshipping pious worshipful upholding high-minded generous to a fault protective educated enlightened good-mannered fair ceremonious submissive grand advanced worldly worldly-wise snobbish conscientious gentlemanlike moralistic imperial kingly exalted punctilious well-born highbrow well-brought-up smooth-tongued awed well brought-up tasteful condescending becoming reputable prim doting broad-minded magnificent cosmopolitan impressive posh developed well-spoken subtle silver-tongued careful sedate sharp impeccable heedful well spoken compliant prudent befitting judicious delicate commiserative elevated de rigueur artful human media-savvy shrewd cautious guileful wily astute calculating self-respecting stand-up loving and giving venerational wellmannered lax accommodative willing haughty smooth-talking reassuring mindful adoring womanly observant almsgiving good mannered uplifting highborn blue-blooded patrician fulsome light thoughty very kind immaculate sentimental accepting inspiring nurturing inspiriting acquiescent touchy-feely persuasive goodish privileged aloof patriotic contributing donating socially concerned prosocial marshmallow softie taught trained upper-crust balanced metropolitan responsible highbred flattering preux adulatory complimentary high-bred conventional studied colonial consoling eager to help eager to please goody-goody angelical spotless social-minded holy pharisaical esteemed creditable unsparing inoffensive unerring shared public smarmy together ceremonial obsequious stimulating boosting gratifying condoling sympathizing discriminating willing to please favourably disposed independent scrupulous self-sufficient collected piteous ruthful commiserating serene having heart in right place sympathising sparing silky possessed unruffled favorably inclined favourably inclined subservient public- spirited fulfilling soothing unmarred pietistical pristine unflawed chaste pietistic docile coolheaded equable uncorrupted redoubtable illustrious old softie bleeding heart deferent tame subdued outstanding self-composed well-educated well read learned erudite well informed venerating duteous affected extraordinary remarkable meritorious gracesome virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful community informative popular pleasurable organized group general common collective diverting trustworthy staid anti-corruption dependable incorrupt fashionable patronizing hollow prudish straitlaced prissy stuffy pompous ostentatious pretentious confined la-di-da intolerant patronising artificial snooty priggish precious impartial evenhanded reserved dashing unprejudiced equitable unbiased clever straight right true self-assured organised societal serious portly imperious eminent sporting forthright nonpartisan sportsmanlike skillful skilful sombre magisterial somber highfalutin' superior starchy grave nifty adept dapper smart trim spruce lawful clean-living on the up and up squeaky clean right-minded dexterous arch treating with kid gloves brainy scheming cagey opportunistic dextrous intriguing capable deft crafty sly contriving cunning strategic savvy conniving swish snappy spiffy swanky fly law-abiding legal sportsmanly nondiscriminatory well groomed trig well dressed just so detached well-groomed well turned out jaunty on the level clean according to the rules sporty according to Hoyle on fleek perceptive wary tactical foresighted softly-softly kid-glove

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