Đồng nghĩa của scheduled

Alternative for scheduled

schedules, scheduled, scheduling

Đồng nghĩa: enumerate, index, line up, list, post, program, slate,

Tính từ

Fixed or arranged in advance
set established decided agreed arranged specified predetermined appointed determined prescribed settled prearranged regular usual customary standard defined planned assigned habitual predictable recommended routine stable normal stipulated confirmed fixed chosen allotted selected preset preplanned pre-established pre-planned programmed arranged in advance decided beforehand given intended controlled arranged beforehand advance designated pre-agreed named commissioned pre-decided authorized delegated elected installed preordained decreed ordained nominated calculated inevitable foredestined proposed precogitated forethought destined encoded bound inexorable premeditated doomed deliberate established in advance authorised set up cut and dried conventional traditional accepted accustomed wonted familiar ritual orthodox ritualistic common expected time-honoured official typical long-established time-honored specific ordinary classic methodical proven systematic stated approved general inveterate enduring stock lasting formal historic organized classical stereotyped orderly ceremonial old recognized popular ready certain recognised sanctioned mechanical rooted widespread acceptable widely used proper entrenched identified prevailing everyday tried and true tried and tested chronic dyed-in-the-wool seasoned fated steady folk organised ancestral old-world long-lived age-old long-standing old-time ceremonious systematized ingrained consistent repeated periodical periodic constant regulated universal traditionary precise staid acknowledged deep-rooted permanent explicit prescriptive systematised cyclic immemorial ceremonialistic formalistic doctrinal firm prepared obvious particular respected required comfortable favorite favourite default gut abiding ancient venerable immortal ageless appropriate correct obligatory mandatory compulsory fitting delineated timeless punctilious decorous procedural bureaucratic indicated declared assumed known undying memorable unforgettable deathless establishment undistinguished quantified listed concluded resolved strict businesslike perennial unadventurous conformist clinched hardened regimented express legal authoritative valid documented regulation coherent structured societal noted worked out concrete run-of-the-mill detailed written definite plotted finished trite certified lawful taken for granted influential institutional nailed natural legitimate proved wrapped up sewn up ineradicable spelled out qualified laid down postulated characteristic frequent bona fide cut-and-dried even laid out inured habituated set in stone irradicable val hard-shell ongoing addicting repetitious practised practiced iterative disciplined reiterative perfunctory iterated automatic long-term uniform rhythmic sorted out done and dusted old hat in the cards deep-seated unchanging symmetrical unvarying recurring firmly established patterned standardized measured dependable invariable balanced congruous standardised alternating punctual reliable harmonious consonant successive accordant serial exact in order well-established mainstream old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized true secure unshakable vested

Tính từ

Performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason
routine standard usual normal ordinary regular everyday customary common commonplace conventional typical general accustomed familiar habitual periodic wonted workaday average quotidian established frequent household natural plain prosaic ubiquitous unexceptional unremarkable chronic methodical seasonal day-to-day garden-variety run-of-the-mill standard-issue cut-and-dried cut-and-dry common or garden stock traditional set expected fixed accepted settled popular orthodox prevailing daily prevalent mainstream constant recognized time-honoured confirmed classic recognised universal acknowledged bog-standard recurring classical prescribed characteristic ritual lasting enduring recurrent time-honored perennial persistent rooted garden variety vanilla widespread continual regulation continuing stereotyped long-lived predictable stereotypical public received long-established inveterate long-standing archetypical prescriptive repeated deep-rooted periodical ingrained official systematic archetypal ritualistic going current steady typic proven staple representative proverbial unabating standardized sanctioned ceaseless ineradicable deep-seated abiding domestic standardised incurable inborn obstinate continuous unmitigated lifelong ever-present inbred tenacious stubborn unyielding mundane rife garden tried and true tried and tested bureaucratic pervasive par for the course overall protracted majority basic historic approved ruling undistinguished admitted fashionable old cyclic organized formulaic well established mechanical ceremonial matter-of-course true a dime a dozen doctrinal procedural persisting widely used well worn formal generic agreed institutional rampant regulated systematized family structured perpetual orderly folk simple ancestral humdrum traditionary collective age-old old-world old-time favourite favorite shared well-known cyclical numerous prolonged societal acceptable authorized reiterative iterated consistent organised systematised long-lasting intermittent conformist understood well-established native predominant proper unoriginal stable permanent canonical stipulated immemorial rigid traditionalistic old-fashioned lingering automatic vulgar preferred old hat sound authorised widely held by the numbers middle-of-the-road sustained in vogue diurnal technical practical discreet mediocre indifferent inconspicuous comfortable obvious regimented long-drawn-out monotonous adopted respected endemic uneventful boilerplate gut default ancient venerable OB familial known mimetic dragging slow immortal ageless one-size-fits-all mimic prototypical acquired honored endorsed occurring often domiciliary acquainted dull school timeless obligatory imitative quintessential casual banal terrestrial unimaginative informal hackneyed derived serious incessant remaining decided unsophisticated congruous staid apish signature touted whitebread home homely homey recognizable honoured arranged specified severe model ideal presentational prototypal superabundant unopposed passed legit okayed de rigueur unadventurous homespun humble recognisable predetermined memorable unforgettable undying deathless spun-out drawn-out haunting slavish sop wont determined appointed well known dangerous unending acute given used habituated epigonic epigonous run of the mill continued prearranged nitty-gritty agreed upon inherent symptomatic ten a penny two a penny canned same old dime-a-dozen arrived at anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen reliable emblematic repetitious practised practiced long-term ongoing addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory seasoned chosen dire alarming extreme grave cheap and commonplace mass wide reoccurring repetitive common variety matter-of-fact defined establishment emulative standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle plastic white-bread so-so grind distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing taken for granted broad planned individualistic clichéd cliched of choice in the habit of methodic overused never-ending national blanket communal overarching global joint outright rolling repeating successive businesslike ready dyed-in-the-wool assigned recommended in keeping in character comprehensive true to form to be expected oft repeated only to be expected on the cards … all over true to type total sweeping epidemic nationwide wholesale coherent correct conservative entrenched broad-spectrum across-the-board in circulation across the board in force broad-brush all-round all-around authoritative traditionalist influential ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative kosher derivative right straight pious legitimate religious punctilious rightful square old-style officially recognized straight arrow bien pensant in line according to the book secure unshakable vested occasional infrequent sporadic spasmodic on-and-off odd every once in a while episodic isochronal weekly alternate rhythmic interrupted monthly hourly at various times intervallic on-again-off-again orbital annual epochal at fixed intervals broken fluctuating every so often on certain occasions yearly isochronous centennial serial most common

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