Đồng nghĩa của archetypal

Alternative for archetypal

  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) nguyên mẫu, (thuộc) nguyên hình

Tính từ

Very typical of a certain kind of person or thing
classic model exemplary paradigmatic quintessential standard textbook conventional representative average prime prototypical stereotypical stock typical copybook definitive hackneyed ideal illustrative imitable normal original trite clichéd hacky prototypal prototypic archetypic archetypical characteristic classical essential regular symbolic emblematic standardized ordinary common typic indicative standardised suggestive consummate perfect patterned signature supreme habitual orthodox unexceptional ultimate absolute best expected everyday natural prevalent commonplace general matter-of-course in keeping old hat in character excellent usual true vintage pure proper distinctive complete flawless idyllic optimal idiosyncratic particular fundamental faultless unmistakable distinct distinguishing impeccable utopian unblemished individual idealised idealized irreproachable true to type traditional fitting peculiar transcendental without fault appropriate correct best possible dinki-di staple epitomic predictable familiar epochal routine identifying true to form customary recognizable seminal optimum identifiable presentational mainstream proverbial at her best at his best at its best diagnostic discriminating stereotyped stereotypic diagnostical untainted unsullied untarnished historic important pie-in-the-sky dream come true best-example fairy-tale run-of-the-mill bog-standard totemic iconic recognisable par for the course admirable fine superior select choice seamless immaculate indefectible commendable laudable exact quality rare superlative honourable meritorious estimable praiseworthy outstanding good exceptional blameless picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect sterling venerable apt well-suited right requisite on the money just right suitable very opportune pertinent precise spot on made to order relevant tailor-made on the button just the job punctilious unimpeachable applaudable ripe mature selected have-it-all special innocent bueno righteous inculpable irreprehensible worthy guiltless above reproach very good beyond reproach virtuous neato honorable separate inherent exclusive personal unique singular intrinsic restricted endemic reserved particular to batting a thousand not too shabby first-rate particularised especial first-class particularized peculiar to symptomatic high-quality innate found only in specific not bad most characteristic most typical

Tính từ

Characteristic of a particular person, thing or group
standard characteristic regular representative typical average normal true archetypical usual ordinary conventional common vanilla run-of-the-mill garden-variety standard-issue habitual classic routine stock customary everyday general basic unexceptional unremarkable commonplace traditional staple regulation garden variety common or garden stereotypical plain mainstream orthodox set expected daily simple bog-standard standardized workaday prevailing prosaic standardised prevalent day-to-day typic middle-of-the-road ornery diagnostic idiosyncratic homespun homely popular predictable symptomatic accustomed established plain vanilla quotidian current universal wonted a dime a dozen going settled canonical fixed cut-and-dried boilerplate cut-and-dry one-size-fits-all in character inborn ingrained inherent appropriate local native innate inbred essential classical familiar natural matter-of-course dull hackneyed stereotyped overused trite banal formulaic unoriginal derivative overworked tired platitudinous corny hacky formal ready-made readily available well worn worn-out worn out old hat widely available undistinguished mundane humdrum characterless colourless forgettable nondescript unmemorable middling so-so mediocre boring uneventful indifferent uninspired uninteresting uninspiring pedestrian lacklustre unimpressive lackluster bland OK tame fair run-of-the-mine second-rate passable run-of-mine medium second-class half-pie nothing to get excited about no great shakes nothing special intermediate middle of the road no-frills colorless fair to middling nothing to write home about not up to much most common

Tính từ

First in a series or copies/versions
master original first initial prototype premier primary earliest prototypal prototypical number one numero uno maiden opening foremost headmost pioneer inaugural leadoff virgin primeval primitive primaeval introductory starting initiatory foundational primordial pristine primal early preliminary beginning fundamental aboriginal embryonic elementary commencing basic ancient precursory nascent prior incipient leading inceptive prefatory autochthonous preparatory pilot infant autochthonic inchoate indigenous prime inductive antecedent prehistoric trial test preceding germinal initiative antediluvian prelusive exploratory native primigenial old elemental lead-in advance previous precursive antique preparative anterior preludial prelim forward head endemic earlier born raw experimental foundation readying preparing budding advanced fledgling young past rudimentary prodromal lead essential domestic prodromic ahead underivative underived prelusory local radical front explorative qualifying in front unprecedented pioneering launching dedicatory prolegomenous first-time premature first-gen archaic base untouched by humans first-edition first-ever beforehand rudimental proto- lower ur- immediate vernacular mother firsthand direct first-hand proemial preambular preambulatory prefatorial avant-garde undeveloped unmediated virginal uncivilised uncivilized underlying substratal unevolved uncomplicated coarse barbaric prolegomenal exordial in advance unmarried pure intact bog-standard entry-level provisional simple ahead of time first-generation proving unwed chaste undefiled uncensored unabbreviated unabridged home-grown former expeditionary vanguard brand-new untapped unused unbroached maidenly fresh untried new congenital unacquired ethnic chthonic connate homegrown inherited proleptical investigative tentative fact-finding unexpurgated in first place aborning foregoing at the front at the fore sent ahead in the forefront sent on ahead in the lead fore antiquated frontal pre-existing of yore early bird of long ago frontwards frontward unedited untouched uncut facial ventral

Tính từ

Well known, especially so as to be stereotypical
proverbial stereotypical famed famous legendary notorious traditional time-honoured accepted acknowledged axiomatic conventional customary renowned self-evident typical unquestioned well-known common current familiar general infamous regular reputed time-honored usual well known standard routine stock normal accustomed ubiquitous orthodox established run-of-the-mill bog-standard popular recognized prevalent ordinary commonplace habitual average mainstream recognised household characteristic everyday frequent generic universal prevailing admitted shared plain known widespread expected public wonted prosaic representative received native well established widely held old hat par for the course mutual commutual congruous adopted traditionalist intermutual like embraced united across the board prototypical quintessential archetypical standardized overall signature classical classic true collective ruling presentational model typic standardised prototypal ideal noted majority pervasive celebrated acquired honored stereotyped hackneyed derived notable natural symptomatic consistent inherent avowed confessed declared reliable predictable anticipated foreseeable indicative emblematic prescriptive chronic unremarkable foreseen honoured vulgar formulaic likely distinctive unexceptional unsurprising distinguishing idiosyncratic proper steady proven certified overt obvious published individualistic set clichéd cliched identified proclaimed publicized true to form cut-and-dry only to be expected in keeping in character cut-and-dried … all over to be expected true to type on the cards standard-issue revealed branded publicised patent manifest widely known self-confessed publicly known down pat generally known domestic repeated mundane acquainted settled quotidian unsophisticated workaday recognizable recurring homespun humble recognisable common variety day-to-day matter-of-fact garden variety garden-variety common or garden humdrum daily dull fixed vanilla simple garden a dime a dozen constant confirmed banal boring undistinguished going pedestrian regulation trite homely modest unpretentious characterless fashionable staple unoriginal middle-of-the-road well worn stale unimaginative uneventful rife family approved uninteresting mediocre indifferent periodic bland tired corny platitudinous understood authorized overworked nondescript unmemorable sanctioned derivative obligatory unexciting hacky matter-of-course authorised by the numbers ten a penny no great shakes nothing to write home about lacklustre lackluster monotonous uninspiring tedious rampant endemic documented persistent overused well-worn favourite favorite dreary uninspired periodical stipulated threadbare preferred bromidic colourless casual terrestrial informal so-so shopworn cliche hackney hack timeworn methodical plastic reiterative iterated basic long-established ornery nitty-gritty insignificant predominant home homey OK worn out colorless played out run of the mill plain vanilla two a penny agreed upon not up to much in vogue nothing special tame insipid diurnal discreet inconspicuous comfortable scheduled unspectacular familial practical agreed median seasonal OB domiciliary inferior fair mean acceptable vapid unnoteworthy next endorsed usual thing dead long-winded ho hum blah big yawn given used habituated unextraordinary unvaried trivial musty moth-eaten cobwebby cliché-ridden white-bread grind touted prescribed chosen unexceptionable plain-Jane off-the-shelf truistic cliché anodyne superabundant unopposed passed legit okayed de rigueur investigated bathetic uncreative imitative ineffective tried and true tried and tested arrived at of choice in the habit of studied cheap and commonplace believed sop wont formal perceived blank expressionless deadpan existing ready-made whitebread down-to-earth drab allowed realized remembered same old worn-out indistinctive featureless neutral faceless noncommittal realised professed repetitious practised practiced mechanical systematic rooted automatic long-term ongoing addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory permanent cyclic seasoned readily available widely available unaffected unassuming commonest standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle flat paradigmatic personal private predominating known about warmed-over exemplary textbook definitive folksy neither one thing nor the other influential operative dominant main preponderating principal warmed-up defunct middling amateurish forgettable amateur vintage widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted dime-a-dozen boilerplate old-hat out of date preponderant comprehensive catholic all-embracing in style in circulation regnant sweeping fundamental in fashion worldwide ecumenical unrefined unfussy prime imitable copybook perfect correct conformist conservative nowhere jake official authoritative dinki-di out of the ark past their sell-by date second-rate doctrinal canonical inelaborate cozy unostentatious cosy not much cop traditionalistic ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down old-fashioned buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative not so hot nothing to get excited about half-pie bush-league not very good middle of the road kosher well-established home-made home-grown right straight pious legitimate religious punctilious rightful sound square bien pensant straight arrow in line according to the book homemade home-produced home-based homegrown recurrent incessant continual numerous perennial continuing many endless countless reiterated manifold several profuse eternal perpetual successive thick intermittent various non-stop millions of loads of a good many a great many very many quite a few lots of heaps of masses of quite a lot of occurring often dozens of hundreds of thousands of most common most usual most frequent

Tính từ

Laddish or chauvinist
laddish chauvinist macho male masculine sexist stereotypical manly swashbuckling butch red-blooded tough brave bold fearless courageous virile rugged potent two-fisted he-man cocky unpleasantly masculine ultramasculine aggressively male aggressive manful gallant valiant chivalrous all-male daring heroic valorous lionhearted manlike intrepid stout-hearted muscular muscly vigorous strong robust brawny husky sturdy solid strapping hefty substantial burly forceful shredded man-size lusty fecund well made beefy fertile ripped well built hunky man-sized mannish studly powerfully built sound vibrant procreative reproductive driving sexually potent vital generative jacked energetic powerful buff dauntless doughty mettlesome patriarchal male-controlled resolute hardy plucky adventurous unfeminine dashing well-built unladylike gutsy stout stalwart unwomanly daredevil Amazonian spunky ballsy jock honourable viragoish viraginous hairy honorable tomboyish hoydenish spirited mannified peppy gingery dynamic flush swaggering paternal hale hearty he- romantic rakish to do with men flamboyant devil-may-care aggressively masculine ostentatious roisterous dazzling favoring males noble all man masc rumbustious exciting cavalier undaunted ape adult stallion beefcake stud caveman hunk boyish gritty great-spirited unafraid death-or-glory indomitable unflinching stouthearted greathearted heroical undauntable gutty lion-hearted unshrinking venturous have-a-go game quixotic urbane suave dignified fire-eating determined Ramboesque

Tính từ

In accordance with the truth or facts
true genuine real right authentic actual accurate exact precise proper correct veracious factual honest natural pure veritable legitimate archetypical bona fide certifiable certified characteristic faithful good guileless ingenuous legit regular representative typical valid artless concrete dinkum echt indubitable kosher simple strict truthful unaffected appropriate authoritative average dead-on de facto direct effective existent fitting normal standard undesigning unpretending unpretentious veridical honest-to-goodness pucka pukka sure-enough dinky-di real McCoy prototypical master original first generation not copied very certain tangible substantial definite objective positive material firm corporeal sensible physical historical unimaginary realistic hard substantive existing unquestionable absolute non-fictional clear-cut explicit conclusive unequivocal confirmed unambiguous verified fixed undeniable attested definitive indisputable plain manifest clear decided categorical detailed set in stone real live for real honest to God sure enough sure literal lifelike unadorned fair credible documentary unvarnished verbatim circumstantial nonfictional unadulterated verifiable undoubted verisimilar unexaggerated veristic unprejudiced scientific unbiased matter-of-fact fact-based true-to-life true-life card-carrying on the level word for word as it really happened telling it like it is straight from horse's mouth palpable non-fictitious intrinsic bodily current unimagined living irrefutable solid corporal embodied perceptible rightful sound incarnate present live evident

Tính từ

Being the only one of its kind
unique exclusive classic essential exceptional exemplary extraordinary ideal model novel prototypical quintessential singular special typical ultimate unequalled unparalleled unprecedented incomparable inimitable irreplaceable matchless one-off standout unequaled unmatched unrivaled beyond compare extraordinaire one of a kind peerless second to none signal sui generis unexampled unexcelled unparagoned unrivalled unsurpassable unsurpassed without equal best consummate far-out in a class by itself one and only paramount superior superlative supreme transcendent unimaginable incredible nonpareil notable noteworthy phenomenal remarkable something else unrepeatable unrepeated utmost amazing new newfangled once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind primo purpose-built separate unconventional unheard-of unordinary without precedent exquisite fresh perfect only rare outstanding surpassing alone without parallel beyond comparison excellent original top solitary lone greatest out of sight record par excellence pre-eminent in a class of its own one towering champion sole without peer individual best ever all-time super unbeaten faultless tops unbeatable unchallenged absolute without match hors concours groundbreaking perpetual everlasting enduring independent self-contained unapproached distinctive solid-gold gilt-edge aces most limited-edition never-to-be-repeated unmatchable sovereign one-in-a-million preeminent elite choice world class custom-built custom-made tailor-made leading foremost premier prevailing highest first culminating final in a class of one's own unbelievable stand alone without an equal all-time best exceeding ascendant predominant transcendental great sublime priceless invaluable excelling magnificent whole entire awe-inspiring uplifting moving primordial unconfined intact unequalable infinite inspiring boundless unlimited innate abstract intellectual eternal theoretical accomplished finished obscure hypothetical inspirational intuitive fantastic transcending prized cherished treasured indispensable beyond price inestimably precious without price beyond grasp of incalculable value of immeasurable worth of inestimable worth of inestimable value of incalculable worth of immeasurable value worth its weight in gold chief principal prime dominant primary main grand capital head number one key central cardinal arch primal overbearing prominent lead overriding commanding master overmastering sovran major first-class finest top-drawer numero uno apex presiding premium supereminent biggest maximum big topmost prior select distinguished illustrious uppermost first-rate star industry leading ace best possible number-one stellar top-tier top-class a cut above the rest topflight top drawer top-notch largest complete high optimal peak governing authoritative max uttermost optimum dominating eminent utopian undefeated greater furthermost number 1 crack better top of the line top of the range terrific senior larger record-breaking first class noted high-class top-of-the-range famous well-known renowned exalted prize-winning arch- glorious sans pareil definitive No. 1 lion's share decisive total directing untouchable higher bigger elder unconditional in a league of its own maximal hugest upmost highest ranking mother of all of the highest quality out-of-sight crown vintage A-1 Grade A big-time blue-ribbon choicest boss estimable superfine extreme significant maxi the most fabulous sensational paradisiacal awesome gorgeous brilliant divine to die for marvellous fantabulous fine idyllic dreamy out of this world splendid beautiful blissful wonderful too good to be true splendorous heavenly marvelous superb paradisiac out-of-this-world A-OK fab major league recognized high profile influential honourable honoured elevated gifted high-minded well known resonant revered legendary alpha mighty well-connected powerful trusted all-important esteemed heroic magnanimous triumphal noble regal idealistic imposing honorable high-powered reputable august fabled highly regarded high-level puissant respected redoubtable formidable first rate recognised prestigious highly rated learned famed notorious potent seminal admired lofty stately iconic celebrated of the first rank acclaimed important dignified honored big league valued reigning regnant predominate ruling unassailable core domineering controlling prevalent most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent

Danh từ

A thing used as an example to follow or imitate
model design pattern prototype example framework ideal standard template archetype exemplar guide mould norm paradigm blueprint criterion gage stereotype original classic gauge idea mold paragon sample setup style type version eidolon lodestar mirror touchstone game plan yardstick benchmark measure precedent barometer guideline epitome beau ideal rule par basis essence nonpareil test mark convention patron saint nonesuch indicator quintessence form embodiment master formula bar point of reference metric grade litmus test scale principle outline matrix gold standard shape specification canon frame specimen guiding principle instance illustration authority stencil meter lead check die precursor forerunner indication representative cast apotheosis average plan recipe reference metre perfect example perfection law exemplification plate direction inspiration avatar role model index acme antecedent icon precept classic example mean definitive example casting tenet textbook example median hallmark typical example maxim personification cutout pilot format ensample prodigy level guidance leadership extent estimate height size device measurement thickness recognizance assessment degree instrument scope tester capacity bore depth width span magnitude reference point typification value standard of excellence optimum appreciation creation coinage novelty father invention target procedure representation standards ethics morals ethos morality principles how-to tradition method case byword source guiding spirit mock-up symbol container shining example prime example rulebook rules medium custom cream of the crop cavity parallel case rule of thumb copy perfect specimen classic exemplar polestar signal focus cynosure luminary compass assize ancestor predecessor granddaddy grandaddy first foregoer daddy torchbearer pioneer trailblazer lines shell representative example expectations representative case assumptions recognisance first model first example beacon aim guiding light plaster real McCoy genuine article last word beatified soul tutelary saint canonized mortal guardian angel anvil antecessor saint and martyr plaster cast guiding star protoplast last practice hobbing boot previous case previous instance prior case prior example prior instance masterpiece previous example masterwork hobbing foot fundamental axiom magnum opus landmark outstanding example chef d'oeuvre great work truth truism established work aphorism keystone foundation ground rule golden rule doctrine code gnome apothegm tour de force point of comparison stroke of genius chef-d'oeuvre piece de resistance

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